Please Let This Be Real


A trusted ninja dropped this off in our inbox earlier today and we’ve been trying to get a handle on what we are seeing. Apparently, it’s from an internal portion of the MotoBlur website available to reps only. If I am not mistaken, that says the “Sholes UMTS T-Mobile US” AND “Sholes Tablet T-Mobile US.” This isn’t the first time we’ve seen an indication of an existing Sholes Tablet, however, this is the first time there has been any indication the Sholes or its Tablet form could come to the big magenta. I’ll be trying to follow up on this with mucho effort, but at this point we’ll chalk it up as a main course of total rumor with a huge side of hope.

Larger image after the jump!


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  • Kickstar13

    OMG Sholes on T-Mobile????

  • Doughboy Designs

    Crazy stuff

  • Galen20K

    OMFG…….. I”M THERE!!!!!!!

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I REALLY dont want to buy the HD2 if this comes out!

  • Rochester

    Probably for sometime next year :)

  • dboy

    It better be!!!!!! ;)

  • Nerdlust

    Tmo is really stepping there game up!

  • niididy

    Now that is what I am talking about. I don’t care, I will buy on the spot as soon as this becomes official. Can’t tell you how many times I have called our beloved Magenta to gripe about devices. This us definitely a step in the right direction. I will wait and not rush to another phone…will enjoy the mt3g till then.

  • Ducter

    heh, beats the crap outta PD. This is what T-Mobile needs to compete!

  • kershon

    Yessss! Bring it on!

  • Wicked1

    Man, I hope it comes out late next year, when I’ll be prepared to buy another phone. Just got the Cliq 3 days ago. If the Scholes is coming to T Mobile this year, i need to know in the next 28 days, so I can send my Cliq back, hahaha

  • J-Hop2o6

    hmm.. well i heard they made a GSM version of the Sholes…

  • Aita

    ……….great…..just great………first maybe N900……then maybe Xperia X10, and now maybe Droid…….if even one of these 3 make it to T-mobile I’m giving ATT the boot. If all three make it………

  • Mark

    OMG… TABLET!!!

    But how old is this? Morrison? Sholes?

    Please let it be. I’m tempted to jump ship, but if this comes…

  • eYe

    Count me in but I’m not holding my breath for it until we know for sure.

  • Wicked1

    So apparently the Cliq was called the Morrison at first,, they should have released this blue version, that looks bomb. The Scholes is the Droid, but if T Mobile is getting the Droid, then why did they release the Cliq? Or why didn’t they release the “Scholes” first?

  • Mark

    additional thought… is this the ‘motoblur’ portal within Motorola? Could that mean that a T-Mo version of droid would come with the MOTOblur UI?

  • Twitch110

    DAMNIT PEOPLE!!!! Not ONE of you has explained what a SHOLES is, for retarded people like myself? The suspense is killing me, and i’m too lazy to investigate any further!!!!! ;) But i’m serious :)

  • J-Hop2o6

    @ Wicked

    same thing as Verizon releasing the Droid/Sholes without Blur and releasing Moto Calgary with Blur

  • J-Hop2o6

    @ Twitch110

    the Sholes is the Verizon Droid.. but i heard the “Droid” is gonna be a line of Android phones on Verizon with the partneship with Google.. something like that..

    so i call it Droid/Sholes

  • Erin

    Ew, Internet Explorer.

  • J-Hop2o6

    @ Erin

    FF3 w/ Adblock+ FTW!

  • John

    JF Christ!, the sholes on tmo???, (takes a deep breath…) please i never ask for much, but for this time, please let this be REAL!

  • Jon Stonson

    Well lets all hope and pray that T-Mobile ACTUALLY will recieve the device.

    Maybe for once our beloved T-Mobile USA won’t let us down… why don’t they pick up some high end SE phones?

  • RCtennis3811

    Who cares about the N900 on T-Mobile! The Sholes Tablet sounds to be the true winner!!

  • Asad

    Oh… T-mobile don’t fail out on us now.. the hype as began, AGAIN.

  • edd

    i really like we are all diving for the next great phone

    count me in!!

  • Carl

    Indeed, this would be great!
    I agree, IE, such a horrible browser.
    Opera FTW :]

  • Reanimaniac

    @Erin from what I know T-Mobile requires Internet Explorer to be used. Which is def. an EWW situation! lol!

  • martin

    When you start typing snapdr the g1 dictionary predicts snapdragon…..???

  • tmorepinAL

    The motorola rep came to our store a couple of days ago to talk about the cliq, and before he left, I asked him if we were going to get the droid… He paused, cracked a smile and then said “I can’t comment on that”… its looking like we can count on it

  • rossi


  • rinklighter

    Wow, some phones we crave!! Could this be out before the end of the year?

  • umaluver

    Rachael > droid. To stay with tmobile though, id take either at this point, just give us somthing ffs.

  • rossi

    Rachael sure is sexy. If she came packing magenta high speed equipment I’d seriously think about giving her a chance to take my heart. Although I’d feel like I was involved in prostitution because she’d be giving her pimp ol’ magenta a $30 increase every month…

  • Luis

    honestly that is so BS whoever photo shopped that is a total as sorry getting tmo fans hopes up like nothing…….. plzz iam sorry i would love to believe it but those 2 devices are in Verizon systems and road maps way before all the droid mess started.

    i for one would love to believe it but come on it aint tru ……….

    i want something concrete before i believe this…. ill pray but the N900 coming to t mobile is more believable then that photo shopped pic

  • Tony

    I’m a T-Mobile tech support rep & I’m screaming foul on this one til I see proof that this is not a photo shop hack.

  • Nick

    Unless I see this phone in person with T-Mobile branding by tomorrow, I will be a Verizon citizen once again.

  • teesquared

    Eww!! The Sholes is sooo oogly! LOL! Bring on the HD2!!

  • teesquared

    …or the n900

  • mrnova

    I really hope so, I mean we did start the whole android faze! You would think, we would atleast have the best phones for android, but our loved tmobile goes after the mytouch3g intead of the hero, which is just a nicer, non keyboard version of the g1. And finally they go get the cliq, instead of the droid. Which I really don’t understand! I hope tmobile finally wakes up, and start getting some better high end phones! Damn you tmobile for your low rates, I can’t never leave you! Lol!

  • FireFrost


    I have to say fake. :(

    I think the Sholes was MB300 or something in Motospeak. And Morrison/Cliq was MB200.


  • pecoy

    looks and seems fake.

    sad but true.

    ill wait and hope for the g2 from htc

  • abi

    its fake it has to be that. The gsm droid is going to the UK. Seeing the phone with tmo branding even if it was photo shopped would be more believeable then that pic up top

  • grumpyman

    Let me just say that I have seen the GSM droid, and it rocks, and I believe it has 3G capability on TMOs network..

  • Ernie

    Dude what is Sholes???

    Some body hit me back!

  • pecoy

    @ ernie sholes is the codename for the droid

  • Soggynapkin

    @ Ernie – Actually Sholes is the last name of Christopher Latham Sholes, the guy the supposedly created what we refer to as the QWERTY keyboard layout. And I really hope that the Sholes or some other device (perhaps the Acer Liquid or SE Rachael/X3/X10/Infinity) comes to TMo. As much as I love my G1 and MT3G, we seem to be getting left behind in the Android era.

  • Sgt. Cell

    Bring on the HD2, or a touchscreen Berry. My brother has a TP2 and that has convinced me on the new HTC.

  • norton

    I think that all this screen shows is just for the reps to be able to tell customers that call in with unlocked phones what the settings are for their devices to work with the T-Mobile system. It doesn’t mean that either of these devices will come to T-Mobile. It would be cool if it did, but I don’t believe that is the case. Hopefully I’m wrong though.

  • Rochester

    We need Experia III with Rachael UI