Catherine Zeta Jones Loves Project Dark


UPDATE: I have added 2 more images after the jump!

I am still a little befuddled by where these came from?! According to one of our @Tmonews twitter followers, they were posted in a Grocery Store in Corpus Christi, Texas. Ok, so that is just strange. For the moment though, these images further “confirm” the recent leaked pricing information and we have to again wonder, did T-Mobile really go through all this trouble printing up fake documents???? All will be revealed Sunday, but until then enjoy the image of the still lovely Catherine Zeta Jones and hit the jump link for one more image. Not of Catherine though, sad.


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  • homotechual

    @Megabonix and Ros:
    As I said before you don’t like the new plans then go to your precious Sprint. Good luck finding a Sprint store.

    Keep your personal opinion to yourselves I can talk all I want, If I wanted your personal opinion on my comments I’d pay a visit to your Facebooks. Morons.


  • queensnewbie

    I don’t even have the unlimited loyalty plan and I still pay less for the comparable plan (700-750 minute non-myfavs family plan). I have 2 lines, unlimited text and unlimited data on both lines and I pay $130 with taxes, plus I get subsidized phones. It’s not just the loyalty plans that offer better deals, it’s also some regular plans!!! Project Dark is a joke.

  • Richard

    How is their new pricing scheme any better than the competitors, who have better phones? iPhone here I come.

  • abi

    iam just wondering that phone she’s holding sure as hell looks like the no named HTC android phone with snapdragon that was posted on BGR

    • David

      I think it pretty clear looks like the MyTouch3G

  • ps

    @ queensnewbie, yeah that is weird. Current offer is $59.99 (700 min family plan) + $35 x2 for two smartphone with unl text plans = $129.99 but once this project dark pricing hits (if the prices are correct) then the same offer will be $139.99 for 750 min family plan + unl text and data??? Great plan T-Mobile :(

  • rossi

    @ homo

    I actually have tmoble, but I will say that where I live there are more Sprint stores than Tmobile stores. Your ability for reading comprehension is already in question after you dropped the ball on the any time mobile plan understanding. I really didn’t expect you to stop talking, but I wanted to call you out. I have even more reason to call you out because now you’re just being hypocritical, “Keep your personal opinion to yourselves I can talk all I want, If I wanted your personal opinion on my comments I’d pay a visit to your Facebooks. Morons.”

    Nice try, homo.

  • jenny

    If this is true, T-mobile is a douche’

  • Iasthai

    I just don’t care anymore. Waiting until Sunday when ALL the information is released to judge this fully.

  • hi!

    well, it’s official.

    Project Dark could only mean one thing at this point. TMobile wanted their company to be in the ‘dark’ when new customers are shopping around for different cell phone providers.

    If I was to go shopping today, there’s no way TMobile would be an option with these craptastic plans. I can see myself at the store now, “so let me get this straight tmobile employee, what you’re telling me is you have extremely limited 3g coverage, without question the worst phones on the market today, and you want WHAT for your inconvenient plans without myfaves?!?!… thank you…do you happen to know where the nearest Sprint store is?”

    This will definitely be a “game changer”. We’re sure to go to 5th or 6th after this disaster.

  • aj

    Yup all these prices are indeed true.. we recieved the same posters and plan brochures for our store from tmobile .

  • kershon

    I was talking to customer service yesterday and thought I would see if she would give me a hint about Sunday. She told me “not to pay any attention to the blogs and wait till Sunday”. I was going to like what is revealed. So maybe T-Mo might have the game changer they say they have. I am going to be really disappointed if they don’t come up with something better than this. All that aside, I really, really could use a makeover from Catherine. lol

  • Gameover`

    You people are dumbasses these plans are great unlimited talk text web for 79.99 plus you’re able to to get any phone you want and pay over 20 months what’s not to love abouth that for around a 100 dollars a month Great job tmo

  • artiepants

    yeah, after all the hype this is really massively underwhelming. I’d say every single price point is $10-20 more than it should be if they really wanted it to be “game changing”

    (and all of their collateral design really sucks)

  • akil

    it looks like most ppl are confused by these prices like me, these are the “even more” prices does that mean there is no such thing as the “even more plus” prices? however there is clearly another poster to the right of the one in the picture so who knows. on the previous project dark price sheets the “even more plus” prices say $79.00 for unlimited txt web & talk, then it say smartphone web add on $25. does this mean the price is $105.00?

  • artiepants

    i mean, for real, the Even More Family plan costs $80 to add txt+data. what on earth is game-changing about that?

  • hi!

    @kershon and everyone like you

    STOP….STOP……f’n STOP!!!!

    “maybe T-Mo might have a game changer” UUUUGHHH

    How dumb are you? We’re not merging with Sprint (though they’ll probably buy us out at some point in the future with their superior plans, phones, prices).

    We’re not getting any new phones…phones don’t fall out of the sky, they leak places AND have to pass the FCC.

    We’re NOT getting the iPhone (even though I find it awesome/hilarious that there was a poll posted on this very website and getting the iPhone was voted on by the people far and away as what they wanted no question)

    what we ARE getting is new uniforms (AHHAHAHAHHAHA). That’s right, when you go to a TMobile store all the employees will look so cute in cuddly in their new shirts and pants…wowie! That’s a game changer! The pants changer=game changer!!!

  • queensnewbie

    @ ps

    It’s true, and I have unlimited family text for $9.99 grandfathered so it still will be the same as what the new plan is offering. Difference is, I’ve had this for years! and I get the corp. discount now, so no thanks Even More.

  • Quasar

    I’m just tired of waiting around for T-Mo to do something great because it never happens. Even their Android phones are soon to be sub-par compared to what the other carriers will have. Maybe in two years, after a new Sprint contract is up, T-Mobile will have really made a game changing move and made it worth switching back. I won’t be holding my breath for that any longer though. I need oxygen lol. I’m going to wait until after this weekend before I make the switch but the only way I’ll be staying with T-Mo is if they pull a fat rabbit out of their hat at the last minute.

  • craig

    Well one good thing about the new plans. Is that you are not force to have internet on your Smartphone. I have open lines up to get the phone itself, but T-mobile put a stop to that, but once again with the new plans I can do it again. :-)

  • mistermix

    Funny, I was just watching TV and saw a AT&T Go commercial. $60 unlimited talk+text.

    T-Mob has them beat by a penny. Watch the world come running!

  • Eb

    What’s up with the Sprint lovers? I had sprint for 7yrs, when I decided they had taken enough from me, I moved to T-mobile. And this is, not Shut up already. I was paying $100 a month for my sprint phone, now I have 3 phones and it costs me $125 a month…yeah, there’s a tough decision…Hmm, maybe I should go back to sprint…oh wait, that’s right, I prefer to keep my money.

  • homotechual

    Or Rossi, my reading is fine. I think your vision is what needs to be checked my dear because Corporate Sprint stores and dealers have been shutting down like crazy, and living in L.A that’s a big deal. T-mobile just bought out two dealers not to long ago, and replaced them with MORE corporate and T-mobile limited stores. Obviously they know what their doing, if their test market has lines going out their doors then maybe you and the 10 other people on this site might not like it. But, we will talk again after Q4 results are in.

    Also I think you might find your being hypocritical, why are you still here? I can search for a Sprint blog if you like? Until then I think i’m not making my point here.

  • alex

    @Rob, the Behold 2 and the galaxy are not the same thing jut because they look the same. The Galaxy is the i7500, the Behold 2 is the Galaxy Lite(i5700) and has a 528mhz processor. Also, there is no confirmation that the HD2 is coming to TMobile USA in December or Janurary.

    People like you need to stop making up BS stories and passing them on as facts

  • Elias

    Someone else on another forum just posted that the $1.50 paper bill fee has returned. Maybe this is the part of Project Dark that many employees keep talking about.

  • Bobby

    I see a lot of misinformation in these comments

  • rossi

    @ homo

    Try again. I have tmobile; I stated that before so please refer to the link above. I am not going to reply to you again. You’re clearly blindly supporting tmobile’s pricing. I will tell you that the only reason I know about sprint’s plan is because even before project dark I was unhappy with tmobile’s data options. I heard about sprint’s plan, and I then heard about project dark. I waited to see what would happen. Honestly I’d rather stay with tmobile, and I will wait to see what happens next week. If nothing new happens, peace out. Don’t worry I’ll join that sprint blog if/when that happens.

    Later, Homotool.

  • Richard

    I thought that the whole business plan of T-Mobile was to offer consumers a plan that “fits” their needs without paying for excess minutes, data, etc.? Didn’t they have that independent BillPay website that lets users choose their usage and it spits out the best value for their needs? Their all-you-can-eat plans run counter to this business plan, as many users simply don’t need all-you-can-eat and are simply overpaying if they pick one. I dunno I think the folks in Bellvue are smoking some bad dope.

  • joe

    @rossi if you want to start that sprint blog you can, i own just leave me your contact into and well create a wordpress or sumten, and split profits. any1 else interested i have aim jojohn66 or leave me your contact info

  • joe

    i ment richard or anyone

  • LaNsLyDe

    it’s funny to see people fight o blogs, calm down guys :)

  • NiiDiddy

    Project Dark = “Welcome to the dark ages”

    When its all said and done, each and every one of us will be okay one way or other.

  • Elias


    No! The end of us all! The end of the world! Run! Head for the hills!

  • Bob

    What will be dark are the T-Mobile offices after everyone says “WTF?!” and leaves. :|

  • john

    @Alex,the behold is not the Galaxy lite i5700 the behold has a 5.0 camera the i5700 has 3.2

  • Jason

    These prices are not game changing. Who at Tmo thinks these prices are going to shake things up and take them into the top 3? The only thing game changing is me changing carriers.

  • Jason

    And can we stop with the fake documents rhetoric? Hard as it is to accept, these are the prices.

  • TechJunkie

    I guess I don’t understand why all this build up for these crappy plans? I mean, i’m on a family plan now with my wife, we pay about $150 a month after taxes and everything….and we both have unlimited web & messaging. I don’t get why I would want to move to a $180 plan….all so that I can finance a cell phone?

    I was so excited about this “project dark”….now not so much. Boooooo.

  • Matthew

    So far I am convinced Project Dark will flop! The plans suck and the phones, well we all know aboout the phones… Just saw that verizon is getting the Motorola Driod while we are getting the Cliq…
    Anyway, as much as I doubt that T-Mobile will surprise us all on Sunday, I sure hope they have something, anything else planned besides what we have seen so far!

  • OchoCinco

    Iphone to t-mobile

  • Maxwell

    Sorry, looks like no N900 launch either:

    HELSINKI (Reuters) – Top cellphone maker Nokia said on Friday its flagship N900 phone will start selling in November, a month later than originally scheduled, as the company awaits feedback from developers.

    The N900 — seen as key for Nokia’s future in the high-end of the market — is the company’s first phone running on Linux software.

    It will come with a touch screen and a slide-out keyboard, and will retail for around 500 euros ($750), excluding subsidies and taxes.

    (Reporting by Eva Lamppu; Editing by Dan Lalor)

  • deangelo724

    it is so funny how, even if this is just the base of project black, many of you really cannot read. it’s like all you see is just the one option: even more. well look at even more plus, for those of you on family plans. from what ive been reading in the comments, this would help a lot of you out.

    now for those of you who don’t understand the individual plans here is a brief rundown: (Even More +)

    Unlimited Talk Text Web= $79.99
    Unlimited Whenever Minutes
    Unlimited domestic messages
    Unlimited Web(Smartphones Only)

    If you do not have a smartphone and you want to have unltd talk text and Web you will need to choose the Unlimited Talk and Text plan for $59.99 and add the additional $10.00 web feature to total $69.99/mo for you before taxes. To me this is still great.

    So again for those of you with smartphones (i.e. blackberries, mt3g, 61 etc), you may wanna go with the unlimited talk text and web for 79.99 on even more plus!!

    Does this help anyone? Hope like hell it does, cause the rants in these 450+ comments between the 2 articles are re-f’ing-diculous!!

  • Eraser

    @deangelo Even though it hasn’t been confirmed, the rumor is that EM+ requires the purchase of a phone at full price.

    Supposedly this can be paid in installments over 20 months.

    Assuming the quoted price does not include the phone payment, then we would need to add around $20/$25 to the monthly payment.

    The only way those prices will be a good deal is if the phone payment is included in the quoted prices.

  • Maxwell

    What about text on the family plan?? If I add the another line for $5 will that include text for that line? I don’t see an option to add it. Right now I pay $9.99 for unlimited family text and I have 4 lines.

    $69.99 for 1000 min Family plan
    $9.99 for unlimited family text
    $20.00 for 2 additional line
    Free My Faves on all 4 lines
    All and all, after taxes and my government employee discount I am at under $100 a month for everything…

    Probably doesn’t make sense for me to change anything..

  • Rob

    @ deangelo724

    Yeah..This is going to sound rude, but WTF is wrong with people? Is it that hard to understand? The EM+ plan (if leaked docs are accurate) is an UNSUBSIDIZED plan. That means you have to buy your own f’ing phone at FULL price. You HAVE to add the extra cost of the phone into your monthly payment to get a true apples to apples comparison. When you do this…your lovely 79.99/month plan is more like a 95/month plan.

    So I still stand by these plans being kinda sucky. Certain combinations may give you a SLIGHTLY better deal than other carriers (if you throw coverage and phone selection) out of the picture. Other combinations might be worse than other carriers.

    These plans are lackluster at best.

    I really do hope that T-Mo has something left on Sunday to make these plans better. Not sure what it could be though.

    Killing off MyFaves SUCKS!!!!!

  • deangelo724

    @eraser, ther is no way that handset costs are included in the quoted pricing. how does t-mobile know which handset EVERYONE is gonna purchase. and lets think about this, most people spend, including myself, full retail for their devices, unless in contract. so lets put this to the test

    On Verizon, for example, you’d spend about $150 for a phone, subsidized w/ 2yr agreement, unlimited plan for $99.99 and %35.00= so monthly $134.99/moth for unlimited everything, so even if you included an extra $20-$30/month for financing with t-mobile on unlimited ttw with even more plus, that would only be $109.99/month….still $25.00/month cheaper than Verizon’s phone subsidy. Still same 20-22 month time frame.

    Either way to me it is cheaper.

  • Taj

    EM+ is a non-contract option, but if you finance the phone, you end up with a contract/promissory note. It seems like a play on words.

    Why would TMO want people to not be under contract. This becomes a very unreliable revenue annutity stream…anyone get this?

  • deangelo724

    Oh and i forgot to mention, with ALL of the other major carriers, data add-ons are required for smartphones on any plan. However, with T-mobile, they will not be(rumored anyway)

    So options are still there

    And @Rob, $95.00/month for unlimited everything and the cost of a phone, still being able to switch devices, or purchase another if you choose, is still better than Sprint, definitely Verizon, and maybe ATT.

  • deangelo724

    Is anyone, other than me, thinking that t-mobile is trying to gain the trust of current and possible customers by offering no contracts? Think about it, with contracts, on any carrier, you decided to leave for whatever reason, there is your etf, usually anywhere from 200-300 dollars! Come on people, pricing is still a bit more in the long run. Think about it!

  • Eraser


    T-Mobile may be cheaper than Verizon, but Sprint has them beat.

    Sprint has an unlimited voice to any cell phone on any carrier/unlimited text/unlimited data plan for $70 a month, with a subsidized phone. They give you 450 to call landlines during the day.

    The plan also includes unlimited nights (starting at 7:00 pm) and weekends.

    For most people, the above Sprint plan is essentially an unlimited everything (who calls landlines anymore?)

    I see nothing in the quoted prices that can beat this.

  • sprinter

    I think I figured it out…and it explains why we are all so pissed. They are not going after the data user or the high end guy..they are going after the guy on Metro PCS who doesn’t even have data…only wants to talk. They are going to offer that guy the ability to finance a crappy phone or just sell him one cheap – not a fancy phone, just a basic talk phone…and then give them nationwide unlimited for 50 bucks. Basically you pay 40 bucks a month for that at Metro, but they have horrible voice coverage…here you get true nationwide voice for 50 bucks.

    I don’t like the strategy…but think that is it…go after the Walmart crowd. Problem is Walmart offers the same thing using Verizons network…not sure why you would go for this…but I think that is it. We are not the target of project is a low end user who doesn’t even know what texting is, but wants to talk a lot. it is worth 10 bucks more a month to him to get on this network vs. Metro…of course the profit margin on those guys will stink! They will have collections issues and will overwhelm the network for low revenue. Perhaps the lines they are expecting outside the T-Mobile are the same people waiting in the unemployment lines.