MyTouch 3G Slide Impressions


The first impressions of the latest MyTouch device are in, and positive.  If you have been doubting the MyTouch 3G Slide at all, you should reconsider, especially when full reviews come in.

PhoneDog – “I got a chance to check the phone out over lunch with some T-Mo reps last week, and in a word I came away very, very impressed and excited for myTouch Slide to launch….I mean, c’mon: Finally an Android device with a hard QWERTY I think I can get behind, and it’s got all of these other tricks up its sleeve, too? How could I not be excited?”

MobileCrunch – “In a perfect world, every phone would be like the T-Mobile MyTouch Slide. It’s small, it’s light, it has a keyboard, and it’s easy enough for almost everyone to use even if it’s running one of the most powerful mobile OSes out there.”

Engadget – “We had a chance to play around with the handset a bit, and there’s quite a bit about it that’s an improvement over previous T-Mobile Android offering”

Gizmodo – “The myTouch 3G Slide could go either way: A family-friendly Android phone with an awesome Sidekick-y keyboard, or, much like its name, a godawful conglomeration of disjointed parts.”

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MyTouch Slide and Droid Compared

Mobile Crunch



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  • david

    I’m sorry T-mo peeps but its still not there yet. A mytouch with 2.1 wow. Look what everyone else is getting. And this is what they want us to go buy? Not good enough yet. T Mobile wants to hit a home run how about a HTC HD2 with Android. That would be a home run and would bring people to T Mobile. I’m still happy with my G1 but man I really want to up grade I will never leave T Mobile, I love their service. Just want better phones, yes I know they are comeing, very soon

    • ag

      I am with you David, I have been with T-Mo for the past ten years. Me and my wife are clinging on to our G1’s. Thank god for Cyanogen ROM and Android 2.1 on my phone or I would have lost my mind by now. Every other company is getting their hands on top notch Android phones and I am stuck with what I have. I fell pathetic bringing this thing out in public! And no I don’t want a HD2, and I don’t see why anyone would spend their money on that thing either.

      • This guy

        So youre telling me that you rather own a G1 than this new Slide??? What blind passion.

        If you dont like what tmo is getting…switch to another carrier…when you get there, youll be bitching that the price plans on that carrier are too expensive and that “just because they have decent phones i get charged more wah wah wah”

        Ill bet you ANY money that this phone will be EXTREMELY popular for tmo and will be a great success, it appeals to the masses in every way…its sleek, sexy, POWERFUL(shut the hell up if you think this phone is anything BUT powerful, the almighty verizon droid has NOTHING on this phone, and with this running a safe android and not winmo, ANY$$$ that this phone will run smoother than the HD2 does with its snapdragon….

        ill have one of these in my pocket this week, cant wait to retire my sluggish G1

      • mad dog

        @ThisGu y…you must be smoking crack if you think the mytouch slide will compete with the droid. Please do everyone a favor and don’t post anymore.

      • Kevin

        @ This guy,

        Correct, these people just want to piss and moan about everything. After playing with the rom myself, yes it will blow the droid out of the water with features and overall sexiness (not to mention its not made by motorola thank goodness). Who gives a rats ass if you dont want an HD2 david just because it doesnt run android. For your information its still near impossible to get your hands on one because they are selling so fast. You are still going to get the best selection of android with tmobile, not too mention better prices with less restrictions (<——thats a biggie) compared to the other 3 major carriers. Please, if thats not good enough for you, go somewhere else so you can see how bad it gets

      • D.C.

        What is wrong with you people I’m with tmo they are great and I have the slide which isn’t top notch but no different from the other this thing is zippy and powerful ……and about to experience froyo ,and your still holding on to the g1 either y’all are pickey or something is just totaly wrong and look at the evo great phone but the thing is so big they having touch screen problems , and tmo network service is fantastic can’t say so for sprint and there hit and miss 4g

    • Joe Daniels

      The above article was light on details, but this phone really should be considered a top phone. It has the following:
      – 600Mhz ARM11 CPU (Latest model with architectural & speed improvements)
      – 3.5″ AMOLED Low Power Display
      – Best Querty Keyboard of any Phone
      And finally.. the coup de grace is..
      – Dragon Dictate Voice Recognition engine that allows you to control virtually every aspect of the phone with your voice.. imagine composing text or emails via voice while on the road, switching apps, etc. It can also read text and emails back to you.

      • Omeer

        Pardon the intrusion but if it has a “QUERTY” keyboard then it would actually be one of the worst keyboards on the planet. In fact, it’d be a down right retarded keyboard since “normal” keyboard buttons are laid out in “QWERTY” format. Thank you.

    • ME

      I recently looked into switching to Tmobile just on the specific fact that I wanted to get the Mytouch slide phone. So the only service I have ever had was Sprint, I have never made a late payment, never been denied anything on my credit because I don’t anything negative on my credit report all positive things including 2 vehicles, a mortgage payment, and a few credit cards and T mobile says I cant open an account with them unless its prepaid because I am not working. I am an Army wife, with power of attorney because my husband is deployed and I am not working because I do not have reliable daycare here. I have plenty of money coming in and I am also a full time student, shows how well Tmobile works with military considering they wouldn’t take my power of attorney paperwork. So I am forever staying with Sprint, who even give me a discount for being military, and got the wonderful Samsung Moment with Google and the Android platform. (Which I love the recently updated software) I am glad too because a friend of mine has the MyTouch slide from Tmobile and her phone wont work if my phone is in the room, anyone with full bars on their phone messes her phone up and makes her service not work. All power to the Tmobile lovers I am just not going there now that I have personally had a bad time with them.


  • Matt

    wow, T-Mobile’s not there yet, I’m looking for an upgrade, like a 14 MP camera with a dual core snap dragon and a 5 inch screen and free calls worldwide and I want Jesus to sell it to me…oh wait I love this phone and I’m just making fun of people who only want what’s coming out next and never what’s available now, grow up and realize how the industry works!!!

    • This guy

      HAHAHAH what this guy said!….thank you

      btw i heard theres a phone coming out with a 12mp camera…so we’re almost there

    • Jmc

      Hahaha! Awesome. Made me laugh out loud. Well played… :)

    • 2FR35H

      Well actually I wouldn’t mind that and it is fully possible even Jesus selling it to you. And no I did not laugh at your joke because it wasn’t funny it was a poor attempt at a joke. You need to grow up and realize if T-mobile doesn’t do shiit then they will continue falling down.

    • ThEuNdYiNg1

      LMAO i liked the jesus has to sell it to me part, good addition

    • BeerBellyBilly

      I’ve never read anywhere that Jesus ever sold anything. But what he WOULD do is dismiss all the license, copyright and patent laws, miraculously clone a million of ’em, and have his deciples hand ’em out to everybody free of charge.

      See, Jesus wasn’t big on Capitalism at all, seeing as he threw all the money-changers out of his Father’s House.

    • Welllllll…

      Thank you Matt, LOL.

    • D.C.

      Lmao I agree with matt and yeah that phone is the nokia n8 which tmo is most likely to get since they started the trend with nokia ,but let people be the wagonist in the end they aren’t going to be happy that they weren’t loyal

  • Rick


    • This guy

      Nexus one doesnt count? may I ask…WHY NOT???

      you want one? order it!!!, i dont understand the ME ME ME ME ME mentality…I WANT THE BEST OF EVERYTHING AND I WANT IT FREE!!!, we get customers like this all the time, they come into our stores and expect us to give them free phones just for walking in…which im fine with if its in tmo’s orders to do so, but they are never happy and demand 2 blackberry 9700’s FREE just for being a customer…its not mine to give away!

      But anyway, the Nexus one DOES in fact count, if you want the best you need to pay for the best, it seems to me like youre a tire kicker and a contratian

      if i give you a dual core scorpion 3GHz processor phone, 12mp camera, 1.5ghz dedicated memory, you can order it with your choice of OS custom loaded, and offered it to you for $800, you would complain that the phone is too expensive and it doesnt appeal to you

      • dniceandmo

        You are so correct!! I have enough gadgets already, and this will fit in perfectly.

      • 30014

        Would you buy a car without test driving it. The same thing applies with the nexus one, I’m not buying something that I can’t try first. And based on the nexus one sales estimates the majority of people feel the same way. 1 more thing, your comment that the droid has nothing on the mytouch slide was 1 of the most ridiculous comments I’ve ever read on this site.

      • Reece

        You want to know why the Nexus One doesn’t count?


        I’ll say it for the zillionth time of my continuous rants:


        The specs makes it a high end phone that should surely handle any Android updates from now well into @ least a couple years down the road. It even gets the extra benefit of perhaps being the first phone that’ll get any Android updates (until another official Google branded unit gets their trophy status) so the phone itself is not a problem.

        But to get it for $200 involves killing any current plans – this is a killer. Nobody else asks that you kill your plan for their highend offering @ a discount. The HD2 (lameduck WinMo 6.5 not an option for many folks but still a good phone & example) is a highend offering that won’t ask folks to kill their plans for $200 bucks. Nexus One being a first-of-it’s-kind in terms of how it’s sold is the reason for this since Google really can care less since they don’t have to sell alot to break profit. Thus this phone gets no T-Mobile branding, is not in T-Mobile stores, and most importantly is only available for $530 for folks needing to keep current plans (loyalty, family, etc) which does NOT make it an option for those folks. Sure for $530 it’s cheap for a UNsubsidized phone, but folks by & large (at least here in America) don’t buy phones like that out the pocket plain & simple and the sales of this thing being anemic is a damn good reflection of that. To say that a Nexus One is as much of a T-Mobile option as a HD2 which folks can buy for $200 AND keep their plan is a joke.

      • Ryan

        @This guy, Do you work at a store? Let me know which one, I’m coming over after work to buy a Nexus One. How many do you have in stock at the store? Since it’s a Tmobile phone I’m sure you have a ton. If I want to keep my plan and just do the upgrade, how much will the phone cost? I’m sure I’m eligible since it’s a Tmobile phone.

      • This guy


        yes, and yes I have one in stock currently…It is a very nice phone and its all yours for $530, What device are you currently using? if you’re already an android user this transition will be fantastic for you as you wont need to make any changes to your plan.

  • Solidus433

    I like the black keyboard on the red slide…now I have to decide what color.

    • D.C.

      I have the white is sleak and you don’t even see fingerprints

  • iBustCherries

    I’m honestly thinking about trading up my nexus one for this phone…. I miss habing a hard QWERTY!

    • Reece

      Feel free to gimmie your Nexus One for 200 then! :D

    • Galen20K

      I feel the same wayy. I think I might give up my Nexus One for this until a Monster HSPA+ phone with High specs hit Tmob.

      • advil0

        I’ll take that Nexus off your hands ;)

  • adam

    @ this guy verizon at moment has best android phone with htc incredible and moto droid

  • Alex

    Verizon has down has the best android selection, but prepared to give up a lung to pay for it. Granted, they have the best signal strength, but I will stick with TMO until they deliver a true android phone. Btw, this phone will sell quite a lot.

  • http://tmonews Christian

    I just sold mine and my wife’s HTC HD2 For $850. ( i Just paid $200 for both) Let me tell you something guys, I am going to cancel my contract with T-Mobile and go with Sprint, cuz they are going to release the HTC EVO (is a HD2 with Android). So for all of you that were complaining about the HD2 with no android now is your chance. And let me tell you… for the 3 or 4 weeks that i own the HD2 IT SUCKS!!!!! it freeze all the time, bad signal, they even replaced both of my phones with new ones after 2 weeks cuz it was turning off by itself about twice a day. Just a very BAD PHONE. I guess it was the Windows OS. But i am so happy i got rid of them. And i can’t wait for the HTC EVO WITH ANDROID 2.1, 720p

    • http://tmonews Christian

      Dual cameras including a 8 megapixel primary and 1.3 megapixel front facing for web chat.
      Output pictures, sides and video in HD (HDMI output at 720p)
      1,500 mAh battery
      1 GHz Snapdragon processor
      4.3 inch screen
      FM Tunner
      and a lot more….

      HTC EVO from SPRINT Can’t freaking wait!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Joe Daniels

        The EVO does not have swype keyboard, or build in dragon dictate speech recognition.

        The evo uses googles default speech recognition, while descent, it doesn’t even come close to touching the dragon dictate on the mytouch slide. With the genius button and dragon dictate, you can verbally control every aspect of your phone, compose and send text/emails, etc. On the Evo, you’ll be fumbling to press buttons to active the speech recognition just to compose a text, then you’ll have to scroll to find the contact… try doing that while driving.

      • tortionist

        SPRINT SUCKS!!! Enjoy sucker.

    • branon

      I am sympathetic. I recently read Matt Miller’s post at ZDnet- he was a great fan of HTC HD2 but has made a recent post of how frustrating it is to use (the freeze up problem that does not go)

  • http://tmonews Christian


    • rushmore

      Problem with Sprint is the high spped convergae is almost as weak as Tmo. Verizon and 3G coverage everywhere (in Ketucky, of all places) makes the Incredible a better option to me.

      BTW, better hope the multi-touch is improved on the EVO, since the HD2 multi-touch and response time is WEAK compared to the Incredible. Tested and confirmed.

    • Cody

      What are you, 12?

  • Brink

    You guys are forgetting the nexus one. You guys talk about t-mo doesn;t have a great phone. there just haven’t been any advertising for the N1. But this Mytouch slide is still too small. its equal in size to the droid but a smaller screen. plus T-mo gets more profit from the Mytouch. I love my nexus one! T-mo can charge cheaper price for service because it has a smaller footprint. But at least they don’t nickel & dime you.

    • http://tmonews Christian

      Nexus One is too expensive, and if you wanna get it with t-mobile you can only get it with 500 minutes plan (my wife uses that in one day Lol) Plus N1 has a smaller screen.

      • This guy

        Too expensive? really? REALLY? a mytouch 3g is almost 400, and a blackberry 9700 is almost 500….where do you expect a N1 to fall?

      • BoB

        Smaller screen than what? Nexus one is 3.7 inch….the mytouch slide is 3.4(NOT 3.5) . And apparently people dont know that as long as you stay on a single rate plan(even more plans) you can go to a tmo store or call in to care and change it up to the higher rate plans as long as you dont remove the data plan. The only time you will incur an etf is if you switch it to a family plan. We do this all the time for customers.

  • Brandon from Cleveland………. UH Oh be careful Cavs!!

    And Who needs a keyboard. get over it people. N1 and incredible ftw! i was considerng getting the the HD2 but eveyone there granny’s have one or is trying to get one on Cle. So I’m cool.

    • rushmore

      I have an Incredible, but miss he keyboard (game emulator fan). Swype rocks though and makes a VK easier for long texts.

      Incredible with a keyboard WOULD be INCREDIBLE.

      BTW, most surveys suggest a real KB is still the most desired feature for high end devices.

  • Raymond

    Man this is Android 2.2 right? I dont like this, it looks kinda ugly

    • AndroidFTW

      no its 2.1 with Espresso Sense UI

  • thefunkhunter

    if im not mistaken both droid and mytouch are running at 600 mhz so they r both the same speed

    • xenomorph

      Droid is at 550 MHz. Slide is at 600 MHz.

      • Andrew

        just like with computers and GHz, MHz isn’t the whole story. Both run very smoothly though and Android doesn’t need a 1 GHz processor to be smooth, though it sure makes it nice.

  • Weebus

    I feel like T-mobile’s problem is their marketing strategy. It seems they market their product towards people who will be buying phones for their families, not people who enjoy gadgets and want a cool device, by naming it “MyTouch” and advertising tacky things like “Faves” and whatnot.

    Hardware-wise, this phone is no less impressive than the Droid or any other competitive phone that is currently on the market. Yet, people look at it like it is inferior. They’d have been smart to name it something nerdy and advertise the hardware specifications like every other smartphone does.

    • johnnyonthespot

      Hmmmm…terrible strategy, to market to people who MAKE THE BUYING DECISIONS OF THE HOUSEHOLD.

    • This guy

      uhhh…lets see here…

      10% of customers DONT want anything to do with a smartphone
      80% of customers want a sleek, sexy device that they can grow into
      10% of customers are complete nerds and care about the difference between a 600 processor and a 1ghz snapdragon….

      which demographic would YOU want as a customer base?

  • BoomBoomBang

    I flippin’ love it.
    Im stuck between the White & Red ….
    The black on top of that silver is nice though o.O

  • luffyd

    some of u guys keep talking about they cant get a nexus one with more minutes…you ever thought about changing to a higher rate plan or going back into the family plan after u order it???? it doesn’t hurt if u ask the reps..its possible! this phone will sell great i plan on getting one..faithful G1 best phone i have after rooted1 but time to retire and get the slide!

  • david

    Dude you really need to go back and read my post again. Yes it does sound like a nice phone but is truely a mid range android phone. All I’m asking for is for T Mobile to give us a high end phone. After all we were the first to go and buy the android phones. I got mine the first day they hit stores and love it. As I said the first post. I do not want change my service. Also your crazy if you think that a HTC Hd2 with android would be a hit. HD2 even with Windows is a great phone. But I would love to see something like that.

  • jamal

    nothing is topping the iphone period.

    • xenomorph

      clearly you have not played with an Incredible… for the moment, iphone is dead.

  • Kerry

    So happy they got rid of the chin that the G1 had … always seemed funky to me. I’m ready to throw my G1 out the window most days.

    I’m going to get the Slide because its at least faster than the G1, has more memory, and has more space for apps. I can install all the apps I use and have room for more. I can have more than 3 home screens too and FINALLY get some 2.1 goodness.

    Sure I’d like a 1GHz processor with a larger screen running Android. TMO doesn’t have one. The Galaxy S is hanging in the winds but it may be linked to Yahoo instead of Google…

    The plan for now? Wait until June to get a Slide unless TMO gets the new iPhone (might happen, we will see). I’d have to play with the new iPhone and OS to see if it suits me. Yes, I’m keeping my options open but leaning towards a Slide as a short term fix.

  • Omeer

    God forbid, if the Internet ever implements a way to police peoples e-grammar because most of you would be in e-jail. There’s a reason everything you type in the comment box is highlighted in red. It’s not because you’re “special” it’s because your grammar is fu*ked up.

    Anyway this phone is just as mediocre as any other T-Mo android offering. This is the same phone as the G1 with a shiny new user interface (UI). Those of you arguing from the point of “but the masses of customers out there don’t care about snapdragons or even know about it” that makes sense but from T-Mobile’s perspective or a business perspective. A business that’s taking your money in exchange for mediocrity. And you guys are happy about it? Just because you know that most people don’t care about “snapdragons” you’re happy paying $500 or more for a phone that is inferior to that of the competitions? In a way you guys are saying it’s OK if it’s mediocre because T-mobile is making money off of it. What about “you” as the consumer? Grow a freaking backbone and demand what’s rightfully owed to you. Then maybe T-mo will come out with MyTouch Slides that no one can point fingers at. The fact that I know about snapdragons and what a high end phone is like makes me more knowledgeable. Having this knowledge and not utilizing it makes me ignorant and just plain old stupid for paying close to $500 for such a phone. I don’t know about you guys but I’ll hold on till I get a bigger bang for my buck rather than a spit shined G1.

  • Dude

    My Ph.D. in economics tells me the market doesn’t give a crap about what you^ as any individual wants, only what the entire demand curve of phone shoppers wants. So your private knowledge about snap dragons will drive your choice among available phones, but will do nothing to change the roll-out plans of phone companies. Sorry bud. It’s like voting. Every votes count, but the probability of being a marginal voter is so small, you might as well stay at home.

    • BoomBoomBang

      I thought I was the only one who felt that way.
      They release phones based on the demand of everyone, not just one person.
      There are phones out there that have snap dragon and crap.
      If you want it that bad, then get it..?
      If none of you haven’t realized, T-Mobile is a ” Family Oriented ” phone carrier….
      Hence the ” Stick Together ” quote.

    • Omeer

      Well thanks for reinstating what I said Mr. Ph. D in economics. I know that the market doesn’t give a crap about what I as an individual want. But being at least slightly more knowledgeable about phones than the majority of people that the market “cares” (I use that term loosely) about I find it hard pressed to be impressed with a phone I know is mediocre at best. I agree, it is like voting that’s why I think it’s stupid of the people that “do know” about the makings of a high end phone to be ignorant by choice. It’s like “Yeah I know it’s a mid-range phone but I’ll pay $500 for it anyway”. If the educated see nothing wrong with being ignorant then the ignorant will remain ignorant forever with no one to teach them. Those of us that do know about what we’re talking about should make a stand of some sort so that T-mobile sees us as a group rather than an individual. That’s the only way T-mo will realize there is a market for high end phones, even if it isn’t 100% of the market. The HD2 has been a great success so obviously T-mobile does have a market for high end phones regardless of how small or large that market is. Furthermore, I’m sure the general public or the regular T-mo customer with an HD2 (or anyone who saw the brochure read comes with “1 GHz snapdragon processor”) is aware of what a high end/superphone is now so in theory that person is more knowledgeable. After having used a phone of that stature it’ll be difficult for him/her to settle for something anything less. People are unaware, not stupid. When T-mobile puts out high end phones out there people will notice it and therefore favor it over any other phone. The HD2 is a perfect example of that. I rest my case and point.

      • david

        Well said.

      • Dude

        My point was regarding your comment to advise individuals to demand what is owed to them. We can pick from our set of options, but no individuals choice among those options will change anything. Good luck organizing your coalition of high-end user to march on t-mobile. They will politely direct to the verizon down the straight. You want cutting edge, pay more for it. Those who are patient in electronics always get more for their money by sacrificing when they get access. For instance my brother got a larger TV with higher resolution for a lower price by waiting a year. A year from now, I bet there will be a mytouch 3g slide PRO, with everything you want now. But t-mobile will wait until its a cheaper buy. All I know is my wife uses the voice commands on her mytouch3g all the time, so the genius button will be right up her alley, along with any other person who juggles caring for toddlers while remaining connected with the outside world. Don’t be naive enough to think you can actually fight the man.

      • Omeer

        OK and T-mobile is waiting till it’s (referring to your example) a cheaper buy for what reason? To save money? That incentive to me seems a little misplaced. Let’s talk about that TV your brother bought. He waited till the price dropped so he saved money on it, but how exactly is the vendor for example “Best Buy” saving money or benefitting from it? They’re still making profits on it whether they decide to sell that TV while it’s state of the art or when its black & white, are they not? It’s the customer that chooses whether to pay a million dollars to have the best of the best or to wait till the price drops to .99 cents. What best buy does in this scenario is give the customer the option to choose what they want to buy, given the right price of course. What is T-mobile doing? Giving its customers piece of crap choices regardless of the cost. They’re selling the HD2 @ $450 retail which is only $50 less than the MyTouch w/3.5mm jack. Therefore you cannot tell me that T-mobile is selling mid-range phones at bargain prices so it’s “OK”. You also mentioned options. I agree that maybe which phone I pick as an individual probably won’t change anything. But the phone that I pick (given that T-mo is offering it) will also be available to other T-mobile customers and prospective customers for the choosing.Judging by the success of the HD2 I’d say people would pick the “high end” device over the mid-range MyTouch “IF” they had that option. A good phone will get good recognition, the HD2 has gotten rave reviews everywhere that’s why it’s such a success (CNET says it’s the best phone in T-mo’s current lineup). People want what’s best when they know it’s the best. A regular customer who is told the HD2 is faster and better than all other T-mo phones will be more inclined towards that phone than any other. So are you saying that T-mobile would be wrong for having high end options? That because they’re a bargain carrier with bargain rate plans their phones, services etc. should also be bargain brand? That if customers aren’t happy they should go elsewhere and not expect more because we’re not paying “more” for it? So we shouldn’t expect T-mobile to improve its services in any way because we’re not paying more? OK so next time T-mobile has a nationwide date outage and doesn’t decide to fix it for months I’ll try to remember that I’m not paying more for it so it’s OK.

      • Omeer

        BTW let me get this straight. Going back to your example of the MyTouch Slide Pro. T-mo will wait till it’s a cheaper buy and sell it to you for probably the same price as Verizon is selling the Droid Incredible. The only difference is that Verizon is charging a premium price for a premium handset whereas T-mo is selling an year old technology (or the same technology as the Droid Incredible a year from now) for the same price. So you as the customer is the beneficiary from which perspective again? In fact what is your basis of argument? Are you sure you even have an argument? You’re the customer getting ripped off and you’re happy about it? It makes sense for T-mobile to do this because they’re a business and they want to make the largest profits from minimal investments. But how are you the gainer in all this as a T-mo customer? Do you have your head so far up economics’s ass that you can’t tell when you’re being ripped off? Well unlike you I don’t have my head up economics’s ass and that’s why I complain and will continue to complain about T-mo’s crappy phone offerings.

  • Trill

    Well, of you children are done I was thinking that the marketing for this phone is all wrong and while I haven’t seen anything telling me otherwise it looks like Tmobile or the reporter made a mistake with the processor considering how ARM11 doesn’t support anything over 288MB so that 600mhz is really not accurate

    • Kris

      Wow, come on, do your homework before trying to act smart. check out the arm architecture wiki. The ARM11, while not trashy, isn’t the top of the line. It’s mostt likely going to have a qualcomm MSM 7227 just like the garminphone does. While not a SLOUCH it’s not a speed demon either. Look over the specs, the ARM11 was in the Iphone 3G. Snapdragon is a ARM11 architecture too. Does that mean it’s only clocked at… 288MB? Wait, MEGABYTE? Yeah… Lets see how fast you’re going to be going with a cpu clocked at… 288MB.

      If you’re wanting to compare it to a superior architecture, be talking about the Cortex series ARM architecture. The one that is in the 3GS.

      If it is the Qualcomm MSM7227 then at least we get to look forward to a included FPU, 3D accelerator and better lower power consumption.

      So compare your Mytouch/G1 runing the MSM7201, and you’ll notice a large hardware difference. Go ahead, open up your browser, type them in, do some research. Go little puppies, go!

    • jabombardier

      it doesn’t use an ARM 11 processor. it is using the Qualcomm MSM7227 processor.

  • m

    To be honest, I rock a my-touch right now, and I love the phone I know it does not have the most POWER out there but it’s so easy to use, it works phenomenally well, the browser is great with dolphin or any other browser, it fits in your pocket, the rollerball is cool. the phone is awesome, a my touch with a slide is the perfect phone for me, I have looked at the HD2 but it is always sold out and it is not Android so for me, it’s a non contest, I know the HD2 is more powerful but I do not need that, give me 2.1. android and a easy to pocket device with a hard qwerty keyboard any day.

  • souggie

    ok, so lets put this to bed right now. i have in front of me, an hd2, a nexus one, and a mytouch slide. folks PLEASE do not make the mistake of thinking that this phone will not be successful. the slide’s download speeds and overall fluidity, matched , and in some instances OUTDID the web speeds, phone fluidity, of both the hd2 and nexus one, and their vaunted snapdragons. Look, a processor is not all that makes a phone folks. The slide’s processor is CLOCKED at 600 mhz, but is very capable of up to 800 mhz, its of course scaled back, but even with its scaling back, its still smooth and slick. People are gonna fall in love with dragon dictation and the genius button too. the snapdragons perform well based on using more powerful applications such as TV and movie watching on your phone. so if you plan to watch movies ALL the time on your phone, then the snapdragon is for you. The snapdragons are not all that makes the phone move. Im not kidding, i promise you, the slide is better than most of you guys think.

  • souggie

    i suggest that you guys play with the fone b4 passing judgement. i love messing with new phones, its my thing, but play with them and determine whats best for YOU

    • D.C.

      Agreed and I also own the slide and it is phenomanal it FLIES and its powerful but ingnorance is people best friends let them pass judgement this situation is one of those judge a book by the cover but haven’t read it yet ,from owning this phone from day one ,I don’t rate it mid range it competes just the same as those high end you pay more for with expensive plans crappy network and crappy customer care i have been with almost every company and I can’t complain with tmo they try to make it FIT FOR YOU can you say that with other carriers (no) but go join the wagon with no driver controlling it down that hill ,don’t go over the cliff, (unloyal) this world is ridiculous

  • TheConcubine

    To those who think TMo is pricey…are you kidding me? I pay $30 for unlimited data.
    Since getting my G1 when it came out, I thought for sure there would never be another comparable phone. Wrong! The Slide was the best choice in phone I could possibly make. Ironically, the crappiest feature is the keyboard! I don’t like the lack of an extra row for numbers…i REALLY like the G1’s KB. However, as i’ve been getting used to the slide and all it’s features, i am using swype and dragon dictation almost exclusively! Phenomenal! Phone is lightning fast and suits my needs perfectly! Now if only HTC would hurry the F up with FroYo I’d be ecstatic!

    • Jey Brown8

      its a good phone? and hows the batterylife