MyTouch 3G News, Again

While we continue to hear more and more news surrounding the announcement of the upcoming HTC Android device (and other Android phones), known fondly as the MyTouch 3G, it seems as though some more pictures have been leaked (by one of our very own).  The pictures, yes multiples, show the device in black and have the MyTouch branding.  As much as I liked the white version, the black just looks heavenly (okay, so that may be backwards).  Tell us what you think in the comments.  More Pictures after the break!

Thanks CradleofChaos

Look at all those accessories!

  • Sgt. Cell

    Why do they still make cameras with no flash in the year 2009?

  • mauro

    the question is, should I change my 8900 for an android device?? Did someone here change his/her blackberry for android?? I love my 8900 but I really want some 3G and also a bigger screen. Email support for android is good for me because I have gmail and I love it! Any other things that I should be aware of??

  • Logan cook

    Hey look I really would like this phone but no one official has said that the mytouch was the android device that they are about to release. What if they are talking about the new 3g dash instead of the my touch?

  • jayyoung

    tha’s y we jus have to wait an see

  • cDAWG

    so whats that box contraption all the way to the bottom left of the picture?

  • mauro

    thanks for your help! You are like me, I didn’t want the G1 because it looks fugly and the slide keyboard is something that I don’t like. The 8900 is an excellent phone and I don’t think is for an IT guy, I mean I love the keyboard but I think I’m ready to try android. I like that the UI is fast and hopefully there are some good apps out there. What are the official specs? I guess we are going to have to wait until Monday.

  • Ash

    @ mauro I have a 8900 and have also had a g1. I ended up returning the G1. I didn’t like how clunky it was. And I had it when cupcake wasn’t released. I LOVE android market! In my opinion its way better then the bb app world!! I am jumping ship as soon as the mytouch 3G comes out! I like the browser better on android too! I will miss my 8900, ecspecially the camera!! But for mr android is the way to go!

  • Dylan

    I’ve been using the HTC Magic (which is the myTouch 3G) for almost a month now.

    I got a Google Ion from Google I/O 2009 in my home of San Francisco. This is the best phone I’ve used ever, hands down. Previously, I was using a BB 8900 which I loved because of the form factor, but this phone is even smaller than you’d think, and the battery life is SO AMAZING. You will all know what I’m talking about eventually. The battery lasts all day and THEN SOME.

    Great phone ,and of course, with Android, we have all known to fall in love with it. Over and over.

  • Rhage

    Now don’t get me wrong, I get just as hot and frothy as the next guy about TMO getting a new Smartphone; but essentially we are talking about a phone that has been available in Europe for months. This isn’t a new hardware premiere, the HTC Magic has been already been around the block; so why does it seem that folks are just a little too lathered up over this phone? Just asking?

  • Ashleigh

    I read that it will have a matte finish like the G1 instead of the glossy plastic finish that the Magic has. If this is true, then the phone has achieved total beastliness

  • turbotim21

    Does anyone know how much RAM it comes with? I’ve seen “HTC Magic” online – Vodafone’s version (HTC’s European site) says 192M, while HTC’s main site says 288M. More RAM is always good.

    Here’s the UK site:
    Here’s the main site:

  • jayyoung

    to b honest am not sure that this is the phone that tmo is releasing until they do so then i’ll beleive

  • Flyyphone

    This looks hot! A lot better than the white one we’d been seeing. Hopefully this won’t have as many bugs as the G1.

  • lance

    ahh man i cant tobbto get thin phone in my hand………..

  • Razius

    I am growing old waiting for this thing. Lets see it release so we can all have our beast of a phone. GO GO GO!!!!

  • Bobsagat

    Does anyone know what time tomorrow this announcement is going to be made?

  • Ash

    ughh I only wish I did!! I will be checking this site all day tomorrow, even when I am at work!

  • Ali

    They can call this thing touchme 3g and id still buy it lol who cares about its name… htc should really start making there phones with 3.5 mm head phone jacks now there’s something to complain about

  • Hollywood

    The announcement has arrived!!!

  • jayyoung

    jus visit engadget mobile an they reporting that the my touch is the next android phone an tmo will not b takin pre orders until july 8 an will not ship them until the end of july which sucks

  • Ash

    Jayyoung I just read the same thing on engadget!! I’m glad its finally announced! It would be great if they shipped earlier then the end of july!!

  • Red

    It’s not going to be released until August. Fucking stupid move. God, there are fucking morons running this company.

  • Ash

    I’m using mt cell phone so I don’t think I can. Go to and its the latest news!!

  • Rhage
  • briyenna.

    my mytouch shuts down for no reason. when im in the middle of text messaging it just shuts down. what do i do?

  • goodboy_stay

    I agree…no keyboard tough if you txt and email a lot.

  • bk_brownie

    I think I read somewhere that it will light up or is that the magic version…somebody correct me if i’m wrong plz

  • MagentaMagic

    G2 became “MyTouch3G” (Sorry, but I’ll still say G2…)

    The G1 v2 is supposed to come later. (See other threads here…) The Bigfoot?

  • bk_brownie

    yes it does! no flash only auto focus!

  • Kyle

    Umm… No. It doesn’t. It’s never had a qwerty. It’s a soft keyboard. This is old, old news.

  • Razius

    I don’t know, but I usually just use flash as a light if I am in the dark somewhere.

  • Razius

    make sure you can type on the screen. That would be the most important thing. Other than that, I think it just comes down to preference.

  • droid

    I’m swapping my two-month old 8900 for this ASAP. Only reason I havent done the G1 is I don’t like the form factor of the hardware (never have like flip/slide/moving phones. I’ve always prefered the candybars). It’s why I got the 8900 over the G1 in the first place (the form factor).

    But, I recently got my wife a G1 ad the BB OS has NOTHING on Android. I’l be doing this at full price so theres a small indication in what I think of Android.

    I’ve been using the onscreen keyboard and I can type almost as fast on it as I can the tiny little 8900 so it works out – plus the neat thing about the onscreen is you can drag your finger to the letter you want. Press any “key” and drag it to the one you want and let go. It takes a bit of getting used to but make just as many mistakes on it as I do the 8900.

    Don’t get me wrong the 8900 is great but you can tell that BlackBerrys realy are designed to be in an environment where you have access to an IT guy.

    Android, works. And it’s fast.

    I do’t know if you got the schpiel about the 8900′s EDGE being “multi channel” and thus almost as fast as 3G but it’s not. Not even close. Also, the G1 (assuming the myTouch) will alert YOU to an open WiFi network so no more randomly scnning for WiFi like on the 8900.

  • mauro

    what about the apps?? facebook for berry is awesome and the msn messenger is good as well. I’ll have to test the screen first because I tried the iphone(actually the ipod touch, same bs haha) and I didn’t like it.

  • Trevic

    The Dash 3G isn’t an android phone…

  • Andy

    G2 and mytouch are both the same thing.

  • Red

    where have you seen a pic of it?

  • droid

    My point about an IT guys is the BB OS is very finicky. Very tempermental. I think the BB OS is great when you have a guy you can walk down the hall to and say “here,” I.E. a business environment.

    I don’t know how many battery pulls I’ve done on the 8900 but I had to load the OS twice from scratch on the first 8900 and after it still wasn’t working right I took it back and got a second one . It works but I’ve still had multiple freezes, battery pulls, etc.

    The wife’s G1 has been on for nearly three weeks straight (since new) and not one OS crash. A few force closes on apps but you just load ‘em up again and they work fine. All without freezing the phone or requireng a reboot or battery pull (or equivalent).

    Android Market blows BB App World away, apps d/l & install in the background while you continue browsing. No restarts required for deletion or installation. It’s lightning fast and there are soooo many more apps (the the number of free apps is staggering compared to BB App World).

    As a business phone Android has some growing to do. As a consumer phone it blows BB out. of. the. water.

  • Steve

    The lathering is probably because the majority of Americans never travel outside the borders of the US. That’s why we are stupid enough to actually pay money upfront for subsidized phones on overpriced 2-year contacts. Not to mention insane sms fees, and carrier-locked phones, or even (!) CDMA.

  • Mystictrust

    I know the Magic version’s track ball lights up, I’m not sure on the mytouch though.

  • B Dogg

    I have used the G1 everyday since I got the phone about two and a half weeks before launch last year. It has been an amazing product. Can you explain what bugs you have been running into?

  • Jeff

    I love how an image shows you how bloated and unusable the os is.

  • droid

    post link please

  • justinhub2003

    I think a 3.5 inch screen would be great not for looks but rather um, touch tyoing and virtual keyboard use, I mean the Iphone is not easy to type on and it rocks a 3.5 inch screen, and typing on the g1′s screen is not much fun.. so id say that id rather have a bigger screen especailly if its all touch

  • flyyphone

    I’ve owned the G1 twice and both times the phone gave me problems.

    1. It would shut off without reason
    2. The instant messenger would either kick me off, say all contacts were offline, or show my convos as me talking to myself
    3. The phone would stop vibrating for no reason therefore calls and messages went unnoticed.
    4. The alarm wouldn’t sound.
    5. Missed calls and messages although in a area with perfect service

    And to top all of this off the battery royally sucked.

    The G1 was a great idea, but the phone couldn’t fully function when I needed it to it functioned when it wanted to. I also owned one before launch and tried owning one again a few months after. Still had issues and returned it.

    Perhaps you’re lucky if you honestly noticed no issues which I find hard to believe being that most electronics always have some issues when they’re first launched. Esp. a new operating system.

  • Dillon

    I saw somewhere that it would come with an extra customizable battery cover, as well. In the last pic, we could be seeing that, or just the phone from the front w/ the battery cover removed.

  • bk_brownie

    customizable battery cover huh?! does that mean they will have different colors you can purchase? thats what i’m thinking being that they didn’t make the battery cover the glossy finish!!