"Unboxing" pics…with lots of imagination required

Well for most of us, there are 22 days left till the G1 launches. Not for this lucky anonymous tipster who sent in what just might be the first “unboxing” pics on the net. We’re using that term loosely because there were unfortunately only a few pics sent in and they leave ALOT to the imagination. That being said remember we aren’t really seeing anything “new” but still, we know you guys love spy shots of the G1.

We already know whats included in the box thanks to the G1 manuals leaking online early. Still, enjoy the pictures for what they are and just think how you will feel when you unbox your very own, white(with nasty silver), black or brown G1. If nothing else, these pics will just serve as teasers for what YOUR box will look like! Then again, we showed a little of that yesterday.

I should add a few days ago we challenged our forum users to be among the first to get us unboxing pics. There was admittedly a small “prize”, and many were willing to undertake the challenge. Since the winner is unknown, I’ll be accepting the prize on their behalf! Thanks mystery man/woman.

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  • Alex

    Awesome! Dark jedi your amazing bro :)

    So close but yet so far away…what 23 days left?

  • David

    Well I didn’t count today, so 22…

  • Rich

    I cannot wait until this arrives at my door. I had heard (not a credible source) that those who preordered could possibly receive the phone prior to the October 22nd release. Again, it’s not an extremely credible source, just a little food for thought.

  • Alex

    Ya haha i missed the first sentence i wasnt trying to correct you just didnt read :)

  • Pecoy


  • sam

    omg rich don’t get my hopes up. i already have high hopes that it’ll be here the 22nd and it probably won’t. gosh, i cannot wait much longer for this phone.. i am going insane!

  • l3wish

    Grrrr sexy

  • brian-y

    @sam keep thinking the 22nd and if it comes early you got some hearly hallowen candy lol cool .

  • TMO Employee

    I bet I know why they were anonymous! This HAD to come from an employee… I am a cust srv rep for T-Mobile and we have had the phones in our call center since Monday to play around with. We are even getting a full 1 hour training on the phone itself. This is a big deal cause they don’t do this for just any phone- at all! They’re nice though, can’t wait to see mine at the door cause even though as an employee I get a crazy good discount they still haven’t told us when we will be able to order through the employee phone plan and I can’t wait!!

  • SocialGlare

    pictures of the G1 keep me sane..

    thanks tmonews!

  • http://twitter.com/lipgloss666 StarLite666

    but what the hell are those bubbles on the screen? yikes!

  • MMM

    im going crazy waiting for this, i think ive told just about everyone i know. even if half of them havent even heard of it. im stoked. even without the full discount i had to have it.

    oh & when it comes out it will be $599.
    so pretty sure getting it for $299 was a good investment.

    thanks for all the pictures, it makes the wait a BIT easier.

  • mZimm

    I’m sure it is just a screen protector…most phones come with one on…

  • McBravio

    @Starlite666 It’s from the protective plastic obvi.

    Maybe these were taken by a Google employee? They’ve had a few demos to play with since the launch conference.

  • AndroidAdopter

    Hard to make out much detail, especially with the big amateurish watermark blocking half the pic.

  • T1 Connect

    man i hope this thing gets here b4 the 22nd im like sam im going insane im putting my wing under my car tire when i get this (sorry wing)

  • Juan

    You know this is yours ;)

    Don’t be so modest! :D

  • mingkee

    I really want to have it
    but some problems (not to mention) prevent me to get it

  • Cable Guy

    Wow this phone looks awesome the more i see it the more i like it i wanted the white one but im startin to lean towards the black i think that smoke black looks really good i wanna go to sleep and wake up on the 22nd !!!!! Thanks tmonews!!!!!

  • badbob001

    Looks a little cheap. I think the shadow has better packaging.

  • warrantyking

    my shadow came in a black with a gold cover over the box it was way nicer and this looks realy cheap

  • http://CrowFans.com Frank

    I’d like to see what accessories are going to come out for it. I have a blackberry 8700g and I love my holster for it.

  • Jon

    to rich and the rest, i was told by a service rep that preorders will be recieved by the end of 22nd. so i still have my hopes up :)

  • dflat7

    I think the box looks soooooo cheap and lame cause is probably a demo case for a demo phone for some employee or someone’s nephew !!

  • David

    @dflat, look at the video below from the Los Angeles cyberguy, he has the same box.

  • cDAWG

    uhhh im a lil excited for it luckily i work for tmobile n our manager is going to the training for it on the 7th he’s most likely for sure gonna get a free phone they always give the phones away wen its a big phone like this…ex the shadow dash wing he got those for free…ima get to play with it a lil sooner its just gonna b a tease!! i’ll let u guys know how it is

  • drivethruboy168

    my manager as well is going to be getting one most likely next week. I’ll let you guys know the truth about the phone. If I like a phone it’s a big deal because I like good quality phones and I’m very picky! As of right now I CAN’T WAIT TO GET MINE!!!!! Hopefully it stays that way because u would sure love to get this iPhone I can’t wait to get this thing out of my house and use by g1 for everything! I love my curve and like I’ve said in previous comments, this is my iPod Touch with a 2meg camera on it! Can’t wait! And to those complaining about the box! ARE YOU SERIUOS!!!! It’s box your your probably going to throw away anyway! It’s the phone you want not the box! Come on!

  • B.

    I just had my hour and a half training on it today and YES I got to play with one for 30 solid minutes. Linked it to my gmail account and downloaded some apps including the barcode scanner and played around with them. I am more excited now than ever. The bubbles on the screen are for sure a cling that comes on the screen. The packaging is less “cheap” in person. I DID get some bad news though the official word is that the preorders will MOSTLY be delivered on the 22nd but could arrive up to 13 days later. Sorry guys. On the plus side though I can officially say that the wait has been worth it. If anyone has any questons feel free to ask me and I will probably have your answer.

  • Cable Guy

    @B how smooth are the key boards is like the sidekick LX? (which is the best ones) or is it harder to type on also is the interface really that smooth like we see on these videos?

  • hBE

    i had a G1 for 2 hours to play with and I must say that i was disappointed. The overall quality was OK. The keyboard is the most disappointing issue – I thought beeing in business for a long time HTC should have done better. BB Bold, Nokia E90 and Moto Q9 are far more advanced. The cam also is in line with the iPhone – there are better out in the market (Samsung, SonyEricsson) and the “sutter release” is far away from a snapshot. The trackball is very sentitive and a little bit smaller than BB Perl or Bold. The display is brilliant.
    Google apps like search, Gmail, maps with directions, and YouTube are at your fingertips.
    The media player is a nightmare compared to the iPhone in terms of usability. And I am not shure if G1 has a standard 3,5 input connector I only remember a mini USB

    Adding a new contact is out of structure – If you use WinMobile or the iPhone you shake our head. No link between the contact list and the calender, so no birthday entry from the cantact list into the calander.
    I have tried to send a vCard from my Q9 to the G1 – sorry but this service is not availble. Come on Android this should be a damn standard feature.
    Email and calender are enabled and backed up by the google web application – which is fine BUT do you want that Google is scanning our personal data all the time. This is the business phone killing feature.

    Any other experice ?

  • Adam


    What would be the point of pre-ordering if the phone is going to arrive 13 days after the release date? I would seriously doubt T-mobile would risk doing this to its existing customers… *Getting nervous*

  • ompu1

    i wish this box was more elaborate, it looks so plain, oh well, im still in awww of the G1, soon to be in my hands on the 22nd . cant wait

  • incrediboi

    @B yeah I have a friend that works for tmobile doing the 3g networking for them….his supervisor told him the phone might get delayed to november becuz of the 3g network is not stable….have u heard of anything like that?

  • dat chyk

    @B – Are there a lot of free apps in the market? What are the price ranges for the apps that are not free?

  • Checkmate

    I’m getting frustrated, I dunno why they havent opened up employee sales yet?! My momma gonna have a G1 before I do, sad….tragic even.

  • Galen20K

    @B. How did the Casing feel in your Hand, was it Solid and well Built???

  • Cable Guy

    Is the carrying case good? Or should we be talking about buying somthing better for our G1?

  • Cable Guy

    @ B
    Is the carrying case good? Or should we be talking about buying somthing better for our G1?

  • Caseybea

    @cableguy: The carrying case is nothing more than a soft pouch. Bogus. What, they don’t think people will want this on their BELT? Lame. One more thing to buy.

  • dflat7

    Yes, but are they going to put out a case just for the G1 or we’ll have to fit it into a standard blackberry (assuming it will fit) Also, what’s the whole point on pre-ordering if it’s gointo mail it on the 22nd… you might as well get at the store!!! you’ll think they will reward the pre-order ones. right? They better send them before the 22!!!!!!

  • sam

    I already know I’m going to be one of the people that it takes the extra 13 days to get it. That’s just my luck. Somebody put me in a coma until the day my phone gets here! This blackberry is killin me!

  • dat chyk

    I spoke to a Tmo rep who said that the $18 upgrade fee will be added later. So for those of you who received the confirmation text without the $18…don’t get excited just yet…it will be on your bill with the phone. (At least that’s what the rep told me).

  • chfhg

    Everyone who went to the conference got one all the managers from the new york market got one including my managers as long as they where at the conference they got one I been playing with it and its hot!!!

  • dat chyk

    @Sam – LMAO!! I hope you’re not the one that has to wait the extra 13 days…but, if its between me and you…then I need you to wait cause I don’t want to. LOL.

  • Cable Guy

    I’m sure they’ll be some cool cases to buy at launch 22nd is taking forever!!!!

  • Cable Guy

    Tmo give us more g1/android

    videos/pics/news!!!!!! please!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!

  • Infamous Rell

    I just found out that the G1 will support a 16gb SD card out the box. Add that to the internal memory and we have more than the iphone. Lol. How bout dat apple fanboys?

  • OAM

    I have one and can answer some questions about it.

  • T1 Connect

    @infamous rell only avail at best buy mobile stores and verizon wireless in the us soon

  • TomCruise

    @OAM – what applications come pre-installed on G1? Is there a notepad type app to take notes?

    How much of a business phone is this out of box? I heavily use the following on my win-mo:
    word documents,
    email (non-gmail),

    are any of these apps available out of box?

    thanks for your time and apologies if questions sound repeated.