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While we work on a complete and total breakdown of the new T-Mobile Even More/Even More Plus rate plans, Fierce Wireless has put out a cheat sheet. Breaking down the offerings of the big 4, and showing the advantage of T-Mobile plans versus the competition, the breakdown will hopefully put out a few of the fires I’ve been reading in your comments. Conspicuously leaving out MetroPCS, Boost Mobile and other regional carriers who might otherwise offer competitive plans, T-Mobile remains focused on battling the national carriers who represent the greater competitive environment.

Judging by your emails and comments, there remains a great deal of misunderstanding and miscommunication stemming from the unveiling of these rate plans. Five days out of the gate, we understand there are still some kinks to be worked out. While some may find their current rates more valuable than new offers, the majority of customers–customers of larger, beefier competitors–may not. Comparatively priced, those on other networks can easily find the T-Mobile plans offering more for less. T-Mobile will continue to focus on maintaining and growing their value, with aim toward the higher arpu customer typically residing in the Verizon/AT&T camp. In the opinion of this author, T-Mobile should be ramping up its own marketing campaign against AT&T appealing to disgruntled iPhone owners. Touting a superior 3G network, especially in the metro areas where the predominant AT&T issues take place, T-Mobile is missing a valuable opportunity. Verizon is taking to AT&T and their woes; T-Mobile should be prepared to fight dirty as well. Nobody ever won a war by playing nice. The wireless industry is a constant war, T-Mobile needs to be prepared to win.

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  • NIck

    First of all if I hear T-mobile claim “a Nation-wide” 3g network one more time I might kill somebody. It is the furthest thing from nation-wide. It is the smallest 3g out of the big 4, and not even close to 3rd. Sometimes when in a 3g area (Detroit) I still wouldn’t get 3g, it just depends on the time of the day.

    @Twitch110 how are you paying 80 or 90 for you and your wife if you where paying 130 before? there is no plan that would allow you to pay 80 or 90 for a family plan.

    I think there are a lot of T-Mo fan boys on here that are just happy because T-mo told them they should be. Well Im not! I think these new plans are crap. I cant believe they got rid of the fav 5. I think that proves how weak they are. As soon as all the other carriers started offering the same thing they had to come up with a new gimic to get people excited about. Too bad this gimic blows. Give me a break no contract, really thats suppose to mean something. why would anyone get excited about paying full price on a phone ($399 for a G1) that you would probably break the payments up on over a 20 month period sure sounds like a contract to me. Or lets say you bye the phone outright, then you have a $400 phone that works on tmobile and if you want to switch carriers your options will be limited to At&t (Sprint and Verizon are cdma) and At&t doesn’t even use the same 3g bands! So like I said you would have to be a pretty big fan boy to be excited about this.

    The Sprint $60 ($129 for 2 lines) plan is the best plan out there with 450(1500 for 2 lines) and unlimited to and from any mobile # unlimited web/Text and all other data services like Navigation tv nfl and nascar. Way better deal. I wish tmobile would have thought of this deal first!

  • TomCruise

    its all about choices, in plans and phones.

    give people choices, avg phones to great phones. cheap plans to expensive plans.

    its not always about only cheap, if it was then 1G iphone wouldn’t have been a success as it was not subsidized.

    tmobile never really had a great choice in phones. 1 or 2 ok phones and all other avg/bad phones at any point of time.

    they atleast had a good choice of plans. different usage limits etc.

    too bad they took that away too. now no choice in phones, no choice in plans.

    for family either take 750 or 1500 mins or go unlimited. what if somebody uses only 1600-1700 mins a month? they have to pay whole $40 extra (w/o any corp discounts added) before tax.

    and no myfaves? they could’ve left that option along with UMA and these plan offerings would’ve been golden.

    i’ll live my contract out and when its up, i’ll go for the hottest phone irrespective of carrier. my loyalty to tmo is no mo’.

  • Charlie

    as a t-mobile sales rep, and a very knowledgable one at that about the wireless product, i chose to leave AT&T for t-mobile due to superior customer satisfaction. yes, t-mobile is behind a bit in the 3g game, but hearing it frontline on a regular basis, i have had an increase in AT&T users, Sprint users, and Verizon users enter my stores because of the new plans they heard about. these plans still offer a myfaves optional, so no one fret- the myfaves are still available, you just wont be on a myfaves plan. customers from all walks of life in the wireless industry (meaning from all of the carriers) are interested and thrilled about the affordable plans. t-mobile has fuull intention of being nationwide 3g by the end of the year, with rumored plans to move to 4g by the end of 2010 (and those rumors are internal). The generated revenue for the company (or at least in my market , division, AND region) has been great!!!!!! In my 1 year at t-mobile, i have never seen so much hype for us. When i worked for AT&T, i couldnt even tell you what t-mobile was…and did that a little over a year ago. I believe this will truly change the face of the wioreless industry. i really do.

  • Marc

    @charlie, you’re the first person I’ve heard saying that myfaves is still here? How can someone get that? and the thing that pissed me off the most about this whole thing is no corp discount on EM+, that’s ridiculous.

  • rossi

    @ Charlie

    My question for is, when can I get a strawberry snow cone? You frosted the rest of big magenta there, so I figure you might as well send some the customer’s way!

  • Bill48105

    We’ve seen MyFaves is available as add-on to UNLIMITED plans (which is stupid because it defeats the purpose since you already have unlimited) otherwise it’d just be a glorified quick-dial. Are you telling us the unlimited MyFaves add-on is available for the new non-unlimited plans? If so I’ll jump for joy! Even more if you tell me T-Mobile did an about-face & has unlimited WiFi UMA calling add-on for non-unlimited plans too. Don’t be a tease! :D

    I’ve been told by numerous res there IS a corp discount on Plus plans. Sort of.. It qualifies you to waive the $35 fees and applies to monthly ADD-ON’s but NOT the base monthly rate. I know, I know not exactly the same & why I said ‘sort of’ but don’t say it’s not available because it is, just not completely. ;)

  • Charlie

    @Marc- the myfaves option is still available.

    there are no other unlimited options at this time, because the majority of customers dont want to pay for any addition add-ons like the wifi-calling. i can assure you i have sold that feature MAYBE once in my year tenure at t-mobile. the corporate discount is not necessary for the plus plans because the discounted rate plans far exceed the discount you would receive on a full price plan… lets say Verizon– non unlimited plan, unlimited web browsing for blackberry…say around 130 a month- with a 20% discount, that drops your bill to about 112. on the Even More Unlimited TTW plan for 79.99, you are STILL saving $32 a month…the average savings are beyond normal and are definitely NOT the industry standard.

    from a front line employee–i ask…what more do you people want?!? t-mobile has always been the value leader, and we have continued to show that with groundbreaking offers unheard of in the industry…first to launch myfaves, now the first of the big 4 with the most affordable unlimited everything plan WITHOUT a contract….in fact, we’re the only company that doesnt require deposit OR contract! isnt this what people want in a rate plan? we’re a european company, so we make european decisions…

    and about the snow cone….what are you talkin about??!?

  • bob48167

    T-Mobile has really blown it. All the hype and they can’t even get their web site correct for there new plans. Even more plus family talk & text 750 four lines comes to $100 = 70 + 10 (third line) + 10 (fourth line) + 10 data on one line. Even more plus family talk & text 1500 same four lines same $100 = 80 + 5 (third line) + 5 (fourth line) + 10 data on one line. So then you decide to go look at the Even more plan family 750 $120 =60 + 10 (third line) + 10 (fourth line)+ 10 x 4 for messaging because there in no family messaging option. And you can’t even tell how much data is for one line because the only thing offered is free trial for data with no price shown for after trial is over.

    Incompetent buffoons

  • Rossi

    It’s a joke, a poor one, I’ll admit. However, you came in here talking about how everything is so rosey with tmobile. “4g Internet end of 2010” etc, etc. So… You were being unrealistic therefore so was I.

    Charlie, the ‘plus’ plans are not a huge savings… Not when you add the price of the phones in there. There’s much less savings on the family plans as well. Honestly, we want our coverage expanded, especially 3g (at least), and for god’s sake… PHONES! No, not the cliq or mytouch! Something that’ll make the other carriers envious.

  • Bill48105

    I guess I need to call into TMobile support again & see if I can add unlimited myfaves to one of the new plans for a reasonable amount & if so I’ll be less critical of the new plans. As I’ve said numerous times it’s like Tmobile is trying to force anyone who actually uses their phone at all to go unlimited everything. Especially more troubling with the family plans since each additional line is $40/$30 now. We have 5 lines! Price that out unlimited & you’ll see what I mean. It is especially sick when you consider 1 line is @home (NO INTERNET OR TXT NEEDED and already unlimited), 2 lines do 200-300 minutes per month NEVER use internet or txt & don’t need it & the other 2 lines do 700-900 minutes per month. So you see unlimited is a waste but 1500 minutes isn’t enough. MyFaves & unlimited WiFi helped with that. None of the people we call are TMobile btw, other than to each other. So we’re stuck between a rock & hard place with the current plans. We’d do 1500 but we’d have to watch our minutes very carefully or get raped with $0.40/min overages or we might consider the unlimited plan except as I said not all the users need unlimited & the $10/$15 200 minute add-on is worthless for us unless we want to get reamed with $0.40/min overages. (All they’d have to do is go over the included 200 by 50 measly minutes & they’ve already racked up $20 in overages that would equal if we had done unlimited..) Again, the unlimited mfaves or unlimited wifi calling on top of the 1500 would help us a lot, assuming it was priced right too.

    As far as very few people getting unlimited wifi calling, that is mostly the SUPER limited selection of phones that support UMA but also how confusing TMobile made it with hotspot@home this, @home phone that, wifi hotspot that, “requires special Tmobile branded wifi router/adapter” lies/misinformation. If all TMobile phones supported UMA wifi calling & TMobile didn’t have such confusing names for the different things it’d be MUCH more popular. I think most people who got UMA calling was because their TMobile coverage sucked ballz & they did research & found it on accident when looking for boosters or the new femtocell boxes all the other carriers have. (Remember that now TMobile went from leader-of-the-pack in home signal “booster” to bottom of the bunch now that all the other carriers have femtocell devices & TMobile seems to be dropping UMA) Anyhow, You can’t be too surprised there are so few people getting a feature under those circumstances especially when TMobile didn’t exactly push it and almost hid it like they were ashamed of it or scared people might abuse it.

  • Bill48105

    PS. It’s BULL that there is only unlimited TXT or INTERNET (or pay per use) on the new plans. (It doesn’t show as add-on for Plus via web site because you have to pic the TXT-included plan. And on the site you can’t do Plus with unlimited Internet WITHOUT having Unlimited TXT.) Again, TMobile trying to force people to go unlimited and BAD for business since not everyone wants all-you-can-eat or rip-off pay per use rates.

  • JB6464

    @ Charlie , You state : “from a front line employee–i ask…what more do you people want?!?”
    We want All the New High-End Smartphones to be available ! Not just the limited Andriod and WM phones that Tmo offers now.
    What are the phones we crave ? Is T-mobile going to give us a real answer and line-up of phones were going to crave ? Or instead leave us in the dark wishing for the phones Verizon and Sprint are releasing and we get the Cliq and MyTouch which don’t hold a candle in quality and specs like the Moto Droid,HD2,Hero,etc,etc.
    And how long are they going to wait to release the new phones we crave ? Hope it’s not until next year,by then the other three will release more phones we really crave.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    In terms of how Project Dark is doing, it’s a dud IMHO. How so? Well I have not heard media talking about any aspect of it, nothing about the plans, nothing about phones.

    To T-Mo’s defense, I don’t think it ever said that PD was coming, that it would be game changing and that it would squash the competition.

    Nope, it was in fact just rumors and gossip, the main points started by a bogus leaker on Boy Genius.

    Turns out PD is simply a reconfiguration of plans and pricing. And instead of being simple, customers once again need a calculator and chart to figure out what is what.

    This is a far cry from the rumored unlimited everything at newsworthy prices.

    And there’s no handsets from T-Mo. At least nothing that has made the news.

    Seems to me the only people thinking that PD was a big deal are T-Mo employees. The customer/consumer has not bothered to even yawn.

    In contrast, I saw the national news (ABC and NBC) cover an “iPhone killer, give Apple a run for its money phone, the Droid to be offered by Verizon.

    Sheesh… who needs ads when your featured phone is being talked about for free on the news.

    So the Motorola Droid is on the national news and what does anyone know about what T-MO is offering?

  • ADAM V

    @ Marc. OH NO you’re only saving sooo much money compared to AT&T VZW and even Sprint and you’re not signing a contract and you STILL want a Corp Discount? What else would you like? A free MyTouch with no commitment, let me guess? Wow, go to another big 4 carrier then if TMO is soo horrible. Jeez, you people make me sick.

  • ADAM V

    @bob48167 …family text is 20 dollars…go find that elsewhere :) or how about text and web unlimited for 40…yeah this is such a rip off. LOL

  • akil

    you people are so retarded on here t-mobile is saving you so much money

    “not when you add in the price of phones”

    listen up u dumb @#$$#$%^$% #$%$# #(*^……………. sorry
    anyway regular plans require a 2 year contract this requires no contract and gives you the option to pay for the phone over 2yrs, the average person will wait for a phone they really want to come out b4 the get it,so all those months you wait b4 you choose to get a phone your saving lots of money, this way your plan is way cheaper and its not like you have to buy a phone at the time you start the plan and plus just go on ebay if thats the case

  • rossi

    @ Akil

    Listen up, dumb @#$$#$%^$% #$%$# #(*^, just because it adds flexibility to your contract and the ability to buy whatever phone you want, whenever, does NOT mean that it saves you money. I am SORRY you could not comprehend that. If you think for one second that Tmobile would rather have you buy a phone from ebay, etc you have another thing coming. Does Even more Plus give you options? yes. Is it cheaper? Maybe, Maybe not (NOT in my case). According to the calculations I (and others) have done, it ends up being a wash (between even more and even more plus). Great, no contract. That is a plus, but you are not really saving any money by the time you add in the cost of your phone (that is, if you buy the latest and greatest at retail price). That was my point. I am sorry you missed it.

    By the way, every Tmobile rep I have talked to says that the new plans ARE NOT saving me ANY money. I find this hilarious because I have a vanilla myfaves family plan. Yes, this includes the PLUS plans. Therefore, I still have subsidies and save money over the PLUS options. To cover MY usage, I save $100 a month over the plus plan my family’s usage would require. With that kind of savings, I can buy new phones when I am not eligible for upgrade at full retail and still pay less than you. Isn’t that great?

  • akil

    lmfao @rossi chill out and yea i can comprehend it i was in a rush so i didnt feel like filling in all of my arguments

    i was more so talking about the ppl who are talkin bout leaving t mobile and going to verizon or at&t (sprint makes sense) and i’ve been reading alot of comments too and alot of people have been complaing because they only save $10-20 and because of that they want to go to another phone service but if no plans had been mentioned most ppl wud be content still and that confuses me somewhat $%@#$%@#%#^$% lol