T-Mobile “Officially” Confirms Google Phone


Update: Our sources are confirming  a January 5th date, 9am, ordering through Google ONLY. Sadly, still no word on pricing.

T-Mobile has gone and made their expected support of the Google Phone aka Nexus One “official” this morning, albeit in a vague sort of way. According to our sources, through an internal system T-Mobile is reporting they are getting an Android device but won’t do any support for it other than “billing, coverage, features and rate plans, as we have previously stated. All troubleshooting and exchanges will be managed by Google and HTC. Launch is ‘early January.’” That’s all we’re hearing right now but we’re reaching out to sources across the board looking to find out more. Hopefully we’ll have some pictures here in a few minutes!

Right now we are hearing January 5th still, early in the morning but we can’t say if thats T-Mobile, Google or both. Hopefully with this new confirmed information, leaks will get a little more “leakable” regarding launch dates, pricing etc…

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  • http://www.sanssoucie.com/ AnnieM

    Wow .. I wonder how this thing is going to fair compared to the release of the iPhone or Droid? Competition is always good .. will cause everybody to step it up!!

  • Mike

    Leaked pricing info:

    $530 unlocked, $180 with 2-year contract at $80/month ($1920 contract plus $180 = $2100 total!)


  • http://onlinejobs1954.blogspot.com Malawenna Hewage Gunasena

    I would like more get more information.

  • http://onlinejobs1954.blogspot.com Malawenna Hewage Gunasena

    I would like get more infomaton.

  • slowpc

    Ok , is this 9am EST or PST… I don’t want to have to order it from the machines at work :)

  • http://microzen.tumblr.com/ zenshadow

    Uhm… I’m pretty sure this link to the “google store”: http://www.googlestore.com/shop.axd/Home … ain’t the right link, lol. Anyone got a link for where to order this? seems I’ve seen http://www.google.com/phone “passed around”, but it’s 404 (prior to official launch?)

  • http://TMO thereugo

    @ zenshadow the link to purchase the phone is “google.com/phone”..or google.phone/com” one of the 2, can’t think of it off the top of my head right now. The Bravo is another HTC phone with the same specs, coming in April thru TMO not Google, hold off if you can..Thats what I’m doing..rumor also that the Iphone will be coming to Tmobile, the Tmobile overseas already carries it and I don’t see Verizon doing it, with all the smack talk on it as of late. The Droid is also coming to Tmobile, so good luck with waht ever you choose!

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    I dont know about the west coast but TMobile service in the mid atlantic is horrible! If they can address that they can compete with their new phones

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    How can Google phone differ from iPhone 4?
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    The unsubsidized pricing is much higher then people were expecting, coming in just below Motorola’s Droid.

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