Rover Spotted In The Wild


Not long after catching wind of this device( for the second time), courtesy of the FCC files, this Nokia Tablet has been spotted and photographed in the wild.  The pictures, courtesy of commenter Speedy over at Engadget, clearly show the model number (RX-51), and are strikingly similar to the renders that we have seen before.  The back captures the rumored 5 megapixel Carl Zeiss lens.  The interesting part, however, is that there appears to be a speaker on the front.  Maybe this internet tablet will be capable of placing calls as well as navigating the web over T-Mobile 3G.  More pictures after the break.

SpeedyEngadget Poster

EngadgetUPDATE  – Two more pictures (including whats in the box) added!

UPDATE 2 – Another picture added.  There appears to be an AV out cable included, making this a nifty device for the modern business person.








  • Curve 8900 Luva

    Possibly the Wing 2???????

  • FILA

    ooooh come on. Seriously? After the day I bought the mytouch. Like I said, you can never keep up with phones. Cuz once you have the hot one in your hands for that moment, the provider already forgot about it. If this is indeed a phone, Im gonna be pissed. I love Android, but damnit I LOVE Nokia and that damn QWERTY.

    Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh man.


  • Elias

    I really wish Nokia would get away from the right-sided space bar. It takes too much getting used to for me.

  • Azralag

    If this is a phone too then this shit is badass.

  • http://tmo lara croft lol

    well elias get used to it!!!!!!!! i dont think that they would change that for u only!!!!

  • J A B

    Thank you God!!! My prayers have been answered. This phone has EVERY feature that I could every want in a device. Now I just have to wait until this bad boy launches!

  • jrwingate6

    That keyboard has nothing on the TP2 keyboard.

  • babu

    Is there an app store for this?

  • B

    But what OS does it run?

  • oakie

    the 128mb of ram is anemic to say the least, especially when compared to other omap3 based phones currently on the market.

  • Rhage

    OK, so is this unit really capable of making call on T-Mo network? In all the reviews I’ve read, no one has stated for certain that it can.
    Also, is it just me or does this thing look huge! Any word on the dimensions?

  • wheeerm

    Cameron West, nice troll post, and even better manners. To clarify your misstatements, the Mytouch3G has internal memory. Specs: Memory Internal Memory: Flash 512MB;
    RAM 192 MB DDR (includes 64MB baseband chip)
    Expandable Micro SD Up to 16 GB

    I bought one, and am really liking it a lot. It is a much narrower phone than the i-phone, I’ve noticed. It’s quite snappy speed-wise. I’d rather have a Maemo phone than an Android, because maemo is GTK and that has more of an open source history than Android, but I think the thing, being a tablet, is too big to use for my phone, and probably also will cost about $270 w/contract.

  • BB8900

    Yea a G1 cant even be put in the same class as a Iphone and until T mobile gets bigger there not gonna get anything that can compete.

  • Elrich

    Oh, how the mighty have fallen! Nokia was the sh*t, and now just eh.

    It’s all about the Touch Pro2, baby! 2 days and a wake up! Ooh rah!

  • alt-mobile

    The keyboard looks too small in the picture…

  • Anthony

    So this is solely just an internet device on tmobiles 3G network?

  • clint

    This phone is so heavy!!

  • SneakerFiend

    The phone definetly looks sexy but they need to step into the future and start cramming REAL QWERTY keyboards onto their phones and not a QWERTY look a like.
    The keys arent’ offset, and the space is to the right. There are other things too but those are minor annoyances.

    Coming from just about any phone on the market right now switching to this will be a bxtch especially since offset keys have become a standard, and the spacebar in the middle is seen everywhere =_=. Nokia has to be the only oddball x_x

  • Bigg

    From MobileCrunch:

    Some of the mentioned software features:

    In all of the renders we’ve seen, it appears to be running Maemo 5.
    Multitasking: “Run all of your favorite applications simultaneously”
    Live Dashboard allows all open tasks and unread messages to be displayed in one view
    Browser: Firefox 3 with support for Flash 9.4
    Built-in automatic update software
    Contacts has some sort of status sharing built in, allowing you to share your status, location, and mood. Support for Contacts on Ovi and Google Talk.
    All SMS and IMs accessible from one view
    Cellular voice or VOIP both supported
    Captures video at 800×480 in AVC/H.264
    Image tagging and geo-tagging support
    Nokia intends to have at least a dozen add-on apps available at launch, including a game called “Bounce”, a Jaiku/Twitter app called “Mauku”, and a few widgets.

    It said Cellular and Voip supported, Firefox with flash support, damn if this is true, this phone is going to be bad ass

  • -ray

    Let’s hope that T-mo does not color it “mocha”…

  • pecoy

    hopefully its not a resistive screen


    I dont understand, where does it say that this phone will be on Tmobile 3G?

  • MaysBerry

    Ahhh finnaly we start to shape things up!!! fyi the iPhone = razor V3 of touchscreen and it looks like this Zues Phone here Nokia may steal my blackberry fetish!! Motomorrison-myTouch3G-SamsungAndroid and now this??? THATS WHAT I CALL A MOBILE MAKEOVER!!!! haha cant wait for the land of milk & honey & commission!!!


  • Amu

    I do hope that T-Mobile USA picks it up. So far the community over at have speculated that this device will be considered an Internet tablet/smartphone with specs being:
    -3.5″ resistive display
    -Built-in stylus (could be slightly seen on one of the pics)
    -800×480 resolution
    -QWERTY keyboard (3 rows)
    -Maemo 5 os (linux much like android, but much more open)
    -Quad-band 850/900/1900/2100 (for calls aroundthe world)
    Tri-band 3G 900/1700/2100 (1700/2100 bands used for T-Mobile’s USA network to get 3G [AWS] )
    -32GB internal storage
    -microSD slot
    -TI OMAP3430 with ARM Cortex A8 clocked at 600mhz
    -256MB RAM (still speculating on this), 512MB ROM
    -5mp camera with Carl optics, dual LED flash with camera lens cover
    -Front camera for video calls/chat
    -Video recording
    -FM transmitter and receiver
    -Accelorometer, ambient light sensor, proximity sensor (still not sure)
    -3.5mm jack
    -Kick stand (near the camera)
    -WLAN, bluetooth
    -Firefox 3 with flash 9.4 plugin (could be upgraded if maemo community would like to since the os is more linux)
    I believe that the there is already a place to download apps from. It
    kinda looks like cydia/installer from the jailbroken iphones, which you have to add repositories to. There might be some more specs that I might have missed but these are some of the main ones. You can go to to take a look at some of the software/apps for the platform.

  • z

    resistive display!? ugh.

  • Andrew

    This is the Nokia Internet Tablet. The Wing 2 is the HTC Touch Pro 2

  • Curve 8900 Luva

    oh yah forgot lol

  • Chuong

    It will be running Maemo 5.0 (Linux) OS. This is going to be a sweet phone and I don’t mind signing my life away for another 2 years.

    Maemo 5.0
    32GB ROM
    5MP camera with flash & AF
    3.5″ touch screen with 800×480 resolution
    AV out

  • Cameron West

    Well first of all you’re an idiot for buying the MyTouch. Nothing special about that phone at all… has android. no 3.5m headphone jack, no keyboard, no flash on camera, and no internal memory…funny how Tmobile STILL cant get it right…the Iphone, whether we like to admit it or not, is STILL the Jesus phone on the market…

    now if Tmobile can grab the HTC Hero…then we might have a chance

  • Twitch110

    You’re spot on my friend. Nothing special at all. And yes, the Iphone still absolutely SLAUGHTERS every phone on the market. Accept it people. I’m starting to lose hope that it’ll ever be one up’d.

  • Zapote21

    Well, thats your opinion… I would NEVER buy an Iphone…
    I have a G!, and I just bought a MyTouch for my wife… I will trade my G1 next week for my own MyTouch,..

    I personally do not like the Iphone at all…

    But hey, we all have our own opinions, right?

  • lensovet

    funny, like half of those things you mentioned the iphone doesn’t have. and it’s still a jesus phone? what?

    plus internal memory is expensive (consider that 32 GB iPhone costs $100 more than 16 and you can’t upgrade that in the future), whereas a memory card can be easily upgraded and gets cheaper with each day.

    side note: headphone jacks are overrated, bluetooth headsets with stereo are the way to go, so much more convenient it’s not even funny.

  • FILA

    Damn, we must got some iphone fanboys up in here. I like how ur sayin the mytouch is shit and if T-Mobile does get the Hero then they might have a chance. You know the mytouch and hero are the exact same hardware minus the 3.5mm. Same ram and rom. Really only thing different is the sense UI which they said already runs slow. It has the same on screen keyboard, still runs android. Its possible to run sense on the mytouch. So whatever, go back to your iphone.

    Oh, and Im typing this from my wonderful myTouch right now. Hold on, I gotta check the weather real quick and make a new browser tab. Oh shh, thats right, you cant do that can you, haha.

  • Achilles

    I agree with you Cameron! I’m not sure why T-mobile even released it and marketed it as something “new”. It’s a G1 without the keyboard. Still no camera flash. Still no 3.5 jack. No new features added like a fm radio. A rock is a rock.

  • kemikev

    Where did you see 128? Everything that I’ve seen *speculates* that it will have 256 ram and 768 virtual mem.

  • David

    My guress is $349.99 with contract

  • Tournstone

    AWS 3G in the specs is very strong (if not conclusive) evidence that it will be on T-mobile.

    Loved all my previous Maemo devices. If they had only had a phone in them. And now it will AND be 3G?! This phone moves to the top of my must-have list.


    Thanks for your explanation on the 3g AWS.


    After looking at the pictures closely, I dont like the keyboard on this phone