Motorola Cliq Update Delayed


Update: Some users in the comments and via Twitter are reporting that if you do a manual search for updates, its available!

To say that a lot of you have been angrily awaiting the expected Motorola Cliq update this week would be putting it mildly. Frustration has turned to anger judging by the comments as Motorola Cliq fans all but demand their updates. Whether or not you agree or disagree with the Motorola OTA rollout timetable usually spanning across a number of days, there is a good reason it has yet to see appear on your phones. As it turns out there has been a slight delay, till the 22nd in fact. Counting today, that’s just four days and since you’ve waited this long for improvements, another few days really shouldn’t hurt. However, if you’ve been wondering just where the hell your update is, guess you’re waiting a little bit longer.

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  • Jason

    dont know if the update will fix this but anyone else have problems with random reboots?

  • Jason

    anyone else havin trouble with random reboot and if so did the leaked update fix it for you

  • Jason

    what the hell started dowloading the update at 1:20 and in five min. said that the update had been recalled!!!! what the shit does that mean!?!?!?!

    • Dane

      I got the same thing… update recalled

      • Dane

        just about 1 hour ago.

  • ausitn

    yea mine was recalled also. what a tease! any answers?

  • Steve L

    I got the same exact thing. My Cliq had a message which said Update Availalbe. I clicked okay to download. I immediately got a message, “Update Recalled”. This is absolutely crazy. Motorola & Tmobile have seriously dropped the ball here.

  • Alex

    I have a nexus one but am selling my cliq, so i decided to check for the update first so that when I sold it, it could be up-to-date. I set up the phone and got the download available and as soon as I clicked it, it said “This update has been recalled.” Has anybody gotten any word on this?

    • Rex

      You should probably sell it now, and leave the updating to the buyer in case you download a recalled update…

  • Jason

    just had another update notification and hit download and nothing happened just like when i got up. try to check for updates and it says i am up to date

  • Heber

    HEy wonder any here onponiex goit the update yet?

  • angelo

    I got the samething saying it was recalled, than an hour later it popped up again, so I hit download…..nothing happened…. anybody know what the heck is going on

  • cavaliersboy

    got the update here in hampton roads virginia.. I should be happy but not too sure.. I fully charged my phone this morn and turned my phone off.. turned it on a short while later and it said my battery was at 91%.. its almost 2pm and my battery is at 72 % after some browsing and texting..thought the update was supposed to help prolong battery life… what happened Moto?

  • newwwwb

    After getting four notifications today and trying each of them but saying recalled, I finally decided to manually search for it when I came back in from lunch. The update was there and downloaded and installed flawlessly. Time to check it out now. Woot!!!

  • spinner

    Got the update yesterday. Now the batterys worse and the screens darker! Wtf!

  • Nx4

    I downloaded the update last week and ever since then my cliq goes really slow and freezes ALL the time

  • http://tmonews whiteRabbit

    same here… does anyone else have a prob with sending pics to verizon phones and their phone will not accept the pic part of the mms?

    • lesly

      omg yes that happens to mine! and now i cant receive my calls idk y and my phone keeps freezing! not cool worst update ever.