Something Stinks With This Whole Thing


Update: Adding in an image below from internal T-Mobile systems showing that you can change the rate plan without question!


I just tweeted about this and saw Engadget already discussed it this morning, but the notion that Google is only allowing new customers the full discount price on the Nexus One sucks. I understand that customers who just bought a phone with a subsidy two months ago don’t deserve another subsidy while still paying for the first one. I get that argument and it makes sense and I take no issue with it. I take serious issue however with upgrade eligible customers not being given the full discount and it seems as though they are getting rear ended by Google. That just sucks and it’s unacceptable. On that note, the single rate plan being shuffled around is also in a word: crap. One single rate plan choice for 500 minutes, thanks but I would have used that up since the announcement yesterday.

There is a long debate on whether or not loyal customers deserve the bigger discount or do new customers deserve more incentive to switch over? That’s the case here as it seems as though only new customers are being given the benefit of a lower up front price and I think that sucks. Aside from that, the idea that only one rate plan is available drastically limits the draw of the phone in the first place and I can only wonder if Verizon will be given the same restrictions. I don’t blame T-Mobile here, I blame Google and their “open” speak seems to be “open” but only as they see fit. Perhaps I do not understand all this as well as I should as I was missing in action most of the day yesterday and only started this morning to really catch up. As I understand it though, there is one rate plan, only new customers get the discount and this phone is supposed to bring world peace. That about sum it up? While I understand there may be workarounds regarding the single rate plan, the fact that it was decided in the first place that only one limited rate plan with the least amount of limits available be enforced is lunacy. Even Apple isn’t so bold to ask for such a thing.

I want to hear your thoughts. Am I totally off my rocker or do the carriers need to step up and earn their keep by putting some pressure on Google rather than the other way around? I know it would be shocking to see the carriers be the good guys but T-Mobile needs to go to bat for their own right now.

Let the comments fly.


  • ihatefanboys

    Ok I’m not gonna bitch moan or complain or even threaten to leave tmobile because, even tho I still have the G1 I’m quite pleased with it, nothing wrong with it, its much faster with the 3g update, I don’t get the whole “play games on my phone” or “surf the web all damn day” so the battery is not my prob either. But I will stay with my G1 as opposed to this shafting I’m gettin in regards to the N1.. ill simply wait for the price to drop, just like the iphone price dropped and all the idiots that jumped on it day 1 cried for a rebate. Existing tmobile customers should be able to get this phone for a discount, especially G1 users, we should be able to extends our current contract and get the phone, period. To not allow that is short sighted on tmobiles part. I don’t care about the minute plan…everyone I call is on tmobile so all those calls will b free anyways, and let’s b honest, what kind of loser spends more than 500 min a month on a cell phone, unless ur a woman? And finally can wew have an end to all the comments from the apparently affluent folk here that mock and repeatedly say “don’t be chaep, just buy the phone” or “529 is a steal for an unlocked phone” or the infamous “save up for the phone” …here’s what I say to the lot of u…..STFU. not all of us live in our parents house rent and bill free..or for the ones that are actually married and rich cuz ur wife works too, 529.00 is not a drop in the bucket…ill wait till I can get a discounted phone with a better version of android…I’m sure when my contract is up in october that android 2.5 or 3.0 will surely be out, maybe even with a hardware keyboard. Besides a tmobile rep said the htc incredible is also coming to tmobile soon, with similar specs….ill wait fore that….good luck all

  • fernandizzel

    I’ve been with Tmo for over 5 years, regularly spending $150 a month. I tried to get the N1 for me & my wife since we’re out of contract. I called tmo and htc to try to figure out how to “get it to work” since the website wouldn’t let me upgrade. My frustration sent me to a Verizon store to test drive a Droid. Turns out their rate plans are not as high as I remember when I compared last, and they have the 10 friends & family calling circle (like the now gone Fave 5 that I liked so much), plus they have better coverage. So I made the switch. Sure I could have waited for the N1 to go to Verizon but I found I really liked the keyboard (being a Blackberry user). I wonder how many other customers will leave as they get frustrated and look for more options. Whether its Tmo or Google’s fault doesn’t matter, it will hurt Tmo more. Bad move allowing new customers a better deal than existing. I guess they never learned the business lesson that it’s cheaper to keep customers than attract new ones.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      This is an interesting story and I wonder if T-Mobile will take note.

      I called a few weeks ago to see if there was in the pipe any discounted loyalty plans since with the new plans new customers would be paying less than I am with my existing loyalty pricing. (That is, the loyalty pricing we all enjoyed last year when T-Mo contacted all us long term customers and rewarded us with cheaper plans, we got two lines unlimited talk for $89 monthly).

      On the new plans for anyone and everyone, they now pay $10 less than what I pay “out the door” with two lines including two data plans.

      When I asked the rep about it she said there was nothing (despite my hearing for four months, in the three times I talked to a T-Mo CSR, that something was coming up).

      I then said that another carrier was offering me a better plan and I pointed out that new T-Mo customers were paying less than we loyal customers, those on loyalty plans.

      She said words to the effect: “Well we don’t have anything now and will be sorry to see you go. Did you want to cancel now?”

      And this was with the information that pops up on her screen (a T-Mo CSR said that all of our main account info is on the main page of the computer screen so that they know who they are talking to). My screen shows payment history, credit rating within T-Mo, that we have been with T-Mo since 2004 and have paid almost $30,000 to T-Mo (handsets included).

      Maybe this is T-Mo’s new policy, reflecting that loyalty pricing was a mistake. The impression I get is that T-Mo no longer cares about retaining long-term customers.

      I base this on how you were treated, what this article says and what they said to me. It appears a new age and new attitude at T-Mobile. So it will be with me. I know that I am no longer willing to stay with T-Mo, no matter what.

      Other carriers are becoming more competitive and I note that the January 2010 Consumer Reports rated Verizon as #1 on customer satisfaction and customer service. T-Mo came in second.

      Sidenote: In years past I suspect that this would have bugged T-Mo but from what I have heard, no longer. I suspect that customer service was costing T-Mo too much in man hours. E.g., They used to have 24/7 service. Now they shut down at about 10 and reopen in the morning.

      To be sure, T-Mo’s customer service, that used to be stellar, is somewhat lacking now. That was the main reason I stayed with T-Mo, excellent customer service.

      So like you, I am looking at Verizon now. As much as I want the HD2, I am fine with my TP2. I’ll sell my T-Mo TP2 on eBay and buy another TP2 from Verizon.

      • chantelle

        I have to agree with you on tmobiles new attitude towards existing customers. My husband and I have been with tmobile for about 6 years and my tmobile account is always paid before its due. I recently decided to change my plan from two individual accounts to a family plan based on their unlimited family minutes for $80.00. I and my husband both have tzones. We called them up expressing our concern that we would lose our tzones, but were assured that we wouldn;t. the following day we went into the store, and again made the sales person very aware that the tzones was precious to us, and under no circumstances did we want to lose them. so she called up and got verification that all would be ok. lo and behold they stripped us of our tzones, and gave us an upgraded web plan without consulting us. to get it changed back to two individual plans was a momentous event. if the sales person hadn’t gone all out for us, we wouldn’t have stood a chance. it has left a terrible taste in my mouth and i cannot wait to leave tmobile.

  • April

    I agree 100 percent that tmo needs to fix this with google. Think about this for a second. Verizon will get the phone in the spring. If you dont offer current tmo customers a discount on the phone now, they may as well switch to Verizon to get the better price on the device & not to also mention, better coverage across the us. Yeah, its more money monthly but you feel less “ripped off” by a company that you supported for years(sorry, im venting). If something is not done about this, I will officially leave tmobile as my contract is complete in 5 days. I will not endorse a company that simply “doesn’t care” about keeping me as a customer when I spend a good amount of money monthly. As soon as the n1 is officially CDMA, im on it. Period. Trust me, I love tmo & been with them since voicestream BUT whats right is right. I support whats right.

    • kevin niven

      The Droid is a great phone! I think i will be taking my three accts and $229 per month the same direction. Happy New Year…

  • Frustrated_TMO_Rep

    If customers think they are the only ones who are not liking how the Nexus One roll out has gone, please take a moment to think of the Customer Service Rep who is answering your whining call. We got a 10 min brief and a one sided piece of paper that basically said this is not a T-Mobile product, not sold by us, and not supported (hardwarewise) by us. We cannot place orders since its not our phone, we can not do upgrade overrides like we have done in the past for our “loyal” (please read customers who have a history of paying late, getting what they want, and thinking that long term is more than 1 year of service) customers.

    I polled call after call the last few days from customers who demanded their plans broken, lines moved, note their account that they have an upgrade due, and so on, just so they could have this phone. It’s a phone people. Not an evolutionary change. If you have to have this phone now, then open up your wallet and spend the cash. As one of my favorite statements goes: “If you drive a Jaguar and park at the back of the lot, its cause you can not afford to pay for the paint job. Just leave it at home.”

    • Pissed

      My phonebill pays your salary asshole.

      • joe

        Problem is that after enough of your crap it just ain’t enough. Like he said, it’s Google’s product. We don’t carry it. Sides, Android with all it’s free apps? You get what you pay for…

    • Missy_smiles

      ah if only all customers paid their phone bills instead of calling to yell about how they don’t owe anything for their service. This should not turn into a pissing match but seriously if you want the phone buy it if you don’t like the price don’t buy it. Do you really need that phone? Will you die without it? Look at the economy right now if you can’t afford it walk away. New phones hit the market all the time what comes after the N1 how pissed would you be if something came out three months later. Just wait.

  • Swyn

    The one plan activation is lame. When I activated mine, I was told that although it had to be activated on the 500 minute plan, you can change the plan to whatever you want afterwards at no cost.

  • Kim Helms

    It amazes me that if you have a family account, you can’t upgrade to this phone. An account is an account and if Google is going to sell through T-Mobile, then T-mobile should be allowed to upgrade any of their accounts, not just one type. I have three lines with T-MO – one has a clique on it, one has a my touch 3g on it and I wanted the Nexus for me, since everyone else in the house has a droid phone and I have a little Nokia. I waited to upgrade so I could get the Nexus and now it looks like I’ll end up with one of the others. Dangit! No respect for Momma!!!

  • Daedalus

    Ok I was on the phone to T-Mobile yesterday for some time trying to figure out what I can do. A year ago I upgraded to a family plan and gave my daughter a wonderful BB 8320 and I have been on the 8900. So the Contract on my phone is up and my daughter has one more year. So this is what I have come up with and TMobile will do it.

    I am breaking the family plan into two single line accounts. both lines will become the Even More plan at 39.99 + 10 for txt + 19 for the grandfathered in Bis account.

    That is roughly what I am currently paying for the two lines (ya I know I am losing the unlimited calling for now but my family is almost all tmo, and my GF is tmo) Now I can order the N1 at full discount roll right into the plan that google is offering. after the order is complete and I have my N1 I can call tmo and upgrade back up to the unlimited plan with no issues. Plus Next year I will have another full update for the next great phone (Ok so my 13yo daughter will get my hand me down cell phones 8900 when the N1 comes in and Next year a N1 when something New comes out).

  • John F.

    T-Mobile’s whole upgrade policy is crap. I pre-ordered the G1 and used it for a year with very good success although the battery situation sucks.
    So, since I like the bleeding edge, I upgraded to the Motorola Cliq on pre-order and I love this phone. I also like the Motoblur interface as it helps me keep on top of 3 email accounts and Facebook and Twitter all very nicely on 1 screen.
    I also paid a premium for the Cliq.

    The two year lock is total crap for someone like me whom is a big T-Mobile android user whom is on the bleeding edge.. So me being a power user and pushing android awareness to many people, I feel like I got the shaft when I upgraded to the Cliq. T-Mo should not gouge their existing power users by making them pay a premium for upgrading phones. I can see locking a new user to 2 year contracts, but existing users should get a max of 1 year or some sort of break.

    I can tell you this. I’m peev’d that I had to fork out over $450 for my Cliq and I’ll switch providers next time if I decide I want a new phone before my 2 year contract is done…

    • Matlock

      Dude, where the F**k did you buy your Cliq from? I bought my Cliq on the new EM+ plans for 427.98, but Im doing the 20month Installments. You are absolutely bonkers to have paid OVER $450 for it. If you like getting phones that much, then switch to the EM+ plans, you are who they made for the person who wants a new phone all the time.
      There is a saying that suits you perfectly, since as you said “I like the bleeding edge”, so this is for you: YOU HAVE TO PAY TO PLAY!!!!!

    • tired of the bitching

      How in the god givin world is tmobile supose to know your a ‘android pusher’ on to your friends??and you have a option to not sign a contract.even more plus..there is no company out there that offers free phone with no contract for the caliber of data phone you enjoy,do you expect just have tmobil discount any and everyphone when ever you want it discounted??do you understanfd that while tmo yes wnats to please its customers it also is a fucking buisness?do you go into the gas station that you frequent or walmart or whatever and say you know…I’ve been buying my gas here for a long time I think you owe a free tank when everi please…no because it a buisness and that request is obserd..tmo is buisness not a 2 dollar prostitue sucking your incompitent dick..and please do tmobile customer care and switch,I’m sure that none of them want to here you go on how tmobile is giving u the shaft

      • Atlguy

        In your first sentence, you use the word “your.” You obviously are a victim of poor education. “Your’ is possesive. What you meant to use is a contraction for “you are,” which is spelled you’re, not your. Basic English.

  • Noel

    Can someone tell me what is the rational or what is gained by google to restrict those who get the Nexus one subsidized to just that one price plan. At least Tmo will gain if customers go over the allocated mins.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      I am not sure and am only guessing, but perhaps the rationale is that the N1 was NOT a T-Mo phone, it is a Google-offered phone. If T-Mo was permitted to market the phone, that might make it look like a T-Mobile offering, which it is not. for example, you can’t go to T-Mo and see the N1 offered.

      Additionally, I suspect that Google did not want to get into the business of being a cell phone carrier. If they had to offer varied T-Mo plans then Google would have to hire staff to manage the offerings. With one plan there’s no confusion, no questions and most important with the way Google likes to operate, no tech or customer support.

      To be sure, any time you offer wireless services or plans, I don’t think the Public Utilities Commission would appreciate Google selling wireless services and not having phone number and e-mail customer service and tech support.

      As it is, there are complaints that Google is non-responsive on customer support (I don’t think there is a number to call) and T-Mo is stuck having to field N1 calls, where they don’t know anything about it, AFAIK.

      That’s my take on it.

  • Bill Berry

    Patience, patience, patience! I bought my HTC Touch Pro2 from Craigslist brand spanking new for $280.00, it’s Body Glove for $9.99 not $29.99 and while I wanted that device the day it came out, I waited. We continue to have the grandfathered “My Faves Family 1800 with Unlimited Text Family and T-Mobile Web” 5 lines for a base cost of $169.86. There is nothing about their new plans or their upgrade policy that helps existing customers whatsoever. I don’t like how narrow their new plans are and I don’t like anything about what has been abysmal customer service now that I’m re-routed with every customer service call to the Phillipines or India and the act of God it now requires to talk to PDA/Blackberry support. The folks at XDA-Developers have made available for many months several stable and fast ROMs for the Touch Pro 2 and we’re now just hearing there is an official release of January 20, 2010 of WM 6.5 and that’s simply is ridiculous. In fact it’s all been a bit childish on the way they’ve treated their customers for the past several months.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      While you got a good deal on your TP2 by waiting all this time, I paid $329 for mine, on a one year contract. So I paid $50 more than you, but I got to use my TP2 for appx. 5 months before you. That’s $10 a month I had to pay for not waiting.

      It’s all relative to the user and what things are worth to him or her. Me? I will pay $10 a month rather than wait 5 months to get the phone $50 less than what I paid.

      Of course, you did not bind yourself to a contract, but I was not intending to get rid of my TP2 or quit T-Mo within the year so that aspect of your purchase was not worth the wait for me.

  • Soladylike

    Ok I have an existing tmobile family plan but I’m trying to just activate a 3rd line on an individual plan (as is required by google) but it won’t let me, and I know I’m eligible for an additional line because I’ve contacted tmobile customer service and they confirmed I can add a 3rd line……so what do I have to do have all my lines on a individual plan in order to activate that 3rd line then change the orginal 2 lines back to my family plan and leave the new activation as is? WTF why is google making this so complicated!!

  • bubkas

    Been a T-mobile customer for over 10 years now, and have waited for TMO to update their line with the latest Android phones. Got my hopes up for the the Samsung Behold 2 or Clic but neither were captivating once the Droid was released with Android 2 – slow processors and the old Android, why bother. So Nexus One! I took the bait, was eligible for the full upgrade, signed up for ANOTHER 2 years and look, I get to pay $100 more for my loyalty than someone jumping to TMO for the first time.

    I’ve been a very happy and loyal TMO customer for all these years, but feel totally screwed by this bull**** policy. If they didn’t have the same 2-year commitment requirement it wouldn’t be so bad. But forcing me to give up my old, 1000 minute lower-cost plan, requiring another 2 years, and making me pay $100 more than a new customer for the same phone and plan…well, it just leaves a bad taste.

    Those of us who jumped deserve a $100 credit to make this right, and TMO should do something about this utterly stupid and completely customer unfriendly policy. What a dumb move at a time they could be getting such great press. Fire the idiots in marketing who thought this was a good idea.


    Also being told because I have a corporate discount on my account that because of that I would not be eligible to get an upgrade discount on the N1 even if I was on an individual plan!

  • Missy_smiles

    Ok so let’s get serious the new N1 is not a t-mobile phone they have no rights to offer the discounts.They can’t even trouble shoot the stupid phone it is solely the manufacturer in charge.You may be eligible for a full upgrade but for that phone the manufacturer is controlling who gets it so don’t blame t-mobile or cry a sob story that tmobile isn’t giving you what you want. Do you think they want to lose customers over this issue or that there customer service enjoys delivering bad news? Think again they simply offer the phone service. By the way if you are just now noticing that you are paying more for phones during an upgrade then new customers starting service you need to wake up it is like that with every carrier. New phones are cool and everything but if you are taking the time to complain about the price perhaps you shouldn’t be buying a new phone.oh and by the way next time you call customer care and ask them how much in credits you have received compared to how much you pay for your service I can tell you now some of you may have an eye opener that you receive more credits then what you have paid for service then take in to account the discounted phones. T-mobile hands out credits to keep customers happy and it is usually at the expense of the company. If you have to call in to a service provider and yell at a complete stranger out of your frustration perhaps you should look at switching providers.

  • JohnMKeynes

    Even though the T-Mobile has provided some great pricing plans the last few years, these latest moves and gradual increases in pricing plans has left almost no reason sticking with them. As soon as the next the Iphone is out I am jumping ship since Sprint as of now provides a better value for plans and better smartphone lineups such the Palm Pre. If I was still looking all inclusive plan I would definitely choose Sprint as the value provider.

    Funny thing is I was caught into the hype of maybe trying out the Google Nexus maybe at the right price probably $200. After I found out that I would have to pay the full subsidized price I passed. Now that the review are out that it’s really not that much difference from other Google phones the buzz has passed for me.

    I think what Google Nexus hopefully showed the heavyweights such as Microsoft that it is all about the OS. Only other phone that I would consider leaving my two year old Iphone 2g would maybe be a beefed up Palm Pre. Also maybe Microsoft Mobile 7 platform could make me stray but by the time it gets off the ground the Iphone 4g will probably be enough for me to stick with that platform.

  • Matt

    Get More plus plans largely make this irrelevant, they are cheaper than the loyalty plans, you can switch to them with a small fee and never worry about contract again. Then just buy the phone with cash, pay full price and you’ll pay off the phone with savings on your plan before you would have hit two years on your contract anyway. You can upgrade phones sooner, or leave any time you want.

    For me, I pay 155 a month for 1800 minutes with unlimited data and text on two android phones (family plan). I can get out of my contract now….pay 120 a month for the 1500 minutes plan (1800 minutes was a bonus on the 1500 plan for a limited time) and buy an n1 and have it paid off in 14 months, or buy one used in a couple of months and pay it off in even less. I’m not under contract and Tmo will even loan me the money at %0 interest.

  • Alibi

    Alright…I came across this forum while searching for info on the N1. I spent all morning since with T-Mobile customer service, which has been very friendly and very helpful, but I could definitely hear their frustration with the whole N1 issue. Google has made a tremendous mistake in their marketing and restriction of this phone. The abysmal first-week sales pretty much paint that picture. Still, this is an awesome phone. A friend purchased it as a new T-Mobile customer and it is incredibly impressive. Still, I am very peeved that they make it easier for new customers to get it, and make it pretty much damn near impossible for existing customers to get it. Not T-Mobiles fault though, at least not the poor CSR’s fault. T-Mobile corporate made a terrible drug-deal with Google and HTC to get this phone on their network with the hopes of attracting customers (which they did – about 20,000 of them in the first week), but still…they are driving existing customers to Verizon or elsewhere. Bad move. Nevertheless, there is hope! After speaking to about 10,000 CSR’s, I finally got one of them to tell me that if I get a new line, which will run me around $80/month, I can pop the sim card from my BB into the N1, and then transfer both lines back into a family share plan. The only caveat…I MUST keep the web-service at $30/month on the additional line that I opened for the N1. Otherwise, I can change my minutes and features as I see fit. The CSR was not sure why that was the case, but it had something to do with the agreement they hashed out with Google. I guess the latter wants people using the internet. Either that or it’s part of the robot uprising…we’ll see.

    So basically, I end up paying an extra $40/month on a family plan (third line for $10, web on that line for $30). Works well for me, since I was going to get my son a phone anyhow, not sure if that helps other people though, but it is a work around for the ridiculous contract scheme that Google is forcing on people. I’m eagerly awaiting my new phone, so I’m not sure if all this will work out, but worse comes to worse, I’m stuck with an awesome phone, and I’m paying for a second plan. Pricey, yeah, but hey, I did inscribe the back of my phone with ‘Qui Audet Adipiscit’…so we’ll see!