Project Dark Mini Breakdown


Well, if your comments have been any indication, reviews on Project Dark pricing have been, in a word, mixed. From one perspective, it seems as though T-Mobile is going after the higher dollar, unlimited plans and merely competing on the lower level minute plans. We’ve already seen one breakdown courtesy of AndroidGuys and yet we know not everyone will benefit–customers coming from other carriers might. Why are we saying that? Well T-Mobile has been kind enough to produce a training sheet for their reps, breaking down at least a few of the pricing guidelines we will begin seeing tomorrow. Reactions are sure to be mixed and that’s ok, only feedback can force a company to make changes; and while we are pulling for T-Mobile, again we ask is this enough? Hit the jump and sound off in the comments!





    I’m Stickin’ With What I Have.
    40- 1000 Anytime N/W
    20- Sidekick Unlimited
    5 – Insurance
    An All Those Other Fees. Usually About 81.61/Month.

  • Mega G

    Looks like a screamin deal when compared to the competition. And between those prices and the Cliq? I see no reason to jump on the way overpriced iPhone/ATT bandwagon.

  • Mega G


    Has your data come back to your sidekick yet? Supposedly everyone’s data is back now.

  • paul

    Not really sure if this works for me, not even sure how I feel about this whole breakdown..It doesn’t seem to reward the loyalty of their existing customers..I kind of feel a little unappreciated right family plan seems to have increased in price not gone down, and I don’t like the idea of having to pay full price for phones, maybe it’s because I have been trained (by cell company’s)to expect a discount of my phones AND get discounted rates…I will have to take my own advice and just wait it out and sit down and crunch some numbers..Good luck everyone,,we are all in this together..

  • Steve

    So just to be clear, there is no way to downgrade from Unlimited Text? It seems like if you don’t need unlimited text/talk, these aren’t much better than plans on other carriers?

  • JohnJR

    I was really hoping that the unlimited plan would come in at the rumored $60-70 mark to make the best of my planned BB 9700 purchase. Verizon Droid, here I come.

  • kekoa

    it sucks for the family plan people that need about 2500 minutes paying about $180 with unlimited text and 1 data line. like me…im changing my contract to 3500 minutes with 1 data and text for about 200 bucks, when it would be about 300 for unlimited, and no option for more than 150.

  • kekoa

    in sticking with my plan haha…. $28.60 for 2000 minutes and android service….

  • BronxBebe

    This will be good for new customers of TMOBILE especially with data they charge extra and take out of your minutes the other companies does.

    Without taxes I’m paying $235.00 on loyalty unlimited family plan($90..+$35.2x), the 1st 2 is and the 3rd is $75.00. All voice, txt, data so no changes here- oh boo hoo.. but I do know people who would be happy with the Even More Plus plan.

    I’m planning on getting the new BB 9700 and get off the SKLX09 MS has done its dirty deeds,lol..

  • mr.spears

    Without all the fees iwould pay only like 4 dollars more…everything better improve

  • MishkaGreen

    Either going to jump over to AT&T and get 900 minutes with their A-List (kinda like My Faves) unlimited messaging and unlimited data for like $90+iPhone or Sprint Everything Plan with Hero.

  • BronxBebe

    Ahh..the blog is set to Cali time ok now I’ll be able to tell what time everyone posted,lol..

    Mega G, I got some of my data back but not all and there’s still issues with email, txting and other stuff.

  • NightExpress

    Their family pricing plans look horrendous!!! Are the number of minutes no longer an option? T-mobile needs to realize that usually three of the lines are kids and they don’t consume minutes — just text!!! It’s insanity to go from paying $9.95 per line to $30 per line for texting.

    In short, T-mobile appears to be screwing families BIG time. If so — it will be bye bye T-mobile!!! Hard to believe this is what all the hype was about…


  • willy

    why does it only show the even more plus* plan and not both? is that all the LEAK sent?

  • Tina

    See no reasin to switch plans. Ride out my less than 1 year contract and switch to Verizon. Being a loyal T-mobile customer for 6 years and have purchased at least 10 phones thiis is what they come up with? Notice the “small print” They aren’t even comparing the same plans (some with Vetizon even say everything- then theyy show a t-mobile plane with just talk and xest to make it look so cheap) I’m disappointed. I pay 80 for 1000 min family with three lines (add 10 for extra line), 20 unlimited text for three lines, 2 lines with unlimited web (non smartphone) 5.99 x 2 lines, plus 1 handset insurance (is that like $5). My bill is usually $144 a month with taxes included. I may use like 700 min a month- but would jump on unlimited so we can buy my boyfriend’s daughter a smartphone for Christmas if the prices were cheap enough. Looks like we’ll get her a cheap phone unlocked so we don’t commit for another two years.

    Naw, not gonna happen if this is the price. 10 months to go t-mobile. I love your customer service, but you dropped the ball on this one. Here’s hoping Sunday looks better than this garbage!

  • willy

    just ignore that comment…

  • Deb

    I can go to Cellular South unlimited everything including data for $79.99 and I can also add another line for 39.99. Basically family everything 2 lines $120.00 and they are getting the HTC Hero.

  • telos104

    What does this do for existing customer’s esp if you’re on a family plan?! Nothing as far as I can see. Unimpressed…

  • Tina

    Isn’t the price @cricket/revol like $49.99 a month everything? That would be more like it! Of course pay more for smart phone data- like add 20 bucks to that.

  • NN

    …I’m having issues understand what the two different images are. I am an individual plan. I have talk + text + web that is unlimited currently. One image says $99.99, and that is more than I pay now ($97 including taxes); the other image says $79.99 (which would be awesome).
    What is the difference? Is one for current customers (99.99), and the other (79.99)for new?

  • Eraser

    Those charts are misleading. They do not take many things into consideration.

    1. All other carriers subsidize their phones.
    2. AT&T and Verizon offer unlimited calling to any five numbers on their 900 minutes and over plans.
    3. AT&T has rollover minutes
    4. Sprint has unlimited calling to any cell phone, at any time.

    If you absolutely need unlimited everything, then their plans beat AT&T and Verizon squarely, and match Sprint (the $80 unlimited everything EM+ doesn’t beat Sprint, since Sprint subsidizes the phone).

    With the added features of other carriers (calling circles, rollover minutes, unlimited mobile to mobile) a lot of people don’t need an unlimited everything plan.

  • Eraser


    The difference is that in the $79.99 plan you don’t get a subsidized phone. So you would have to pay for your phone in full, which comes up to about $500 out of pocket.

  • eYe

    Its all fine and dandy for people who need unlimited plans but what about us, people who only need 1000 minutes for 4 of us? We are getting screwed, big time. Way to go t-mobile….

  • Michael

    My unlimited everything plan that I have now would actually go up. I can’t afford a price increase for nothing… jeeze.

  • Tina

    No, you can still keep your same plan from what I understand. Supposedly/hopefully grandfathered (will it still have My Faves is what I wantto know?) that’s the only downside- if you switch and use your MyFaves a lot- U better get unlimited talk at least. I was just seriously considering upgrading two phones to smartphones, but with 3 lines I would be paying a fortune.
    As I see it, T-mobile is losing out at least $800 in phone purchases this year from me, as well as the data monthly fee x2.

    Like I said, unless the price is lower than what is being showed

  • JB6464

    So you save $20.00/month from the Even More Unlimited Everything verses the Even More + Unlimited Everything. But when you have to buy those new high grade smartphones coming out that will cost over $600.00 from out of your pocket,you will think twice.
    $600.00 divided by 20 month payment plan=$30.00/month extra on top of the plan or buy it cash up front. That’s more than the Even more plan and you have to whip out over a 1/2 grand just for the phone.
    The other carriers for those prices subsidized the high end smartphones for that cost,No-Thanks !

  • NN

    Oh Okay! Thanks!

    Financially speaking, it comes up to being the same in the end. If I save $10 a mo for 22 mo, that’s 220 bucks at the end I’ve saved. If I were under contract, paying that extra 10, I’d get that 220-300 back anyway on the purchase of a new phone.

    Hmmm sneaky sneaky Tmobile.

  • newt

    I finally thought tmo would step up and make it worthwhile to upgrade the phone for two of us and not take a huge hit. Was really hoping for something that would beat Sprint’s plan. Being I’m still using t-zones for our Dash’s and got a great minute plan when it came around, the two of us with data text and 1000min/mo pay $86 after tax…hard to justify a jump to even 110 on em+ w/ no subsidized phone when I could go to Sprint for $119 and save $400 or so by getting a subsidized Pre or TP2. I was hoping a subsidized n900 with a plan in the $110/120 range was going to be possible…guess I’ll be shopping around as our contracts are now up.

  • Steve

    These charts just confirmed my suspicion that Tmobile wasn’t targeting Metro PCS, cricket etc. They are going after Verizon and ATT in particular. If that’s the case then these prices are great…..HOWEVER verizon has a huge nationwide 3G network (see the new commericals ripping the iphone) ATT has the iphone which is keeping them growing and Sprint’s unlimited mobile plan is just shy of truly unlimited without the extra cst. How many people spend a lot of time calling land lines anymore? All 3 of these things tmobile lacks but certainly make up for some of it with great customer service.

    bottom line: I don’t see these as being game changing. IF the knocked down the EM+ to $60 that would create a stampede to their front door. It makes a lot more sense to pay cash for a phone to save $40 a month…but alas that is not the case!

  • Will Entrekin

    But doesn’t the Even More Plus require an additional phone fee per month? So the services are $80, but then you’re also paying another ten bucks per month for 20 months got get the MyTouch 3G?

    This seems unnecessarily confusing. But I stick with T-Mobile for a simple reason; when I call them tomorrow to find out what’s what, they will treat me as a valued customer and will be extraordinarily helpful as I decide whether to change my plan or not. That has been my experience with them every time I have talked to them, and I hope it will never change.

  • Elias

    I could be reading it incorrectly, but I believe that this confirms that the add-on fee on the family plans includes texting, and only web would be additional. (In addition to the per line add-on, of course).

  • Will Entrekin

    Another thought, though: if T-Mobile can roll out more of their HSPA+, that may make a key difference in the services their offering versus their competitors. Their 3G coverage is less limited than it used to be, and if they can roll out that 21mbps speed in all the markets that already have their 3G . . . that might make a huge difference.

  • ckhoutx

    The problem is that they are comparing their non subsidized rate to everyone else’s subsidized rate. If you compare the new t-mobile rates that included phone subsidies then t-mobile is equal to or higher than the competition. Actually it looks like more that i’m currently paying with t-mobile. Especially when there is no My-Faves. I thought t-mobile was going to announce a game changer.

  • Viper

    AT&T and Verizon have unlimited calling circles on their 900 min plans, sure… but keep in mind that those plans for them start at $59.99, and T-Mobile’s unlimited calling plan starts at $59.99 (the one with subsidized phones. It’s only $49.99 if you pay for the phones in full).

    T-Mobile eliminated a lot of the value they did have under the unlimited plans, IMHO.

  • Robert

    Why don’t people just switch over to which is run on the T-Mobile network? You can pay $50 for unlimited everything!

  • Viper

    Uh, I mean.. for all plans that are not unlimited, T-Mobile got rid of their value. Removing myfaves is also an absolutely huge mistake as well.

  • allan…atwork

    We get to keep our current plans they will be grandfathered. I’m not bothered by this I still got my plan and good coverage. 150 for 3 lines with 2 sk plans n one bb plan. Well see what happens when my contract expires.

  • rossi

    @ eye

    Exactly, if you need unlimited these plans are a bargain. Unfortunately, as I’ve said before, they miss those people who don’t need unlimited minutes but need more than 1500. I also think that paying $30 for smartphone data on EACH line of a family plan is ridiculous.

    They should have an option where you pay $30 to add data for the family but restrict the total bandwidth to equal only one individual data plan. Therefore, if your family needs more bandwidth buy more, if not, no one is losing anything because the data usage isn’t exceeding that of an individual… I imagine there might be some difficulty in dividing the bandwidth on the carrier’s side of things, but I think there would be a way for the carrier to reference instantaneous account usage and adjust the bandwidth accordingly. Honestly, I don’t know if it would be possible, but, in theory, I like the idea.

    I’ll keep my myfaves for now and spend zero money on data as long as they keep it like it is. I’ve been happy with tmobile (since 2001), and the only reasons I would leave is that their coverage can be spotty (pretty much only verizon is consistently better than tmobile in this department imo) or their phone selection which appears to be getting better. I’d LOVE to see tmobile match sprint’s any mobile, anytime with data plan for families. That’s currently the best deal going. However, I (and the rest of my family) do not want to leave tmobile so we’ll be here until they match it or sprint goes out of business. Hopefully sooner, rather than later.

  • Renesandy

    This is not really a deal for me.

    59.99 – 700 Family Shared
    9.99 – Unlimited Texting
    24.99 – BB – Unlimited
    24.99 – BB – Unlimited

    -11.99 – 10 percent off
    $107.97 before taxes/fee

  • Rik

    Will existing customers be allowed to convert to these plans, or do we have to wait out our contracts?

  • Bumbpy Knucks

    It wouldn’t make sense to pay full price for all handsets, but in some cases it does. If you sign for 2 years on a My Touch it’s 150, combine that with $20 extra for a minimum of 2 years ($480) your total out of pocket is $630. thats $130 more than the full cost of a My touch w/ no contract. If you ask me that’s not a bad deal at all.

  • niididy

    I think the information looks good. One of the things I have been consistent about is the fact that T-Mobile’s new plans benefit mostly new business, which is good for the growth of the company. At the same time current T-Mobile customers are not happy because it doesn’t benefit them much especially when the old plans were geared towards us being able to take control and fully customize our plans to save good money. Current customers are hence, very happy with their current plans which makes it difficut for us to accept the new plans. So I understand the company…at the same time I do also understand current Magenta customers like myself who may feel let down….

  • http://. Derek

    Ok so with the + plans you have to pay for the whole phone no sub from the carrier big deal its not like they give a lot off the price with a contract, some people act like with a contract phones are free the only free phones I ever see are cheap junk phones and those cheap phones will still be cheap so settle down all you cheap people you will still be able to get your junk phones

  • rossi

    For the heck of it I also looked at Verizon’s offerings…

    Premium Family Share plan:

    1400 anytime minutes

    10 numbers unlimited (!)

    Unlimited everything else including VCAST= $250 for five lines.

    Connect Family Share Plan:

    Same as above but unlimited web WITHOUT VCAST= $200 for five lines.

    Where is Tmobile’s answer to these offerings? That Connect plan on tmobile would be ideal to me. Santa? please?

  • rkwhyte2

    People the only plans we are seeing is the unlimited plans. They are also going to offer 500 minute and 1000 minutes plans. If you were to go with the plus plan you would not have a contract and while you do have to pay full retail for the phone nobody is forcing you to buy it from Tmobile heck just hit craigslist or ebay and pick up the phone of your choice. I’m not sure what if anything I will be doing with these new plans I currently pay about $235 month after all the fees/taxes and thats for 5 lines 2 with unlimited data ($20×2), family unlimited texting(9.95)and 3000 minutes. We average anywhere from 2300 to 2700 minutes a month. If I can get 2 of lines to go out on their own (somewhat of a possibility) I will sign up for the all you can eat plus plan with 3 lines and just buy the phones on the open market.

  • Torben

    and there is still no word of the cost for BIS or BES blackberry plans. So far they are not considered the same as a smartphone data plan.


    $89.98 unl. loyalty
    $19.95 unl. sms/mms
    $49.98 (for 2 data pack)
    $159.91 TOTAL FAM 2 LINES….. Why can’t contract have $139.99 pricing? That sucks T-Mobile….not cool at all. I’m staying put with current plan obviously!

  • Wicked1

    All sidekick data is supposed to be back now? Mines isn’t. I got my contacts and thats it. I’m about to call T Mobile right now. These plans aren’t going to do nothing for me, I would be paying more for what I dont’ need. I don’t need unlimited minutes, but I do need unlimited texts and web. That means I need to go ahead and order the Cliq today so my current plan will be extended for 2 years

  • helloo

    the family voice/text/data add a line is expensive

  • TMoprimal

    I have unlimited loyalty for families so my breakdown is this:

    Unlimited Family plan @ 2 phones: $90
    Unlimited Text for Families: $10 (Grandfathered), but even it weren’t that’s just $10 extra.
    Unlimited Data @ 2 phones: $45 (20 Tmo Unlimited Internet+25 G1 Data w/o Text)

    So yeah, I WAS pretty excited about the new plan. But now I’m Even More® indifferent…unless they have done something with the Loyalty plans that noone knows about yet, or gotten rid of them – which would make me sad, a bit upset, and probably peeved enough to switch carriers.