Confirmed info leaks…


“Available in all stores within 3G boundary area, regardless of whether or not store is in a 3G dead spot. Available in some locations directly outside of the 3G boundary area due to the fact that some customers who live in the 3G boundary area shop within a 2 – 5 mile radius and the store they would go to is outside of the 3G boundary area.
For those stores not in 3G markets, a demo unit and merchandising will be in store so rep can show customer what the experience on G1 is like on the 2G network. If customer is ok with experience, Rep can help them purchase a device on” Looks like we called that one.

One-click Google search and easy access to all Google Applications – Quick and easy access to the Internet in one click. One touch access to Google applications:
Maps (including satellite, traffic and street views)
Google Talk

Size–4.6 x 2.16 x 0.63 in
Weight–5.6 ounces
Display–65K color screen, HVGA (480×320)
Talk Time–5 hours
Standby Time–130 hours

Expandable up to 8 gig memory…

No stereo bluetooth.

Gmail account required to sign in and use, no corporate access email available.

There is a required data plan associated with this device; it will not work without the data plan active, sorry no prepay.

GPS is confirmed. No video capture. 3.1 mp camera.

I’d like to thank everyone for ensuring this website got the pics first, but seriously…we’re all on the same team. Sorry Engadget, Gizmodo and Androidguys! Our readers are clearly just very very loyal! You guys like to ensure we get credit, I love it…but everyone wants the same thing so lets hold off on the credit war!

Update: I see the comment war is still going on, ENOUGH! Everyone is excited and this is great news that’s making everyone not think straight but Engadget has our utmost respect and admiration for being a leader in an industry we hope to craft our own small part in.

  • Mark

    No stereo bluetooth, that’s just lame.

    I can’t wait until all the Google fanboys discover that Rubin is a just as much of a jail keeper as he is a cell phone maker.

  • Viper Matrix Wireless

    Someone Took My FAQ’s Section Off! Who Did?

  • David

    Viper, that would be me…I didn’t mean to, feel free to post again.

  • me2

    Agian; Ok, a couple things are confusing to me. #1, reading the words on this page imply that it IS “available in all stores within 3G boundary area”. so can I buy this tomarrow? or should it read “will be available at some point”? #2 What does “open system” mean; can I run any plam OS or pocket PC Windows software on it? little help please?

  • Home Insurance California

    Wow, that’s really interesting.. Will they come out with a smaller model soon too?

  • Sarah

    Hey guys, I work for t-mobile and the phone will launch october 22nd. I hope it’s a cool phone!

  • http://www.tonyjohn,net tony john

    i am compelled to
    purchase this G1 on
    a flexpay account. no
    other carrier offers a total internet package with a flexpay option,(month to month.)my t-mobile wing is falling apart
    after dropping it so many times. the speaker blew out due to the strong winds while riding on motorcycle. i couldn’t find a t-mobile repair center. i am looking forward to the G1 for the many benefits similar to the helio,the instinct,the dare,and the iphone. this is an ideal smartphone for anyone with less than perfect credit,with a month to month payment(flexpay) option.

  • encoreorv

    ok ive done my homework i made the phone calls,read the owners guide now ive return to the begining. can any1 tell me will it have this features, headset, word, excell, voice dialing.

  • Cornel Oguya

    I like G1 and would I plan to be the first one to own it when it comes to Kenya. Kindly keep me updated.

  • Janelle

    Hi… I currently have the T-mobile wing and I pre-ordered the G1.. However, that was an impulsive move on my part b/c I’m not sure the G1 will give me some of the features that are important to me… One feature I hope the G1 can do is sync with my outlook calendar and contact list… does anyone know if that’s possible?

  • drewhill

    how do i play listen to my music with out a headjack?

  • Eddie.O

    Well… Xl seems to be the top competitor right now it has bluetooth at least… and well it also has windows software,mp3 *Up to 400 MB Phone Memory* MicroSD support, everything basic and nessesary plus it looks way better look for yourself and (GOOGLE) it you be the judge… XPERIA™ X1 now copy paste lol…

  • Heffe

    I called t-mobile on the 23rd and pre ordered my G1 for 179.95 after extending my contract 2 years. The street price is supposed to be 399.95. The phones will be delivered on October 22nd to all those who pre-ordered, but they do not have a date as to when they will hit actual stores. I imagine sometime in Nov? T-Mobile’s existing data plan is 19.95 unlimited, so the upgrade for the ability to take advantage of the 3G is not only expected, but understandable; bandwidth costs money, people.

    ALL of your problems with “doesn’t do this, doesn’t do that” is the whole point of their campaign. This is an OPEN SOURCE phone, if you want a stereo headphone, build the software. If you want video, go for it. If you want to build an app to count your steps using the built-in accelerometer, go for it. Google is giving us a clean slate to build it to be what WE want it to be. Just like they always have with all of their products. Thats why Google is leading in innovation and going to take over the world, right? If you want a phone that is pretty and made for people who don’t want to think, buy an iPhone like all the skinny girls at the clubs.

    Can’t wait til mine comes in. I’m going to build an app that tells me to slow down every time I take off too fast in my car…

  • Josh

    @Janelle and other Outlook users
    Why bother with Outlook (other than work email) on the GOOGLE phone? It was made to work with your google calendar and gmail account. If you already use google for everything online this phone should make life so much easier for google users in a world built for Microsoft users. I’ve ordered mine and should be getting in about a week

  • Boogz

    The only thing I’m concerned about is getting playback ans streaming videos to work. If anybody knows if or when that’s gonna gappen or has any leads on any 3rd party sides that make it official to use w/o damaging my G1. Hola @ me pls.

  • mr. traffic

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  • Kristin Darr

    It is a I love some of the articles that have been written, and especially the comments posted! I am going to come back!

  • Sesli Sohbet

    I’ve ordered mine and should be getting in about a week