Project Dark Is A Go!


After all the speculating, “Project Dark” is officially a go. The pricing is up on the T-Mobile website and it is exactly what we hoped feared. At first glance I’m not seeing any changes whatsoever from all the leaks, which may be a good thing or a bad thing, I don’t know if anyone can really make that determination yet. Marketing is of course going to be the key factor here and we look forward to whatever T-Mobile brings to the table as they ramp up advertisements to the rumored tune of 40% this holiday season. Regardless of whatever marketing may come, we’re still super happy to see a new standard in the wireless industry with a no contract offering. It’s about time that the European style way of doing business made it over to US shores. Love it or hate it, it works quite well everywhere else in the world. So without further ado, we present to you, Project Dark. Time will tell today, as it’s just barely 9am in South Florida, if there are any more surprises in store–handsets, 3G, 4G or otherwise. We aren’t holding out hope for anything but we do love surprises!



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  • shaun

    Maybe if T-Mobile reads all these whiny-ass comments they’ll change everything to pre-October 25 rate plans. Just think of what would have happened if no info leaded at all. People’s heads would’ve exploded. Keep what you have, or get a new plan, or shut the hell up and go to another carrier. On the other hand, Project Dark has done wonders for Tmonews’ readership and probably set a record for comments. I’m surprised their servers haven’t crashed.

  • shaun

    whoooo! 200th comment!! Edit: OMGZ! Tmobile scrood me and dey iz costin me more money! de CS rep wuz so mean and told me i could keep my regular plan and nothin wood change dat, but I iz pissed anyway. Teh internets wuz right and dis iz bad. Fail, Fail, Fail!!

  • atmorep

    First, I am a t-mobile customer care Rep. I have been through all the trainings and can tell you that if you are on a grandfathered plan YOU WILL NOT LOSE YOUR PLAN BY MAKING ANY CHANGES!!!!!!! I personally have upgraded, changed phone numbers, added and removed features on many granfathered plans as old as powertel rate plans and we do not make you change.
    Yes, these plans are very new for us as well as the policies. Many reps are not giving correct information. If you feel you are being given incorrect information push the issue.

    You are still able to add lines to grandfathered plans with no changes to your grandfathered plans.

    Our job in customer care is to save you money. We get scored very poorly on out calls if we miss a way to save you money. We are being told continually to right fit our customers. In all of the training we have had for this we have been told that if it is not going to save money DO NOT CHANGE THEM!!!

  • Bill48105

    @Northern Claw
    That proves my point of why it is unfair for them to force data plans on people just because they have a so-called smartphone. Can’t tell me there aren’t people who use them for calling & PC syncing & wifi & never use the cell network data.

    Seems T-Mobile needs to catch their reps up & I just got 2 noobs without a clue. I mean they actually took 2 hours to research with their supervisors before calling me back with the bad news. If I can get a rep to add my last 2 ATT lines & keep my old stuff as long as I want or if they allow MyFaves & wifi calling to be added to the new plans at a reasonable cost then maybe I’ll quit my bitchin. Well, maybe. ;) There is that last bit in that I’d need them to let me increase my plan minutes & still be grandfathered in because there is no way 400 will be enough for 5 lines even with myfaves & wifi calling. That is my own mistake for trying to save a few bucks with a lower plan while waiting the month for my att plan to expire on those last 2 lines but who can fault me because why pay extra for tons of minutes that wouldn’t get used with 3 phones. Especially when I had no clue this was going to go down. I think the fact that T-Mobile didn’t give existing customers notice and a window to make changes irks me the most. Actually it doesn’t seem to fair that existing customers should be locked out of adjusting minutes as need arises but then again we’re back at why they changed the plans in the 1st place. Honestly I don’t understand why they couldn’t keep the old myfaves plans around or at least have them as an addon then it wouldn’t matter. I guess in the end it comes down to you can’t please everybody.

  • Ritchie

    Im still mad and i will still go to Sprint but not yet. Im giving TMobile a chance. Why? Well i just ordered my cliq and i bought it full price so no contract. Ill wait out my 3 lines contract and if i can change my plan to the EM+ w/o extending my contract then i will do that and see how it goes. But starting May i will go to Sprint, if nothing changes or unless i love my cliq…I feel so-so for the new plans but i hope TMo the best no matter what happens…

  • abi

    its funny tmobiles plan is kinda working on news site at least what I mean is that I have gone to news sites with the project dark and a good percent of people leaving comments say they are going to leave AT&T for the new plans tmo has

  • bunch of crap

    This is highly disappointing. AT&T is actually a better deal for me. I need a family plan for 2 but only need data and text for one of the phones. Turns out, it comes out to $95 on AT&T for the lowest family plan, 200 txts, and data. It is $95 for tmobile with lowest family plan + data plan + unlimited txts but no phone subsidy. Not to mention that I can get a student discount with ATT but not with the EM+ plans on tmobile. I hope ATT picks up the HTC HD2.

  • Eh?

    I just got off the phone with a rep to clear up what I can and can’t do with my now “grandfathered” Myfaves 800 family plan. I’m 4 months away from full upgrade and was planning on getting a Mytouch and add a data plan for my line. I was really concerned with all the talk here that when I tried to do that I would have to switch to one of these new plans. I found out today that Sprint offered a 25% discount to Federal employees and I planned on going that route if T-Mo wasn’t going to let me upgrade and keep my plan.

    Anyway the rep told me that they weren’t forcing the plans on anyone and if I wanted to buy a Mytouch and add a data plan it wouldn’t be a problem. So while I had him on the line I asked him how much the phone would cost me right now. To my surprise (and his) I was already eligible for the full discount (149.99). I told him as of 2 days ago the Mytouch was going to cost me around $350 so what’s up with the sudden drop? He wasn’t sure why I was eligible for full discount and made notes on my account to make sure I would get it since I didn’t plan on doing it tonight.

    So if this info helps anyone then great because I really didn’t feel like going to Sprint after being a loyal customer since Voicestream.

  • Gabe

    Just switched from @ loyalty plans to a Even More Plus plan. $35 for each line as a processing fee. going from paying $180.00 down to $140.00. Thats okay with me. I didnt even have to buy out of my contract.

  • Bill48105

    @TMO REP & atmorep
    That is good news & if it is true that eliminates much of my griping. Keep in mind my frustration was based on bad info given my TMobile reps and hopefully others can understand where I’m coming from. I appreciate the input *but* the part you missed is the fact I am 22 days into my contract as a new TMobile customer (Funny that I’m 22 days in & grandfathered) and am now stuck with only 400 minutes forever (unless I change plans & lose myfaves & wifi calling which were the main reasons I changed to tmobile in the 1st place, along with @Home which sounds like is still alive) because I was a cheap arse & figured I’d save some $ for a month while I waited for my ATT contract to expire on my last 2 ATT lines. Anyway the FAIR thing for T-Mobile to do would be to allow a window for existing customers to adjust their grandfathered plans. Or as I said before if they had MyFaves & wifi calling add-ons for the new plans at reasonable costs then I’d go for that too. But as it stands I am in about the worst possible position with these changes because if I was 60 days in I’d already have all 5 lines & had my plan where I want it for my 2 year contract term. Perhaps you TM reps could work your magic & make one of the above happen. :D

    @TMO REP
    I could care less about looking cool by a phone, I have a Shadow for Pete’s sake. lol What I was saying is there are many legitimate reasons to have a smartphone & not have a data package. (How about someone with an iphone instead of ipod touch so they can also make calls instead of carrying 2 devices around. Or someone who syncs their Outlook with their WM phone via USB or BT) Not everyone is connected 24×7. And one main reason I didn’t go to Sprint was that the plans require all lines to pay for data service. You really think my 80 year old grandma who I have on my plan to have a cell phone for emergencies is going to text or get online? Same goes with the TM unlimited calling plans. WTH should I have to pay $40 to add her onto my plan if she never talks more than 10 minutes a month on her cell phone? I understand and agree unlimited plans are nice for many & a good safety net IF you actually use that feature (Heck you see I’m complaining myfaves & wifi calling are gone in the news plans & that’s exactly why) but in the end unlimited is a really bad thing because like I said before it usually causes the entire service to suffer because there will always be the people who abuse it (downloading 10GB of torrents on their cell phone for example) which leads to overselling & overuse because a few people hog the resources that the provider assumes the light users will leave available. (Look at how ATT’s network suffers from iPhone people along with explosion of smartphones use) It is those light users who benefit the least & get the least bang for their buck vs the piggies. :D In the end I would have much rather had TM make extra minutes a reasonable cost (like 10-20% penalty over cost of included minutes) than gone unlimited because in the end that should be the most fair & have the least network issues from abusers. I mean seriously if none of the cell companies raped users on extra minutes or data we wouldn’t need unlimited plans and the networks wouldn’t be so lopsided.

  • Bill48105

    It would be awesome if you did that & T-Mobile bought Sprint like rumored or they merged. LOL Almost the same thing happened to me before. I was on Ameritech & switched to AT&T Wireless. Ameritech became Cingular then later I was forced onto Cingular when they bought AT&T wireless so I unwilling ended up back where I started. To make me laugh even more after changing the name from AT&T to Cingular they turned around & became AT&T again not not until they forced me to get rid of my grandfathered ‘blue’ plan I had for years or they wouldn’t let me add my wife to my family plan. Any of this sound familiar at all to my current situation? Guess everything goes around & comes back & kicks ya in the nards. Over & over again. ;)

  • TMnBK

    I haven’t fully digested everything yet, but here’s kinda where I stand:
    –If you’re moving from one of the big 3 these plans may very well save you a chunk of change.
    –If you’re moving from a MetroPC-type carrier no big savings, but you get to have an adult cell company.
    –If you’re contract phobic or have some credit issues, the EM+ may be just what the doctor ordered.
    –If you’re a technophile and know how to work the phone shopping game, then the EM+ could actually save you real coin… plus not sure yet on this, but it may open a lot of us up to feeling more easy about non-tmo phones on their network (I know there’s still the whole 3g band issue, but…)

    –If you’re a longtime TM customer, and have been paying attention, there’s a high probability you already have a better plan than EM or EM+
    –The roll out on the web was seriously flawed. Pieces of the puzzle that is project dark seemed to come out at different points during the day. And i can easily see how your average consumer could get confused (not junkies like most of us who knew the deal before the announcement — your average consumer) — and I think even for us junkies there’s still some questions we’d like clarified.
    –Handset options are still pretty lame. Don’t know much about the cliq, but the G1, while revolutionary, was ultimately a flop, imho. The touchmyself, doesn’t seem like much more than the G1 sans qwerty keyboard. And still no 3G blackberry (please hurry 9700).
    –where’s the HSPA+?

    All in all, I’m not gonna jump off any buildings based on the announcement, but I’m not gonna jump for joy either. For me it’s just blah…

    Well, that’s just one guy’s take…
    for me it doesn’t make sense to switch. I have the loyalty plan for families and good unlimited data plans ($19.99 BIS on the BB and $10 unlimited data promotion on Gravity 2… not a big texter, but we’re covered there as well for $10 total)

  • control

    I don’t really see why some people are so upset beside Bill because he was in the middle of switching and not done, If you like your grandfathered plan keep it its not going anywhere, if you can get a better deal with the new plans switch, the $35 activation fee would be made up over the course of the next few months. If you already have a phone and have less than a year left on your contract you can go to the even more plus plans and not buy a phone.

  • JJO

    Hey guys, first im one of the few that still love the sidekick. With that, does any one know if i can change to the new plans and keep my unlimited data for 19.99..because then i could get the even more plus 500 for 29.00 and unlimited data, and text for 19.99 for a total of 50 bucks…sweet deal..i called twice and once rep said yes…and one said no…so what’s the story…thanks

  • onwaitinglist

    What? No hot-spot calling plan any more?!!! TMo, what are you thinking???

  • control

    @JJO im gunna go with no there, because I believe what they are going to have to do is move you to a new plan so you will lose everything that is grandfathered on at the moment, like your data plan

  • Alex

    Does the Unlimited Data count for the BB internet too?
    My father uses it but it costs an extra $20.

    So it would be cheaper for us to change over if it included my G1 AND his BB.
    If not, then it would be better to not change plans…

  • LoyalTmoCustomer

    When it comes to the other 3 companies, their pricing is extremely ridiculous. NONE of these companies would DARE to match these prices of Project Dark because they would lose too much money. Do you think Verizon would want to match an Unlimited everything for Data phone for $80 with NO CONTRACT when they make almost double on a monthly basis while your LOCKED into a contract? How about ATT offering the same for an iphone when they cheapest iphone plan is like $130 for a crappy amount of minutes and so-so 3G service?

    This is a game changer because these other companies are perfectly fine taking your money. Now if they have to match this new offering from Tmo who wins? That’s right CUSTOMERS! And I don’t know about you but when you split up a $500 phone over 20 months that breaks down to $25/month extra on your bill. How is that bad? The number one thing customers complain about in ANY cell phone service is that they HATE being locked into a contract. They dread the whole upgrade process because they know it means leasing your soul for another 2 years to said cell phone company.

    T-Mobile has had 3G for LESS THAN ONE YEAR and has made VERY effective strides in rolling it out to the rest of the country. So keep complaining because its actually getting better test results than the other companies (Google it)

    Think about this, if you owned a business, would you order 1000 units @ $300-400 a pop if you knew 3 people would buy it? Now I would love to see an N900 and think Project Black is a step towards Tmo getting all those devices that we crave since customers will pay to get them (you would have bought it unlocked anyway right?)

    If you don’t like this, go to your local store buy a bottle put it in your mouth and shut the hell up you big baby!

    Keep it coming Tmo! Show me what’s next!!

  • spence

    after comparing what i have now with the new Even More Family I would actually end up saving a 10 bucks. I’m eligible for an upgrade, does anyone know if the $18 upgrade fee applies to the new plans, or would I have to shell out $35 per line again?

  • Tripleig

    OK, so this morning here in Beautiful Hawaii, I went to the t-mobile kiosk as it opened and here is what I was able to get done…

    Plan I had was Unlimited Talk and Unlimited text family plan, 3 lines, monthly charge about 200 before tax. I had about 15 months left on my contract.

    I haven’t been using may talk minutes, but teenager on the 3rd line loves texting (sends over 5K per month normally), and wanted to get smartphones for the wife and me, really like web useage, facebook, twitter and such.

    So T-mobile reps there switched us to Even More + plan for families, 1500 talk text web, with 3 new phones (a Mytouch, a G1, and a gravity 2 for the teen) with the 20 month payment plan for all 3. paid the total of 50 buck for down payments on the phones, total tax on the phones out the door today was less than 100 dollars.

    Monthly charge with all the phone payments included 180 bucks.

    Only additional charges to my account was 35 dollar fees to transition the first 2 lines over. 3rd line was free. Only stipulation I was told was I still had to continue to the end of my current contract.

    Over 365 left, no early term 200 fee, no hassle, though they were a little slow, but we were thier first people of the day, new program, so gotta cut em a little slack.

    Over all pretty happy about the process, and being able to get smartphones, a decent rate for the goodies I want, without having to extend or get a new contract, or having to cancel the current one and pay term fees. Not too much to complain about.

    if you are really upset, try going into a store and see what they will do for you, you may be pleasantly surprised, and may save money. They will take the time to work it all out for you.

  • control

    @Alex yes the data includes BB and G1 plan

    @spence it is a $35 migration fee, there is no upgrade fee

    anyone know the cost of adding a line to the family plan with even more plus talk + text? every time I look at it on tmo’s website it changes, it was $5 earlier then went to $15 and is now down to $10


    I understand your frustration, being stuck kinda in the middle of your switching process, not much I can say there, however in regards to your emergency line, if you are on the unlimited plan, the $40 for additional lines is just if you want unlimited on those as well. For only $10 more you can have that extra line with just 200 mins. Hopefully that helps you out a little, but I would definitely recommend going into a store and talking with someone face to face with the plans in front of you, they may be able to help you get a plan that suits you, AND saves you money. You may not, but you never know until you check, remember we all had training on these plans and know a lot more about how they work.

  • TravMobile

    So does switching from a current contracted plan to Even More Plus effectively get you out of contract without an ETF?

  • control

    @TravMobile yes and no, if your contract as more than 365 days on it you have to pay ETF if it has less than 365 you have to pay a $35 migration fee

  • iivit

    This is a terrible deal for Family Plan Customers with more than 2 smartphones.

    Just a simple comparison between T-Mobile and Sprint (based on the pricing on and

    T-Mobile Even More Plus Family: Talk + Text + Web (No Contract)
    5 lines with a myTouch 3g
    1500 Minutes
    Unlimited Text
    Unlimited Mobile to Mobile (T-Mobile Only)
    Unlimited Data for first 2 lines.
    Unlimited Nights (starting @ 9) and Weekends
    Phone Price: 499 x 5 (plus 8% sales tax) = 2,695
    Activation Fee: 175.00
    Plan Price: 119.99 + 15 for additional lines + 75 for data on lines 3-5 = 209.99 + tax
    Total Average Monthly Cost for 20 Months of Service: 353.49 per month

    Sprint Everything Data Family with Any Mobile (2 year contract)
    5 lines with an HTC Hero
    1500 Minutes
    Unlimited Text
    Unlimited Mobile to Mobile (Any Network)
    Unlimited Data for All Lines.
    Unlimited Nights (starting @ 7) and Weekends
    Phone Price: 179 x 5 (plus 8% sales tax) = 966.60
    Activation Fee: None
    Plan Price: 129.99 + 60 for additional lines = 189.99 + tax
    Total Average Monthly Cost for 20 Months of Service: 238.32 per month

    WOW! We are talking a savings of $115 a MONTH! Thats $2300 over 20 months! Plus, you get unlimited calling to ANY mobile phone. For me, that is pretty much like having unlimited calling. I rarely call a landline.

    Just for kicks, I’ll throw in Sprint’s Employee Referral Pricing…

    Sprint Everything Plus Data Family with Any Mobile (2 year contract)
    5 lines with an HTC Hero
    1600 Minutes
    Unlimited Text
    Unlimited Mobile to Mobile (Any Network)
    Unlimited Data for All Lines.
    Unlimited Nights (starting @ 7) and Weekends
    Phone Price: 179 x 5 (plus 8% sales tax) = 966.60
    Activation Fee: None
    Plan Price: 119.99 + 45 for additional lines = 154.99 + tax
    Total Average Monthly Cost for 20 Months of Service: 203.32 per month

    Thats a savings of $150 per MONTH over T-Mobile. After 20 months, that comes out to just over $3000!

    Even More Plus??? Sounds like Even More money for T-Mobile!

    I have been a T-Mobile customer since 1997. Thats 12 years. I remember when they were Powertel! I worked for T-Mobile retail from 2003 to 2006, and I know a little bit about how these guys think. Ever since Deutsche Telekom (DT) came in, there has been a sort of culture clash going on internally. VoiceStream was, for all intents and purposes, a pretty laidback company. They had really good prices, but a limited network and limited phone selection. DT came in and couldn’t decide if it wanted T-Mobile USA to be a value leader, or a premium provider (i.e Verizon). For the most part, prices remained the lowest in the business, but, slowly, upper management began to think of themselves as if they were in the same league as Verizon and AT&T (then Cingular). This arrogance all without investing in the network required to deserve such comparisons. T-Mobile slowly began losing its value edge, and started to nickel and dime customers just like the big two (2 year contracts, upgrade fees, increased text charges, etc).

    Sadly, I think this lame new pricing scheme is the final culmination of the DT culture infusion. The old value philosophy of VoiceStream/Powertell has finally been purged from T-Mobile USA. Sad day.

    Thing is, they really do believe that they can somehow market this in a way that will boost them above Sprint. The people I feel most sorry for are the poor reps that have to go out and sell this stuff. :-( Sure, some of the individual plans are relatively competitive, but the smartphone plans (especially family plans, as shown above) are just dumbfounding.

    Epic Fail T-Mobile

  • Janae

    So… cool points, if you haven’t changed your plan on or after 10/25/2009 you can change to em+ w/o the etf no matter where your contract is, you just need to ride it out. These new plans will take a minute for us t-mo reps to get used to, but after working with them all day, I feel that they will be pretty cool. Give it a couple weeks for us to get all the kinks worked out and all the reps used to it, and we will be pros on these calls. I knowa lot of people will miss the myfaves, but with unlimited this cheap, no real worries. you still get unl t-mo to t-mo & nights & weekends on the minute plans, and some of these plans are only $5 to add a line. There’s a lot more to it than you see from the outside and we will always work on right-fitting you on the best plan, even if you call every month to change things :) C’mon. JD power 9x for best in wireless customer service, you know we will take care of you!

  • sprinter

    you are correct iivt…that is where the plans suck…the add a lines on the family plans. if you are a single unlimited line you are basically getting the same price as Sprint if you go with contract…lower if you want to pay for the phone. No big deal either way, and it comes down to phones and coverage.

    Where it really sucks in in the family plan…you have to pay a huge fee to add data to additional lines beyond the first 2. Sprint does not do this…20 bucks adds a line and unlimited data and text…for tmobile it is anyway from 5 to 25 to add a line depending if it is unlimited…plus, and this is the kicker!! Another 25 bucks for android web service.

    Drove by three T mobile stores yesterday as I was out and about….all of them were relatively empty. This is so obviously not game changing or major…you guys can be Tmobile fanboys all you want, but there is no way in hell this move Tmobile anywhere number 3. don’t think it will hurt them..just do nothing. Do you guys think any of the majors will even bother responding to this…if you are Sprint what do you do….raise your prices to match probably!!

  • Bill48105

    @TMO REP
    Thanks for the info. Perhaps the reps should have told me about the 200 min addon thing. I looked around & it seems it’s $15/m not $10/m which is a ripoff compared to $9.99/m before sharing tons of pooled minutes. Let me guess, t-mobile bends me over charging $0.45/minute if my grandma butt dials & leaves it connected & I go over the 200 minutes? And you are right that would be good for someone like my grandma who never uses it but my mom’s line (who is also on my family plan) get about 300 minutes per month. So $15 + $0.45 x 100 = $60 for my ma’s line. RIPOFF. Maybe you are right, I need to drive the 30 miles to the nearest tmobile store and talk to them face to face but then again I shouldn’t have to as the reps on the phone should be able to handle my situation. ;)

    Any idea what the logic was behind eliminating wifi calling & myfaves? I mean was it just to strong arm people into the higher priced unlimited plans? Wifi calling offloads traffic from the cell towers so that should stay for sure. And without a femtocell box available T-Mobile is shooting themselves in the foot since all the other carriers have them & TMO has like the worst coverage of them all, ESPECIALLY 3G. Myfaves still likely uses cell towers but many people have m2m people in their faves so that saves TMO.

    I don’t want to seem like a whiny lil biatch. It seems these new plans could save INDIVIDUALS a lot of money especially if they talked+txt a lot & have smartphone/crackberry plans. But for some, these new plans suck donkey ballz ESPECIALLY those of us in a family plan with a mix of usage. That’s where the a-la-cart stuff fits much better than the all-you-can eat. The sad thing is you need to sit down & make a spreadsheet to compare these plans & it shouldn’t be that damned complicated! lol

  • rushmore

    All of the confusion here is due to pi$$ poor training for the roll-out. The rep I spoke to did not have a very good understanding of the plans nor could compare to my current plan. I felt bad for him, since I could appreciate the frustration he was having and also having to deal with customers frustrations.

  • Bill48105

    Yeah I hear you there, I talked to 2 such reps. They were trying but obviously gave me bad info if I can add lines still. Although not being able to change my minutes without going to the new plans pisses me off immensely. Still trying to figure out wth they wouldn’t just keep the old plans available for awhile. I mean they wouldn’t have to advertise them as being available but the reps should be able to let people make needed changes. I mean I spent HOURS on the phone with tmobile customer service people going over with a fine toothed comb everything about the then-current plans to make sure it was going to work for us over at least our 2 year contract. I think that part gets my goat the most. I was told repeatedly that I could change my plan at any time to higher or lower minutes without extending my contract. Here I am now 23 days into my contract (hell my vonage line is just now due to port over TODAY if that gives you an idea of how recently I signed up) & I am stuck with 400 minutes for 5 people unless I go with the new plans. Again, as a minimum they should let people in contract change between the old plans. Or a-la-cart things on the new plans so I can make at least the same deal I got now. At this point I’ll keep calling in until someone will let me know the changes I need that I can (hopefully) live with over the next 2 years otherwise I’ll file a complain with the FCC @ I did that recently when Comcast tried to bill be for 3 months after I canceled service which was like $230. Within a day of filing Comcast was on the phone kissing arse, saying the reps I talked to were mistaken and that I’d have a $0 balance. They begged for me to tell the FCC everything was OK when they called back for a follow up, which I did. A few years ago I filed a complaint when Cingualar was trying to force me to change to their new plans (1/2 the minutes, more money & lose free incoming texting) in order to add my wife onto my family plan. I mean come on, it’s a joke when my own wife can’t be put on the plan & we are forced to have separate phone accounts. After filing some VP @ the former ATT was on the phone kissing arse & eventually they let me merge our accounts to add my wife to our account. So that is a last resort but something I will do if needed. Hopefully TMobile sees the light before that is needed.

  • Bill48105

    Btw I just found out @Home service is now $15/m on the Even More plans so a $5/m jump on that from the old plans. (Still $10/m on Plus plans) I guess TMobile doesn’t appreciate people doin @Home/UMA & cutting back cell tower traffic.

  • RWWackoStu

    Ok, I am just catching up today after not seeing this since 12:00 yesterday, and it seems like I missed something. No more WIFI calling over UMA? WTF? How is my Berry still picking up the UMA off my wireless router? Can someone with more tech skills than me explain this to me? I didn’t switch, yet. I still have my grandfathered plan. (59.99 family 700 + 2 4.99 texting No data. Cant justify the cost yet). If I change to EM+ will I lose the availability to use UMA/WIFI? The one of the reasons I am still with TMO is because even though I am in a low signal pocket, I can call WIFI from home with UMA on my wireless. IF I lose that ability, I cant stay with TMO because I have no bars at home, but go four blocks in any direction, its full bars. Go figure!

    @Bob, I am one of the people who have a smartphone with no data, for reasons listed above. I cant justify the additional costs yet. and to be honest, EM+ kinda worries me. I guess I really need a TMO rep who is on top of these plans to walk me through them to see if I can be better off.

  • atmorep

    You can still use the wi-fi functionality of the phone for uma calling. There is just no more unlimited hotspot calling feature on the new plans.

  • Bill48105

    UMA still works, just no $9.99 unlimited addon. You either use your plan minutes (m2m n&w stuff still applies) or be on an unlimited calling plan & it doesn’t matter anyway. (Big ol’ F-U from Tmobile for saving them cell tower usage unless you’re already on unlimited plan)

    LOL here’s a good one. Seems having 1 @Home line can be MORE than a cell even with unlimited calling!

    (All Even More Plus Unlimited Family straight from TMobile’s site)
    5 cell phones unlimited calling

    4 cell lines unlimited calling + @Home (Started with @Home & added 4 cell phones)
    (Shows as Even More Plus T-Mobile @Home $10.00 per month as 1st line)

    4 cell lines unlimited calling + @Home (started with 5 cells, removed 1 & added @Home adapter)
    (Shows up as Add a line charge $25.00/m as last line)

    So, in other words, as a special “Thanks” from T-Mobile for using our internet connection & saving them cell tower usage they either charge you $10 MORE per month than if you just had a cell or cut you a break of $10/m. File that under WHAT THE HECK! I suspect there is an issue with the site after all the changes but in the end it is still screwy because IMO @Home service certainly should be cheaper than cell service if you’re using your own internet & not TMobile towers.. Heck I think TMobile should give it free to people on high enough plans so they can lower cell tower traffic. :D

  • Sean L

    I switched back to T-Mo last week when I saw that wal-mart had the G1s for 48 bucks. I got two and a new family plan so my bill in total was going to be $140+. I saw the new rate plans and opened a chat session through Tmo’s website and they switched me to an Even More Plus plan without charging me the 200 ETF.

    They did talk about charging the 35 per line but I asked if they could waive those because I just switched last week. The guy checked on it and sure enough, he waived my fees!

    My bill is now the EM+ 1500 with unlim data/text with two G1s.

    The only caveat here is that I was a previous Tmo customer 2 years ago, and they recognized that when I started the chat.

    So to summarize:

    New customer (more than year on contract)
    Started Tmo livechat
    35 dollar migration fees per line
    No ETF
    Possibility to waive migration fees if you ask.

    Hope this helps!

  • Sean


  • matthew

    Do you really have to add data 3rd line? The way I read it is that you would only need to add a data plan separately if you did not get the Talk + Text + Web plan to begin with.

  • Tim

    My biggest issue with the even more plus plan is the no contract pricing. I have the iPhone with AT&T now and I would seriously consider switching to the even more plus unlimited plan but their no contract pricing is ridiculous. $399 for the mytouch? Please…If I want the unsubsidized pricing for $150 the $99 umlimited plan is not very good and I would never switch for that price. I can’t imagine what the no contract price will be for the HTC HD2. T-Mobile had a decent chance for me to switch but they blew it. It looks like they will be stuck as a “B” player in the industry. It’s too bad because I would love for them to beat the big 3 so everybody wins.

  • Wicked1

    Yeah, people do need to calm down, you don’t have to change plans. You can keep your old plan, which was already cheaper than the other 3 major carriers, only switch if the new plans work for you , with what you want. I’ll be happy paying $72 a month for 1000 whenever, unlimited nights, weekends, texts and webs, on my new Cliq for the next 2 years. It’s a good deal to me, and its not more than I’m willing to pay, so I’m cool.

    These new plans were designed to pull customers away from other companies, and they will do that, because they are better plans than the other companies. But in order to steal customers T Mobile still need to have phones that people want, are comparable to other popular phones, or are exclusive to only T Mobile. T Mobile will steal business people because they have all the Crackberries you can imagine, hahaha. And when the N900 comes out, if it is indeed coming to T Mobile will bring another flood of customers, who have been waiting for the phone. All the people who were T Mobile customers before now can keep their old plans if they want to, you don’t have to change plans, even when you upgrade your phone, so calm down.

  • Bill48105

    TMobile shouldn’t make existing customers be stuck with the plan they were on at the point they flipped the switch in order to keep their existing features (myfaves, wifi calling) To me that is crap. If they are really concerned about their customers & saving them $ there is no reason they couldn’t keep the old plans on the back burner for the people who can benefit from them. They don’t need to advertise them but reps should be allowed to manually change stuff if needed. I was promised by numerous tmobile reps that I could change my plan at any time & not be penalized but here I am less than a month in & I can’t change unless I either pay $35/line fees to go to Even More or pay $200/line fees to do More Plus. To me that is unfair & warrants a complaint being filed with the FCC. Then maybe TMobile will wake up & do the right thing. (I can’t say this enough, the new plans are very good for many people especially smartphone users who talk/txt a lot & have those outrageously priced data plans with any carrier (not just TMobile) but for some, especially those on family plans with a mix of users where vary in voice/txt/data usage these new plans suck. Like I said in my earlier post I’d be looking at $175 in fees to switch & $100/more MORE for something comparible to my existing plan. Which I’d live with if it wasn’t for me being mid-move to TMobile & stuck with only 400 minutes to share between 5 lines..)

  • Wicked1

    @Bill48105 I understand where you are coming from, but this is business. Of course you can’t change to a different old plan, they don’t exist anymore, they are discontinued. It’s the same way with phones, when a new version of a phone comes out, the previous version isn’t sold anymore. They are doing the customers a favor by grandfathering our plans, and not making us have to switch to the new plans. I don’t know what to tell you, either stick it out til your contract is up and go elsewhere or rejoin T Mobile as a new customer, or call customer care or go into a store and try to talk your way into a better plan or out of the fees. From my understanding I though existing customers didn’t have to pay a fee to switch to the new plans. I’m sorry for your predicament.

  • watbetch

    Who pays retail price for a phone when they could very easily get themselves the device for much cheaper? I mean really COME on people. I can get a MT3G for $300 easily

  • Krakenbound

    Go price a package out from scratch using a Blackberry device. Add $40 for BIS + Web makes this almost twice the price of a Sprint package.

  • Wicked1

    @watbetch you can get 1 for cheaper than that if you know where to look, hahaha. And I don’t know who pays full retail price for a phone, I never have

  • Bill48105

    Thanks for the understanding. The issue I have is the plans DO exist otherwise how could people be grandfathered in. ;) I mean seriously what does TMobile lose by letting people change between minutes on their old plan? I know my predicament probably isn’t common but let’s say you are happy being grandfathered in with what you have now & 6 months from now you get married & want to add your wife in. Ok supposedly they’ll let you do that but you can not add more minutes for her, you’re stuck with the # of minutes you had unless you change to one of the new plans. Depending on your circumstances that could cost $100/month more as shown my my situation. Anyway it boils down to choices and as of yesterday my choices have been changed outside my control even though the tmobile reps promised me I could change # of minutes any time without a problem but now it IS a problem & TMobile doesn’t want to do anything about it other than suggest I pay the $1000 in fees for 23 days worth of service, sell the new phones we got on ebay & go back to AT&T. (Yes I was told that) Anyway, I’m mostly just venting my frustrations in here hoping that TMobile will take notice & reconsider their grandfathered restrictions. Either allow people to change # of minutes & keep everything else the same, give MyFaves & unlimited wifi-calling add-ons for a reasonable monthly fee, or let me cancel my 23 day old contract without fees so I can put everything back the way it was. Either way I’d be happy.

  • daniel

    30014 says

    @Dan…how about the droid, the iphone, and the n900. And don’t give me that bullshit about switching carriers. Phone selection has always been tmo’s weak point. U can’t advertise “the handsets u crave” and then not actually offer any.

    i was under the impression that droid wasn’t a phone just a series of phones with android on them for Verizon….. Also the N900 is suppose to come to t- mobile(rumors) i dont hear any rumors of it going to any other carrier, but i seriously doubt it will be the greatest thing since sliced bread… u people on here r crazy u just want something to complain about! i dont see anyone making you change ur old plans to new plans, and everyone is complaining about that they want a contract al of a sudden to get a phone cheaper, i bet you r the same people who bitch about taking a 2 year contract when you come and buy a phone from me. lol the grass is always greener on the other side lol u guys r a joke

  • pecoy

    i dont get it..

    i choose the even more plus 500 with text and data for 59.99

    and a g1 and at check out it still wants to add an extra $40 for data..WTF! the plan already says it has text and WEB..whats wrong?

  • Mr. Stacy R. Parr
  • Queen

    With BOTH plans, it seems that TMO wants you to stay with them for TWO years.

    Even More (2 year contract req)
    Even More Plus (20 month phone payment plan)

    I prefer ONE year contracts with the discounted NEW phone price.

    So how are these plans benefiting me???

  • Brandon

    I lef tmobile sunday and joined sprint. I am so happy with the service that I get, plus the full 3g service. I think Tmobile has just sealed their fate and r going 2 lose alot of customers by the summer of 2010.