Project Dark Is A Go!


After all the speculating, “Project Dark” is officially a go. The pricing is up on the T-Mobile website and it is exactly what we hoped feared. At first glance I’m not seeing any changes whatsoever from all the leaks, which may be a good thing or a bad thing, I don’t know if anyone can really make that determination yet. Marketing is of course going to be the key factor here and we look forward to whatever T-Mobile brings to the table as they ramp up advertisements to the rumored tune of 40% this holiday season. Regardless of whatever marketing may come, we’re still super happy to see a new standard in the wireless industry with a no contract offering. It’s about time that the European style way of doing business made it over to US shores. Love it or hate it, it works quite well everywhere else in the world. So without further ado, we present to you, Project Dark. Time will tell today, as it’s just barely 9am in South Florida, if there are any more surprises in store–handsets, 3G, 4G or otherwise. We aren’t holding out hope for anything but we do love surprises!



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  • sprinter

    Oh my god does this suck. Just checked out a family plan with 4 phones all with unlimited web, using the plus plans. I would have to pay 179.00 a month AFTER forking over at least a grand extra upfront for the phones!! For 169.00 I can get sprint with the same minutes and get a phone subsidy!! Not only that but sprint will give me free mobile calling to anyone and they even give me a version of the five!! I really enjoyed reading this blog, and the guys on it…but sorry I am running back to sprint!!

  • Florence

    Well, if the phones are NOT unlocked, why would I buy them at the retail price from T-mo and not from lets say e-bay, best buy or the manufacturer? Only for the monthly break down? Credit cards have monthly payments,with a little extra interest, but still, those new plans sucks big time comparing with the old ones.
    Personally, I don’t think that people will run from other carriers to get a discount of few bucks from their carriers only to get lame phones at T-mo and a very small 3G network. Really, you have to do MUCH better than this, T-mo, to surpass Sprint or anybody else for that matter!

  • J-Hop2o6

    i don’t see why they threw out myFav’s for non unlimited minute users.. wasn’t tmo the first ones to do something like that?

  • J-Hop2o6

    yea i see they’re tryin to attract the other Big 3 customers mainly.. but the only way i see to get them pouring in quick is to:
    1.) EXPAND COVERAGE. Isn’t DE concerned about tmousa? Tmousa should ask for more money to add more towers (and to buy out some regional company’s).. thats the main bad rep that tmousa gets, so ppl don’t really want to deal with that (unless they don’t travel, or stay in Big Cities)
    2.) the iPHONE.. i don’t care for it, but it has 1M+ followers, and im sure alot would switch from AT&T to get some relief on their monthly bills.. hopefully tmousa would officially pick this up w/ AWS (since AT&T contract is up next year and ppl are saying Apple won’t make a CDMA version).. and since we’re bumpin up to HSPA+ really soon (Baltimore is already HSPA+), we don’t really have to worry about the towers being bogged down (hopefully they add more towers tho)..
    3.) More PREMIUM phones.. this is the 2nd main reason tmousa has a bad rep. It always seems like we’re the last one to bump up to the next tech (Wing?), but we start off as the test drive company in new products; like the G1, that aren’t as powerful as they should. Atleast we are RUMORED to get the HTC HD2 Q1/2010.. Now THATS a premium phone.. we just need to keep puttin out more at a faster pace.. hopefully 2010 would turn around for tmousa.

    it seems like im missing some more.. but those reason above should hit tmousa in the head to WAKE UP, if they want to bump up past atleast Sprint (since they keep declining in customers).. they already started off so far with the announcement in the new rate plans (aimed more towards new customers), the announced HSPA+ plans and launch in their first HSPA+ (3.75G) city of Baltimore, and the RUMORED HTC HD2 (w/ “tv & movies at your fingertips? hmm)

    what do u guys think tmousa should do to gain more customers and to pass Sprint and receive the #3 spot?

  • jdog

    Just switched this morning I went from $80 to $64 a month and thats with taxes. I got 500minutes + mobile to mobile, unlimited web, unlimited messages! I used to have only 400 messages so this is great for me. This is also good because most of the people I talk to are on T-mobile so I won’t really be using any minutes. Oh and now I’m not on contract so I can leave T-mobile any time without having to pay any stupid termination fee

  • jdog

    Just in case people were wondering I have a Mytouch so these plan work on dumb and smart phones

  • Ricardo

    Family Plan Family Plan
    3500 minutes Unlimited
    Family Text Family Text
    1 Phone with Data 1 Phone with Data
    5 lines 5 lines
    294.00 294.00*
    These two plans look the same but what is this……….^?
    That is the 35 dollar activation fee (which may be for each individual line)
    And this > :(? Thats this pissed off t-mobile customer looking at Sprint’s Htc Hero with envy, also wondering where are these alleged phones we crave?

  • maxxcooner

    As we all start to migrate from voice to text and web apps, TMO decides to gut punch us on the pricing of text and web. I mean really!! from unlimited bis for 20 bucks and 400 Msgs for 4.99 to unlimited for 40 that’s a 15 dollar increase period. And if the statement on no “free” uma calling is correct I am doubly pissed. So I use my equipment to keep traffic off their towers and now they count against my pool of minutes? Wow I hope they have enough all they can eat folks switching because these new plans scream. CHURN! This whole plan intro with no “amazing” phones to back it up says lots of suits in lots of meaningless meetings equals a halfhearted rollout. I feel that if they had waited for phones we truely crave they might have a shot, like htc hd2 n900 or a suprise tmo droid. This project dark has me lookin around more than making me think of loyalty. Sprint can suck it!! They are just horible on upgrade prices etc. Etc. But seeing how I am still sans 3g with tmo, at&t and verizon will be getting serious looks. O and the android add on is 35 bucks now humphh.

  • Torben

    Florence says:
    October 25, 2009 at 4:12 pm
    Well, if the phones are NOT unlocked, why would I buy them at the retail price from T-mo and not from lets say e-bay, best buy or the manufacturer?

    does anything say you can’t buy a phone elsewhere?
    tmo does unlock phones for free currently…no?

  • I don’t get it

    again…..if you pay full price for a phone you can get it unlocked.

  • Bill48105

    This is arse rape for me. Our contract ended on ATT & figured we’d look around to see what was available. Unlimited calling on @Home for $9.99/month and unlimited WiFi calling for ENTIRE family for $9.99/month added on to a $79.99/month 700 minute plan plus $9.99/month Shadow unlimited on 2 lines looked like it’d save us a ton if we moved our 4 ATT lines over and moved my $17/month vonage line too. We wanted to do it in stages so we signed up for 3 lines of T-mobile a few weeks ago to test it out. @Home call quality rocks. WiFi UMA calling is very good. T-Mobile coverage here is decent, certainly not as good as AT&T and forget about 3G on T-Mobile but we’re not big data people anyway so EDGE is fine. Anyhow started out on cheapest family plan figuring we’d increase it once we added the other 3 lines next month. Go to log into T-Mobile site & see the new plans & get excited cuz they seem cheaper at 1st. Then it hits me. What the hell, NO MyFaves!! We really need that to survive on a lower minute plan. Then I see NO UMA WiFi calling!! We REALLY need that since I work from home & that makes it so I use virtually no minutes unless I’m away & even then I can usually find WiFi to get my ‘free’ calls. I called T-Mobile customer support in a panic & they confirmed what I feared: I was either stuck mid-move with only 3 of my lines on the lowest plan & NEVER be able to add another line *or* I could cancel my new 22 day old contract & pay $200 per line early termination charges *or* I could switch to one of the new plans & add our other 2 lines. Without MyFaves or WiFi calling we essentially need one of the unlimited plans so I ask her to price it for me. $229/month before taxes/fees! Vs $119/month on our current myfaves!! Sure you can’t compare the 2 side by side for many people but for US the new plans are a major ripoff and we might eat the $600 in early termination fees to move back to AT&T. ;(
    Here are tables to show our different scenarios: (All before taxes/fees to make it easier to compare)
    Before with ATT & Vonage:
    $80 1400 rollover plan
    $29.97 for 3 additional lines
    $15 unlimited data on 1 line
    $17.99 500 minute vonage plan (unlimited incoming, vonage & toll free calling)

    After with tmobile myfaves before plan changes:
    $69.99 400 minutes (we barely need any minutes because of myfave & wifi calling)
    $29.97 for 3 additional lines (1 is @home with unlimited calling)
    $19.98 for unlimited Shadow data on *2* lines
    $9.99 unlimited wifi calling for entire family
    $129.93 ($13.03 savings over ATT + vonage *but* unlimited calling where I am most and my wife finally gets data which would have been $15 more on ATT)

    New tmobile unlimited plan: (We want unlimited on 2 of the lines. 3rd uses about 500/m. 4th uses about 100 and 5th is for emergencies & never gets used)
    $99 for unlimited
    $120 for 3 additional lines @ $40 each
    $20 for unlimited Shadow data on 2 lines
    $239 or over $100 more per month than our current plan!

    You wonder why we should be so upset with the changes? Well we only got 3 of our lines moved over before this & now T-Mobile wants to make us change plans (and pay $35/line fee) in order to add our other 2 lines! Now we could go to the 1500 plan & watch out minutes but it’s $119.99/month and we might as well have stuck with ATT & at least had rollover as a buffer to avoid paying the outrageous $0.45/minute overage fee.

    Anyhow, I hope T-Mobile wakes up & lets those of us grandfathered in make reasonable changes (especially us considering we’re only 22 days into our contract) OR add myfaves & uma options for the new plans OR let us the hell out of our new contract so we can go back to AT&T!

  • Moblow55

    I think the plans look good to new customers. Us Tmo users dont like them because we have better deals.
    Eventually, our old plans are gonna go away and we’ll have to switch over to these.

    Tmo is trying to get to 3rd place by picking up the Metro and Boost people. Thats how they are going to get more customers.

    By the way, these plans BLOW!!!

  • Derek Deulus

    Well…I have to say, the new pricing plans are quite the cluster-f. First of all I don’t understand why they wen to such a simple pricing plan not allowing any customization at all. BOO! American’s want to be able to pick and choose. I have t-mobiles promo plan of 1000 min with unlimited n/w for 39.99 with 1000 txts for 9.99. My now “grandfathered” plan kicks all the new plans asses. My gripe now, is that because i’m in a grandfathered plan, i can’t change anything. I normally like to switch my txts due to how many girls im talking to, but now i can’t.
    I originally joined t-mobile for the sidekick, and stayed for the cust service, but now that the sidekick is dead, and i can’t do anything plan wise, i think i will be going back to Verizon. If i’m going to pay around the same amount i might as well go for the better coverage and and options over at VW. Word is they are going to get the pre soon…. Thanks T-Mobile, it was a good run…

  • beast220

    well, i did my switch earlier this morning and saved myself $30 a month. i previously had the unlimited loyalty plan for family, unlimited text for families, and blackberry web on both my phones for a total of around $180. changed to unlimited evertyhing on the even more plus for families for $139, $150 with taxes. and yes my blackberry is included in that price, there is no additional fee for blackberry on the even more plus plans. whatever phone you have, the web is included in that price. Me and the wife will be upgrading to the Cliq, and the price will be the same i was told today.

  • toxicpy

    T Mobile just killed an account for me! I am leaving! The plans are stupid, I was out of my contract, now if I want to use my subsidy, I have to pay the higher price for the plan! WTF!

    Thanks alot for being loyal to your customers

  • Ben

    The new plans will save me just shy of $20/month which makes me very happy.
    I’m on Flexpay myFaves 300 with unlimited data and texts right now and will be switching to the 500 unlimited data and texts when my next billing cycle starts. The extra 200 minutes will easily make up for not having myFaves anymore and even if I had to go to 1500 minutes it would still save me money.

  • yor PAPPI

    WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF wow what is TMO thinkn just as i thought TMO jus F…KD UP why all this change on plans . This wkend i spoke to a TMO rep. And they told me over a 2 yr period i would save hundreds of dollars dont see ware then pay full price for these lame ass phones WTF TMO like i said b4 ur gonna loose alot of customers. I dont know how long this project crap has bin inda works but go back inda lab an fix this crap for yor sake , all the other carriers are just laughing their heads off how stupid are the repps @ TMO realy

  • control

    @Derek the even more plus plan for $49.99 with 1000 minutes and unlimited text would be better than yours

  • zapote21

    I have 4 lines. Been with TMO for 10 years…
    Previous: 1800 min, unl txt for fams, data on 2 lines = Around 200/mo
    Now: 1500 min, unl txt and data for fams, 2 addl lines w/ unl txt = Around 130/mo

    How is this bad? I love it!!!

  • bucksnpucks18

    Well, this was certainly unpleasant; TMobile is anticlimactic as always . These plans only cater to new customers while everyone with grandfathered plans get better deals and will eventually move to the new ones. There better be some earth-shattering phones and better coverage coming soon.

    @ Derek Deulus: nobody cares that you switch your texts to talk to mom and grandma.

  • zapote21

    @ pappi

    I just checked the other carriers (who you say are laughing)
    For the 130/mo I am paying with even more Plus:

    210 on ATT
    200+ on Sprint
    250+ on Verizon

    Yeah… Im SURE they are laughing…LOL

  • Erin

    I hate how they charge so much for data when they don’t have 3G in a lot of areas yet. “Nationwide 3g network”? Yeah right.

  • Mr. Stacy R. Parr

    I just went to the TMO site, and it said that all new plans include:
    Nationwide 3G network
    FREE nationwide T-Mobile to T-Mobile calling
    FREE Nights and Weekends
    Whenever Minutes® you can use whenever
    So, anyone who’s concerned about MyFaves going away, if your faves were other TMO customers, you’ve got no worries.

    To TMO Employees: Were these rate plans what you had to sign non-disclosure agreements about, or is there more info to come? Thanks.

  • rockerolla


    Not to mention “Phones that will make people jealous” ;)

  • bee

    Just wondering, how does the unlimited web plan work? I have a Blackberry and was wondering if the unlimited web service was equivalent to the BIS service and would allow me to use Blackberry branded services such as Blackberry messenger, etc. Thanks

  • control

    The plans are good for some people, I just want to wait till after I have less than a year left on my contract to make the switch

    Now I have
    500 minutes for families $49.99
    Unlimited text for familtes $9.99
    3 additional lines $30.00
    data for one phone $25.00
    Total : $115

    With the Even more Plus plan you get
    750 minutes
    Unimited text
    3 additional lines
    and data for one phone for

    Saves me $5 a month and get more minutes, but I have to wait until December when my contract falls under 365 days left

  • sprinter

    Zapote….more details…I can’t believe the pricing is higher on sprint. is this a family plan? what are you counting…remember sprints plan includes unlimited data on all phones not just the first two…Tmobile charges a fortune for data on phones 3 and 4…also sprints price includes a phone subsidy. I figure about 10 bucks a month for the subsidy.

  • Wicked1

    Yeah, I didn’t like the new plans when they were leaked, that’s why I bit the bullet ann ordered the Cliq on the 24th, partly to renew my current contract, even though I wanted to see what other phones were coming out. But I thought about it and the Cliq basically has what I need, plus the included Quick Office, and a microSD capacity of 32GB, it’ll do for me. I don’t need the quickest, fastest cell phone. I have a laptop for that.

    I don’t know if corporate discounts work with the new plans, I would call and ask before I switched if I were you, corporate plans didn’t work in conjunction with loyalty plans, so probably not. I have my grandfathered plan of 1000 whenever, unlimited nights & weekends, unlimited data & text, insurance, Caller Tunes, taxes & fee, I did the math and I’ll be paying $72 a month, with my corporate discount, and I have this for 2 more years. It’s fine for me, a cool price, it would be cheaper if I dropped the insurance, but I’d rather be safe than sorry, I’ve been paying insurance all this time, no need to change now. I don’t think you can switch the the Even More Plus without buying a new phone for full price, I think that’s a condition of getting those specifics prices.

    I was trying to wait for the specs on the Behold 2 to see if they are gonna be worth sacrificing a physical keyboard, but it’s too late now. If something comes out that I just have to have, I’ll just sell my Cliq and buy it somewhere not T Mobile, haha. It is rumored that the N900 will be coming out in November, according to Boy Genius Reports, but who knows.

  • sinisterjunkie

    Nationwide 3g network?? Hell, all I want is Edge in my area. There’s a TracFone ad at the bottom of this page. Is TMonews trying to tell us something?

  • Bill48105

    @ Mr. Stacy R. Parr
    Umm, who in their right mind would have other t-mobile users in their MyFaves since they already get unlimited mobile to mobile to them? (Granted there were a couple low-end plans that didn’t come with M2M or N&W but almost every plan did) OK, sure some people might add them if they think it’s easier to call them from the ‘cool’ spinning MyFaves wheel but personally I don’t know anyone on T-Mobile except those on our plan & I certainly wouldn’t waste a slot for them when I could put a friend on there that I talk to 100’s of minutes a month.

    I am baffled there isn’t more outrage by t-mobile customers about them killing MyFaves & hotspot calling. I mean aren’t those 2 things a major reason people went to T-Mobile in the 1st place? It’s not like they have the best phones.. Or best coverage.. And 3G coverage is a joke to say the least. (Hell we get GPRS on T-Mobile most places we go!) ATT just now added their own ‘faves’ called A-List and T-Mobile drops MyFaves, wth! ATT just added MicroCell femtocell boxes (granted limited right now but nationwide soon) after verizon & sprint already had theirs and T-Mobile has long had their similiar WiFi@Home UMA service (granted limited list of pretty crappy phones that supported it) but with them dropping that what are they going to do? Release their own femtocell in a few years? Don’t forget they run on different bands than AT&T so of course the boxes won’t be compatible. To me it looks like T-Mobile is going in the wrong direction and it’s going to get ugly especially if they make the epic fail mistake of buying/merging with Sprint. LOL how pitiful would they be with 3 totally incompatible networks (their own GSM with odd band 3G, Sprint CDMA & the bastard child iden of legacy nextel)

    Wow I wish I would have known about these rate changes earlier. I would have abandoned the idea of switching to T-Mobile & not been in the middle of this limo-land nightmare. It will be so much fun paying T-Mobile $600 in early termination fees when we just signed up 22 days ago. Maybe we’ll get lucky & T-Mobile will have MyFaves and WiFi calling as cheap add-ons.. How many of us would it take calling asking for it for them to do it? :D

  • David


    Does anyone realize that if you keep your plan, as soon as you buy a new phone from the, you HAVE to change to the new plans. You wont be granfathered after that. OMG FAIL! FAIL! FAIL!FAIL! FAIL! FAIL!FAIL! FAIL! FAIL!FAIL! FAIL! FAIL!FAIL! FAIL! FAIL!FAIL! FAIL! FAIL!FAIL! FAIL! FAIL!FAIL! FAIL! FAIL!FAIL! FAIL! FAIL!FAIL! FAIL! FAIL!FAIL! FAIL! FAIL!FAIL! FAIL! FAIL!FAIL! FAIL! FAIL!

  • Ron

    I talked to customer service and based on my accounts and the lines on it, these new rates save me $40 a month once I switch over.

    Now, they need to get a phone that I can’t live without.

  • J

    Amazing how bitter some are about stuff that doesn’t matter. For one, if you have a grandfathered plan like Bill48105 please feel free to add the other three lines. No relevance to you. You do NOT have to switch to these plans. If you like yours you can keep it. Add lines to it. Add features. Get new phones with contracts. Whatever you want. I checked and did that for one of my accounts.

    Even More Plus is substantially cheaper than other carriers. Remember the Unlimited Talk Text and Web is with Smartphones. You cannot compare how much your paying for your RAZR. If you are using a feature phone you choose the Unlimited Talk and Text and add 10 for internet or don’t. Unless you have a loyalty plan or buddy time these are cheaper than what you have.

    Additionally for Even More Plus figure out how much it will save you. myTouch. Unlimited for 99.99 and phone for 150 = 2550. Plus. Unlimited for 79.99 and phone for 400 = 2320. It is a substantial savings. Subsidies sound cheap but are not in the end.

    Lastly people who are on T-Mobile already and have an old plan or a Loyalty plan, THESE ARE NOT FOR YOU! These are designed to take customers from ATT and VZW. You already have a great plan, enjoy. They already took care of you. If you want to switch go to and compare. Pretty sure you will find that your plan is cheaper. T-Mobile is changing the game but removing subsidies. No more FREE phones because they never were free. Buy your phone like you do a car or most any other electronic device, then pick the service to go with it.

    Good stuff. I saved 2200 dollars by switching from ATT. iPhones are pretty, not that pretty.

    Whoever posted its $50 unlimited everything made these look bad, but if you just break them down they are great. $50 everything is for people who want Nextels old network and 2G data. Out of the Big 4 T-Mobile is now the best easily and Sprint at 2. Plus if you hate them you don’t have a contract so you can leave. I feel good knowing that they will make my coverage and Service solid, that is the only thing that binds me.

  • tmouser

    Don’t forget that when you switch to even more plus you have to pay the full price phone, so now you may be lured from the attractive price, but at the end you will cry.

  • Northern Claw

    Some plans early on with the My Faves didn’t have MtM. I have one of those. I had to add MtM as we do more family talking.

  • David

    I have been with Tmo since 02 and I was really looking forward to seeing what Project Dark had to offer. I have to say that I am EXTREMELY disappointed. I would hop on Sprint in a heartbeat if I had to change to this crap. I pay 140 right now, and exact same plan on these new guidelines would be $189, what a joke! I hate to be negative, but I am just calling it like it see it.

  • Bill48105

    @J WOW no way!! Today 2 customer service reps @ Tmobile told me that I cannot add any more lines or I’ll be forced to change to one of the new plans. I guess will keep calling & maybe I can find someone who’ll do it otherwise I’ll eat the $600 fees & move back to ATT. If I do thogh it just sucks I missed it by 2 days!

    Btw one of my beefs is forced data plans on some phones & higher priced data plans on certain ‘smartphones’. I’m sorry but that assumes people will be using data. Some people want a smartphone cuz they want to show off or they think it’s cool but they may never even open the browser or such. That is partly why I hate the unlimited plans or add-on because it’s like going to the all you can eat buffet when you can only eat a small plate of food. It’s not a very good deal compared to the guy who can go up there 4x & still get dessert. In the end all unlimited does is cause abuse by some users who are piggies that is subsidized by the people who rarely use it.

  • Northern Claw

    @tmouser – not if you don’t give a rat’s whether or not the phone is cool. If I switch the new plan will be cheaper for me. BTW some of us never notice what phone someone has. Only that they are being a PITA with it.

  • Northern Claw


    No – some smartphones can act as PDAs – you can enter data and sync to your PC.
    I wouldn’t need the data with an old Palm Treo – I could install my programs by hotsync and have Documents to Go, Planetarium and Astromist at my fingertips. Since they are installed, they would use no airtime.

  • watbetch

    So many of these comments just make me go “Ugh”.

  • dan

    I’m just curious what cool phones do att and verzion have lol iphone for att is biggest arse rape in the industry, tmobile has a pretty good line up, these new plans r pretty much the same as sprint but people say they wanna switch to sprint… yeah sprints data is fast but voice is aweful I drop calls left and right with my pre…. my mytouch on tmobile never drops calls and the 3g coverage is fine in orlando, fl

  • David

    LISTEN PEOPLE….If you are on a grandfathered plan and make ANY changes, you will lose your grandfathered plan. THIS INCLUDES PURCHASING A NEW PHONE FROM T-MOBILE when the new phones come out. THIS IS B.S. I can get a better plan with Sprint with DATA for the HTC HERO for 170 a month for 4 lines (and I get a 20% discount through work). UNLIMITED EVERYTHING (except for direct connect, and I wouldnt use it anyway).

  • iPhones_are_for_schmucks

    @David You are definitely in the wrong my friend. You can still make changes to your account and hold onto your old plan. Your plan is yours forever..

  • WazzuKirk

    If you hate the new plans, upgrade your phones to Even More Plus, pay the $35/phone upgrade fee, and then cancel your service and go with another carrier. It’s great because we had 4 phones on contracts with exactly 1 year left on each of them, and I moved to the Even More Plus plans, TMO only charges the upgrade fee on the first 2 phones, so it cost me $70. Come the new bill cycle (Nov 2), I am moving over to Sprint. $70 is a lot cheaper than paying $800 in ETF fees.

  • Ross

    Wow… I’m still paying $39.99/month for 1,000 mins with my badazz Moto Z3 RIZR and I can’t say I’m overly excited with these new plans…

    I think what they’ve done here is try to eliminate the technology gap by subsidizing every purchasable phone with their new scheme. Instead of waiting for exclusivity contracts with manufacturers, customers can now purchase whatever phone they want (pending it works on T-Mo’s networks) and use it on T-Mo while still receiving (what appears to be) a subsidy in the form of lower monthly pricing.

    The problem is, the pricing doesn’t really seem aggressive enough to meet the upfront cost of purchasing a full-priced phone. I think they need to extend their interest-free payment plan offering through external vendors (like BestBuy) to give customers greater flexibility. Otherwise, if the customer can’t afford the phone at full price upfront, they’re stuck with the same poor selection they were before “Project Dark”, and at an even greater price/month.

    As a customer since VoiceStream Wireless back in 2002, I think I’ll continue to pay my $39.99 for a few more months and see where they go with this thing. However, if all this amounts to is a price hike and some fancy campaigning, I’ll be evaluating my options very carefully when it comes time to upgrade.

    Consider yourselves on thin ice, T-Mo… pretty disappointing

  • Kat

    I don’t understand why people are bitching about these plans, the work perfectly for me, in fact I plan on switching ASAP……………….. and who the hell would buy a phone directly from Tmobile anyway?!!?!?!? (unless of course you’re either stupid or ignorant.. in which case you totally deserve to pay full price) LOL =]

  • allan…atwork

    look i just spoke to tmo customer service and if you keep your existing plan then you are okay. once your contract is up you do not have to renew or switch plans. also when you buy a new phone at the subsidezed price you will not be forced into a new plan. what do you guys not get that this is for new customers honestly it will not cater to you all. you sound like morons. “OMG tmobile did me wrong” just leave already i can bet for the handful that leave they will earn alot more in new base membership. Once again you can keep your current plan and not have to worry. if you get a new phone they will not make you upgrade your plan or change it you can keep it.


    For all of you that are griping about having to change your plan…..YOU DONT HAVE TO!!!!! You can keep the plan your on now, upgrade, add lines, add features, whatever, just like before. The only thing you cant do is change your rate plan to one of the now grandfather plans.

    For those of you complaining about a customer care rep saying you have to change…..ignore them and go into a corporate store, we can tell you the RIGHT info, and do everything for you there as well. T-Mobile is not forcing anyone to change their plan.

    @Bill, if you want to buy a smartphone just to look cool and show off, I’m sure everyone will think you are the coolest person ever when you tell them that you cant do hardly any of the cool stuff that your phone does cuz you dont wanna pay for data…..thats really showing off.

  • John

    For all those people who have been with TMO for years, and have the best of every promotional program TMO has offered…STOP COMPLAINING. TMO wasn’t trying to save you money with project dark. Enjoy your Loyalty plan with the $10 family text and $20 data plan. If TMO really wanted to disappoint you, they would have kicked you off the plan.

    For all those who are hating because TMO requires the internet for the data phones…have you tried buying a Blackberry from Verizon? T-Mobile is not the only company who requires the data plan to get the data phone. Get over it.

    For all those who hate TMOs selection of phones…post your phone number, and I’m sure TMO will call you when they want your specific opinion on a new device for the masses. The grass always looks greener on the other side. I’m sure if you were sitting at AT&T with the iPhone you’ve had for the last year, Android would probably look pretty good to you. No phone manufacturer is going to win everyone’s praises. There are always people that are going to think the phone is ugly, or too heavy, or weaker than the phone that came out 6 months later, etc…

    The fact is that these plans will be beneficial for a good majority of wireless users. There has never been, or never will be, a plan/program/phone that benefited everyone. If you are not on a promo rate plan, and these new plans are $30 or more than you are currently paying, you probably didn’t pick out the right plan…try again.

    Tip – If you are on a MCSA/PDP discount program, your migration fees to the Plus plans are waived. If you aren’t on one…get yourself a AAA card. Basic plan is like $40/year, and aside from its own benefits, can save you activation fees, migration fees, and/or 13% off your monthly bill.

  • abi

    wow some people are nuts dont ya see what tmo did they are the first out of the top 4 to have no contracts they made there plans the same way as tmobile UK they did do a game changer. The way there plans are now no other carrier in the USA does it that way and now they are going to take AT&T and Verizon customers by offering plans that are unlimited and a lil cheaper then the others. Guess what people the UK plans are good from what I seen people are mad cuz of my favs uh hello free m2m and unlimited mins uh y would they keep the my favs? If ur going to get a lower min plan and still want my favs it would have either or come up to the same price as the unlimited plan….. And come on now there’s a reason y they are saying the phones u crave the big phones are coming the N900 the HD2 and more and there laptops….. As for there network watch them out of no where say they are going to start expanding HSPA. People just mad cuz one person who said project dark was $50 unlimited everything and now the real plans are out well be mad cuz tmobile never hinted it to be $50 everything….. They are nationwide company they would lose money that way and then where’s there network upgrade down the drain. Everyone chill they never said 50 some random person did and every news site ran with it