Everyone hates a tease, but wait until…


We’re sure by this point your wondering what this is about. We’re going to answer by stating that by the end of this article, you will likely want to find out where we live, and throw something through our window. Yeah, this whole article is a tease, get over it. Tomorrow morning, between 9:00 AM and 10:00 AM (CST), keep your browsers pointed to TmoNews for some exciting information. We’re not revealing if it is good, bad, and anything in between. Nor are are we going to tell you what it is about. Use your imagination, sleep on it, and check back in the morning. If you are a larger blog, feel free to contact us and maybe we can work out an early release. Have a good 15 hours! Until next time….

  • Eric in Cupertino

    Shadow II with janky 240Mhz CPU and UMA.

  • mingkee

    never, ever let this happen
    if this happen, entire USA will be doomed!

  • remnique

    i can wait til tomorrow, i know everyone is dreaming of that, me ley it be the omnia

  • Some Dude

    @ #49/51
    I honestly believe the FCC would draw the line at that one. I believe Verizon/Alltel is the last big merger/aquisition we’ll see in the US. I can’t imagine a US Wireless industry where there is one mega-behemoth GSM carrier, one behemoth CDMA carrier, and one half-irrelevant CDMA Carrier on the national scene.

  • Kaptin

    whatever happens…happens….
    its not like we can control it..
    all i know is google worked hard to produce a product and I want (:

  • Jake

    mingkee we wouldn’t just be doomed but we would become canada!!!!

  • Jimbo831

    I love how Phil doubts that this site can get any info before it is elsewhere and then doubts any information on the site. In the past tmonews has been first on several big announcements I recall and has been very accurate ever since I started reading a couple months ago.

  • The one in the know

    Well, its not anything bad. No person(s) with common sense would hype up a release of information that would be negative. So, if its good news, its either; The remaining city dates for 3G or its details about the Dream. I’m guessing exclusive photos and detailed specs of the Dream. I called it…..

  • Paul

    this has something to do with 3G , speed faster than everyone else, or major switch being turned on with many markets having it sooner than we expect!!! One of these two, bet the house on it!!!!

  • mingkee

    there’ll be 3-5 next 14 days
    Sept will have massive activation, till 20 something are active by October

  • T1 Connect

    damn this has to be a handset release it too dam exciting for something else the supense is like acid reflux just burnin up my insides shawn whatever it is. hit us off now i gotta get up early

  • RockinRocky

    Well, it’s probably that RIM has decided to give T-Mo the Bold, (oops, sorry, it’s gonna be called the ‘London’ on T-Mo, only AT&T get to call it the Bold!), exclusive instead of AT&T, ’cause of the ‘brow-beating’ e-mail I sent ’em about that!

  • Steve

    I think it will be the G3 PC Card. G3 not much use with out it.

  • edwin

    The Diamond will be the Shadow II

    hey, it doesnt cost anything to dream!

  • http://lamusicandart.com mrwindupbird

    You mean the 3G PC card? Why bother? Someone will have a release-day app for the Android phone they are announcing in the morning to use the “Dream” as a WiFi hotspot running 3G, and the days of tethering are over for TMo (:

  • Paul

    It will the anouncement of fastest high speed network over cell in USA and cheapest pricing! I’m 95% sure of this!

  • drivethruboy168

    2nd post for me now… Looks like I can’t fall asleep, with me actually working for T-Mobile and always kept in the loop about new and upcoming devices and services, it’s eating me not knowing what this teaser is. I bet it’s nothing! If it’s nothing, I’ll laugh sooo hard! Because everyone is going crazy about this. That would be tite if the Touch Diamond ended up in our line up! We don’t know the specs from the FCC so anything is possible! And if the Bold is going to be called the “London” I could deal with that. I’m in a running to win a new blackberry whenever it comes out soo… We’ll see!

  • Spike B

    Well lets see. HTC dream rumors are rampant, sure full specs would be nice, but the current rumors paint a pretty complete picture on timing, price, and the most important specs (Keyboard, large screen, 3g). Although one would think Google would release the new android+sdk before the handsets ship. So I predict a dramatically updated SDK+Android. Many more features, gmail integration, unified contact management, better gmail support, etc.

  • ratchet

    here’s the news people… Verizon Wireless will be purchasing t-mobile then convert all their subscirbers to CDMA users DUH! kidding lol. I hope the news is a t-mobile roadmap or the specs of the dream… just please let it be G R E A T news!

  • T1 Connect

    congratulations shawn for tonight you have a piece of the mobile world in your hands. got a brother gettin up so early.

  • lewis

    Damn it. Can’t go to sleep now!!!! i have to be here on the look out lol. Shawn do you take Paypal? Lol

  • Ashraf

    no, i think its that Verizon got 1st place, Alltel in 2nd and T-Mobile in 3rd place for customer service…


  • phoneking13

    Ok. Its 5:18am and I’m watching the news. There was a segment that TMo will be the first with the android phone, to be made by HTC. They really didn’t say a release date but I’m sure they’ll repeat it. I’ll keep you posted.

  • Fbarkon

    it has to be about the release of a handset. I’m hoping the android. I’m fantasizing that I will be preordering mine right after I read the blog. Or maybe it’s the actual photo… like i care I’m getting it if it is literally a brick that happens to make phone calls and surf the net. It’s not about the opening of new 3g markets. Many have opened without this fanfare. Btw I loved the top secret FCC doc on the android coming soon blog. C’mon T mobile I believe in you “Let my android go!”

  • edwin

    dude i just woke up!
    I HAD A DREAM!!!
    now i cant go back to sleep!

  • Fbarkon

    Please please tell me it isn’t the release of the Blackberry Bold. I want my Dream phone.

  • http://Engadget.com Sohip

    (The New York Times is reporting that T-Mobile will be the first carrier to offer Android). I just saw it on Engadget

    Sorry for doing this…but you should told us before anybody else do.

    Epic fail

  • edwin

    go check Engadget and Gizmodo…they gave credit ti TmoNews for the articles

  • Sunny

    I just woke up.. I had a dream that t-mobile had Nation wide 3G,3G roaming agreements with At&T, and better 3G phones that At&t.

  • http://Engadget.com Sohip

    Iam talking about a new article which is just posted at

    Aug 15th 2008 at 5:02AM

    and when u hit the read link u will get directed to the Newyork Times website

    and here is the link


  • nonyerbizness

    T-Mobile is buying Sprint!

  • Chad

    TMO (or actually DT) is buying SPRINT

  • Chad

    NY Times claims TMO to release ANDROID PHONE asap

  • CravinPittsburgh3G
  • Rene

    Oh man…the wait is killing me!

  • Tmobile2lyfe

    I think its the dream.

  • Ricki

    let me guess, either htc dream is coming out, or the 3g rolls out earlier than expected, they got JD power #1 again, OR tmobile bought spring finally? Who knows!

  • Ricki

    I meant Sprint* instead of spring, sorry!

  • timmyjoe42

    What is the record for number of comments?

    Shawn is drumming up some hits on the site!

  • sectores

    New York Times: T-Mobile to sell HTC Android phone as early as October


  • GoCubs

    1 hour and 5 mins to go… damn it.. this is killing me!!!

  • pauliewallnuts

    i switched to the iphone (sorry, i know…it sucks) and i was so fed up with it i called Tmo customer support and asked if i could come back…the answer was obviously yes and then proceeded to charm the girl and ask too many questions about android. she basically confirmed everything everyone read on the site…she especially confirmed that “i would highly recommend coming back as soon as possible if you are this much interested in the android phone”

    that being said. i still haven’t returned the iphone because i am not buying a smart phone (which i need) from TMO right before the dream (G1) comes out…so i’m holding on to this till an announcement is made (hopefully i won’t have this phone by saturday (wink)

  • http://Engadget.com Sohip

    Ricki Verizon got the JD power as #1 then Alltell #2 and then T-mobil as #3.

  • J

    This just in….

    Tmonews just saved a lot of money on their car insurance.

  • T1 Connect

    by switching to what

  • myron

    its about the android. the new york times reported it might be here as early as october. its on engadgetmobile.com

  • xavier

    40 minutes to go i cant wait

  • Random!!!!

    I just did an instance in WoW for 3 hours

  • http://phonescoop.com Joseph

    Report: T-Mobile to Offer Android Phone Before Christmas
    Today, 7:46 AM by Eric M. Zeman

    According to informed sources cited by the New York Times, T-Mobile USA will be the first network operator to launch a phone running the Android platform. The Times’ sources said the phone would be manufactured by HTC, and could be available as early as October. It will feature a touch screen and a sideways slide-out keyboard, which is a design used by HTC on its other smartphones. Google, the company behind Android, and T-Mobile did not comment on the details.

    more at Reuters » / New York Times »
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  • T1 Connect

    its about the android. the new york times reported it might be here as early as october. its on engadgetmobile.com

    saw it too myron that is the bad news nooooo, why why why you bastards