Oh woe is G1 data…


Well today today marks the end of the one week free data period offered by T-mobile for those who pre-ordered the G1. Some customers report their data plan has been switched off by an obvious technical glitch inside T-mobile somewhere that is reverting them back to their previous data plan held prior to G1 ownership. *Warning, facepalm alert!*

Apparently the paid service which is necessary to access the phones features is not added on, thereby stranding G1 users without any data access. Just imagine grown men breaking down when they realize their Gmail isn’t syncing, which is quite the crisis if I do say so.

Fear not, the fix is quick and can be done via a quick call to T-mobile’s award winning customer care or by mytmobile and re-adding the feature all on your own. Imagine that, you can fix the problem all on your own, I just love it when that happens.

Have you suffered from this data debacle? Let’s hear if you’ve been affected in the comments.

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  • Jesse

    Just commenting… I had to call in an manually reactivate my data services last Wednesday. Also, still no link to RC update.

  • Slater

    I have not found the best article for my comment, but i finally got to demo the G1 yesterday in a local store and needed to say that i feel like any and every review i read was way too conservative in depicting the greatness of this phone. there will be some to disagree with me on that point, but i cannot even express how inspirational this phone is. geeze, i can’t believe t-mobile was able to land it in their line-up.

  • Ammed

    (i found this on a blog and it worked mircales for me. Called cc 8 times and still no luck alwasy just battery, sim, and then i dont know whats wrong wait 24hrs)

    This works as long as your data plan is still in place there seems to be 2 possibly 3 scenarios happening here

    #1 Most common, It appears there is a bug with our phones software (hopefully not the hardware ) and if your phone goes into sleep mode for an extended period of time, when you wake it up and unlock it your data does not work, but the phone and gmail do work, to fix this it DOES NOT REQUIRE A REBOOT! simply switch the phone to airplane mode OR switch 3G off and back on (wait for edge to takeover b4 switching back) this will force your phone to reconnect the data connection to the cell tower and it should be working again

    this scenario is what is happening to my phone I have had my phone sense 10/24 and the first 5 days i never had this problem last Thursday it started happening. I think it may be that the data network is getting overloaded by new data users going crazy using their phones and i say this because i have definitely seen some big decreases in the speed on 3G in the past few days. This might be a semi-intentional thing the towers are doing to try and cope with the demand for data on them by disconnecting the connection on phones that have not requested data in a certain time frame prob. around 20-30 min

    It is worth noting that i went out shopping today for 3-4 hours went all over the place and wither i was driving or in a store i had imeem streaming music on my phone and never lost connection once so this backs up what i’m thinking is happening here

    #2 if your a preorder customer or had a tmo account before you got your G1 take a min to check your services on the tmo site to make sure you have one of the 2 G1 data plans on your account as some people have had theirs dropped from their account and lost service due to that,no amount of rebooting or reseting data connection will fix this you need to call CC and get it fixed

    #3 Using an old SIM card from another phone, this one is less common and somewhat sketchy on if it works or not but some people have had issues related to this as well as other issues on their phone and it appears was caused by using a SIM from a differient phone and not the one the G1 came with, if this is your case you should get it switched out