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Oh woe is G1 data…


Well today today marks the end of the one week free data period offered by T-mobile for those who pre-ordered the G1. Some customers report their data plan has been switched off by an obvious technical glitch inside T-mobile somewhere that is reverting them back to their previous data plan held prior to G1 ownership. *Warning, facepalm alert!*

Apparently the paid service which is necessary to access the phones features is not added on, thereby stranding G1 users without any data access. Just imagine grown men breaking down when they realize their Gmail isn’t syncing, which is quite the crisis if I do say so.

Fear not, the fix is quick and can be done via a quick call to T-mobile’s award winning customer care or by mytmobile and re-adding the feature all on your own. Imagine that, you can fix the problem all on your own, I just love it when that happens.

Have you suffered from this data debacle? Let’s hear if you’ve been affected in the comments.

Via Androidguys

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