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First let me say thanks to everyone who has viewed the site today and helping give us our highest page views ever! The forums are busier than ever and its thanks to you, loyal readers, dearest fans and Mom…thanks for well uh, making sure I was up on time.

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Picture courtesy of htc.com

  • T1 Connect

    well this is tmobile things change maybe we will get it early you know how to check for tmobile packages from ups right

  • TechnologyXDA

    T1 Connect go play pacman……!

  • PJM

    Does anyone know how the G1 Data Service interacts with your current messaging plan.

    Specifically, in relation to the Unlimited Domestic Messages for Families:

    * Does the family messaging plan stay in force?
    * If so is the G1 part of the family plan?
    * If it is then I assume you should sign up for the $25 plan for the G1. Correct?
    * If it is not, then to get unlimited, I would need to go with the $35 G1 plan?

  • T1 Connect

    @technology xda na i can play that on my wing. you know i can picture you as a 30 yr old man that still lives with your parents and a big xperia x1 poster on your wall and your just sitting there staring at it and drooling. why dont you go outside and play turn off nickelodeon and go excerse.

    bring your disney phone so you can keep blogging.

  • g willi

    @T1 Connect, yeah I put my phone number (xxx-xxx-xxxx) in the tracking reference field, right?

    BTW, as I was typing this, I finally got my order confirmation text message. According to the message, it looks like they’re not charging me the $18 upgrade fee. Sweet, thanks T-Mobile!

  • T1 Connect

    word how come i didn’t get one

  • g willi

    You’ll probably get it soon. I placed my order pretty soon after the site opened… about 11:30am EDT.

  • T1 Connect

    dude i think i was the first i was refreshing like crazy im in ny got mine around the same time but what did the message say

  • dat chyk

    @T1 Connect, thanks…I have the Dash and can use those headphones! I didn’t think about that. Thanks for the link too, that was a good read.

  • dat chyk

    yea, i got my confirmation upgrade text this morning too.

  • LR

    this is my option… i’ll continue to wait until its been out for a while n ppl have found the flaws in it… i think u guys mentioned theres no UMA. it has wifi, why not have UMA… oh well, i’ll continue to wait, im sticking with my 8320 for now

  • T1 Connect

    no problem shorty ok now i feel left out i didnt get mine let me call some people who bought some and see if they got one

  • T1 Connect

    yep 5 ppl said they got a message guess i gotta wait i gets no love

  • g willi

    @T1Connect, here’s what the message said:

    Free T-Mobile Msg:Thanks for upgrading T-Mobile number 1234567890. Your account will be charged $192.86. Please dial 611 if you did not place this order.

    If you’re worried about your order, you could call 611 or just go out to my.t-mobile.com, click the upgrade link. You should get a message saying that you have an upgrade in process.

  • J

    I think the no UMA thing is because of some sort of back and forth google and t-mobile has had concerning allowing other non-UMA voip applications. I believe UMA is something that might be just a software update away just like a few of these other flaws in the phone.

  • Sangfroid

    Got my pre-order in and just got my confirmation text! Glad to finally see a phone come out that can beat last favorite the unfortunately ill-fated Nokia E70 Click the link to find out why it’s better than a first gen Iphone.

  • bobby

    am i only only one that thinks that HTC should have a VGA screen on it like all thier other new phones. HVGA is nice and all but I was hoping for a VGA. Thats my only complaint.
    Oh and im pissed that I have to pay 299 I have been with t-mobile for 4 years. otherwise I can’t wait till the 22nd

  • B.

    This is so frustrating. People are trating this phone like every other phone that’s ever come out. Its the 1st step in a whole new direction. EVERYTHING that people are complaining about WILL be fixed probably in the first week. All of the required hardware is there it just needs to be utilized. As for the phone not being able to be adapted to UMA, again that’s just someone talking out of ignorance. When we took over suncom we enabled EVERY one of their wifi compatible phones to be used on uma. And there is no way those phones were ever designed to be used over uma. All the phone needs is the wifi antenna and a software fix

  • Data Cap

    My answer to the survey was to the effect that I would get an Iphone, but that is because of the arcane data restrictions. I would otherwise totally go for this phone.

  • http://deleted mingkee

    where the HELL is this option?
    I am interested, but the announcement makes me lose appetite

  • WazzuKirk

    Got my text and they waived the activation fee. Thanks TMO!!

  • dat chyk

    yea my activation fee was waived too.

  • dat chyk

    actually wait a minute…maybe they will charge the activation fee upon …um…activation. any thoughts??

  • TomCruise

    All these complaints about data cap at 1GB, I think I read in the very first minutes of launch that the data cap was tentative till they have full fledged 3G going everywhere………

    didn’t anybody else read that? or did I misread????

  • Mavs Man

    were is the white one on t-moble pre order web site? Are the going to role it out on the 22nd of Oct in stores? Because i don’t want the black or brown i will wait on the pre order until they roll the white one out. Do anybody know whats up with that?

  • T1 Connect

    well i called tmo tech support they say with most people that use the net dont exceed 20 mb a month so no teathering with the g1 and a 1gb cap might not be so bad after all

  • Has to be better than my Shadow

    The 1gb snip it of text has been removed and replaces with:

    “To provide the best network experience for all of our customers we may temporarily reduce data throughput for a small fraction of customers who use a disproportionate amount of bandwidth”

    So stop your bitching.

  • mewoo

    First impressions of the G1 and i feel its a genuine competitor to the iPhone!

    A great site to see all the G1 Video reviews & features is http://www.g1tube.com

  • http://blog.asurroca.com asurroca

    I’m eligible for full upgrade Oct 31, so I guess I’ll be picking one up a week late. But, I’m so sold on this phone. The only drawbacks are irrelevant to me (I have an MP3 player for music, I don’t use Bluetooth headsets, I prefer not syncing to my computer, I love the Ubuntu-esque UI, etc.)

  • dat chyk

    @asurroca – The G1 comes with a music player and a 1GB memory card in the box. I don’t use bluetooth headsets either, but you can check the specs here: http://www.htc.com/www/product/g1/specification.html

    Although, on the upgrade link on mytmobile, the specs are slightly different and that is where I saw the music player info.

  • dat chyk

    From mytmobile:
    Easy Access to Google applications*
    3MP camera
    Video playback
    Music Player
    Android Market*
    Customizable home screen

  • mark925

    Can’t wait!

  • Ryan

    To the Tmo employees calling the customers unhappy about paying $299 whiners:

    – Please show me the link to the post prior to the launch where you alerted everyone that it was highly unlikely anyone who had joined tmobile recently or had gotten a new phone in the last 2 yrs would pay the $179. If I missed it I apologize but THAT would have been a useful post from an employee instead of these posts telling everyone they get they deserve.
    – tell me why i log into a website that KNOWS my upgrade status and it shows me a $179 price. Then when i actually choose to purchase the device I have to search the website for 20min to figure out why I am being shown $299.
    – tell me why tmobile conveniently omitted this information from the launch just so the press would only print the $179 price

    Label me as a whiner but I’m calling bait & switch. I don’t necessarily think the $299 price is completely unfair. I’m just unhappy that after months of planning to purchase this phone I find out about it when the phone is in my checkout cart.

    And for the record – the $18 charge is ridiculous.

  • mrsgi

    i need help my only line thats available for a full upgrade is a kid connect line and i cant pre order the phone on that line. i want to use it on my main line, but i want a full upgrade help. was told switching to a family plan may or may not help

  • talon


    sorry you feel this way. I don’t think anyone is going to advertise a phone as a partial discount. All companies will always show what the best price is going to be. I don’t understand why you or anyone for that matter think they would qualify to get the 179 price if you just joined t-mobile and already used your discount on your initial phone purchase or just did an upgrade earlier this year. Just because its a new phone t-mobile is getting doesn’t mean everyone can get the best price. That would be great, but ridiculous at the same time, the company would lose too much money. Unfortunately policy doesn’t allow you to get a full discount until you meet the requirements. The 18 dollar charge is an upgrade fee that gets charged to everyone….why t-mobile started doing that? well because Att does it too. I don’t understand why it would give you 1 price then change at the checkout cart. Maybe you should contact Customer Care and ask them what exactly you qualify for.

  • Sun.NY

    Ok one more question
    Does anyone know if it has the accerlerometer
    Like the iphone?

    so wen i turn it on its Side it turns to landscape mode?
    Ive heard people say it does, but ive seen no conformation of this.

  • mark925

    @Sun.NY: Yes it does. There is a Youtube video that I believe was done by Phonescoop that shows it.

  • B.

    @sunNY it for sure does, in the press conference one of the guys that started google said the first program he wrote for it was one that measured the amoun of time from the moment he threw the phone in the air to the moment he caught it or it hit the floor, he specifically mentioned the accelorometer.

    @mavis man
    Dude, read the posts before you ask your question. Lol. I had just answered that a couple post above yours ;)

    @everyone bitchin about the data cap. As someone else pointed out, its it ONLY to select users that are hogging MAJOR bandwidth. So if you a general user it is UNLIMITED data….problem solved. People are we SOOOO quick to frwak out and overreact? Lol

  • sam

    i never got a conformation text?

  • Timmydale

    @Sam I never got a text as well. I better get one I don’t know if I should just order one on my 2nd line just incase or not. I don’t trust CS to give me a correct answer all the time.

  • Scott

    No tethering killed it for me.

  • kdee

    Can somebody answer this?

    IT has WiFi right? So can we do WiFi calling? I called the T-mobile customer service and they said “yes!” it can do WiFi calling

    But you guys say “no” because it has to have “UMA” (I don’t even know what UMA means…..)

    so can anybody clarify this?

  • kristo

    So I have been a Tmobile customer for around 3-4 years. I last upgraded my phone to a Dash 22 months ago. I go to login (finally) to pre order my G1. I get the $299 price. I call customer service and make my case to get the upgrade now. I am a contract customer and always pay on time. They say no dice, have to wait till 10/15 to pre order. They said because the G1 pre order is only avail online that they could move it up and allow me the upgrade on any other phone but not to pre order. Anyone else having the same issue? Also, will the pre order even last till 10/15? If not, then do I wait till the official launch date and go to a store?

  • John

    I’m not impressed with the looks of this phone. I would rather spend my money for and HTC Diamond, PRO or HD than this thing.

  • sebastian

    the phone is really kool but im curiouse if it will be able to be used on flex pay and wat would my bill look like if it was able to be flex pay

  • Ryan


    sorry for the grumbling comments. just upset that this upgrade is going to be so expensive. good work on the site and launch coverage. i hope the G1 is great. enjoy and hopefully i’ll figure out a way to join you guys soon.

  • DoeBoyNMEK

    I preordered mine on the 23rd received the confirmation on the 24th…

    The price in my confirmation was lower than the price in checkout