Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 With T-Mobile USA 3G Bands?!?


This device has been on many Sony Ericsson’s fans “T-Mobile wishlist,” but today this handset appears quite possible to hit our very own Magenta. Even though there is no confirmation that the X10 will indeed land on T-Mobile USA’s horizon, oddly enough according to the official spec sheet, the device supports T-Mobile USA 3G bands (1700/2100). If you aren’t already familiar with the XPERIA X10 it sports a 1GHz Snapdragon processor (Just the way I like it), 4-inch capacitive touch display, 8.1 megapixel camera with LED flash, and an Android skin named Rachael. Soon to be Sony Ericsson’s new flagship device the X10 has a fair chance of landing on T-Mobile USA. The X10 will be announced tomorrow, so maybe more info will be available as to whether or not T-Mobile USA will be picking up this gorgeous, mouth watering Ericsson. Spec sheet after the break! Sound off in the comments and feel free to share your thoughts/opinions with us!

Spec Sheet & Pic Courtesy Of Engadget

Xperia X10_Spec Sheet

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  • Vap1d

    @Just Some Dude

    Not gonna happen. Given the history of Sony – another company entrenched in corporate stupidity I don’t see that slogan getting too far. Sony believes that in this day and age just because of their name they can continue to charge outrageous prices for products. Case in point – the PS3.

    The best this phone will be a unsubsidized phone that happens to include T-Mobile’s AWS.

  • rushmore

    Phone will cost too much. Expected list is $900 to $1,000.

    Not coming to Tmo and their low to middlin’ portfolio of products.

  • stasguy

    SE did this with the X1…. We were hoping for it, the white sheet had T-Mo’s band, but alas….

  • joseph

    Well, its down to these three N900, xperia x10, or touch hd2. Might leave tmobile. Doubtful but possible I wish I tmo would release some phones worth while this xmas, o well

  • moose

    hate to burst your bubble but no tmo 3g bands look at the SE website :(

  • Marcelo L

    Just as I thought…and when I questioned the guy from Gizmodo, he SWORE that it included 1700…..I told him to CONFIRM it….do you think he bothered….Thanks Gizmodo. Great reporting.

  • Ashley

    I have the Hero (European Version).. and I must say, this phone is way better. IDC, Tmo 3G or not, ill still buy this phone. If its in the 500 range though. Tmo edge works quite fast though, well on the Hero, so its all good!

    • berto

      hi i am going to buy a hero the uk version. I have tmobile in the U.S. where are u located can u give me some insight on how it acts here in the states…for example maps,facebook,twitter? i have a iphone3g and i am just sick of all the restrictions that they have thanks for your time! ;-)

  • Schmao

    The sony ericsson Xperia X10 does have t-mobile 3G bands. However the Xperia X10a doesnt. Only talk what you know.

  • digiboy


    WTF the PS3 is overpriced – even when it was $600 it was a better bargain than the XBox. No fee for online services, ($50/yr Xbox), free wifi support ($80 Xbox), Blu-Ray (hows the HD-DVD ADD ON treating you).

    Microsoft just nickled and dimed suckers. That’s why the PS3 skews older demographic – smarter consumers know to look more than at the price, but at the cost.

    Buying a s**t phone that makes your life miserable with a 2 year contract is a dumb move. Spending the money to get the phone you want to make your life as easy as possible = smart. If the xperia x10 does all that, than it will be worth more than a Cliq, G1 and myTouch combined.

  • crr127

    gah.. ps3 is garbage.. most of the newer xbox’s come with the hd built in already. and honestly the blu-ray player is way over published. i have a blu-ray player and honestly wanna get rid of it cuz i don’t see a huge difference… plus ps3’s online play is dissmal with it’s spotty and laggy game play. atleast xbox gives you guaranteed 365 day a year almost lag free play…. i’d pay for that any day of the week…

    • mrnadf3

      whoa dude, blu-ray is overpublished? um… HD-Dvd is out period lol and although they both blu-ray and hd-dvd get’s 1080p picture, hd-dvd doesn’t get the sound quality of a blu-ray by far. Just doesn’t fit. And when was the last time you got online? I’ve never had any lag issues with the ps3 online. hate the xbox360 fan boys of a dying system. 75% system failure on xbox360’s… no thanks.

    • chris

      yeah, u play for that any day of the week… so how’s the final fantasy 13 xbox version will treat u? they basically took off over 50 scenes because it wouldn’t fit the freaking disc. at least blu-ray got it all. haha, i’ve had my ps3 ever since it came out. never had a problem with it, never broke. how bout ur guy’s xbox huh? my friend is on his fourth already. yeah i agree with u that online gameplay sucked when it first came out. haha its way different now.

      at least i don’t have monthly payments for onlyn gaming. I’m already paying 60 bucks for internet, why would i pay another 50 just to get online? just doesn’t make sense… at all..

  • David

    It will have the t-mobile aws band and will work on t-mobile usa’s network. I have a friend who works for sony ericsson and he has confirmed it. I will be purchasing this device for sure, with a discount of course lol.

    • Rob

      Right now the spec sheet says: “UMTS HSPA 800/850/1900 only available for phones sold in Americas (except Brazil) and Australia. UMTS HSPA 900/1700 not available for phones sold in Americas.”
      Which would mean no 3G for T-Mobile US, I really really hope this changes.

  • liltmoguy

    T-Mobile will not invest in high end devicein the US for fear of profit loss. spoke to the Nokia Guy that came to site , he claimed that they made n900 for tmo but tmo doesnt want it. sorry…

  • tron20

    If I’m James Bond an I have T-Mobile I buy it an make them give to me in gold case. I use it to open my car an drive the girls crazy.

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  • Ronnie Ronne

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  • Eddie Android