What Do You Want Next Out Of Android?


Today’s big tech news of course is that Apple has gone and invited the tech world for a special sneak preview of iPhone 4.0 this Thursday.  I ask you dear Android lovers, as the gadget world awaits Apples next move, what do you want to see in the next iteration of Android devices? Ignoring the physical handset for now, what do you want to see in software? We know, or at least we think that Apple will focus on multitasking in iPhone 4.0 due to the many many requests for something better than single message notification. Android is already leaps and bounds ahead of the pack when it comes to messaging notifications as well as multitasking in general but there is always room for improvement. So I ask you, TmoNews readers, what do you want to see? Do you want to see a better email system, better browsing experience or an enhanced social media experience? What say you?

Sound off below!


  • BassMaster

    Better facebook app!!

  • whozdabest

    1. A desktop client to organize and sync multimedia and apps. Sure there are third party apps that help you sync but we need something from Google. This would also add visibility to apps to attract more developers to Android.
    2. A better multimedia experience, which fits into the better UI argument.
    3. Force some handset makers to have integrated memory. We wouldn’t have talk about hacking into Android to run apps on the microsd cards when internal memory is a paltry 256mb-1gb. Any system would operate faster on integrated memory than on accessing sd cards. (I know naysayers would probably say that it doesn’t make a big difference but I think it would improve the experience)

    • timmyjoe42

      Yes, Yes, and Yes.

  • http://www.twitter.com/atreyulain Atreyuquinn

    I think Android needs better music playing capabilities. And equalizer is desperately needed. And also the ability to sort by genre. And the ability to edit file names as well. And it needs to have a better landscape keyboard so you can see what field you’re typing in without having to rotate the phone to portrait. And just a little more style and panache would be welcome. Along with a built-in task manager. And better organization to the market.

  • AgDon

    If it does not already have then capability to be able to sync with my iTunes, then I would add that.

  • Yo

    We need a nexus one (or better) that we (customers of T-Mobile) can fuc.king buy without spending fuc.king $500 plus dollars for it.

    Just think about ii, YOU CAN GET AN IPHONE FOR $99.00.


    • Dalton

      Then stop complaining about buying the N1 for that much, buy the iPhone, enjoy your sucky ass phone and get off of here.


    • gruv2ths

      True Dat. Tmo needs a real Android phone we can all be proud of. N1 is the bomb but come on $500?

  • alex

    better music player and widget

  • tortionist

    more responsiveness and functionality, much more RAM and ROM. I tunes sucks compared to the music player that’s built in to Android. The only thing i’d do as far as the music player, is to add a stop button.

  • Goyuix

    I think Android needs to divorce/distance itself from the apps – making all the core apps (including YouTube) available from the Market. It is fine for a carrier/manufacturer to preload whatever they want, just leave my phone open enough I can easily upgrade userland without having to upgrade the entire OS at the same time.

    And really, following along that line – the media experience on the phone is abysmal. Even the third party apps really just don’t have a great way to organize and sort through the media. It is fully functional in the geek sense, just get some designers in there to help skin it for the average human. There is not reason my Android device shouldn’t be my only portable media device.

    Specifically about android (not the apps) – there is still a fair bit of polish that is needed for things like the Bluetooth service and some of the other APIs that expose hardware to the end user. Android has greatly improved in this regard through the revisions – but I still get the feeling like the hardware->kernel layer is a bit problematic and certainly the kernel->userland bridge from the hardware needs some more love.

    Last: the ecosystem: I was super glad they announced an updated NDK at GDC, and hope they can continue to grow and improve the community of developers – they are the ones providing the most valuable feedback about what is needed. And personally I would hope they sit on the 2.1 release longer than normal to give the community a chance to standardize it while they get the necessary feedback and effort in place to make a truly killer 3.0 release.

  • http://tmonews.com Cheech

    I agree with all of you and all of the points made! It seem as alot of you keep complaining about t-mobile not having one good device? As a customer of t-mobile for 9 years and have had all of the android devices, right now that one GREAT device is the HD2! I know it’s not android but all of your request are on their like better music player w/ e.q. and better face book app. Right now that is their flagship phone and will hold you over for quite some time t’ll all android phones are in unison? Enjoy, I highly recomend it. It’s beautiful and does everything for the most part, for now!

    • TMoEmployee

      This is a total and absolute LIE!!!! The HD2 lacks in so many simple functioning areas. It’s not fully customizable like Android. It’s a beautiful device yes! But, take it from someone who had the U.S. version a month before it came out. The phone is attractive but, fails on simplicity. If you’re not an app buff and, can stand the fact that the HD2 will tell you what it wants to do, all still with that ugly Windows UI hiding beneath HTC sense, then fine! There are just simple things that the Android OS does that the Windows OS doesn’t. The Apps are the biggest thing! Don’t let people tell you that Windows is new to mobile apps. They have tons! It’s just they are all crap! And expensive. I miss my Android. Windows sucks!

      • nyuhsuk

        I’m just curious. How exactly is Android simpler than the Sense 2.5 UI that is on the HD2? I have fiddled with the Droid again and again and still don’t find it very convenient to use. Constantly running to a third-party task killer app to free up memory? Cmon… your common phone user isn’t going to understand resource management. They’ll just get frustrated and reboot the phone once it bogs down too much. The only feature I really found excellent was the notification bar but Windows provides a similar implementation, save for the scrolling-down-from-the-top action.

        It seems to me Sense breaks down heavily used ‘themes’ into nice little tabs for grouping. And they have a similar ‘App’ menu. They ahve your nice big fat icons on the front page for your heavily used ‘Apps’. What exactly are you spouting off about in terms of simplicity? Cause you can drag and drop app icons in one of your home screens? You can alter the Start Menu of a WinMo phone to do the same thing.

        Secondly, yes, the native Windows UI has lots of tiny drop down menus and radio buttons. But how is that any different from a fat bubbly drop down menu and radio buttons? Asthetics? Is that really important over functionality?

        I’ll keep my Windows 6.5 + Sense 2.1 Touch Pro2 over any Android device on the market today. Android devices fall nicely between WinMo functionality and iPhone asthetics but it doesn’t provide what the former two excel at.

  • ando

    Quit letting handset makers put android on crappy phones.


    • JaylanPHNX

      I agree except that I want to point out that the Cliq and Cliq XT share only a name and the Blur UI. Otherwise the XT is a vastly different phone, so your excellent point doesn’t apply in that case.

  • pookie

    i think android should do something what other never thought of for instance introduce a lock system on android phone where it unlocks only your finger print i would says also a way to unlock with a front facing camera to scan your eye but but i don’t see that anytime soon

    • Davidohio

      @pookie..good point but please use punctuation in your paragraph, it is really annoying reading a post that just runs on with no punctuation.

    • good point but

      you made a good point for an idea. but there are security issues where this kinda fails to be implemented.
      – you can lose your phone and if someone gains access via a loophole (since not every OS is as secure as one claims) you’re fingerprint is in danger.
      – via loophole from above, someone can gain access to your phone/pc remember smartphones or phone in general has the same OS characteristics, find the loophole, find the file and boom another victim of identity theft
      – fingerprints can be fooled. there have been tested vulnerabilities of it.
      – a lot more that i don’t really wanna mention coz i’m tired lol

  • mailman13877

    Most Importantly Apps2sd support..everything else is minor at until then..Im rooted on enomthers rom but i would like to have that apps2sd as a standard software that come with the manufactured phone and official rom

    • Oce

      +1! Apps2SD should have happened already! What is the hold-up?

  • Garett

    Ability to fully (not just mail and contacts) sync with Exchange server without any extra apps. If it could do this, I would own android over the HD2…although the HD2 is awesome.

  • LP

    UMA, UMA, UMA an oh, I suppose you could also include… UMA.

    • ImaTmoFan

      WIFI CALLING, DAMMIT……. Gimme a reason to Choose another phone other than Blackberry…….

  • JaylanPHNX

    +1 on picking an iteration and staying for a year. The new version of Android should be a big deal, not an exercise in update frustration. Their openness is a big plus, but they need to put the screws to their handset mfg’s and demand a minimum spec (WinPhone7 is doing this). The variation with UIs (sense, blur) is great for the market (choice always is), but again, Google needs to shepherd their baby more and demand the latest versions be used and kept updated in a timely manner. And the market needs to be organized and populated better. Again, Google needs to throw some weight around to bring in top-notch devs for a top-notch market.

  • StevenG

    I think stopping the fragmentation of Android would go a long way. Also, it’d be cool if we could get phones already rooted. Make Android truly open. Give us phones that would, essentially, work like they do now, but have a “root” option, like the non-market apps option.

  • Phani9

    All of these are DEFINITELY Must-Have Features.

    1) Good Music player with Graphic Equalizer
    2) NO MORE ‘FORCE’ Closes.
    3) Ability to Install Application on Memory card & not just on flash ROM.
    4) Ability to utiize space on Memory card for saving Emails etc so as to not overload ROM.

  • Mardenator

    An end to Android fragmentation.. when 1 device gets a new version, all devices should get it.. no more of this “haha i have a N1 with Android 2.1.. I spit in the face of your POS Moto Cliq running 1.5”.. equal versions for all!!!

  • eddieo

    On future HTC phones, I want the option to use the phone with and without sense!

    • Matlock

      That already exists!!!

  • andrew

    better music player flash player or html 5 all phone anndroid to have to newest version of android to remove to stock apps and put the 3 party apps

  • TMoEmployee

    Android just needs to beef up quality of the apps. That’s what phones are all about now. APPS! Something for everything. My whole life and needs in my hand.

    And a way to lock every app, independently.

    I just want a truly customizable experience.

    And a clean way to sync with a Mac.

    And on a side note… People please stop praising this HD2 like it’s the sh*t. It’s a beautiful looking device but, it lacks sooooo much!

    • Futurvisionary

      Yep… I gave the HD@ a chance but all this freezing and force closing and non-responding “apps” have me set on a return path tomorrow and a new sprint contract!!!!! EVO 4G!!!!

    • Futurvisionary

      Yep… I gave the HD2 a chance but all this freezing and force closing and non-responding “apps” have me set on a return path tomorrow and a new sprint contract!!!!! EVO 4G!!!!

      • Matlock

        Good luck with Sprints crappy network! I have n HD2, and not once has it frozen or locked up on me! All it is, is user error!

  • Jonathan:Brazil

    Personally, i would like to see a better threaded text messaging interface. The texting interface on android phones to me is a bit boring and could use a revamp. I have a MyTouch and have had a G1 and i’m not to crazy about the messaging interface. I am a big texter so it does matter to me. It’s just my opinion and what i would like to see improved.

    • Erick

      then download handcent

  • cat

    3.7-4.3 inch screen latest android software and less then 200 dollars.

  • jp0131


    • lol

      i don’t mean to be rude but switch to verizon and sprint if u already know they have good phones and want their phone.

      people complain about other carriers getting what they want on a phone, then switch to that carrier.

      i think t-mo brought life to android and is a good carrier as it is right now. i still love my g1. the grandfather of it all. people complain about 2.1, 1.6 has been out for what? not even a year… people these days…

      • nyuhsuk

        First off, lay off the Caps Lock Charlie Chaplin.

        Android does have its deficiencies and like a lot of things Google releases, it’ll get better over time.

        But now, that carrier crap you babble on about at the end of your comment. Every carrier has their unique line of phones. But complaining about Verizon and Sprint getting better phones is ridiculous. They BOTH don’t have the phones you mention yet. Who knows when they’ll get it. The Nexus One is basically the Incredible and IT HAS BEEN AVAILABLE so what are you complaining about? The EVO is a beast but that’s MONTHS out so who’s to say what T-Mo will bring on board next? You’re angry cause you got tied down to a contract? You should have waited for something better and then signed your contract. Otherwise, own up to your shortsighted purchase and go pay the ridiulous unsubsidized price for the Nexus One.

        It’s technology: something better is always around the corner. What do you think people on other carriers were saying when the G1 or Touch Pro2 (first on T-Mo) or HD2 were released on T-Mo? The same BS you’re spouting off. Except, too bad those other carriers didn’t get a keyboard Android device for ages (Droid) and they’ll never get the HD2. Stop bitching when you got choices already on T-Mo.

  • Mike

    The ability to store apps on the SD card, 160-200mb drive space on the internal phone isn’t CRAP.

  • pdusk

    I want the sprint htc EVO but instead of wimax and cdma give me 21 meg hspa. Oh and oled screen wouldn’t hurt. And maybe I am being greedy but the newer snapdragon processor running at 1.3 GHz.

  • http://tmotoday dannydarko

    Better email,more rom and ram, even without that I absolutely gotta have MY ANDROID, ALL DAY EVERYDAY…….DROOOOOOIIIID!

  • Davidohio

    I would like to see a better music player, with an equalizer. I would like better bluetooth with the ability to send files to another bluetooth device. Better text messaging interface and way better battery! Also the ability to store apps on the sd card to free up memory for faster performance. Oh yeah, 1ghz processors should be the norm. Also larger screens. That’s all.

  • Ben W

    can’t really say. since i’m on tmo, i don’t have the option of upgrading to anything passed 1.6.
    i can’t really say what i want from future iterations if i haven’t even really experienced what 2.0 has.

    tmo has truly dropped the ball in the android sphere.

  • Billz

    A few things I would like to see in future TMO Android devices:

    1. The latest version of the software, whether it be 2.1/3.0 whatever. Nobody wants 1.5 running on their new phones.

    2. More internal memory. Expandable SD memory is great, but lets create some more space for apps.

    3. UMA Calling. TMO had the advantage with this and I’m not sure if it is a hardware or a software thing, but Android needs it.

    4. Better push email technology. Right now, BlackBerry is the champ for this…HANDS-DOWN!!!

  • Trill

    I’ve used all versions of Android and I have to disagree with some of the comments because of some of the ideas being thrown around. Google and Manufactures are working on fragmentation and a2sd isn’t as easy as just implementing it, they have to make sure there aren’t any copy protection issues, and problems when unmounting the sdcard. The UI & Market for Android is probably the most important, apps are great but lack the look and sleek appeal when compared to the iphone plus the layout sucks.

    Android really lacks gloss and polish although 2.1 changed that a bit with 3D but the player controls suck for video and there is no reason why divx and avi should not be supported. I could care less about live wallpapers since its sorta a gimmick but still cool and while I could go on we all know the music player needs work we need more hardware keyboard devices

  • phillip

    4.5 inch super super amoled screen
    tegra processor
    Humming bird graphics chip
    chrome broswer optimized for android
    8 mp camera with dual flash records n HD Video
    hdmi port
    physical buttons call end/power home menu
    nice spacious full qwerty
    thin like the droid
    youtube google translator, wave , buzz , maps, earth, navagation e reader n docs standard
    running 2.1 or greater

  • phillip

    16 or 32 gbs of internal storage plus n sd slot
    ability to save apps on sd card
    and support divx

  • phillip

    oh yea n a 3.2 web cam have a skype app
    better music

  • meanmcclean

    OPTIMIZATION!!!!!!!!! Android needs a more polished UI. I would say stick to what Android 2.1 is offering now and make it better/faster. Better responsiveness to touch, better voice control throughout. A better bluetooth experience, add the ability to dictate messages etc through a headset. Allow voice control of the device from a headset. A better multimedia experience.

    2.1 is a solid foundation for Android to work from, nothing really can/needs to be added to the OS that can’t be handled in an app. just make the experience flawless, a phone that flies, better memory management, better application data storage options.

  • kpagratis

    I think the more important question is what android phone do we want next from TMO. It’s been DEAD the last 2 weeks. The CliqXt?!?! I just vomited a little in my mouth. How about the Bravo, Incredible, Droid, N1 on ANY PLAN I WANT!!

    I mean seriously, I’m on a G1 with a screen being held together by a screen protector because the only better android phone in my opinion is the N1.
    Seriously TMO, get off you @$$ and announce something exciting or I may be moving to the HD2 (when it’s not sold out lol)

  • http://twitter.com/raddestnerd raddestnerd

    if push email tech could be as good as blackberry i would go back to android seeing that google nexus one seems to be neck-and-neck w/ iphone.

  • JS-1

    i can agree with alot of request here!

    music/email/apps2sd/better quality phones/better R&D of UI/OS.

    one thing that hasn’t come up is better graphics software…

  • ManoloDF

    Ive been screaming this for ages, but its very simple:


  • Nhat

    I just want every phone to be near the same updates instead of all over the place like how it is now.

  • Rick

    Better calendaring and a real tasks application that work from the handheld. I’m tired of entering events on the handheld then going into Google at home to fix them.
    Decent documentation would be nice.

  • tmotmo

    Being able to print from apps would be a big bonus. If nothing else, to wireless printers. We have notepads, Docs2Go, PDF viewers, web pages, and others. It would be beneficial to have print capabilities. That would make these devices truly portable computers, able to do most everything. There are some software apps that give us printing options, but most apps don’t have the option to print from. Adding it to the software and SDK’s would give this feature to us.

  • thargic

    I must agree…. a top of the line android phone for t-mobile. How did t-mo get
    to be the red-headed step child of Google/Android??

  • mike

    You all have to be kidding I haven’t seen 1 comment on this…..GAMING!!!”! The games and the graphics neeed more improvement…….u can start to make the android os amazin for gaming….I’m not talking little dumb games I’m talking about games like call of duty that u can play online wit other android Phone members!!!!! Think about it ppl!!!

    • mike

      And a more organized app market. …yes its organized but can. Be organized alil better. But rly get the gamin goin…

  • mrbill

    A working Nexus One.

  • JBLmobileG1

    I am pretty happy with Android overall but what would make it even better… well… first they NEED to let you be able to run apps from an SD card. If anything is important its this feature. True you could do it if you root your phone but this shouldn’t be required. In fact if they want the Android platform to survive this IS a MUST unless you have a phone with at least 8GB of internal memory like the iphone although I think removable memory is always better. Secondly they need to add voice dialing with your bluetooth. I had a Blackberry 8120 and an HTC MDA and it worked with both of these devices… but its an important feature that I feel is missing from Android. This feature is yet another important one especially as more and more states require you to wear a bluetooth headset if you need to talk on the phone while driving. And the third and last feature is Flash… adobe flash where the H*ll are you!? Geeeshhh I have owned a G1 for almost two years and they promised us flash. In fact you can goto youtube and see the G1 running flash… but WHERE is it? And now I am hearing it won’t be coming to the G1? WHY? Don’t tell me the phone can’t handle it because it was started on the G1 and seemed to work fine. Sure newer devices like the Cliq XT have flash lite… but as the phones get more and more powerful we should be seeing Flash like on a regular computer. I want my Hulu and I want it NOW! I can’t even find a beta or hacked version of flash to run on my G1. Let me guess… you must root it? Oh… and one last addition which isn’t all too important. Multi touch… the Nexus One has it and the Cliq XT has a form of it…. but I say all Android devices and O/S should have it. Again why doesn’t the G1 have it? I know if you root you can get it so why can’t Google upgrade their O/S for all versions of Android to run it? I Love the Android O/S now they just need to add a little icing to the cake and maybe start to raise the bar on what their O/S will run on. Nothing less than the Nexus One specs as far as theprocessor goes. And it NEEDS I repeat Google NEEDS to let you run apps from an sd card. If this doesn’t get fixed by the end of this year I will probably lose faith in Google and Android. Like I had stated before… the Nintendo Wii was in the same boat (limited to 512mb) but at least with a O/S update they made it to where you could install and run programs quickly from the SD card. Now if Nintendo can do this Google surely could. If they can’t well talk to Nintendo and find out how because THEY DID IT.

  • mikeeeee

    i wish i knew how to make the font bigger……….


    that’s all, everything else gets updated sooner or later.

    UMA, or just integrate gizmo 5 int google voice, either way wifi calling.

    do that and i’ll buy 2 of them in the next 2 minutes.

    all my lines are mature in july and i’m just waiting……


  • Reece

    I will try to keep it short and sweet – in NO particular order…

    1) Better multimedia capabilities: An equilizer is needed so badly it’s not even funny. We’re talking about something 6-8 year old mp3 players had – should be something done on the OS level – maybe make an API for it so folks can toy around with it. Having better OS-level encoding playback through hardware more is probably something that is dependent with a manufacture but I’m sure Google could -maaaaybe- encourage them to go a certain direction with that.

    2) Apps from SD: Even the almighty Droid and Nexus One is limited in this regard and makes me somewhat hesitant in plunging for a N1 since half a gig while plentyful now – who knows how many apps I’d accumulate for the next 2 years? Until 1GB a’la Evo 4G is standard it would be a neato option for folks who is with a not so internally massive device and not feeling like going through the pains of rooting

    3) Bluetooth: I’m getting the impression that bluetooth stereo is f**king annoying in general, so I won’t bust balls too much in this regard buuuuuut – if bluetooth stereo could be abit more stable and not crap out into stuttering hell after phonecalls then I’d be one happy panda.

    4) Productivity: yeaaaaa, while Docs 2 Go is nice – Google delivering their “Google Docs” service to Android is an initiative that is badly needed. WinMo7 is already targeting the concept of cloud computing + office docs and it’s still in friggin alpha/beta. It’s time to grow up with your userbase Google and deliver on this. While we at it, sending out printjobs to a nearby printer in a network would also be pretty damn awesome

    5) Last but damn sure not least – More T-Mobile (high end) devices: Yea this is something that probably drags the ear more of T-Mobile then Google but screw it – it’s a T-Mobile site afterall. A Nexus One-type device that plays nicely with current plans would be a godsend. The Desire seems to have the right idea but, it’s in t-mobile’s Uk division. I would only hope the holdup is due to awaiting the rollout of HSPA+ network so compatibility for any future high powered Android devices would follow – I could only hope (and pray) that this is the case

  • Broke

    Flash, Netflix, and ebook

  • Broke

    Gosh sorry, guess I clicked on the wrong button…

    Anyway, Flash, Netflix, and ebook.