HTC HD2 Update Coming Soon?

We can’t really confirm any details at this time but a little birdie gave word yesterday that the HTC HD2 is going to receive an update in the coming weeks. Expected to address various bugs and most importantly address issues of the device freezing our source was short on details. That’s all we have to go on for now, but as soon as we get wind of more details, we’ll get it out the HD2 faithful!


  • chicago081

    Have not had ANY problems with my HD2 and I have had it since the first day of release. Listening to Sirius satelite radio right now with an app that was made just for Winmo.

    • dzway

      which app is that?

  • Which Way is Up?

    I’m excited about this update, I feel it is long overdue considering how many people are having issues with their phone. With that being said, I remember on my TP2, not one glitch, freeze or major issue as with my HD2. However, when I upgraded to 6.5 with Sense via the official update page on T Mobile’s site, my phone ran slow, significantly more RAM was being used and I felt that I was better off with the stock ROM. Here’s hoping this ROM update will correct all known issues and provide the experience we all should have!

    *I really don’t care about your EVO rants and Android running on the HD2, etc. If you bought an HD2, you knew it was runnning Windows 6.5, you knew it would not be officialy upgraded to Windows 7 and you might’ve known about the EVO. BTW, I will be getting an EVO as I have Sprint through my employer, and my HD2 will still be with me. As a T Mobile customer, this phone is THE best in hardware specs and will be THE best once the issues are sorted out.

  • erod

    just come out with a flash player plzzz.. i want the full browse experience! why cant they just add that and il be great with the hd2!

  • erod

    flash player ???

    • John

      For FLASH PLAYER, on your web browser go to and download it on your device…it has FLASH already on it. it’s also a great browser btw

    • John

      For FLASH PLAYER, on your web browser go to and download it on your device…it has FLASH already on it. it’s also a great browser btw…I’ve been using flash ever since touch pro2 came out.

  • Darrell

    I had the same freezing issue.. It was due to memory leaks via sms application in the sense ui.. here is the update.. BRAND SPANKIN NEW FROM HTC AND TMOBILE>. back up phone cause it will restore the phone.. It is 100% legit from the carrier.. For tmobile uSa only/./..

  • James

    The link is for the Dash. It says enter your 15 digit IMEI number. HD2 has 17 digits. What is the correct link?


  • James T

    I updated my phone on friday, I have to say it solved all or most of my freezing issues. Though one thing issue got fixed I now have an issue where my data connection gets turned off at random or when I send MMS messages. Anyone having the same issue or any ideas as to how to correct it?

  • Anastasia

    how to make MMS pictures BIGGER ?!