Please Let This Be Real


A trusted ninja dropped this off in our inbox earlier today and we’ve been trying to get a handle on what we are seeing. Apparently, it’s from an internal portion of the MotoBlur website available to reps only. If I am not mistaken, that says the “Sholes UMTS T-Mobile US” AND “Sholes Tablet T-Mobile US.” This isn’t the first time we’ve seen an indication of an existing Sholes Tablet, however, this is the first time there has been any indication the Sholes or its Tablet form could come to the big magenta. I’ll be trying to follow up on this with mucho effort, but at this point we’ll chalk it up as a main course of total rumor with a huge side of hope.

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  • JustAPhoneUser

    Wow, I really hope t-mobile steps up their game and delivers a high performance device like this. I feel like I have been helping them beta test Android with the G1, and now that Android is maturing they/we are getting passed up on with the good devices. I know we got the Cliq, but we want a high end device!

  • JustAPhoneUser

    Wow, I really hope t-mobile steps up their game and delivers a high performance device like this. I feel like I have been helping them beta test Android with the G1, and now that Android is maturing they/we are getting passed up on with the good devices. I know we got the Cliq, but we want a high end device!

  • IWantDroid

    I’m seriously considering jumping ship. For one, I want the Droid. The G1 was nice, but I want a better speaker and a bigger screen. Also, I’m sick of waiting for 3G here in Pittsburgh and in mid sized cities like Youngstown Ohio. Verizon has 3G in my city and just about everywhere I go. The main reason I stuck with TMO was because of price of the plans, but now I can get a family plan with 1400 minutes and 10 numbers to call unlimited for $129.99 (AND I’LL HAVE 3G!!!!)

  • onwaitinglist

    It will be great that Sholes is available on TMO newwork, but I am afraid that it won’t come soon enough; I cound’t help wondering how many people will jump the ship in next two weeks?

    There are many people hesitating when IPhone release, one of major concerns was ATT network; but it won’t happen to VWZ which has good reputation on its network, needless to say that VZW is more expensive to TMO, but does that extra 10-20 bucks really make that big differeces?

    Being TMO over 7 years now, I am not ready to withdraw myself from “waitinglist” for Andriod 2.0./UMA phone, if TMo doesn’t come up a good phone before XMas, Tmo will lost another long-time account, but I figure that TMO doesn’t really care:-(

  • ps

    @ onwaitinglist, its not apples to apples, b/c T-Mo no longer offers a MyFaves option, but I just put a pricing grid together on VZ website (using windows mobile phones) and came up with $209.99 / month with 1400 min + unl txt and data, while T-Mo was $159.99 with 1500 min + unl txt and data. And while $50 isn’t going to break the bank, I can justify a 2nd smartphone purchase within my 2 year contract with the extra $600 per year I save. But I noticed the poster above doesn’t get 3G in his city, so that maybe reason enough to jump ship/pay more.

  • noone

    This is a obvious fake. Look at the left hand navigation and you’ll see that the Carrier/Hardware box does not fit well with the layout of the page.

  • Derek

    I know the droid is a good phone but I’m sure that whatever htc comes out with ( g1 v2 ) is going to make moto lose its android shine

  • abi

    its funny really look at that road map that has the g2 and g1v2. It actually shows the mytouch 3g as the g2 and the cliq or Morrison as the g1 v2. Look at it real good its saying the mytouch and cliq take up for being the g2 and g1 v2. Or something like that wish I new how to word it lol someone help lmao

  • abi

    my bad the cliq is the cliq the Bigfoot from samsung is ment to be the g1 v2. So droid phones still waiting for that are confirmed is the tmobile pulse that samsung houdini the behold 2 and yea that Bigfoot (g1 v2)

  • Reanimaniac

    @noone bad web design doesn’t always scream “fake” — I can assure you that this is a real screen capture, ive seen it with my own eyes — however is it going to prove to be true or just motorola messing with people? who knows.

  • faves

    They really need to hurry along, or more people will jump ship – i’m almost ready to do so, with the new droid phone..


      By the way, the droid is not as good as most people think it is. And the keyboard is terrible. Its super flat, cramped keys make it very hard to type on. The cliq’s keyboard is much better. If you enjoy a good keyboard with your phone, then this will be a downfall for you. The large screen with high resolution is great however, and is quite responsive. The camera is kinda slow, but takes decent pix, with a decent flash. (always remember the money issue too)

  • Ron

    I hope this is the start of something huge for T-Mo. They need to bring some of the hot new phones to the magenta. I just hope this turns out to be real.

  • Kershon

    I’m not going to jump ship, but T-mobile really needs to get their butt in gear and get some really hot phones. Like in “the handsets we crave”. I just hope this rumor doesn’t wind up being a big let-down like PD turned out to be although I am saving $15 on the em+ family plan. I just about got my mind made up. I’m getting a BB 9700 as soon as it is released instead of waiting on the N900 to maybe come to T-Mo or the Sholes or whatever.

  • clint


    Which carrier is getting the Sony X3/X10? The sholes is heavier than the g1. Does anyone else care about the weight of the phone like me? I would like an all touchscreen android phone with a 3.5″ or above screen with no physical keyboard so its not heavy in my pocket. Maybe an iphone design running android. Will tmobile ever get a phone like this? Some say samsung houdini is g1 v2, other articles say its the cliq and samsung bigfoot. Does anyone know for sure what is the g1 v2?

  • Mattlong

    Tmo’s 1700mHz frequency is unique, no-one else in the world uses it. As such, no phone supports it unless it has been earmarked for Tmo USA. Sad but true.


      No one uses att or verizon, or any other us carrier either.

  • Beastly

    Am I the only person who’s happy with the Cliq as it is? I’m looking at it as my next phone because (A)Android 1.5 is perfectly adequate for my needs, (B)the hardware looks and feels great, and (C)I’m curious to see how well Blur integrates my contact lists. I’m sure Android 2.0 will be fantastic, but I don’t need it. Also, the Sholes is fugly. To anyone who’s impressed by the processor and internal memory on the Sholes: wait six months, and it’ll be bested by something else. The next beast is always just around the corner.

  • joel

    Although the image itself is legit(internal tool for troubleshooting Motoblur), I sure hope nobody gets their hopes up for this. I just don’t see it being true … Why would Verizon let it slip to another carrier? That would be like T-Mobile giving up their position of being ahead in the Android game … OH WAIT

  • Miguel

    I’m usually not one that jumps from carrier to carrier just to get the latest and greatest. However, I will say that I am considering jumping to Verizon just for the Droid. I’ve had my G1 for a year and lack of power under the hood, and horrendous battery life, is really getting to be an issue.

    I could endure it if at least I heard of a high end device coming to T-Mobile, but even the Sony Infinity, which is being announced tomorrow, isn’t likely to hit the U.S. anytime soon, nevermind T-Mobile. We simply haven’t had any reliable information stating that a Droid-like device will be coming to T-Mobile. The Cliq is nice, but it’s, basically the same as the G1 with more memory and a 3.5mm jack, and Moto Blur.

    The problem with Verizon is price. I ran the numbers on BillShrink and Verizon comes out a full $1200 dollars more over 2 years for the same features I have now! Sure, the Verizon network is better, but to be honest, I have only rarely ever found myself without signal on the Tmo network where I roll…

  • Mattlong

    This was posted on Halloween. Not saying that it makes it bs…but it doesn’t help!

    • David

      Halloween isn’t April Fools man, that just so happened to be the day I received it!

  • yor PAPPI

    Like i said before TMO is gonna sink ,i hope everyone gets of the shity boat b4 in drowns you. Ive bin telling you for a long time and you just defended yor TMO.But look at you now scared like a rabbit lol .TMO is never getting anything good anytime ever so if you need to jump go now save yorself.All they do is come out with low budget phones with horrible 3G nothing what the consumer has been asking for ,all they show you is vidoes off great devices just to keep you tuned in .Like this new BLUR crap this phone is for teenie boppers lmao ware are the real phones. This new device MOTO BLUR has very very very very low battery life so you can just expect the worst i myself iam stuck wit TMO or wut i like to call it TRASH-MOBILE but wiil be leaving when my stupid contract is over in FEB. so long suckers !!!!!!


      T-mobile is the 4th best carrier in the united states , its not gonna sink and your comment shows that your an immature unexperianced ****. since you dont like it leave….

      • eric

        i think you are the ****. there are only 4 major carriers in the U.S. so saying tmobile is the 4th best carrier is a dumb comment

      • Dennis

        Actually T-Mobile is the 7th largest carrier in the World.. For comparison, Verizon is 15th, AT&T is 17th, and Sprint is 29th.. How about them apples ?

  • The GMG

    @joel Tmobile is still in the lead in Android with the g1 mytouch and cliq with the X3 coming next year and the droid was made in two versions a verizon one and a gsm version. Im sure verizon had some kind of deal with google to be the only one with the phone for the holidays. I find no problem believing that its going to go to tmobile as the only other gsm is at&t and with apple squeezing them they most likely wont be getting it. I will be getting it especially with the new plans they just announced. Time to hang up my g1

  • BOB

    I hope tmobile is not under estimating the pull that droid has on its g1 users. I for one am a g1 user. However i had to root (jailbreak) my g1 just to get to full use of the phone. I could never go back to a stock g1. Not even the mytouch or the cliq got me to give up my rooted g1, but the droid just might cause me to leave tmobile. Tmobile needs to hurry up and confirm if it is getting the droid before Nov 6 or alot of customers like me will be going to verizon. I love to get the droid with tmobile. Loyal g1 users deserve something better than the cliq and the mytouch. We deserve a high end smartphone with a physical keyboard. This idea about the cliq being a social networking phone is not enough. I got good twitter and facebook apps now on my rooted g1 already.

  • FILA

    Keep releasing Android phones T! The more you release, the better you keep up with competition. It will be a really good move to release the Sholes on T-Mobile. Compete with Verizon, with cheaper plans and keep the phone clean unlike the horrible Verizon branding, although I understand the sholes wont be branded for Verizon, its like Verizons first phone without some big ass red check mark. Not a fan of Moto as all you know, but a good move for everyone else. Im waiting for what…? Yea the “MUCH HYPED” T-Mobile G1v2!! Q1 2010

  • bebo

    @yor pappi
    Don’t let the door hit you in the backside as you leave Tmo.

  • webby

    IF this is not a fake doc, is it indicating both a sholes with a keyboard and a sholes without a keyboard coming to T-Mobile?

    I’m very very interested in the sholes WITH a keyboard, but completely uninterested in one without a keyboard.

  • D

    I know I’ll probably draw much ire for this… but I think this is a total fake going on more than the mere fact the box on the left side doesn’t fit in. If the Sholes is a Google Experience phone, why would it show up in a MOTOBLUR system? It’s also well known that the Sholes model number is A855, so having (sholesumts) does not fit in with the (MB200) after the CLIQ.

    I don’t think this is legit (but I hope it is!) … we Droid lovers on T-Mobile will probably be better off importing a Milestone from Europe. It has better multitouch anyway.

  • webby

    D says, “we Droid lovers on T-Mobile will probably be better off importing a Milestone from Europe.”

    Someone please correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t European GSM voice systems and/or 3G on a slightly different frequency than T-Mobile, such that using a phone built for European GSM systems won’t work on T-Mobile USA?

  • D

    GSM voice and EDGE will work fine on a phone imported from Europe. 3G is what will likely not work, but this really doesn’t matter to me personally because

    1) Tmo’s EDGE is sufficient for what I do when not in a Wi-Fi zone and it’s better than the death star’s in most cases.
    2) I don’t live in a 3G area and there are no plans to bring it here to my knowledge

    That said, your mileage may vary. It really just boils down to a personal preference.

  • webby

    Thanks for that info on use of the Milestone in the US, D. That will be a deal breaker for me. Edge is just not acceptable pour moi. I need 3G access or it’s a no-go. Perhaps if T-Mo doesn’t come up with an advanced upgrade from my G1 with a keyboard sometime in the coming months, then I will consider bolting to VZ to get the droid.

  • Bratman

    I have been with T-mo 7+ years, went down to V and checked out the Droid the first day out… What a Great Screen and processor, Fast! Even youtube in hd was fast on 3G. Very impressed, the keybrd was ok and very little response since it was so flat but I could live with it… But that screen, and those cool ads… and the closest plan to what I currently have….. I’d have to pay $119.99 a month, (I currently am paying 65.99)and for what .5″ bigger screen diag. and a quicker processor (which is cool…of course) but not close to an extra $60 a month cool. Sorry, B but I’ll hang around a little long here and if the Sholes (who came up with that name anyway sounds like “S-holes” someone please talk to marketing) is coming to T-mo then fabulous. T-mo is the Avis of phone co.’s and needs to keep it’s best foot forward, it knows what it was doing with the Sidekick and the G1/Android… now since Android is all over the place it’s back to the question of Hardware… and keeping current with the OS.