"Unboxing" pics…with lots of imagination required

Well for most of us, there are 22 days left till the G1 launches. Not for this lucky anonymous tipster who sent in what just might be the first “unboxing” pics on the net. We’re using that term loosely because there were unfortunately only a few pics sent in and they leave ALOT to the imagination. That being said remember we aren’t really seeing anything “new” but still, we know you guys love spy shots of the G1.

We already know whats included in the box thanks to the G1 manuals leaking online early. Still, enjoy the pictures for what they are and just think how you will feel when you unbox your very own, white(with nasty silver), black or brown G1. If nothing else, these pics will just serve as teasers for what YOUR box will look like! Then again, we showed a little of that yesterday.

I should add a few days ago we challenged our forum users to be among the first to get us unboxing pics. There was admittedly a small “prize”, and many were willing to undertake the challenge. Since the winner is unknown, I’ll be accepting the prize on their behalf! Thanks mystery man/woman.

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  • OAM

    @TomCruise – out of the box you have basic applications. No games or anything like that. There is a notepad, I havent used it yet but it is there. Email there is pop and imap access. calendar syncs with your google calendar. To be honest out of teh box its not much of a business phone, however I do feel its got great potential. I have not tested how documents open up yet. I’ll have to email myself one and check.

  • Cable Guy

    So it sounds like the phone doesn’t come with pretty much anything I would of thought it would come at least a big stacked but oh well

  • TomCruise

    @OAM, thanks for the response.

  • llysoll

    They gave me and about 80 others a black G1 phone at the event in New York last week.

    Employees who went to the event in Jersey also received one.

  • OAM

    @Cable Guy- yeah it doesnt really come with much, but it comes with everything you would need. Probably the coolest program it comes with is the youtube and maps icons. Maps is pretty cool since you have streetview.

  • Cable Guy

    I’m not sure if its been ask already but i’ll ask anyway on the android market what appl are avaliable as far was the free ones and how much are the ones you have to pay for? Thanks in advance bro!

  • Jessica

    Looks zexy in an understated way, but of course I could sell it when something hotter comes along. But I think it would keep me entertained for a few months. If it shows up before Oct. 22 that would be awesome since I’ve already sold my Garmin and Ipod Touch on ebay (who needs ’em?)!

  • OAM

    @cable guy- To be honest I haven’t spent much time on the app market yet, but so far the ones I’ve seen have all been free. I’m not sure yet if they have set up a way for us to pay yet.

  • David

    @Cable guy aka iphone lover, you sneaky sneak you…you didn’t think we would figure out you were trying to post again??

    Tisk tisk…Everyone say hi to iPhone lover!

  • T1 Connect

    @david well hes not being an ass he’s actually quite good lately give the ass another chance

  • Cable Guy

    Actually I am not iphone lover dude sorry to disppoint am getting a G1 and I have tmobile i don’t even like the iphone

  • B.

    @ cable guy
    the keys on the phone are relatively flush with the face only raised slightly but the typing experience is still very friendly and easy. Imagine the LX keyboard with flatter keys. By FAR blow the messaging experience on the iPhone out of the water. As far as the interface goes, it REALLY is like butter. i was impressed with how fast and fluid everything was. makes me smile just thinking about it.

    @ Adam
    sorry bro but thats what the training material advised us to inform preorder customers. i think its just our way of covering our ass in case UPS delays or loses the package or something. it also said that the MAJORITY of customer will receive it on the 22nd.

    I havent heard anything like that. This is far to big and the date already announced for us to push it back now. i wouldnt worry.

    @dat chyk
    ALL of the apps i saw were free. and i spent a while looking. im not sure if it is just because it hasnt hit launch yet but they were for sure all free.

    the G1 is built like a brick. VERY solid and the arc slide is very smooth. it is FAR from feeling cheap in anyway. not that im excited to, but i wouldnt be afraid if i dropped it.

    FYI the training material had a whole section on out “throttling” policy which is……wait for it…..if you reach 10 GB of data usage in a single billing cycle you MAY be cut back to 50kb for the remainder of your cycle and on the start of your new cycle your full data speed will be restored. it also said that we expect LESS than 1% of customer to experience this. its a relief, this will leave people really free to do what they want. im surprised that the cap is so high to be honest.

    anyway there you have it. if you have more Q’s feel free to throw them out there

  • TomCruise

    @B, can you pls throw a light on the type of apps available in the market? just a sampling maybe of the list.

  • Macho

    Anyone know if you can talk on the phone and still surf the net like the iphone?

  • incrediboi

    @B thanks for clearing the doubt!…anychance of receiving it before the 22nd? And when is a good time to try start tracking our package?

  • demize

    I asked about the white availability,and was told it would be available at 3g area stores on launch date.if true i’m glad I didn’t preorder.any more info you t mobile guys got on this?

  • Macho

    Will the G1 have Windows Live Messenger??

  • Jake


  • Macho

    What’s funny jake?

  • Macho

    Was my question that dum?

  • Mark

    @B thanks for all the info but another question on the keyboard. how is the travel of the keys? also, i dunno if you got to experience this, but if the phone is in sleep mode and you get a text/call, will it still vibrate/ring? thanks in advance

  • Jake

    @Macho, nothing personal, I just giggled as I’m sure little to none Windows apps are supported. I’m not a big fan of no Microsoft exchange support for the G1 but I still purchased one.

  • Juan

    @Macho – yes, it will support Windows Live Messenger

    @Jake – drop something helpful next time, like facts or evidence, not just speculation, son!


  • cDAWG

    yeah white ones r only available at store im so glad that rsa’s and rsr’r are gonna b the first to order the phone since were the front line of tmobile haha suckers take that customer care and feild techs

  • B.

    if by travel you mean the distance you have to press them in order to activate them. its not bad just flush with the face so not very hard. and while i had the phone locked i got an email and the phone did chime, so im sure that it would in sleep as well. most new phones do.

  • encoreorv

    hey an app i would like to see developed is something that will piggy back off of traffic cam so you can view your reg and alternate route to and from work. Five days a week i go to the same place as i assume alot of you guys do as well. Sure wolud be nice to get a hint to see which would be my best way to go home. one added feature could be a remider set to go off at various times deppending on your work sch, sometimes i kick myself when i get stuck in traffic when i know i could have pulled the traffic status befor i left work. can someone tell me if street view is real time or how far off is it.

  • encoreorv

    ok here are some some dumb? and some basic ones.word and excell/can record my own ringtones like i could with my mda/checkbook down load/live search/is it true no one else will carry this phone like best buy/why didnt i see a cd with any of the unboxing photos/the large case that it comes with is not suppose to be the belt clip carrying case is it/will this play all the cds that i have on my mcards/if it does not support excell can i still view excell folders that r on mcards/

  • ernest

    Well i cant wait any longer for it. I had that the phone will be delievered on the 17th and if not then, then by the 22nd atleast thats what i heard from the hq of tmobile

  • LoS HimSelF

    @ B
    Does this support video? like can i upload videos to the card and play em? Also my biggest concern is HOW IS THE MESSAGING APPS like AIM/MSN/YIM/GTALK?? is it like how it is on the sidekick? because ive been a sidekick user since skII and have all of them except the SK ID and Sidekick SLide and currently using the sidekick 2008.. mostly because of the keypad and the AIM/MSN/YIM plus the email client is great. So how is it on the phone? do u stay logged on all the time like the sidekicks or is it like how Blackberry and other PDA phones have it? Also wat is the final pricing? i 179 with a 2 year upgrade? wat if u just want or have to buy it straight out cuz u dont qualify for the 2 yr upgrade? okay that is about all my questions. thanks in advance

  • http://www.android-hilfe.de Sebastian

    Great Pic’s … cant wait so long :( … have postet a link to your side in my board: http://www.android-hilfe.de/topic13-g1auspackzeremonie.html

  • sphilly1616

    OMG, I can’t wait!!! I really do hope that they will deliver this early! Anyone heard anything about cases, faceplates, skins, etc for this phone?? I really want something nice and cool lookin to protect it…