Catherine Zeta Jones Loves Project Dark


UPDATE: I have added 2 more images after the jump!

I am still a little befuddled by where these came from?! According to one of our @Tmonews twitter followers, they were posted in a Grocery Store in Corpus Christi, Texas. Ok, so that is just strange. For the moment though, these images further “confirm” the recent leaked pricing information and we have to again wonder, did T-Mobile really go through all this trouble printing up fake documents???? All will be revealed Sunday, but until then enjoy the image of the still lovely Catherine Zeta Jones and hit the jump link for one more image. Not of Catherine though, sad.


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  • MobileBenz

    WOW some good leaked info from my town!

  • deeznutz

    Wow, just wow.

    T-Mobile has blown it again.

  • RWWackoStu

    Well, this might be the nail in the coffin. I now do not think that there is any misinformation being out out. I think those prices are real, and there is a lot of hype about nothing. I dont think the new plans will make me swtich, and I still wont be able to afford Data on a family plan. Ahh TMO, how we had hopes.

  • Maryam

    What phone is she holding? Is that the Highlight?

    • David

      Looks like a black MyTouch3G

  • homotechual

    You guys are idiots.. just wait till Sunday there is more to it then what you see. :)

    • David

      I don’t recall going to your blog and calling your readers idiots???

  • moblow55

    just got of the phone with a Tmo CSR. asked her about Project Dark, only interesting thing she said was the benefits to Tmo customers are going to be better than the Tmo employee benefits.

  • Paul

    When they say unlimited talk, text, and web,does this exclude data? I mean is the ‘web’ they are talking about referring to the limited web access we had on T-Zones? If we have the unlimited talk, text, and web, will we still need to pay extra for a
    Blackberry data plan?


  • laCandela

    I still don’t understand why something that its over the free atmosphere should be costing us so much. All the geeks should b able 2 figure out that 4 what1 person pays 4 all u can eat @ least 1000 people can also eat maybe more

  • googly

    What is the difference between smartphone data plans and “other phones”?

  • sprinter

    @Homotechual…..there is more to it then what we see? Oh right, forgot they are going to have different colored shirts…perhaps a new logo…yep forgot about that. that makes me feel much better about the absolute letdown this thing has become. Oh wait, I bet they promise a super high speed web product that is coming to my area just any day now…they just have to turn it on…oh and maybe in 6 or 8 months after everyone else has them we can get some cool phones.

    Perhaps we misunderstood what project dark was about..they wanted to get out of fourth place…but they meant they wanted to go down to fifth!

  • dand

    @ David

    Bad ass shepard protecting his `herd

  • laCandela

    Come on post it like to read a comment

  • CallawayBomber

    “all on our dependable 3G network”???

    If you have it in your area….Zoom in on the disclosure?

    Maybe that’s another factor into Project Dark?

    Bringing the 3G light to everyone? Doubt it though.

  • Grr

    I’d move away from the “fake pricing” idea because I think that mule has been beaten to death. If you want to focus on something, its what may we may be missing.

    For people that keep asking, I’m almost certain web=data.

  • newspeak

    why would they highlight that plan on a poster at all

    its the same price as sprints plan except minus the unlimited data

    sprint unlimited calls to any mobile …which is like %90 of all calls made these days …and 450 anytime….this plan is a joke compared to that

    i really hope this is all fake

  • Tad

    These prices are exactly the same as what leaked earlier. Unlimited talk and text is. $69 whereas unlimited talk text and web is $99. There are no fake docs bc these prices are in agreement with earlier pictures. You probably thought the poster price was for talk, text, and web.

  • z

    Good lord, I’ll definitely be going to Sprint if this shit is for real.

  • queensnewbie

    lol @ thinking they put out fake pamphlets

  • Anthony

    I’m excited for Project Dark! Is that really what it’s called? Ha Ha it makes me laugh like it’s from some superman or batman movie! But anyways… I just got my Motorola Cliq and now I’m debating on sending it back because I hate the keyboard on it… It’s super small to type on as if I’m a little child… Maybe it is a teenager phone… And also… Do you think that Project Dark will be putting out a list of new phones to come? Should I send this back? I’m surprised I got it so early but I haven’t even turned it on or used it because of this small keyboard. Grrr any suggestions would help! Thanks. – anthony in utah

  • Dan Masshardt

    I can get unlimited talk text and data on my blackberry for $85 right now on t-mobile. This is worse. Am I wrong? – $50 loyalty unlimited, $10 text and $25 data.

  • Ahmed

    Maryam : She is holding Mytouch 3G

  • ncvaun

    z….. I totally agree with you! These prices, if real; truly SUCK!! And if I was T-Mobile, I would be embarrassed to release them on such a big hype!

  • Rob

    @ Paul.
    WEB = DATA

    There are 3 new phones coming in the next 2 months.
    BB 9700-(3G, Wifi & UTM)
    T-Mo HD2 – This is a bad a$$ phone. 1ghz snapdragon CPU and 448 RAM.
    Samsung Behold – The most powerful android phone(800mhz) on T-mo’s arsenal. No qwerty.

  • Rob


  • Anthony

    Also… Why would you leave T-Mobile over these new price plans? You can keep your grandfathered plans without any problems. So… Why leave when T-Mobile offers the best customer service? My friends have att and verizon and they say the phones are great but the customer service sucks! And iPhone is so overrated… I’m glad I dropped it down those cement stairs 3 weeks ago ha ha otherwise I’d still have one… Plus Apple products are meant to be broken… Thats how they get their money… All my friends iPhones get cracks on the sides where the connectors plug in.. So att might be ahead of t-mobile because they have the so original iPhone that EVERYONE just has just so they can say they have one! But Project Dark better be putting out a list of upcoming phones… Say the N900! I’d get that definitely! Project Dark is supposed to be HUGE! So we better have some concrete stuff here! Yeah baby! Bring it on! This Sunday we find out right? When sunday?

  • Anthony

    @ Rob do you know when the HTC HD 2 comes out exactly? i think I better send this motorola back before I start using it after all ha ha thanks for the response man

  • homotechual

    The whole idea behind this is what they have been doing in Europe for years. And it’s worked very well for the European carriers. I can’t give any info about pricing but they had a test market for these plans, and in about a week they had lines going out the door. Obviously there is more to the pricing, if it doubled the sales in that test market store.. People don’t like contracts, after being in this industry for 3 years, thats not the first thing they don’t want. That being said, if this doesn’t win over the Verzion/At&t masses then it will def bring over the Metropcs/Cricket masses for sure. Either way you look at this, it a win/win situation.

    Tech guys like you and me with 4/5 smartphones on a plan might not benefit from these plans, but the key here is famalies and students will benefit GREATLY. People who might have maybe one or two smart phones on a plan, or who just want to TALK AND TEXT.

    Also keep in mind the plans you see above don’t include the plus.

  • homotechual

    **That’s the first thing they don’t want**

  • homotechual

    @Rob where did you get your information about the Behold 2 processor?

  • Megabonix

    Ok, project black breakdown as *I* see it. I’ve been considering the Sprint Everything Data Family plan with 1500 shared minutes a month. Sprint charges $129.00 a month for this.

    T-mobile is going to charge $179.99 for the SAME plan… But wait, it’s NOT the same plan. Sprint offers UNLIMITED minutes to ANY mobile carrier. Unlimited nights and weekends start at 7pm (compared to 9pm with T-mo)

    So even if I chose the no contract plan I would still be paying $119.99 a month which saves me $10 a month but to me the unlimited mobile to mobile and earlier nights and weekends easily covers that $10… not to mention that with Sprint I would still get discounts on new phones, unlike T-mobile.

    I’ve been with T-mobile since 2002 and I’ve stuck with them through thick and thin but I’m finding it VERY hard to stick with them any longer. Why would anyone chose these new “even more” plans over the current Sprint plans? Would make ZERO sense.

    Project Black = FAILURE in my opinion.

  • joe

    project dark is going to be lights out…..What amazes me is the people sticking up for tmobile(they must work for them) remember if you are a customer of then then you are on the peoples side. It blows my mind that tmobile is penalizing their customers with contracts….blows my mind. If i cant get unlimited everything for 70 bucks a month then here i come sprint they have a samsung with 800mhz processor coming out nov1 plus family plans at 120 for 1500 land line minutes, free cell to cell on every provider, sprint tv nav and all the goodies also you get up 15% discount a month if you have an aol email, corp, or have a bank account with a credit union. I live in nyc and tmobiles 3g goes in and out…..NYC for crying out loud. Mean while tmobile is sending out zeta jones saying how they are beneficial, how about this tmobile find someone off the street and pay him nothing and the money you save from paying zeta let it goto the customers. like i give a fu*k some bitch is fliping her hair at me telling me am i ready for a mobile make over, no bitch i am ready for a cheap plan. its like putting syrup on shit and trying to tell me its pancakes. I will give them the option of turning my account into a flex pay so i can have a better price? or i am outta here, i leave etf free anyway because they raised their overages

  • Dennis

    t-mobile 3g in detroit is so-so it switches fromg 3g to edge so much i think i will just stick 2 my loyalty plan 4 now

  • Kyle

    From the other blog:

    Wil it make sense if we get the following subsidy pricing for the Even More Plan.

    MyTouch 3G ($499.99)

    Plan 500 – $499.99 – 350 = $149.99
    Plan 1000 – $499.99 – 400 = $99.99
    Plan Unlimited – $499.99 – 499.99 = Free

    Family Plan – same goes but u get discount to 2 phones
    Plan 700 – $499.99 – 350 = $149.99
    Plan 1500 – $499.99 – 400 = $99.99
    Plan Unlimited – $499.99 – 499.99 = Free

    Add a line:
    For Plan 700/1500 – $499.99 – 350 = $149.99
    For Plan Unlimited with 200 minutes – $499.99 – 350 = $149.99
    For Plan Unlimited – $499.99 – 450 = $49.99

    We basically get more discounts on higher priced plans.

  • Rick

    Unlimited voice+text+G1=FAIL.

    My G1 requires data. I will be looking at the data options.

    I’ve got a MyFaves 700 family plan, and with my G1 and my wife’s Curve, we pay about $140/mo. MyFaves is essentially unlimited calling to those we actually call, mobile-to-mobile covers others, unlim. weekends covers the rest. We rarely use more than 400 minutes/mo from the plan.

    I will probably not be interested in any Even More anything. Data plans will be the killer here, I predict. So making us pay a little more for what we actually want/need is an old tactic. Nothing new here.

    OTOH, unmetered plans can minimize back-end processing and simplify accounting, reducing costs. Just don’t decommission those systems, TMO. You will go back to metered plans some day, if you ever think of going all-unlimited. Which you will not, I know…

    And my wife won’t let me have a mobile makeover anytime soon…

  • homotechual

    @Megabonix: LOL Sprint’s plan is different because it offers unlimited to ANY mobile carrier? Excuse me and what makes you think T-Mobile’s unlimited plans won’t offer the same thing? Unlimited means to ANYONE

    IF you want to go to a carrier, who will never give you a correct bill (I was a customer of theirs for 4 years), had the WORST customer service I have ever dealt with in my life then fine “bye bye”

  • david

    This poster is real, the shipping tube on the bottom left of the picture is what all the new posters came in. Every retail store got these tubes with the posters for the new plans. No posters have been put up anywhere yet (they arebnot supposed to be anyway)

  • crazyright

    homotechual- I think they meant the Sprint Unlimited Mobile to Mobile on any mobile network… not their unlimted to any line plan…

    These new plans have nothing to compete with Sprints unlimited Mobile to Mobile.

  • Rogue

    The family plans definitely suck. The individual no contract i find is ok. Id rather sprint tho. yeah, itll be a contract and less minutes BUT more coverage. I do see a benefit in using the talk or talk-text plus the 10 dollar add on when ur using ur own phone. they cant force you to use the 25 add on if youre using your own phone

  • Rogue

    OH also, i feel that this whole project dark leaks seem to defeat the purpose of having forced data on customers. what was the point if they were bringing this to the table all this time?

  • timmyjoe42

    It says nationwide 3G network. I’m pretty sure you can’t get coast to coast without losing it (let alone regular coverage) which makes it not really nationwide.

    Maybe they will launch Louisville and Cincinnati on Sunday. Bwahahahahahaha.

  • willy

    if the give you anyphone for free or dirt cheap on a contract ill be satisfied

  • haha!


    “….trying to tell me its pancakes” HAHA! HILARIOUS! That made my day! Thanks Joe, I needed a laugh after seeing/reading all this…

  • Megabonix

    @HOMOtechual: The promotional print CLEARLY says “FREE nationwide T-Mobile to T-Mobile calling” I’m not a rocket scientist but that’s obviously NOT what Sprint offers. (Unlimited mobile to mobile on ANY network)

    Moreover, I’m not talking about the “unlimited” plan, I said the 1500 anytime minute plan. Please read what I posted again before you make yourself look like more of a jackass.

    Sorry about your luck with Sprint’s customer service. I have two very good friends on Sprint (one of which who just switched over there about 6 months ago) and neither have a single negative thing to say.

    Flame on flame thrower. :-)

  • rossi

    @ Homo

    Think about what you are saying. Then respectfully take this advice; stop talking. See crazyright’s comment, and thank you for playing. Fail.

  • Grr

    I think people over estimate Sprint’s coverage. I was a Sprint customer at one point when I travelled the country as a contract worker. The coverage was mediocore at best. When I became a T-Mobile employee, I was really impressed with how much better my phone calls were. Granted, I have travelled on T-Mobile nationwide, but I do travel occassionally. I still get on conference calls with people with mobiles from various carriers. A couple with Sprint are constantly dropping calls and having to rejoin the conference. The one thing Sprint really had going for them was a very good data network. With T-Mobile jumping in the game now with a promised 21 Mb/s, I think that is what could propel them into the #3 position. Sure, Sprint is getting WiMax but with the majority of the other carriers going LTE I’m not confident Sprint will have as good of a phone selection as they have now.

  • Rob

    @everyone who asked:
    According the HD2 is slated for a Dec. release. If not Jan.

    As far as the Behold 2 having 800mhz. Look at the Moment, Galaxy and all of the other Samsung products. All of them are using the 800mhz processor.

  • Rob

    BTW the Behold 2 and the Galaxy look identical. The only difference in specs is the lack of an internal HDD.

  • nr552

    I’m doing an upgrade today to take advantage of the $149 Mytouch price vs. waiting until Sunday and getting stuck with full price (who cares if it’s spread over 20 months) + a downgraded rate plan.

    Currently pay $162.74 for Myfaves for Families 1800 minutes, 2 lines of G1 data, and 2 additional voice lines (4 phones total on the account), and unlimited txt for familys. I have a 10% corporate discount through my employer.

    If I switch to the ‘rumored but most likely prices for Project Dark’, I would end up paying approx $38-40 more per month with Family unlimited (2 lines), and two additional lines @ 200 minutes each.

    If I switched to the Family 1500 (2 lines), and two additional lines (sharing the pool of 1500 anytime minutes) I would pay approx $14 additional over my current plan, but would lose 300 minutes AND lose MyFaves (which I use approx 350 a month on my phone, my wife approx 250)— so a NET loss of 600 minutes. We are in the 950-1000 minute range used now.. Add in the 600 lost, we would be pretty much at the limit of going over on this plan (1500 vs. 1800 we have now).

    With that we are stuck with going Unlimited if we upgrade after this Sunday, or stick with our current plan.

    Prices are assumed regarding the new plans of course, and also assuming they will honor my corporate discount on new rate plans.

    Hope this info is helpful for others still on the fence on what to do.

    I am ‘ok’ with my current rate plan, though it would have been nice to be able to get some better prices features.

  • Simon Cabron

    Why does it take a month to train employees to wear new shirts and sell pretty average cell phone plans?

  • Eraser

    The only thing I can think of about the “there’s more to the price” statement/speculation is that it may include a “free” phone (or phones, in case of a family plan).

    Which is to say, with a 2 year contract, you get a nice smartphone for free.

    Without a contract you pay nothing for the phone up front and the quoted prices include the phone payments. After 20 months either your payments go down by $20/$25 or you get another “free” phone.

    This is the only way I can see this being competitive with Sprint plans.