Official MyTouch 3G Announcement


I know we have been patiently awaiting the official announcement of the MyTouch 3G, and guess what, its here!  T-mobile has launched a website full of all sorts of fun facts to help launch this device.  The MyTouch 3g will carry a 3.2 inch (480 x 320) touchscreen, WiFi, a 3.2 megapixel camera, exchange support, Android 1.5 (how else would you expect to type?) and of course Tmobile 3G (quadband EDGE for roaming is also in there, in case you were wondering).  The site is also counting down to the July 8th presale date (only an agonizingly long 16 days away).  The posted pictures give a great look at the three color choices that are available (white, merlot and black).  Engadget is also reporting that the preorders will ship in late July, with national availablity in early August.  They are also reporting that it will set you back $199.99 with a two-year contract.  Who else can’t wait for this Android phone?  Show your appreciation in the comments (and try out that nifty reply button while you are at it).

Engadget and T-mobile

P.S. Larger pictures after the break

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  • http://none billy v

    they really need the trackball???? and all those buttons??? its 2009…. everything should be ON SCREEN!!! UUUUGGGGLLLLLY!!!!!

  • Corey

    @everyone complaining that its taking 6 mos to release the same hardware as in Eu.. Its not the same hardware.. Radio is different due to the tmo us 3g band.. This alone means that it may have gotten bumped for production by htc while HTC made them for the Much Larger European carrier..

  • http://none billy v

    TRACKBALL = OLD FASHIONED, takes up space & UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ash

    I’m actually glad it has a trackball…

  • Jonathan

    Can someone tell me the difference between WiFi and UMA? Aren’t they the same? Cuz it looks like this phone will have WiFi.

  • Colin Small

    Ok, so if this is the Android device then what is “Bright Lights” on the 28th? Anyone know? T-Mobile screwed up IMHO. This is their answer to the Pre and iPhone? Or will they be making us customers much much happier and announcing the Samsung Galaxy soon.

  • Mikey

    When I heard about the new release about the new google phone, I couldn’t wait. I’m a phoneaholic. >.> Ever since I got the G1 I was pretty happy. Now i want to get this one actually. I wanted to know if you’re able to trade it in for the new one or something. o_O Or, do you have to straight up pay $500 for the new phone itself…..The whole exterior design looks better than the iphone and the old g1 phone, but the only bad thing about it is the camera. The screen size is pretty nice actually. But I wonder about the battery life on this phone. Is it better than the g1 battery life? I’ve been on edge to conserve my battery on my phone since 3g kills my battery if left alone and all these email coming through… :o I’m hoping that i can exchange it.


    Did you hear the news? The Apple/AT&T have already sold a millions. That’s within one week counting pre-orders and weekend sales. How long did it take the T-Mobile to sell 1 million G1s? Couple months. Any one know how many Palm Pres have been sold yet. I’m sure it’s near the one million mark already.

    T-Mobile continues to display a level of competitive incompetence that is only rivaled by the like of the US auto makers.

    They can’t see that they’re killing themselves because they’re too busy killing themselves.

  • Archboy69

    I don’t understand about these “pre” sale bs. Would buy a car or a computer blindly before testing it???

    Why would I buy a phone before seeing in in person, handling it, seeing if I like the UI…all that stuff before coughing up my hard earn money $200 in this recession time for a piece of equipment I’m stuck with for 2 years?! The pictures looked lovely and all but so did the G1, sort of, kind of…maybe. But when I saw that piece of plastic crap. It would have sucked to have “pre” ordered that phone. What a disappointment. They need to hire better(or pay more)industrial designer that actually can design or at least one that graduated.

    The Google interface is boring, oh hmmm and no multi-touch, it looks dated circa 1980. We are in the 21st century.

    Tmo is cheap, that is why I’m with them for the time being but their phone selection is like going into Russian grocery store. Na Dah.

    Crazy talk.

    I can undertand the iphone since it is basically the same phone, same interface with improvements. I can buy that. Palm took they time and the Pre shows how much thought went into the product and it shows.

  • Decco

    Very unimpressive…

    I honestly think this one is going to flop. This should have been what the G1 is. I can not justify upgrading my G1 even if I only had to pay $199 (let alone $500)for a phone that has virtually the same specs minus a physical keyboard. Sure it looks a lot better, but they should have actually engineered a new phone instead of being cheap and inferior.

    *Screen size – The Same as the G1 (smaller than iPhone)
    *Cam – the same as the G1
    *Not enough internal memory
    *Does it have a 3.5 headphone jack?
    *no multi-touch (without hacking)
    *spotty 3g coverage
    *nothing to justify the $200 price tag compare to the iPhone or Pre

    I like my G1, though I think it is ugly. I love the android os, though its not mind blowing now that the pre is out. I HATE my coverage. I live just north of Pittsburgh and no 3G, not even in Pittsburgh. Also, no 3G in Youngstown, Ohio WTF? Not only that, but when I’m in some parts of my city, I don’t even get EDGE, its on GPRS for cryin out loud! They just updated the towers in my town with the EDGE about 4 months ago… SERIOUSLY!

    With all that said I do like the plans and they are cheap, but the question I’m asking myself is do I want to keep T-Mobile’s P.O.S. network to save a couple bucks a month???

    There is no way this phone will attract new customers. The price should be $149 and they should work out something for people that purchased the G1 if they want to upgrade early and make it like $199 for current G1 customers to upgrade.
    If I decide to stay with TMO I’ll be waiting for the TP2, but I am kind of leaning toward paying a little extra for a better phone and a better network. I may just give the G1 to my son ride out the contract.

  • Buckshot

    I’ll wait to see what the solution is for the Exchange server integration. In fact, after using the on-screen keyboard of the Storm for six months, I’m way over that and want a real QWERTY keyboard, so I think I’ll sit this phone out entirely and wait for the G2 for the keyboard. Maybe by that time they’ll have all the bugs worked out of Exchange solution and perhaps even have a newer OS shipping!

  • anthony

    Perhaps Im missing something here.TMobile’s home page shows info about the My Touch 3G they make it look as if its some ground breaking devise get real a time clicker with a count down to pre order.Okay I get it but if you have the phone just sell the darn thing ,news flash the Iphone is alresdy out so is the Palm Pre.I am not one for the fore play especially sinse were waiting till august what a joke

  • m3tric

    Well…after seeing the underwhelming specs (NOTHING improved since the Magic came out 3 damn months ago) I can safely say that I am no longer a potential 2-year T-Mo USA customer.

    No 5 MP camera
    No UMA
    Horrible QVGA Video recording

    = No sale

    Sorry T-Mobile, I don’t think I can follow any more false FCC rumors until the Galaxy comes out. Sprint, here I come!

  • Bob

    Another “Google Phone?”


    That is all.

  • mikeeeee

    i love to read all the whiner’s posts here about a product that aint on the street yet and why they aint goin’ to buy it.

    my g-1 gets better daily and i switched sim cards and made it my primary phone the other day, even though, i have no wireless coverage where i live and only have UMA.

    if the mytouch has UMA, sign me up for 2, one for me and one for wifey.

    if not i’ll keep on with the katalyst/g-1 setup until the idiots @tmo give me an android with UMA.

  • coolfx35

    I for one am very excited to get myTouch3G. I’ve been using an unlocked iPhone on T-Mobile for a while now.

    I like T-Mobile’s network where I live and the call quality is excellent. I’ve been testing their 3G network out here in LA and I like what I see. They don’t have 80 million users clogging up the network so at least in my area it’s all mine for the taking. ;-) No complaints here!

    I text and email a lot for my business. Using a virtual keyboard is good for quick stuff, like searches. An actual keyboard is a must. If only the MyTouch had a slide out keyboard. It would be awesome.

    I would have preferred a 3.5 mm jack, but when I stop and think about how many times I’d need it it’s really a moot point. I use my Nano for music and a BT headset for calls while driving.

    Discuss more about this phone at, I usually hangs out there.

  • Sorlaqc924

    as for this phone, i’ll pass. i prefer hard keys over soft keys any day.

    to J-Hop2o6: remember you can upgrade the G1 to Seidio’s battery where you get 2+ days on heavy use.

    to Maximus: as for memory, you pay one way or another. you can pay at&t’s ridiculous monthly rate, or upgrade to a 16GB or 32GB mirco SDHC card.

    to Billy v: the trackball is highly useful for editting text & games

    for the other haters, you refer to Apple’s 3rd generation phone. keep in mind Google hasn’t yet release a G2 yet.

    as for me, i wouldn’t upgrade my phone until there’s one that looked as beautiful as the Huawei U8230. it must also have plenty of internal memory for apps. a superior lense is required. a faster processor would be nice too.

  • Leemor

    I’m confused about the rates. Everyone says that TMO is cheaper than ATT. I compared Sprint, ATT and TMO by going through the order process online (didn’t submit the order) and TMO was the most expensive.

    I get a discount on each through work but it’s about the same discount for each carrier. Results:

    450 minutes
    Unlimited Data
    $56 / month

    Everything data
    450 minutes
    $53 / month

    300 minutes
    Unlimited data
    $65 / month

    What am I missing? Help a brother out.

  • Dreama

    THATS IT..

  • Flgirll_99

    I’m not sure what to do?? I’ve been waiting for a new phone to replace my Tmo MDA (yes, I STILL have an MDA. lol!!) but I’m not sure about the Android based phones…it seems too new of a format for me to jump on the bandwagon. I’m so used to Windows Mobile but I like some of the new things I see with Android. Should I switch over to Android or just wait?

  • Dave

    Well this sucks. I just logged into mytmobile to check my upgrade eligibilty and I’m not showing the discounted price on any phones. So I called 611 and since I returned my G1 the “system” doesn’t know how to handle a return and reset my contract. So now I am forced to wait to buy it in the store in August where a store can give me the discount. This is so lame, I was looking forward to pre-ordering on July 8th. But she did tell me that pre-ordering doesn’t mean I would have gotten it any sooner than the stores. So maybe they are doing like Apple did with the latest 3Gs phones.

  • JLA

    I say switch, I have the G1, its a great phone, but too big, this Mytouch is perfect for those that like something smaller, and sleeker, but yet retains all that android goodness, and if you like to customize your phone to a tee, this phone really gives you that ability

  • SusieDoll

    ii have to agree with ash the trackball can be really useful at times
    and no the phone is not ugly i thing its actually cute and way slimmer then the g1 not dissing the g1 cause it was a great phone don’t get me wrong but at least there were some upgrades to this phone

    cant wait for pre-order it

  • Tropi

    Hero! HTC?

  • Rixtir

    Another disappointment. The G1 WOULD HAVE been perfect for me IF it had had UMA. But no UMA, so I went for the BB Curve 8900. That, or I would have had to CONTINUE forgoing reception in my apartment. I went with reception, at the expense of having a phone with a keyboard and screen that are too small for me to use.

    What’s wrong with providing a phone with a full slide out keyboard for typing, a large touch-screen, and UMA?

    Instead, T-Mobile adds a touch screen, but kills the best part of the G1 (it’s keyboard) off, and STILL no UMA.


  • Louis and Danny

    HTC Magic is it the same as the My touch 3G whats the difference between both phones is it the same or is it different name.

  • Rixtir

    More about UMA on the MyTouch:

    One T-Mobile salesperson told me that she doesn’t think the MyTouch has UMA. The next day, a different salesperson told me that the MyTouch definitely has UMA.

  • Curt

    No UMA AND a dumb name??? Hopefully they make a REAL G1 replacement with the real keyboard. The “mTouchmyself” isn’t gunna complete with the Iphone or any Blackberries. It really looks like and is named like a Sidekick on steriods.

  • http://none Billy V

    NO WAY.. yall are nutts.. trackball is ugly! and whats with the other buttons??? no need for all that!….. im going to order one, but its fuggin’ ugly (FUGLY)!!!


  • man

    If this had UMA I would already own one. Too bad.

  • coolfx35c

    Two reasons for the pits. #1) After owning the T-Mobile Wing for 2yrs. And exspecting to watch streaming videos with no problems. What I got was freeze-ups during buffering with the highest speed
    available on the wing. Of course no one told me at the time and purchase at TM that there was no tower in the coverage area in Pensacola,FL. But I was told that there coverage area was expandiNG. But after
    $399 spent. Still no tower for Pensacola in 2yrs. #2) I up-dated my contract for a My Touch 3G. I ordered
    it on line, and have it as I speak. You guessed it. After spending $299. Still no tower to accommodate the
    now 3G. I talked with another TM represenative. And received the same old song and dance. Both phones are really great. But not if you live in Pensacola. Is there anyone in Pensacola; or any town, in any state
    with the same situation?

  • kam

    I sen tmine back…not having UMA is deal breaker for me, I have no signal in my apt..UMA is the only way I can call out.

  • ariana

    tomrrew we are going to t moblie when my Mom gets Money for the T Moblie

  • Andrew

    Name Thief

    200 for a two year contract, either new customers or those getting a full upgrade with contract extension

  • David

    Yeah $199.99 is ONLY for new customers and exsisting customers who qualify for their full upgrade discount (22 months since last handset discount) just like the other carriers.

  • cDAWG

    yeah if u havent had your phone for 22months then youl prob pay more

  • ManoloDF

    Thats what it looks like if they were not using this agonizing time to add UMA/hotspot@home compatability to this phone unlike the European/Canadian counterparts.

  • peestandingup

    Yeah, I dont think it has UMA, so those early rumors were wrong looks like it. It could have had it early on, but maybe there was problems with the 3G + UMA scenario so they had to take it out. Sucks cause I cant use this at my house (hardly get any signal from any of the carriers).

    OK, T-Mobile. It was fun, but I’m gonna have to go now. Your lack of 3G coverage coupled with the slow release of any decent phones, and now the no UMA thing on any decent phones you actually DO carry, has pretty much forced me to leave. Adios & good luck!

    Sprint + Palm Pre + Airave signal booster here I come I guess.

  • Jon

    No 3g phones have UMA.

  • mgrudem

    wow, really?

    it’s just a phone bro.

  • Android Rebellion

    I agree 100% let’s get this show on the Road. I dont know waht the hold up is. Apple = Skynet LOL

  • J

    Maybe because the production isn’t ready?

  • mrcoolgarcia

    i agree with you i being waiting and waiting for a decent phonw while all my friends are flashing the iphone and you may ask why didnt i jump on the g1 wagon well simple its not my style and and its was to early to tellit android wass good to go against windows mobile
    well its looking more and more like i may join the dark side(yes the new iphone 3gs is sick) i love tmo’s customer servive but cam on i being waiting for ever im still using my trusty shadow copper

  • Marcp05

    I’ve read all the replys and you bring up a very good point! I’m out of contract and I don’t see any point in upgrading to any phone on tmobiles lineup when I don’t have 3g in my area! The phones don’t come close to today other big lineup. i’m very impressed with the Pre. As I see it Tmo is only interested in keeping old customers. Tmo if you want new customers bring something inovative to the table that will make potential customers want to come in to your store and say i’m interested in this phone.. Android platform is new and inovative now make the handset makers back that android up with some serious hardware! Show the other carriers that you can play their game and for sure you’ll win over the new customers.. Cater a bit to business proffesionals because you have NOTHING in your lineup to even come close to turning their heads towards your stores (which is your first lineup of beginning your offensive towards the true businessmans toy, a real smartphone!) enough said.

  • jayyoung

    pre order in 16 days an ship at the end of july

  • VDubb

    It beats AT&T, not the iPhone (unless the iPhone has started its own cellular service that I was unaware of).

  • kyouki tmoEmp

    Thank you! Someone with some brains on this forum. No one seems to see the bigger picture and are greedy cry babys one this site, all I hear on here is I don’t want data plan, but I want the iphone? Don’t be so cheap because your in for a suprise guess what you have to have data plan with iphone on atnt. But thank you hv for beinging out valid points and being smart

  • DrGUM

    yeah, you can add more memory, but don’t tell me that 4GB for $199 is cheaper than 16GB for $199.

  • J

    I think the battery life is the thing causing UMA to be left off a lot of 3G phones. 3G eats battery life far faster than GSM. UMA is also a battery hog. If you put the two together, then your standby time would probably be halved. We are in another one of those times where battery technology needs to catch up some.

  • bdogg

    You have to have. The data plan. But if you didnt have the data plan it wouldn’t do any of the things that makes us want to buy it.

  • nokia tech support

    umm bubba, i would not rush into getting a new Nokia as of yet!! The only phones that are worth even buying right now are the N85 and E63, and maybe the E71. Other then that all the other N-series and E-series phone are garbage. i do tech support for Nokia, and all we get is problems with all of the phones, and if you wee thinking about the N97, dont! theN97 is the biggest waist of money ever. It has sooo many issues no fixes available for it at all. After working for them, i would never buy a Nokia phone ever in my life!!

  • Rhage

    I cannot see how this could be a production issue. The reason why is because this phone is essentially identical in specs to the HTC Magic that wireless carriers have been selling across Europe and Asia for months. This is not a new piece of hardware, they just re-branded the HTC Magic and now are saying it going to take close to 6 add’l months to get the very same phone in customers’ hands.

  • Sprint on 042410

    Makes sense, and since the network isn’t ready why push the release ahead of time.

  • droid

    The 4gb in this case is **removeable** and easily swapped out for 16gb. If the “unicornish-by-way-of-legend” 32gb MicroSD ever gets released it should work in that slot as well (it’s MicroSD 2.0). Not to mention if you have that much stuff you could carry multiple SD cars and swap out on the fly. OR, if you’re coming from a G1 you should be able to just pop out yourcurrnet MicroSD and pop it in the MT3G.

    Oh also, the battery is USER removeable/replaceable. Try that with an iPhone. :)

    Having said that should it come with a 16gb MicroSD? Yes.

  • TJ

    If they stick with the current rates, it beats the iphone plan… by far. But let me say thanks for trying to correct me.

  • Aaron

    still beats the iPhone though..

  • TJ

    I would say that’s a good guess.

  • Sprint on 042410

    I have a G1 and pay for the data plan @ $24.99 and I can only get EDGE, so I can understand people not wanting to pay for inferior service even though I do. There’s a reason t-mobile is #4, it’s the network.

  • ManoloDF

    There actually are, head on over to and you can find a few phones that are 3g and UMA already released in Europe like the LG secret, the Samsung P270 and a SE, so that means that the chipset is out that has 3g + Uma built in, therefore it can’t be that card to put it into other phones and make it work.

  • monacelli

    Truthfully I’d rather have UMA instead of 3G because T-Mobile’s 3G coverage is so weak.

  • TaTo22

    what a hater

  • monacelli

    Exactly. I only get EDGE around here so $25 is hardly worth it.

  • monacelli

    I also didn’t have any problems with UMA and battery life on my 8900. UMA was one of my favorite features of that phone. UMA on this phone would have really made it better than the rest.

  • Sprint on 042410

    I admire your optimism Jonny and am happy you have had 3G for this long. Since there other carriers that have 3G in my area I’ve grown tired of waiting for t-mobile to get it together on their network. At one time saving 10 bucks a month justified renewing with tmo but now that I desire decent data on the 4 phones on my family plan tmo is no longer a consideration. Will have to wait 10 months but that’s the price I must pay for making a bad decision 14 months ago.

  • droid

    Ugh, specs on this have been everywhere (including *gasp* HTC’s Web site, 512mb of ROM vs 256mb on G1 (ROM is where the OS and apps live) and 288mbs of RAM vs 192 on the G1. Other than this, though, it is the same phone minus the keyboard. But that’s kind of like saying this year’s Dell is the same as last year’s Dell because they are both from Dell. Doubling the ROM and a 50% increase on the RAM WILL make a difference.

    As for everyone complaining about the “small” size for storing apps the BalckBerry Curve 8900 has the most ROM available of any BlackBery (storm included) at 256mb so what’s the issue here? The G1 was more than twice any BlackBerry at time of launch and the MT3G is twice that again.

  • Elrich

    It has MS Exchange support, which is huge, giving a lot of business users (esp. those who cannot use Blackberry) an Android option.

  • Sprint on 042410

    What value do you place on a reliable robust network? I place a high value on it now that I have moved to a smartphone. T-mobile and their network are simply inferior to the others and not worth the price tmo charges for data. No complaining just hard data, t-mobile #4 why? It’s the network.

  • TaTo22

    last month tmobile came out with a new rule that ones u get a data plan u will be stuck with it for the hole 2 years of contract lets say u get to the g1 then u change to a blackberry 8900 u will still be able to use the blackberry cuz it has a data plan but lest say u get a phone that dose not take data then u gona be paying data for no reason cuz they wont let u take it off

  • droid

    Never had a problem with TMO’s network and I’m all over the country multiple times a day. My last work week was this:

    Phoenix to Denver
    Denver to Fargo
    Fargo to Denver
    Denver to Rapid City (SD)
    Rapid City to Denver
    Denver to Bismarck
    Bismarck to Denver
    Denver to Fargo
    Fargo to Denver
    Denver to Burbank
    Day 4
    Burbank to San Francisco
    San Fracsico to Denver

    Never once outside EDGE (on a Curve 8900), not one dropped call and not one missed VM. Not saying it’s better than any of the other carriers but I do see it from multiple areas every week and never any real problems.

  • David Rosen

    well yea but who’s getting a blackberry for downloading apps? i was down to 13 mb on my first day of playing with my g1. i know they did just launch their own app store though, so maybe it’s got some good stuff to fill up that space with, but that’s like pretty much the whole point of android isn’t it? the expandability of the phone via downloading all these cool apps.

    i didn’t know that the doubled rom and ram were for sure though and that is pretty nice, i didn’t realize it had that (i figured all previously announced specs were just speculation/rumors, and it’s not mentioned above what exactly it has as far as storage/ram goes)… still happy with my g1 cause of the keyboard though.

  • Elrich

    You said it brother, it’s all about the Touch Pro2, baby! Although having MS Exchange support for this phone is a huge step in the right direction for TMOUSA.

  • Elrich

    The Touch Pro2 will be $399 with a 2-year contract! What a deal! :) I can’t wait!

  • droid

    You are a tool. T. O. O. L. We got you thought the trackball/phone was ugly on the first post.

    You don’t like it? Great. good for you. Now go get your allowance from moms and dads and buy your $700 iPhone.

    Thanks for playing. :)

  • droid

    The BB app store has a few good apps and lots of business apps. The point in comparing was BlacBerry is the grandfather of the smartphone and no one over there is complainging about ROM size (yet). Should these apps be going to the SD car? Yes. But until that happens 512mb is a pretty decent size (relatively speaking).

  • David Rosen

    well no bodycomplained cause until really recently there was no app store. i mean there was handango and stuff like that, but that’s just not the same.

  • TaTo22

    lol hahaha

  • TaTo22

    i have never had any problem with my phones i love my g1 and i love tmobile i plan to stay with them for a long time so no worrys here

  • Sprint on 042410

    Droid, fly down to St Louis and you’ll be on EDGE also but the problem is that there is no 3G. I’ll be up in Fargo and Grand Forks ND next week and I’ll roam on AT&T so props to tmo for piggybacking on a real network to provide nationwide coverage.


    You’re talking about Edge. Glad to hear you didn’t get any dropped calls on Egde. People here want 3G.

  • TaTo22

    dam dude 3 post of the same crap of u hating if u dont like it stop looking it it damit dont u have anything better to do like go play in the park with mom and daddy


    EXACTLY!!! What is the purpose of a trackball on a full fledged touch screen phone?

  • Jon

    I should have put it more clearly. No TMO USA 3g capable phones are UMA-capable also.


    Sanjay – I really think people are really getting tired of hearing T-Mobile is releasing new phones only to be utterly disappointed by the ‘supposed’ lineup. It’s going to take more than a Loyalty Plan to keep me hanging around….I think I speak for a number of us. I’d pay more money for a plan with another carrier just for having the luxury of better hardware choices.
    This is 2009….no one wants to wait around another 6 – 7 months when the competitions seems to be releasing phones on a daily to weekly basis and the best we can get out of these douche bags is a phone every couple months.
    I’m really pissed that someone within T-Mobile thought it was a genius idea to put all their eggs in one basket with Android. Android is no where near where it should or could be in development. It looks kiddish when you compare it to WebOS, iPhone and Blackberry OS platforms. The hardware that it’s been demonstrated with is cheap and horribly designed. Why is the name of sanity would I buy a myTouch with a 4GB SD card when I can buy a 16GB iPhone for the same price? T-Mobile has failed miserably at getting any handset maker onboard with producing a real competitor with the iPhone, Pre or the Storm. They’ve got nothing that stands out in the market. I don’t want to heard a darn word about the TouchPro 2…AT&T will have one as well soon.

    I’m really looking forward to seeing Robert Dotson and the rest of the numb nuts at T-Mobile collapse under all the competition…’s happening already.

    Gosh…there’s never anything good to say about T-Mo execpt they have good customer service. BIG WHOOP!

  • 4ty-phive

    Marc, you are a way. Tmo doesn’t really need to bring better phones. They need better coverage. You can have all the coolest phones in the world, but without good coverage (Edge and/or 3g), it doesn’t mean crap. Tmo really needs to get their coverage game up. Aside from that, I’m really excited about this phone and I will be picking one up.

  • Adra

    I agree – T-mobile needs to make a BETTER approach to new customers, also as well as the old. The sad thing about all of this is the other carriers have release better phones, not prices, than T-mobile – to the point the excitement about the new phones is not exciting. We can view the other carriers phones to see the pro and cons. I wish T-mobile could release a lot sooner than other carrier. best wishes for those people looking for the un-expected

  • BubbaJo

    Thanks! I’m actually looking at the Nokia E63, N85 or possibly the 5800xm. I’ve heard great things about all of them, and the E63 has some great reviews. Honestly, what I’m looking for is a phone with wifi that has a full qwerty keyboard (touchscreen or otherwise) and doesn’t require a data plan. The fact that I can use any of these phones with Tmobile and take advantage of the Wifi without a data plan and nothing more than tzones for $5/mo which I currently have. I think it’s a mistake for Tmobile to not offer up a phone that does the same, but that’s just me.

  • TaylorGold

    If only the G1 came with exchange support.

  • insider

    it COMES with exchange support…no need to purchase! I just went trough the training for CC for this phn and it DOES come with exchange! :)

  • timmyjoe42

    UMA allows for calls to take place over wifi which gets a lot of people better (great) reception in their homes.

  • J-Hop2o6

    why is the (cell phone) battery tech dragging their feet? 3G been out for like 5+ years

  • Ventz

    J — actually you are not correct about UMA.

    UMA uses up EXACTLY the same amount of battery as having EDGE and pushing constant data through. (having a download for example)

    (NOTE: it’s only the same if you only have wifi, turn edge off, with good signal 85% of above)

    By the way I worked on testing this, as I did not believe it, for about 2 months.

  • Sanjay

    Maximus, I totally agree with you. My post was supposed to be sarcastic. Here we are more than one year after they started implementing their 3G network and they have only released one true smartphone that has 3G (the G1). Now they announce the availability of their next one more than a month ahead of time (I suspect to keep people from leaving) and it too is just another android version of G1. I am now just deciding which network to go to once I decide on the appropriate phone. I see no phone in sight that I want.

  • Jonathan

    So basically we’ll be able to access data over
    wifi with this phone, just won’t be able to make calls, right?

  • MadProfessor

    It honestly feels like you just yelled at me. Any time I read someone posting in all caps I automatically read it in Ed’s voice, from Ed Edd ‘N Eddy. I don’t mean to be negative and bash on you, it’s just annoying.

  • Greg

    get over it. the MyTouch is not a replacement for the G1, just a different form factor to appeal to a different population. There will be many more android phones out by the time your G1 contract is up (some maybe on other carriers).

    To quote CNET and Andrew Sherrard, vice president at T-Mobile: “And while Sherrard said the G1 isn’t going away anytime soon, he believes the myTouch will have an even better chance to pick up new customers who are looking for an easy to use smartphone.”

  • byounngg

    so you going to make the jump to android congrates

  • JLA

    I agree, I have a G1, why would I pay $500 for the same phone in essence. I too would like to know what that “Bright Lights” is all about. Although if T-mobile says this is their flagship device, where does that leave the Touch pro 2, which is coming out on 7/22, so wouldn’t more people be inclined to get that phone since it has better features, and an actual keyboard? I just don’t get it

  • anthony

    I totally agree with you lets stop this pre sale crap.I dont want it unless I can pre test it lol.The games they play they treat us like cattle remember they want to sell it more than we want it but at times its hard to tell

  • Decco

    Regardless, I just don’t see how they can justify the price given the features. I’m a tech junky so yea-I got the G1 because of the Android OS (not the looks or other features), but most people who want a nice phone but who are not absolute “phoneheads” will continue to pick up an iPhone without a second thought. Maybe if had at least the 4MP camera and a lil bigger screen it could have stole some new customers. As it is now, I don’t see that happening.

  • nokia tech support

    The E63 would probably be the best phone! The E63 is actually quite a good phone, and probably the lest problematic phone we offer! The 5800xm for a touch screen phone, feels very dated with its interface! Its not as fluid or as responsive as most of today’s touchscreen phones. It reminds me of my tmo MDA’s touch interface! But honestly I would look at the E71 or the E63 if ur looking for somthing with a keyboard! G/L with whichever choice u make!

  • Galen20K

    Well Said Droid, please let all the Whiny Brats who’s parents buy them their phones and Plans go to ATT. We won’t Miss you, Have fun with your Crappy ATT signal and 3G that is WEaker than your Granny.

    The less we have of the Learning impaired, the Better! So Ta ta! ; D

  • Simone

    i know what you mean i hade my heart set on the htc touch pro 2 but now i dont know what to do lol

  • timmyjoe42

    Right. You will be able to surf faster, but if you have 3G, what’s the point. You should also be able to transfer data wirelessly, but you could do that thru bluetooth.

    I don’t see the point in having wifi without UMA. If I am going to surf where I have a wifi connection, I’m probably going to be at home with my laptop.

  • VDubb

    I think this is a bit over your head. I’ll trying to make it more obvious: Apple/iPhone doesn’t set the pricing you’re comparing it to, AT&T does.

  • Mystictrust

    Assuming you’re pricing unlimited data sans text messaging, on an unlimited data plan for a phone such as the mytouch, you would actually get 600 minutes for $65. It actually looks a little closer to this:

    ATT (using iPhone as comparative phone, since it requires data)
    450 minutes
    Unlimited Data

    Sprint (“Everything Data” plan)
    450 minutes
    Unlimited Data

    TMO (using G1 as comparative phone, since it requires data)
    600 minutes
    Unlimited Data

    T-Mobile gives more minutes for the money as you go up in the rate plans… and their data plan is $5 cheaper. All in all… well… it all just comes down to reception, phones, customer service (if you care) and little things like myfaves, rollover minutes, or whatever

  • Leemor

    Much obliged. I’ll try again, see what I missed.

    Like others, 24 months into contract with TMO – time to upgrade or switch carriers.

    MyTouch vs Pre vs 3GS

    I think it will come down to going to each carrier’s store and trying the UI / phone and decide which one feels better.

    Yeah ten.

  • Sprint on 042410

    Those are accurate prices. For me I ask, is having 3G over edge in the STL metro area worth $5 per month. Yes it is so I’ll switch to the Pre in 10 months.

  • Brandon

    This phone doesn’t not have a native Exchange email application. I’m a TMO sales rep out of STL, MO, and we got one in today. You can still install the 3rd party apps like Touchdown for Exchange (which works well), but certainly no Exchange support out of the box. I’m puzzled as to why this is so heavily published as so? Identical software to the G1…

  • TJ

    But that’s how much you pay for the iphone douchbag.

  • Anthony

    Or they could try to reap in profits like apple and set the price at $600

  • DrewRep

    Ok. you can preorder through the website but if anything happens with the phone, you will have to deal with computer reps who may not be able to answer questions, or may take days, rather than being face to face. Good luck to everyone, trying to decide on my first TMO phone . . .

  • JiMMY

    get tha mytouch 3g it looks to be a excellent device

  • chad

    Is anyone aware of a image app? I was told it does image or I wouldn’t have bought this phone. Chart