Samsung fans unite!

Usually when Samsung announces a T-mobile launch the world hardly takes notice. T-mobile fans yawn and hope for something better in the future, you know something that doesn’t have a VGA camera. Well sports fans, here we go, Samsung actually has something good in store for us. Not just good, great, its a T-mobile Samsung on steroids. Here she is the Samsung T919 aka “Tocco” aka “Roxy”:


It sports a 5 megapixel camera, GPS WITH voice command (think those annoying Sprint Instinct commercials), streaming video, 3G love, “awesome” video ringtones, capacitive touchscreen, POSSIBLE wifi but we are definitely NOT sure on this one, up to 16 gig memory (micro-sd), glossy black front or “fingerprint magnet” as we like to call it with a brushed aluminum back, streaming video and consumer email functionality built in. This IS a dumbphone folks, so smartphone lovers beware as it is one of the hottest dumbphones around.

Now we know questions will come because T-mobile UK has the same exact phone, however there are visual differences such as the T-mobile branding on the screen, the UK version does not have it, in addition to he lack of a front facing camera. We trust our eagle eyed tipster Brian that this is indeed the real deal, that Samsung has finally woken up on the right side of the bed and decided to give T-mobile stateside some touchscreen love.

Next up: More Sony Ericsson 3G goodness, 1 slider, 1 flip…oh yes, that’s coming too.

Once again thanks to Brian!

Questions about this phone? Visit our forums, where rumors about this phone were brought up over a week ago.







  • SheShe

    hmm this phone doesnt excite me im sure its just like the instinct *gag* im goin for the dream!!

  • T1 Connect

    man the dream is a good phone but if it was to be delayed til next year some of us loyal to the g1 would get this phone because of the touch screen and because its new phone.

  • mingkee
  • Tmobile2lyfe

    Where is the myfaves logo

  • CoolCheeze

    WOW…I actually just got this phone unlocked about 3 days ago…The Phone rocks… i got it with the front facing cam in tact. Has an FM radio with amazing signal and the browser speed on the phone with T-mo is way fast i can image the speed increase once t-Mo’s 3G kicks in. Its fully touch screen has a micro SD card great head hones that come with it and the AWESOMEST part is that is comes with a battery cover / leather screen cover…..The Tocco rocks….TouchWIZ is awesome.

  • mr.gadget

    Looks sleek and sexy. Wish it was windows mobile.

  • TH3 GAM3

    I still think this is backwards. That phone is a good phone when you look at the spec sheet but its a dumb phone. This phone would be a real waste to get.

  • David Washington

    I really like this phone, I think i’m gonna get it

  • David Washington

    And I love dumphones. I just want it for the 3G, Camera, and cool touchscreen, it’s as good as mine.

  • Theicool

    I want it!

  • Lewis

    Woot Woot oh man you gotta love this sexy phone!! It looks awesome and I’m pretty sure it would be the first US touch phone from Tmo right?

  • Lewis

    Woot Woot oh man you gotta love this sexy phone!! It looks awesome and I’m pretty sure it would be the first US touch phone from Tmo right? Wait wasn’t the “Wind” or “Wing” touch screen? All I know it was running WM.

  • sunny

    When are we getting this phone!

  • ratchet

    um if t-mob picks up this phone and i choose to upgrade will I be able to keep my sidekick plan for this phone?

  • sophon chuon

    omg i just order this fone last week this fone is also call the samsung f480 or tocco i should of waited for tmobile to release it in the U.S damnit

  • Ran

    Soooo many people drool over the number of megapixels contained on phones and cameras, assuming that the more there are, the better. Do any of you know that, in general, the more pixels you squeeze onto the same size sensor, the WORSE the picture will be? There are more important things that determine picture quality than megapixels…ie…optics, the sensor, the processing engine, etc. This is what has destroyed the image quality of recent pocket digicams; Customers only ask how many pixels the camera has. Just my 2 cents.

  • ratchet


    This phone has been reviewed plenty of times and it has a great camera.

  • DR

    Everyone keeps saying the DREAM is an ugly phone (I am still waiting for OFFICIAL pictures for my opinion), but what if you put Android on this phone? Gorgeous phone + open source OS = iPhone killer for sure.

  • Irish

    just played around with this phone its amazing great screen rez and call quality

  • UHWarrior

    looks like samsung and TMo is finally moving to the future. wanted to know when if ever will it go on pre sale for existing customers? looks better than the Dream and a touch screen instead of slider. will i have to change my family plan to get this phone?

  • mark

    only 3.5 hours of talk time??? Are you kidding me

  • Michael Oryl

    While this looks much like the F480 at first glance, the size is wrong. The aspect ratio of the screen and the phone itself don’t match up with the F480. This phone in the pics and the wireframe drawing in the FCC docs show a device that is almost exactly twice as tall as wide. The F480 is 1.8 times tall as wide, because it has a normal aspect ratio display. This device has a widescreen display, like the Omnia’s 400×240 display.