Project Dark Mini Breakdown


Well, if your comments have been any indication, reviews on Project Dark pricing have been, in a word, mixed. From one perspective, it seems as though T-Mobile is going after the higher dollar, unlimited plans and merely competing on the lower level minute plans. We’ve already seen one breakdown courtesy of AndroidGuys and yet we know not everyone will benefit–customers coming from other carriers might. Why are we saying that? Well T-Mobile has been kind enough to produce a training sheet for their reps, breaking down at least a few of the pricing guidelines we will begin seeing tomorrow. Reactions are sure to be mixed and that’s ok, only feedback can force a company to make changes; and while we are pulling for T-Mobile, again we ask is this enough? Hit the jump and sound off in the comments!




  • Tom

    Currently with T-mo 1500 minuets, unlimited data, and 400 text for $64.00 plus tax. Why would I change???

  • tmorep32


  • Rossi

    @ Omg and Rochester

    Can you tell me which tmobile plan I should choose that offers me the same features of verizon’s connect family share plan? That’s 1400 min, ten unlimited numbers, unlimited text, and unlimited web w/o vcast (to be fair)? That’s 199 for 5 lines. Please help me? I just can’t do math today.

  • OMG

    since myfav’s are gone, if you use the 10 numbers a lot then go unlimited. if you don’t then go with the 1500 minute plan. Unlimited is $40 per line add on. $259 for 5 lines unlimited voice + text + data. if you dont’ use data on all the phones (or you don’t use full web (blackberry/android/sidekick/windows mobile) only mobile web(any phone not listed above) then it’s only $10 per line on data instead of $30 so you’ll have to do the math) otherwise if the 1500 is enough, then it’s $149 (keep in mind you get unlimited mobile to mobile and unlimited nights and weekends.) this is the no contract version and you would use the full price phone on 20 month no interest installment.

  • J-Hop2o6

    yea i see they’re tryin to attract the other Big 3 customers mainly.. but the only way i see to get them pouring in quick is to:
    1.) EXPAND COVERAGE. Isn’t DE concerned about tmousa? Tmousa should ask for more money to add more towers (and to buy out some regional company’s).. thats the main bad rep that tmousa gets, so ppl don’t really want to deal with that (unless they don’t travel, or stay in Big Cities)
    2.) the iPHONE.. i don’t care for it, but it has 1M+ followers, and im sure alot would switch from AT&T to get some relief on their monthly bills.. hopefully tmousa would officially pick this up w/ AWS (since AT&T contract is up next year and ppl are saying Apple won’t make a CDMA version).. and since we’re bumpin up to HSPA+ really soon (Baltimore is already HSPA+), we don’t really have to worry about the towers being bogged down (hopefully they add more towers tho)..
    3.) More PREMIUM phones.. this is the 2nd main reason tmousa has a bad rep. It always seems like we’re the last one to bump up to the next tech (Wing?), but we start off as the test drive company in new products; like the G1, that aren’t as powerful as they should. Atleast we are RUMORED to get the HTC HD2 Q1/2010.. Now THATS a premium phone.. we just need to keep puttin out more at a faster pace.. hopefully 2010 would turn around for tmousa.

    it seems like im missing some more.. but those reason above should hit tmousa in the head to WAKE UP, if they want to bump up past atleast Sprint (since they keep declining in customers).. they already started off so far with the announcement in the new rate plans (aimed more towards new customers), the announced HSPA+ plans and launch in their first HSPA+ (3.75G) city of Baltimore, and the RUMORED HTC HD2 (w/ “tv & movies at your fingertips? hmm)

    what do u guys think tmousa should do to gain more customers and to pass Sprint and receive the #3 spot?

  • Sebastiaan

    Still I am VERY confused.. Why is the Tmobile Even More PLUS cheaper than the regular one and whats the catch. I am currently under ofcourse a T-Mobile plan what would it take for me to switch over to that plan?

    I see people talking about phone installment plans etc. etc. It’s verrrryy verrrry confusing!

  • OMG

    One other big difference to note is Verizon has a 5gig cap on their service and cuts you off or charges BIG bucks if you go over. T-mobile is unlimited. You can tether your blackberry to your laptop and check websites/email all day and never go over a cap or get charged any more than the $30.

  • OMG

    If your happy with your plan, stay with it. the “catch” is you pay full price for a phone instead of getting $300-$400 off as a “full discount”. No contract plan = full price phone. Contract plan = discounted phone. Contract plan = 4 month installment option. no contract = 20 month installment.

  • joe

    Well, as a rep I have to say, that this is it. We are going to put more pressure on some of the boost mobiles of the world and that may be about it. Because even sprint has better coverage overall than us. while the new plans give us more flexibility to get folks into phones, we are still hurting on towers (especially in my market). We have a lot of potential customers never activate even though they chomp at the bit to get away from ATT, Verizon and another regional carrier. Often times these folks have friends or family in the surrounding areas where we have no coverage or roam off limited bandwidth. And they aren’t real big on having a mobile phone that works only in the city. Hopefully this changes some day, otherwise, putting pressure on Cricket or Boost is about all that will happen….

  • Sebastiaan

    Well I Have T-Mobile phones I am happy with and my current plan sucks for what I’m running at. So would I be able to switch to a Family Unlimited (the plus one) plan, carry over my phones and just pay a better price (the 139.99)

  • Kurt

    The Iphone is only usable on T-mobile if it’s unlocked (and AT&T doesn’t do that). AND you can’t use 3g on an Iphone and T-mobile (speed drops to Edge because of technology change.)

    @Angry rep
    Sorry that Tmobile customers had it too good too long as you think. We got cheaper prices ’cause they had NO 3G for the LONGEST time. Spotty coverage and poor phones but we kept the service. The lower price was a reward for sticking it out with the 4th company.

    I’ll give ya $50 if ONE AT&T customer leaves with an Iphone so they can have Edge speed over 3g ’cause of the difference in frequency. No one is leaving Verizon or AT&T over these plans….nobody….

    The management ALSO setup this big group of pissed of people ’cause they called it a ‘game changer.’ These prices are NOT game changing by anyone standard (radical but not gamechaning). Stop using the buy your own phone plan prices. The other prices are the same as sprints (and then have better phones).

    If they had not hyped this so much…I don’t think people would be pissed. When Sprint changed it prices, they did it quietly. Tmobile held a press conference and call it PROJECT DARK!!!! too much drama for too little change!

  • Cybersedan

    @ Kurt
    I still didn’t hear T-Mobile officialy “Hype Up” project black, since nothing has been released publicly by the company. The hype only exists in these blogs because of the past 10 days or so of wild and sometimes unrealistic speculation.

    I must admit, that what I’m seeing so far seems like a bit of a letdown, because I had bigger hopes. However, keep in mind that the majority of potential customers this is aimed at have no clue what is going on and may be much more receptive to this than us over-hyped Tech blog junkies.

  • David

    Ok I need help here. I have 2 lines on a FLEX PAY family plan for $89.99 (1800 mins) on a 2 year contract. My question is will I qualify for the even more, or even more PLUS plan? Will I be able to get the cheaper unlimited talk, text and data family plan? I don’t understand the difference other than one is a contrract with a subsidized phone and one is no contract and I pay full price for the phone broken down over 20 months on my bill. I have been with t-mobile for 8 years and I love them and will never switch. I have always had great coverage and rarely ever drop a call. Thanks for your help guys.

  • joe

    Actually, while a few people really don’t like the plans (and the fact that they don’t do a lot for some of our existing customers), I am glad they brought their rates down. What really gets me though, is that T-Mobile spends so much money on ads. They are all over the web and all over TV with people like Whoopi and those comedians and Catherine Zeta Jones and then on Oprah’s show. Why throw all that money at endorsements and TV spots when you could start stifling those ridiculous churn percentages by putting up towers?

  • NiiDiddy

    (A) T-Mobile never called it a “game changer”. That was what was coined by from blogs and forums that believed so. Not only that as rumours spread, story changes from one mouth to another. Its no one’s fault the whole story escalated to get this big. What T-mobile did was try to keep it under wraps…what certain T-Mobile employees did was start rumours and leak information to make this big.

    (B) The plans are still great. And if there is any truth to any part of the chart above…well T-Mobile has done a good job to get some extra business. People on this blog who are T-Mobile customers are less than a 1% of T-Mobile cutomers; there are other T-Mobile customers who have no clue on whats going on. And you have new cutomers coming to T-Mobile everyday. You also have customers going to the other competitors everyday. Its all about a matter of preference and it doesnt matter what Sprint/VW/ATT Customers on this blog thinks, that’s just the way it is. T-Mo will still win some and loose some, just like all the other carriers!!!! Grants no one can win it all…!!!

    (C) In about 6 minutes after I post this, hopefully this will all come to an end so we can move other to other news!!! Clock will strike Midnight EST and a new day, October 25th will be ushered in with new rate plans from T-Mobile whether current customers, t-mo employees, bloggers, enthusiasts, prospective clients, the competition…etc…likes it or not!!!


  • NiiDiddy

    I was also mostly directed to @Kurt and whoever wants to listed or the cup fits.

  • canread

    Once again, a silly comparison chart. Comparing other carriers’ plans that INCLUDE subsidized phones with a TMO that doesn’t is absurd. The comparison should be to the “Even More” plans, but then TMO pricing doesn’t look so good.

  • joe

    you can get the new rates, though I’m not sure if it will affect your contract end date. But if you want to go from contract to and even more plus (no contract) plan, you have to pay the ETF on your lines that you migrate….

  • NiiDiddy

    @Cybersedan – AMEN! Well Said…

  • mani

    Nothing !!! HAHAH Project Black my @$$

  • joe

    DAVID – You can change your rate plan to a new one no problem, but do it the day before your billing cycle starts over. You can also change over to the even more plus (no contract) plans but you have to pay the ETF on your contract to continue service without contract.

  • achilles

    So far “Project Dark” blows chunks. Nothing significant is changing.

  • Ritchie

    Does anyone know why the fudge is TMobile down for upgrading phones only? Im trying to upgrade before the new plans are in effect because im trying to keep my plan and not buy into the new hype. I can order accessories and download wallpapers etc but when it comes to the upgrade it says a high call volume. How is it a high call volume im doing it thru the internet. I think TMo doesnt want anyone to upgrade and want cust. to change to the new plans. PS i can change my plan its available, it just wont let me upgrade any of my three lines, im pissed and freaking out. THis is making me go to sprint again, help.

  • Ariel

    Hmm, it’s the 25th now, still no info on the tmobile website…

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  • Mystictrust

    Did anyone actually expect the plans to change at exactly midnight? I didn’t, in any case. Stores open at 10am EST on Sunday, right? Personally, I’d expect the plans to be launched on the website sometime at or around then… maybe a few hours before.

  • NiiDiddy

    T-Mobile Corporate is based out of Bellevue, Washington state – 3 hours behind Eastern Standard Time. I bet they are prepping to change the website to reflect those changes by Midnight West Coast time…

  • Ritchie

    I was going to get the cliq, but since…Sorry—we’re currently experiencing high demand and are unable to process your upgrade online. To complete your upgrade, please call Customer Care free of charge (dial 611 from your T-Mobile phone or call 1-877-453-1304). Im not buying sh*t from them anymore, on any of my 3 lines and when my contract is up im going back to Sprint

  • A

    Well i was just trying to check out my account on icam and it wouldnt let me ..

  • Hurlamania

    Those rates are not accurate. the AT&T rate is 99.00 unlimited calling $20 unlimited text and $10 non smartphone web. AT&T charges 30 for smartphone web and $10 for GPS
    there true compareable price is $159.99 to T-Mobiles $79.99 plan saveing $960 a year.+ tax

    I am not sure about the other companies but it needs to be updated for true comparison

  • who,when,where

    T-Mobile is playing fast and loose with those pricing charts. They should not be comparing Even More Talk & Text with Sprint’s Simply Everything plan. Even More Talk & Text is just that, talk and text. Simply Everything includes Talk, Text, and Web, including all the little perks like TV that Sprint offers. I’m not knocking the plans, just the unfair comparison.

    I even like the 450 minute Simply Everything any mobile any time plan on Sprint. It is almost like having unlimited everything and the web browsing is good too.

  • 4ty-phive

    @ J-Hop2o6

    You’re right about 1 and 3, even though I think 1 is the priority. I don’t agree with you on 2. The iPhone is not needed. It is understood that it changed the phone game forever. But, it is really keeping the other phone makers on their toes and forcing them to innovate. Same goes for the phone OS programmers (Google). Better phones will come sooner than you think, and you won’t need an “idon’t”

  • Marco


    Actually the head of American Tmobile said it would make them #3. I would call that a game changer if it happened. These plans do NOTHING to change the status of Verizon, AT&T and Sprint. Tmobile isn’t gunna touch them with these plans.

    And if you work for Tmobile, maybe you should read what your CEO says to the media.

  • Hurlamania

    It appears you can port your number on even more plus plans contrary to first reports.
    no 7pm nights or wifi phones without data plans, bummer T-Mo Bummer….

  • webby

    Two Questions:

    1) On an Even More Plus plan, can you use your own T-mobile phone or T-Mobile compatible phone acquired elsewhere? If not, then boo on T-Mo — as you are forced to pay their inflated carrier prices for the phones. I just want to acquire my phone myself and pay a carrier to be a dumb pipe, as is done in many other countries.

    2) I don’t see anything about a Family Plan where one phone is a smartphone and the other phone is a dumb phone that doesn’t need data access. We have that kind of plan on T-Mo now. Do they still offer that kind of Family Plan with these new plans?

  • Hurlamania

    it dont really matter you can add smartphone for 30 and dumbphone for 10 or get a package with both smart for 40. same price for 2 smart as for 1 and 1

  • Bill Berry

    Okay, our old plan for 5 lines is as follows: Family My Faves 1800 – $89.99; Family Unlimited Text – $19.95; T-Mobile Web (grandfathered) – $29.95 ($5.99 per line); 3 additional lines – $29.97 ($9.99 each); Total before taxes & fees & 911 is $169.86.

    Now, our new plan for 5 lines is as follows: Unlimited “Everything” Plan – $79.99; Text – $20.00; Web – $40.00; Additional lines – $30.00 ($10.00 each); Total – $169.99

    Difference: 13 cents!

    Analysis: For those of us who are existing customers; clearly there are no remarkable price benefits if for example like us, you have T-Mobile Web at $5.99 per line versus MyTouch3G/TouchPro 2 Unlimited Web at $24.99 per line. New customers clearly make out like bandits because as I just did, I looked up each of the AT&T and Verizon plans and came up with T-Mobile’s numbers and in fact I made changes to another family member’s plan and saved them $75.00 a month due to the dramatic decrease in the data plan which in their case with 4 lines averages to $10.00 per line and in my case $8.00 per line. Since my stepson is in the US Army he qualifies for the 15% Military Discount saving an additional $20 a month. I’m not going to grovel over 13 cents and saving my stepson and his wife $75.00 per month.

  • Bill Berry

    Let me add one more thing about data plans, smart phones and dumb phones; the price is the same. As some of you may already know T-Mobile knows what your device is and corresponding is capable of setting the device up over-the-air to the proper APN unless manually overridden. I was told tonight, it is one price fits all and they will code what device gets what APN. These new plans are as simplified as anything I’ve ever seen and it is what the website says it is. They did say late this evening there are some bugs still being worked out specifically in regards to upgrading your devices and opting to use the Equipment Installation Plan and insuring your devices, but will be worked out in the next day or so.

  • troubleshooter

    Uhm, I’ve used almost every cell phone available, on every carrier available. My first cellular company was Omnipoint (who became Voicestream, and then Tmobile). I liked their customer service, their prices, but not their phones. Because of the phones that Sprint offered, I switched to them. I didn’t like their customer service, and their pricing was deceptive. I paid $150 to cancel my contract. From Sprint, I went to Cingular (now AT&T). Their customer service was horrid, and their phones were basic. As soon as the contract ended, I tried Verizon: too expensive. I purchased several burner phones (Trac Phones,etc), but was unhappy with the per minute prices. Now mind you, all of the above mentioned companies have great coverage areas. From burner phones, I went to Metro PCS. Their unlimited plans, and no contracts were great for me. Their biggest drawback was spotty coverage (they use Sprint’s CDMA network). I travel, and I need to have service; therfore, T-mobile was the logical choice: their phones are quad band phones, and work internationally, without my having to “rent” a device while outside of the US. Whether I’m in the Caribbean, or in the UK, my T-mobile phone works. Customer Service is good, the devices are improving, and I know exactly how much my bill will be each month…no surprises. Oh yeah, their coverage is getting better. Knock on wood, I have yet to experience any “dropped calls,” or “Can you hear me now” moments. I have six lines with them, and will implement a seventh soon. As for who I am: I work technical support for Sprint, and I tout my T-mobile service…as does 35% of the 600,000 or so employess of the call center I work for. The majority of my co-workers have either T-mobile, or Verizon, or AT&T as their wireless providers. Circle completed.

  • Bill Berry

    Everybody disregard my previous two posts. I will be cancelling my pending plan changes in a few hours and continuing with my Family Faves 1800 and so forth. I can’t find anywhere on the T-Mobile website where additional lines are $35 for lines with smart phones and I’m reading it is in fact $35 per line. If that is the case, there is no point in upgrading to the Even More Plus plan not with T-Mobile Web on all 5 lines. I assumed additional lines were $10 each and Customer Care agreed when I specifically asked about it, but continued reading suggests otherwise; my apologies.

  • Mike

    I’m a current customer of Tmobile, and I was waiting until today to pre-order the Cliq or get off the network to purchase the higher powered VZW Droid. T-mob rep told me that the phone is not available in my upgrade plan, and if I wanted to get it at the $199 rate I would have to cancel my current plan and open a new account, which would be fine except that she couldn’t guarantee that I would be able to keep the same phone number. Isn’t that absurd? If I went to another carrier I’m sure they would let me keep my number. Also, she said that even if I ordered the Cliq I wouldn’t be able to get it until November 2nd because I would technically be a ‘new’ client. This is crazy. What did they tell these people in their Project Dark training?

  • Bill Berry

    Earlier today I cancelled the pending changes and will remain with my current plan of 1800 minutes family talk with My Faves and Unlimited Text and T-Mobile Web which saves me $90 had I switched to Unlimited “Everything” and my grandfathered T-Mobile Web saves me $95.00 per month since T-Mobile Web and Unlimited Web at $24.99 are identical though the folks at T-Mobile would have you believe otherwise.

    All things being equal, while for some customers there are ways to save money; generally for existing customers they are few and far between. As for defectors from AT&T and Verizon Wireless (GSM); I can see those users with unlocked devices switching over to T-Mobile’s 3G network.

  • Queen

    With BOTH plans, it seems that TMO wants you to stay with them for TWO years.

    Even More (2 year contract req)
    Even More Plus (20 month phone payment plan)

    I prefer ONE year contracts with the discounted NEW phone price.

    So how are these plans benefiting me???