Everyone hates a tease, but wait until…


We’re sure by this point your wondering what this is about. We’re going to answer by stating that by the end of this article, you will likely want to find out where we live, and throw something through our window. Yeah, this whole article is a tease, get over it. Tomorrow morning, between 9:00 AM and 10:00 AM (CST), keep your browsers pointed to TmoNews for some exciting information. We’re not revealing if it is good, bad, and anything in between. Nor are are we going to tell you what it is about. Use your imagination, sleep on it, and check back in the morning. If you are a larger blog, feel free to contact us and maybe we can work out an early release. Have a good 15 hours! Until next time….

  • illuminati

    Nooo! lol..i hate teases, geez i really hope this is something HTC Dream related lol, im always on this site, you guys are pretty accurate with your information

  • brian

    wow i wonder what it could be………….. lol

  • tech 10

    I wonder what the news will be now?…What did verizon get the new HTC DREAM?…lol….If anyone has an idea please share the info.

  • Jay

    I don’t think you guys will be promoting bad news so I’m guessing its definatley good awesome badass news. Maybe Android with full pics and specs???

    15 hours to go, I’ll be waiting…

  • Danny

    What? Kid Connect 2.0? All GPRS areas upgraded to EDGE? Customer service to re-open 24/7? LOL

  • lp894

    yea…..is that eastern? Pacific? Mountain? Canadian Time(lol)?

    (about the Canadian joke…i just said it because I’m American and Americans are supposed to have Canada jokes…hope no one takes offense to it)

  • cubs

    Way to go TMoNews.. now I won’t be able to get any sleep..
    The good thing though is that it’s probably Android related and I bet it’s nothing but good news. Maybe finally some official specs.

  • tech 10

    Guess i will have to wait till tomo night to find out…Would anyone care to text me to inform me?…..lol

  • ratchet

    this sucks. I wanna know sooooooooo bad!!

  • timmyjoe42

    Bring it!

  • Lancer

    Is this 9-10 am eastern time? Or pacific? What time zone are you goin off of

  • mingkee

    it’ll be JDPA result
    T-Mobile got 100
    VZW got 103
    Alltel got 102
    AT&T got 97
    where is Sprint? I can’t find it

  • Nik

    NO!!!!!!!!!!11 I HAVE SCHOOL TIL 4!!! Do you have any idea how bad tomorrow will be for me? I’m not gonna pay attention or anything and in turn, will fail my 3 tests tomorrow… You guys suck… Haha maybe if there was a text service where you texted your new blog posts to phones? Just an idea?

  • Nik

    Mingkee, sprint got 79… rofl
    And I doubt thats what it will be, engadget already posted it.

  • tech 10

    As stupid as this sounds…I really would love to know what the news is but my computer crashed the other night so i am using a friends so i am not sure when i can find out so being serious if anyone is willing to text me about the news send me a e mail at drive2delvr@aol.com and i will forward my number….thanks


    Like lp894 said, what timezone is it?

  • suhaib

    i hate you guys officially now -_-*

  • SteeleyBazzle

    In using what i have learnt in phylosophy 1001, this is a trick teaser. You are waiting untill tomorrow because you want us to “Dream” the possibilities. I have also determined by use of pythagorous theorem that TMONEWS ROXRZ to the second power. By sovling this worldwide mystery you bestowed on us, that i cleverly figured out to be the “dream”… i must ask…. did i win a phone?

  • justinhub2003

    oh snap!!!! no sleep for me tonight.and to every one asking about time zone, its says between nine and ten central time. so 10 and 11 for me on the EST


    Shawn just edited his post justin. :D I’ll have a good sleep then wake up at 1PM tomorrow and view it. :P

  • T1 Connect

    that hurts tmo news thats f-d up watch them say they’re releasing the android early

  • MobilePaddy

    Ok, I’m gona go with the announcement of the SE Xperia X1 coming to T-Mobile early october.

  • Shawn

    Just edited the post with the correct time zone. Sorry about that.

    AHHHHHHHHHHH not the Xperia! I promise it has nothing to do with that. I would love if it did…but it doesn’t.

    We’re not telling anyone at this point so stay tuned.

  • lewis

    WOW wonder what it’s? But I’m pretty sure It’s something good. I have to work tomorrow but I’ll keep an eye on this site from my BB :)

  • Jay

    @ Tech 10

    I’ve sent you an e-mail

  • tech 10

    Jay…ur the man…..ty again

  • J

    Hmm, I work for T-Mobile and have not heard anything that would warrant this kind of attention so it worries me a bit. Hopefully it is just a new handset. I rarely hear about those and there have been a few murmurs about possibilities. I have heard of some 3G news that could possibly be bad or good. Also heard the letters “LTE” mentioned (though only in short) for the first time by higher ups. I just hope this won’t ruin my Friday…like finding out we are buying Sprint or something. I may have to start calling back on some of those other job offers…heh.

  • mingkee

    tech 10
    tmonews blog has version for phone/pda
    I use it, and it’s handy

  • tech 10

    ty for the info mingkee

  • Joseph Singer

    Well, this is a big bit of nothing!

  • tech 10

    Chances are they are going to say that it will be available for per sale in the next week or two if what i am hearing correct?

  • tech 10

    tmobile employess most of the time get one weeks notice before something arrives for sale.

  • J

    I can see the headline now:

    “Germans name David Hasselhoff CEO. Quickly release K.I.T.T. smartphone.”

  • tech 10

    lol j says

  • tech 10

    got to admit…that was funny

  • tech 10

    got a good laugh from that one

  • Lancer

    I’m thinking it has to do with the javelin for some reason but I’m dreamin that it is specs/picture/video of android

  • Lancer

    I’m thinking it has to do with the javelin for some reason but I’m dreamin that it is official specs/picture/video of android

  • just me

    sorry but want am i missing here?…Everyone keeps talking about pics/specs with the android…Are you saying the phone itself might not come with that?….I am lost…inform me

  • Phil

    Heres a question for all. Whatever it is, why didn’t/aren’t they posting it now?

    -If its a really big thing, other blogs would know about it, and shawn would have posted it already to get attention to tmonews
    -If its something they learned from an insider (and it’s no where else either), could it even be accurate?

  • David


    1) Why is it not possible for us to know about something first?
    2) Why can’t Shawn wait and build a little excitement?
    3) Our “insiders” have been pretty accurate so far, if we were constantly wrong I don’t think you or I would be here reading this site right now

  • Paul

    I feel like I’ve been KITT – Kicked in the T#sticles

  • Phil

    Hi David,

    First and foremost, I’m not gonna waste my time and say, I HOPE I’M WRONG, and I hope this is Android related :)

    1) Oh it is. But if it’s something like, pre-sale is official, or Dream specs, I would think there would be something else, but hey, a leak has to start somewhere, right?
    2) Let’s do it!
    3) True, let’s hope

    Bring it on Shawn!

  • Shader

    I seem to recall some specs for the touch pro were supposed to be released tomorrow by the fcc….

  • David

    I’m all for us announcing that T-mobile has been sold to David Hasselhoff and that the T-mobile commercials will now include the baywatch theme song. Sadly, thats not it…but it would be cool as shit if it was!

  • rommel

    n-95 8gig?,doubt it.att is getting in november.

  • Mr.gadget

    I can’t wait that damn long.

  • ratchet

    who said anything about the N95 8GB ? and I find it very hard to believe at&t is gonna pick that up

  • OldPro

    I think we’re going to be told that T-Mobile users are going to be able to get iPhones ….

    … because AT&T is going to buy T-Mobile :D

  • drivethruboy168

    Okay… I’m just gonna assume it’s bad news like, we are not getting the bold 9000, or it is true that the android I’d delayed till next year! Soo… I’ll be at Disneyland tomorrow and I’ll keep checkin on my curve. And what ever news these guys get that run the site, is really accurate. Almost think they work for the company deep inside, to get this info. But hey if yea! ROCK ON! This is the stuff T-Mobile needs to release toi reassure there customers that they are getting A LOT better and they have stuff up there sleaves to really compete with it’s competitors. Soo… I guess we’ll see tomorrow, but bad news is bad news, stuff gets delayed all the time. Soo… I’ll be sad for now and when I come across this news tomorrow hopefully it will top my day off at Disneyland!