What Do You Want Next Out Of Android?


Today’s big tech news of course is that Apple has gone and invited the tech world for a special sneak preview of iPhone 4.0 this Thursday.  I ask you dear Android lovers, as the gadget world awaits Apples next move, what do you want to see in the next iteration of Android devices? Ignoring the physical handset for now, what do you want to see in software? We know, or at least we think that Apple will focus on multitasking in iPhone 4.0 due to the many many requests for something better than single message notification. Android is already leaps and bounds ahead of the pack when it comes to messaging notifications as well as multitasking in general but there is always room for improvement. So I ask you, TmoNews readers, what do you want to see? Do you want to see a better email system, better browsing experience or an enhanced social media experience? What say you?

Sound off below!


  • DeeLirious

    As a TMo Employee and Android lover I have a few frustrating comments and thoughts. First of all, why are we all waiting for a 2.1 update? If it’s available, give it to everyone.
    2. Email client for Android Sucks! Fix it.
    3. Apps need MAJOR attention. Put some pressure on the app developers and fix it.
    4. Snapdragon processor should be standard on all devices from now on, fix it.
    5. HD2 is an amazing device. Except for the fact that it’s windows. Make an android version. Now.
    6. Why is TMo always getting the short end of the stick on everything that has to do with Android phones? Fix it.
    7. Battery life is absolutely horrible. Figure out why the Blackberry Bold can last 4 days with heavy use and make the same battery for Android phones.
    8. Keyboard needs to be fixed on all android phones. It’s tollorable, but horrible. Fix it.
    9. Wifi calling. Did you know people actually buy phones just for that reason? They do. I sell that option daily. Get it. Fix it.
    10. How about a front facing speaker you freaking idiots! I am sick of having to cup my hand from behind my phone so the sound will bounce back to me. I don’t carry headphones in my pocket morons. Fix it.
    There are more issues, but I’ll stop there. I love android, but it’s sad I felt much more comfortable writing all of this on my iPod touch. FIX IT!!!!


    • Alex V

      Im going to call the waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaambulance to … FIX IT

      • Alex V

        Hurry, call whine one one. its an emergency

    • Dizzle

      Fix It. Fix It. Fix It. (get’s old, doesn’t it? imagine reading your reply, what are, 12?)

      Most of the things you mentioned are hardware related, not Android OS related.
      1) up to handset manufacturer to release it with appropriate drivers
      2) gmail client rocks
      4) handset manufacturer, not Android
      5) HTC, not Android
      6) Um, hello? G1, MT3G, N1?
      7) Android > BB, x10
      8) handset manufacturer, not Android
      9) Ok, and? There’s an App for that
      10) handset manufacturer, not Android

      And you’re probably the idiot on the metro that plays movies on their phone and forces everyone to watch it. THANKS!

      • David

        I LAWL.

        Android is awesome.

        Apple is getting way too old.

    • Green Robot

      Regarding the e-mail client, I agree that the built one is not very good. That is why I have not used it in well over a year. I’ve been using K-9 Mail and it is much much much better. Early versions were somewhat rough but they’ve come a long way and it is now a very solid imap/pop3 mail client. I don’t know which version is in the market but you can always get the lates and greatest from http://code.google.com/p/k9mail/downloads/list – try it.

    • sk33m0

      why the hell do you love android?!?!? thats all the shit I hate about it….and that encompasses ALL the damn os…and you LOVE it?!?!? wtf?!!?!?

  • Antonio

    I love andriod but I would like to see a faster rom maybe. And on time OTA Updates
    And a flash player app

  • DaWaBZ94

    Native USB and WIFI tethering
    Native Audio equalizer
    Native FLAC
    Native divx support
    Native USB HOST (Mass storage and HID[mouse/kbd])
    Native bluetooth HID[mouse/kbd]
    Native theming
    Native app2sd
    Native “close app” without having to download taskman
    Better battery life
    Maybe Native Flash bu I do not really care abt Flash

    • Tim

      I agree on almost every point, here are my thoughts:

      Apps2SD is needed desperately. Android is better than iPhone, but we can’t get apps that are as nice as iPhone apps due to space limitations. Yes, I know a lot of apps are only 500K, but things like Google Earth are 25M (the size of 50 500K apps). Cardiotrainer is 7.2M, DocsToGo 8M, Swype 4.5M. My N1 is nearly full and this is a “hitting a brick-wall” problem, PLEASE fix it. My ‘superphone’ can’t be super if it has no app storage space available. HUGE problem that I can’t believe still exists at version 2.1

      Flash Player.. Flash might be nice, though I really don’t care much about it. Which is good, because of the problem above (I don’t have room to install it even if I wanted to).

      Implement hardware standards, kind of like MS did with WP7. A build of Android that kicks butt in general will suck if run on inadequate hardware. The average person doesn’t know much about hardware and will incorrectly conclude “Android sucks”.

      Add support for WMV video.

      Native audio EQ – I second that. It’s such a basic function even my $30 SanDisk Clip has it – but not my Android N1.

      The stock calendar app blows hard. You can’t set up things which repeat biweekly except via the web. Either improve it please, or open/document the API so someone else can develop a good, integrated Google calendar app.

      Now, after all that whining I gotta say – Android is quite good overall. But there’s definitely room for improvement, and to finish implementing some basic functionality. Hopefully they’ll do so, and soon!

  • jp0131

    well said people
    ANDROID NEEDS TO STEP UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Look at U

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  • Dr. Yusuf Al-Kindi

    DeeLirious is 100% on target! If the HTC HD2 was an Android phone, I would get it over any other current offering. I am considering the Google Nexus One, at the moment. On the other hand, the ihone is attractive simply because there are SOOOO many apps for it. I use Google voice all the time, so any phone I use has to have a good implementation of Google voice that will work over WiFi AND over the cellular Data service. I would like to see a flat rate, unlimited plan (unlimited data, Voice and Text) that with taxes with be $80. Sinec the question was about Android, not all of tmo, I would like to see a solid version of Open Office for Android, Thunderbird for Android, more games, GPS Apps so I do not get lost.

  • GregP

    More app development,
    Higher quality apps,
    Better media interface,
    File explorer on device,
    Better battery life on all devices,
    Full flash support,
    More linux

    • Alex V

      The app quality is up to the developers. Suck one.

      • Look at U

        Make that 2!

  • slimdoggy

    I see a lot of you havnt heard about the sprint evo yet… so ya should da a little research before ya comment

    • FutureGuyKnowsSoLittle

      … said the guy talking about Sprint on a T-mobile forum. Eat a dick

      • Jamil

        I personally think that Android is a great OS. And, yes, the Evo 4G looks to be the device to beat this summer (too bad it’s for Sprint). However, the Samsung Galaxy S (another Android phone) is also launching this summer. It’s GSM, so it’s either gonna land on T-Mobile or AT&T. In my opinion, it’s the ONLY phone that can compete with the Evo 4G. So, hope it comes to T-Mobile. But again, that’s just MY opinion – everyone’s got different preferences. Anyway, got off subject. Getting back to Android OS – The literally limitless customizations from replacement homescreens to widgets to status bar notifications, not to mention more free apps than any other OS, in my opinion, make Android the most desirable OS.

    • Go Home F@g

      1. Sprint sucks
      2. Have you used the EVO? You’ve confirmed that its all that it says it is? (oh wait… no, you cant because it’s not available)
      3. The ONLY good point you’re making here, in the most asshole way you could have, is that if HTC’s making the EVO for Sprint, then a variation or something like it will eventually hit T-mobile… OBVIOUSLY there will be more Snapdragon devices and OBVIOUSLY there will be some running Android
      4. The point you’re NOT getting because you’re too busy being a dick, is that all these people are saying are things they want in Android because as of RIGHT NOW, they don’t have it. Wait, so let me get this right: So what people WANT, HTC is putting into a FUTURE phone known as the EVO and other handsets? Well… sounds like we’re all on the same page then… except for the one asshole who’s too much of a fanboy and still had to piss on their fellow Android users. Dick.
      5. Good morning by the way, try to keep your fingers out of your ass.

      • …sigh…

        Wow you didnt really have to go innington on the poor guy? seems like some1 pissed on your dick

  • jnl813

    1. More internal memory like at least 8GB

    2. No more diff vers of Android – lets have all the same!

    3. Flash Player

    4. Apps, make them better quality!

    • FutureGuyKnowsSoLittle

      Yes, yes, yes and YES!

  • FutureGuyKnowsSoLittle

    My beef had always been w/ my device, not Android, even when I was stuck on 1.6 (technically still am even though I no longer use it).

    Had T-mo released a Snapdragon Android device, I wouldn’t have ran so fast to the HD2… which is an excellent handset. WinMo haters STFU, half you people don’t even know why people look down on WinMo to begin with, or else you’d realize a lot of those old stigmas are gone w/ HTC Sense UI.

    What I get out of my HD2 that my G1 was piss-poor at:
    Better email experience;
    better browsing experience (Opera);
    NO HANGING WHILE OPENING AN APP, or CLOSING AN APP, OR EVEN JUST TRYING TO GET TO THE NEXT SCREEN; (My G1 just sucked balls… programs running in the background would even give me a force close warning!!)
    Native apps for contacts/phonebook 1,000 times better (wow, built in support for contacts pictures… really? The G1 came with jack and shit and people still talk bad about WinMo? Are you kidding?);
    Oh, speaking of hardware: The 5MP cam w/ dual flash is an enlightening experience after using the G1’s dismal and totally useless camera

    Now, I will point out that: a> yes, again, my beef has always been more w/ the hardware; b> I only have experience w/ the G1 as an Android device; c> I don’t hate Android, but I really am more a Windows guy and didn’t realize how much I missed it until I got an HD2

    One last comment: It occured to me I don’t need a “google phone” even though I’m all google’d out (Gmail, Maps, iGoogle, Google Voice, etc). The only thing I’m really missing at this point is my Google Voice app… everything else I get just as easily on my HD2 (and to set-up Outlook w/ Gmail is a gift from the Gods. Excellent).

    • Don

      I call bullshit that Opera is better than webkit on Android 2.1. Also how can you compare the g1 to the HD2. Try comparing the Nexus One to the HD2 and see how many of those complaints you have are valid.

  • reallyupsettmouser

    google screwed the “paying” public by handicaping the terms to buy the nexus 1. in the process screwing them selves! had they made it open to all tmo people with existing plans..ie just let people upgrade to the new phone…the damm thing would be on permanet sell out with lines everywhere to get them! but no some moron with dollar $$’s for brains thought..lets just milk all of the last few people who dont have a freaking fone..handicap them on a crappy plan.. and screw all the loyal people that got us to this point. i have heard all of the tmo reps excuses about how its google this and google that. tmo owns the plan they put the n1 on.. and they even admit its crap!

    so if your listening google peeps…change the game to get the fone while anybody still cares to get one.

  • safil

    I agree w/ most but I have to say, I do love my Nexus One! I went from the original G1 I bought through preorder in Nov. 08! Rooted it and tethered it everywhere. My favorite thing about it was that it was open source and the community/forums were/are awesome and very supportive. Went to the Mytouch through preorder also. Rooted and rom’d too. Got my girlfriend the moto cliq just so i can play w/ it and root it too. Finally, got the nexus one at full price cause I believe it to be cheaper since i always upgrade my phones w/ the newest and greatest every few months so, wouldn’t make sense to get a contract extension only to break it. Not saying all this to brag but, to show my love and devotion for all things android! I must say, comparing the N1 to anything else is basically apples to oranges ( no pun intended)! The g1 and mytouch and cliq all pretty much ran on the same hardware. I know we’re supposed to talk about software here but, there is no use unless google does what microsoft did w/ the new winmo 7 software and demand the same hardware specs across the board! Having numerous vers. of android makes the apps developers schizo. When most android users are still on 1.6, it doesn’t make sense to make another app specifically for 2.1, so they just keep it at the lower vers. to keep everyone in the loop. Who suffers, we do. Also, flash, flash, flash, and/or better yet AIR!!!
    Google messed up when they only allowed you to buy a N1 through them, online. What will be the deal w/ verizon and att? If they’re gonna be able to sell them at retail stores, will tmo be able to also? The greatest android phone at there right now, the N1 needs to be pushed so everyone can see its potential. I’m telling you, just the speed alone and the fact that they’re are basically no force closes, Im just at awe. Everything zips! And w/ multitasking and multitouch this is def. the iphone executioner but, Google/TMO didn’t execute the marketing/phone effectively. One more thing, the marketplace for android is greatest of all cause most of the apps, specially the most important/popular one, are all FREE! For a year and a half on the market, android has come leaps and bounds compared to apple or any other os. Just keep up the good work. Oh and david, glad to see you’re still doing your thing and luvin how the site is looking and the direction ur taking it. Good luck and this is the 3rd site i check every morning out of my top 10 tech sites!

    • Lindsay Vonn

      What drugs are you on? The Android market place is a joke compared to Apples. Are you really using the same thing as everyone else? Have you ever owned an iphone? NO

      • kyle

        Have you ever owned a nexus one?

      • safil

        In what way? I get everything i need for free and w/o censorship or apple/google sticking their nose in the process. Tethering, seesmic, etc. Granted, we don’t have all the most popular apps yet but, we haven’t been around that long. Why r u even in this forum defending iphone? I luv a good debate but, just coming in and stating random things w/o facts. ANd yes, I still do have an iphone and im writing this on a macbook pro 17 unibody. But i don’t let the products i own dictate my loyalty to brand, douche. Go troll somewhere else…

  • Scott

    As a Nexus One owner I would just be satisfied for reliable 3G performance, no dropped calls and touch screen that worked.

  • David

    Uhm, how about multitouch?
    and uhhh.


  • dave d

    I have read most comments and i would agree with native video player that is missing in android. when i say native i mean i want it to play every video format out of the box that would be nice. wifi calling would be nice if they included it on every android but thats hardware plus google voice can take care of that. the last thing i think they could improve the multitasking maybe limited the number of things it can do but always leave enough memory if u want to open and app it have the resource to do it at the spot and not have to close things before it opens that app.

  • cu2cool

    I loved my google phone (MT3G) on TMo. I too had problems with the hardware specs mainly. It was too slow for my taste. Really, what’s the point of having multi-tasking capability if you get incredible lag when you run two apps at once? I haven’t tried out the N1, but the price tag was just too high for me. On the HD2 now, but I do sometimes miss Android.

    What I would like to see in Android:

    1.) The option to upgrade to any version of Android OS.
    2.) The option to turn off visual effects that would make OS 2.1 run slow on the MT3G and other non-N1 devices. Kinda like switching off Windows Aero.
    3.) Better music player and photo viewer
    4.) Optional SenseUI Theme for all versions
    5.) Better soft keyboard, compare to iphone’s PLEASE
    6.) Smoother scrolling, compare to iphone’s PLEASE. I know every one keeps saying how smooth the scrolling is, but when I look at the iphone’s scrolling and zooming, it looks way more smoother than in Android and WinMo. Hardware issue?
    7.) Faster boot time (on the MT3G at least)
    8.) Better widgets that don’t slow down the phone
    9.) Downloadable maps for Google Nav.
    10.) Native rooted phone

  • Eddie R.

    I want the latest software…mt3g user…when iphone drops an OS all handsets get the update..but I love android OS customization compared to iphone

  • Eddie R.

    Oh and a better browser…I use opera bcuz it has a fullscreen option…with the mt3g I dnt have much screen real esate :-(…but I’m still on contract….

  • Patrick

    1 – Swype lol…it truly IS amazing(why not just make it downloadable in the market place?)
    2 – I agree with the downloadable Navigation Maps…that would make life so much more awesome.
    3 – More compatibility as far as music/video goes
    4 – Apps2sd built-in
    5 – Better memory management and power management
    6 – Better camera app…cause the native one SUCKS testicles lol

    That’s really all I can think of right now.

    • J

      Swype will be downloadable. I downloaded it to my MyTouch yesterday for a beta test trial.

  • Rick

    Oi hope when 2.5 drops that it unifies all the phones. I sincerely hope that the market and music player get sedious overhauls.

  • the_stranger

    Looks like Android still has a ways to go after reading this…. I would need to be able to synch with Exchange, calendar, tasks, email everything before considering Android.

  • Sanjay

    I would like the next Android phone to have the WM 7 operating system LOL :)


    I know this is not software related but include dtv turner in the hardware

  • joe

    How about a revamped market . its boring to look at and search. make the interface better and unique. have an option where the older apps get shuffle with new ones not just when they are updated. please stop making dumb apps like fart …. apps . its a waste of space and ignorant. more quality apps please …… I agree with 2.1 released new phones with no less that the latest android OS and give 2.1 to every phone running old android OS …NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    p.s please google dont wait till apple trumps all over android .release 2.1 before summer to all phone and require all handset manufacturer to run faster processors. so in future updates we dont have to buy a new phone for 3.0 android.

  • http://N/A Geo


  • J

    Most of the complaints seem hardware or app development related, but here are mine:

    1. Capability to utilize VoIP.
    2. Ability to save apps to SD.
    3. Force close issue resolved (though I believe it to be more hardware related)
    4. Improved flash and multimedia player built into the browser.
    5. Improved memory and power management.
    6. More personalization of the on-screen keyboard. (being able to configure what symbols are displayed for instance).
    7. Improved Email/Exchange client standard as well as office support.
    8. Improved personalization of home page and menu system. Downloadable UIs for instance.

    I would also like to see more apps included, but thats really not a knock on Android. I also want to see more (non-crap) apps added, but thats all on the developers. With Android being way more widespread, it is only a matter of time before this happens. I get to test a lot of phones, and I’ve gotten attached to the Android OS.

  • Laont

    1. Language toggle key on keyboard
    2. Ability to change the DNS server information independently of the IP address. Be more flexible in the advance setting on the WiFi options.
    3. Calls to a same number should be displayed just once on the Call log tab, a number indicating the amount of calls, and maybe an option to see the history will be more convenient that seeing the same contact multiple times.
    4. Answer the phone with one touch on the screen, the slide thing is like too much work.
    5. Call a contact when touch on its name, keep the rest of the options (call, info, text)when you touch the pic, like it is now; but when I touch the name I should be calling the person not being directed over a new screen with the contact info. This is so redundant.

  • J

    The HD2 W/ Android 4.3 Screen HDMI 2.1 ( or higher. ) I demand Flash! ( And the ability to play HULU and other sites on the run.) sleek and slim like the HD2

  • Winmoalso

    In a word, printing. Doesn’t anyone want to print a document from their device?

  • Kristjan

    i like the apps2sd idea, thats good.
    i want a better media interface, the native android Media sucks.
    thats pretty much it, everything else is not such a big deal, i don’t need 150k apps that do nothing important so its okay

  • TomCruise

    – more choices with banking applications (like citi, chase)
    – better media player
    – K-9 is good, but it’ll be good to have another email client application

  • Granddaddy G1

    I absolutely love skype…all i want is a great camera on the same side as my screen so we can get a great skype app going and you really can have skype everywhere you go!!!

  • bg

    1. Focus on the features that make sense for the mass consumer market.

    IE. a one button press when docked that’ll sync it all like an iPhone. I mean everything including data, addresses, etc, etc. down to the last bit.
    Got off the phone yesterday after a heated discussion with a friend that works at Google. Says they are putting the most requested features at the top of their to-do list, and working their way down. Limited resources, thus a list.

    Okay, maybe that’s believable with other smaller companies, but with the market cap of Google and the deep pockets? That’s like saying the US military doesn’t have enough bombs.

    So what do they do instead?
    One look at the Google blog and they’ve manged to erase vowels on April 1st, start up a basketball spreadsheet for the season, and other ‘silly’ time-wasting things.

    Friend’s reasoning as well is the 100% sure backups aren’t what users are asking for. Yeah, right. That’s like saying if you buy stuff at Macy’s, Target, etc. you don’t mention easy returns at the #1 reason you shop there. But, for most consumers, it’s important even though you hardly use it.


    Piece of mind. Simple as that. I don’t want to be messing with a special app like my friend says just to backup the whole mess (and then realize later I didn’t do it right). Jobs is super-smart in making sure their iPhones are fully sync’d with every dock, and that’s Proactive thinking on behalf of their consumers.
    Make consumers lives easier, not harder.

    Thus, as much as my silly friend thinks he’s right, what’s right for Android moving forward into the mass market is to put in features that other phones have to dummy-proof, protect, and ensure the user’s piece of mind and data.

    2. Come up with a ‘better’ reason than ‘it’s customizable’! as one selling point.

    You can say that about iPhones, S60 Nokias, Mameo N900’s, Windows Mobiles, etc.
    But where does all of that go? consumers endlessly ‘tweaking’ their phones, but getting little of value actually accomplished. (one reason RIM is still #1 in that regard for the business world)

    Yes, it might be fun to crash the phone a few times, upgrade a few dot releases every month, and look at the glossiness. But after awhile, what if I want super-rock-solid messaging? phones that run 24/7 w/o crashing for months? something that just works? android doesn’t have that yet because it’s still honestly in continuous beta.

    And look at the apps – yes, you’ve got Gmail and Gmaps running nicely on them. er, they were also running fine for most as Java apps prior. difference? Honestly, Google could easily program the apps to run on alternative platforms today.
    so again, real benefit to the consumer is what?…. duplication for duplication’s sake?

    Only thing that happens with so much fragmentation of the mobile market is a larger number of platforms for IT to support, so many alternative apps to install, etc. Inefficient.

    3. Lock things down in place.
    Icons, etc. keep moving about dot version to the next. Like there was no long-term plan in place at all. No design document or architecture plan. Makes it crazy for regular consumerrs to find things. (no wonder verizon even tries to standardize menus across their basic phones…)
    Customization by the user is fine, but a basic standard platform that stays from dot release to the next for beginners to start with.

    4. Add keyboards. Increase stability.
    from a useablity standpoint, my flip phone with Gmail, Opera Mini, Gmaps runs just fine. for months on end w/o a crash or reboot. And the basic T9 keyboard entry lets me text on the go with easy and superior accuracy and speed.
    They need to focus on real-keyboards that actually let the user enter data efficiently, on the go, and on the first try. touch-screens just don’t do it for that – and they easily let the user input an incorrect entry (big mistake for business usage! suddenly, that No button becomes a Yes button for that big sale? try explaining that to the boss…) Physical triggers are the only way to ensure you activate/enter what you want.
    Stabilize the platform as well. Can crash more than a Windows XP SP3 machine, which means Android is pretty bad right now as a mobile OS. My flip phone runs months and months w/o a reboot, if ever at all. Is it too much to ask a billion dollar company to hire 1-2 peeps to focus on reliability?

    5. stop the dot release mess across phones!
    everything needs to run in lock-step. 2.x comes out, everyone gets it – not just a few phones at a time.

  • jlp

    I’d love to see the top 10 or 20 issues from this list http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/list actually get fixed, or at least addressed by the android developers.

  • Zee


  • meanmcclean

    Most of the complaints that most everyone has on here today can be solved by rooting your phone and flashing a different version of android. Hell i’ve been running 2.1 since February on my G1 and the latest build is fantastic. i have stayed up to date or even before date with software upgrades. no they aren’t from the manufacturer but who cares they bog the OS down with BS I don’t use anyways. I can tweak my device to my liking and that is what the OPEN in opensource is all about isn’t it? I would love to get my hands on a N1 but yeah the price point is stupid ridiculous right now especially for a pre-ordered G1/Google fanboy if you will. Eh, money will come and I may eventually purchase an N1 to get a “Manufacturers” experience of 2.1 but as of right now the best features of the build work perfectly well on my almost 2 year old G1. to all complaining about hardware deficiencies on a software poll suck a dick, read before posting and use your damn devices, make them better with the plentiful options out there and stop waiting for the manufacturer to do it for you, the power of android.

    Or just wait for a device that has what you think you want in it and purchase that. Either way within 6 months something better will be available but again there are means to reap the benefits.

  • meanmcclean

    P.S. Thank you to all the devs and your hard work which makes Android one of the most enjoyable experiences that I have had with a Smartphone. Forgive these newbies that just don’t understand go back to your sidekicks. smdh to those with beneficial ideas, thank you.

  • cirrob

    when i did own a nexus one rhe reason i returned it was because the damn os has no desktop syncing apparatus. i use my windows phone because most of my apps have a desktop companion that syncs the data between the mobile app and the desktop app. android insists that I do everything on the web. that means I have to visit add support websites or pay a subscription to view my data on my desktop. well neither of those options are appealing to me. if developers had a syncing apparatus I could buy the developers desktop app as well and my data would automatically be in sync without the hassle of visiting a damn website for large screen viewing and manipulation. other than that I would ask for the ability to sync the native databases such as calendar contacts and tasks with outlook instead of google, since google’s answer to outlook is pathetic at best.

  • Jim

    Full implementation of ActiveSync. If Google wants to really get Android into the business world, they indeed to include full support for syncing with Exchange Servers not just email and tasks. I realize that there are 3rd party addons that accomplish this, but as someone who supports business IT initiatives, I’m not recommending a device that doesn’t have full ActiveSync support out of the box.

  • Rik

    I want to see Bluetooth handsfree call origination similar to what I had years ago with Windows mobile and Microsoft Voice Command. I do not want to have to touch the phone to make a call when driving.

  • Randy

    I personally love all that is android! I sometimes get frusterated with all the force close issues and lack of updates but at the same time ide rather them take there time and fix all the problems wich unfortunitly they don’t do they choose to release updates with more bugs in it then orignal lol anyways what I would like to see is more customisable “themes” give the devs access to modify all that is available why have any restrictions?
    We need more companies producing quality apps and game for instance maybe t-mobile and google? Concidering they are basically the founders…
    I would personally love to see the htc hd2 with android on it ide buy that in a heart beat!
    Just to much room for improvment I could write a list 300 pages long but that goes for anything cuase everyhing can always be improved its just about living with what you have and being greatfull for it =)

  • Nelson

    I want UMA connectivity !!!!! do you hear me ? I want UMA, I feel like I am tied to my Blackberry 9700 because of UMA.

    Second, I want the ability to make a Hotspot out of it, so I can connect an IPad through it

  • Youngmula303

    3.7″-4″ screens are becoming the norm
    mobile hotspot, for FREE
    better email system, like rim’s
    updated sense ui
    more applications
    5+ mega-pixel front-facing camera
    integrated contacts (facebook,skye, twitter accounts, etc.) should also be standard
    3.5mm headphone jack-seriously this should be standard on all new phones
    amoled screen with anti-glare capabilities, and friendly in the sun
    across all carriers-spread the android love
    physical keys (home, back, search, end, call) but mostly touchscreen
    8 megapixel camera with 720p video capture at 26+ fps
    dual led flash
    skype video calls
    international phone capabilities
    sexy, sleek form factor (perfect htc phone currently would be the style of the legend with the power of the desire)
    built by a company with a strong mobile background (htc)

    These would be necessary changes to take over the mobile industry world and deliver content to consumers that they deserve.

  • Mic

    1: More slider models. Touch screen typing can do OK for some things, but for serious message sending, nothing beats a physical keyboard. Else, Blackberry would be out of business.

    2: Snapdragon quality CPUs. The advantage that Android enjoys is the ability to have background tasks. So, it requires a CPU to keep up with them.

    3: A task killer utility as part of the OS. A lot of programs don’t exit, but just sit in memory doing nothing and taking up room.

    4: Ability to install apps on the SD card. a2sd is an ideal solution.

    5: Real encryption of user data. Create a key when the phone is first initialized and the filesystems made, then use this to loopback encrypt the data filesystem. This way, if someone steals the phone and hard resets it, the data user data will definitely not be recoverable.

    6: Ability to store user data on SD cards encrypted. EncFS is the perfect candidate for this because it would require no partitioning, but provide excellent security.

    7: Enterprise level security with Exchange. Remote wipe, wipe if the phone hasn’t been on the network, wipe if too many passwords entered, or wipe after a certain date (say a contract is ending.)

    8: Better development tools. It would be nice to write Android apps in Flash for those who don’t want to deal with all the message passing issues.

    9: An app like Droidwall part of the Android OS. This way a user can set only apps he/she wants to go out, even after install.

    10: Some sort of antivirus/IDS. The blackhats are only warming up, and it is only a matter of time before they find a way to compromise a device. I recommend hardening Web browsers so they not just run in their own UID, but perhaps in a chroot jail for even better isolation.

  • Eric

    We need the SAMSUNG GALAXY S! My dream phone, and will put tmobile in close competition with AT&T and the iphone DONT WE WANT THAT?! I hate ATT!

  • simon

    standardize the keyboard no matter what locale you use, fix it just like apple does, make it a true international device!!!

    optimize the kernel, make it smoother, do not make excuses by using more RAM or CPU speed.

  • simon

    one more, search-able apps on market on the webbrowser, instead of looking it up on a tiny screen…

  • eJAY

    Ok here are a few things!


  • Sukit

    Droid needs to add a mouth, so it could at least suck.