Exchange ActiveSync for G1!


Remember when T-mobile mentioned Exchange support for the Mytouch and all the G1 owners were happy.  Then they dropped a bomb on all the G1 owners when they blatantly said “NO!” Well, the “work e-mail” from HTC, that will not be released in the Android Market but will be included with the MyTouch, has found its way to the internet to show G1 users some love, unofficially.  Just as an add on, you can also download the nifty Sherpa app at the same spot.  Just navigate your Android browser to this location, point and touch (or click with the track ball, your choice). Short disclaimer after the break.


You may be wondering what this exact “work email”/”exchange” app may be.  Well, here is the description we received:

“The “Work E-mail” application for the myTouch 3G uses Microsoft ActiveSync technology to allow access to corporate e-mail (Exchange). This application supports most standard e-mail functionality, including e-mail push, read/reply, file, and the ability to accept or reject meeting invitations. It does not integrate Exchange calendar or contacts with the device/Google calendar or contacts.”

  • Beanz0nToast

    I’ve got Sherpa on my G1 now…this is sick!

  • Reg

    Downloaded Sherpa also….seems overhyped. The way it displays may excite some people, but other apps do a much better job!

  • Jake

    Only need calendar…hope someone creates an app for that soon.

  • Brett

    I agree with you there. Just installed it on my G1 earlier. The functions are simular to Google’s Places Directory except Google’s Places Directory gives you more choices with listings. Sherpa will make recommendations to you based on your interest but I dont know if thats an advantage.

    The New Phonebook is totally cool and the work email so far is working like a charm. Wish i could get my hands on teh visual voicemail .apk file. The T-Mobile version is way better than the ones available now.

    Either way, where this may give me some fun for a couple of weeks im still tired of android. Where I think Android meets the high expectations of the mass of untechnical users a Data Device for dummies just isnt what Im looking for and I really miss my stylus for drawing and less fingerprints. Welcome home Windows Mobile, TOUCH PRO 2 HERE I COME!!

  • Elrich

    Yep!!! Windows Mobile is the most bad ass operating system out there, kicks Android’s overrated a$$ anyday!!! Without Windows, the world would grind the a halt.

  • Vit

    I love your enthusiasm ;) I am waiting for TP2 too.

  • Jon

    they did, it’s called touchdown. It’s only $20 and works a lot better than the work email app.