Android may be here sooner then we think


We’re hearing rumor after rumor that Android has been delayed, and pushed back to 2009. Well TmoNews is jumping into the pool or rumors, calling BS on those other rumors, and putting in our vote of confidence on a presale of the Android phone on September 16th, 2008. This information, coming from a trusted source, prices the Android phone, also known as the G1 (Codename or real name, we’re not sure) at $399.

Full invoice that is.

Scare you? Good, well during the presale of the G1, T-mobile customers can pick up the phone for $150. This is where it gets interesting, we’re not seeing any prices for new activations during the presale, so this could mean that only current T-mobile customers can pick up the G1 during the presale. Other customers interested in the G1 may have to wait until beginning/mid October before a national public launch. Many users have seen the recent video circulating the next claiming to be the HTC Dream (AKA G1), and have been complaining about the ugly white color. Well we have good news for you too, as the G1 will be released in black, white, and brown. Being 3G enabled, the HTC manufactured G1 will unfortunately require its own data plan from T-mobile, which we expect to be more expensive then current data plans. Interestingly enough (maybe not so much knowing Google) users will be required to have a Google Gmail account for the phone to work. So far expected specs include 3G, a 5″ long by 3″ wide touch screen, and a slide out Qwerty keypad, and no mention of UMA or Wifi. We’re really excited for this all-too-secret device to hit T-mobile’s lineup. Stay tuned to TmoNews for more information coming soon!

Update: The HTC Dream (G1) will have a 3.0 megapixel camera. The presale will last 1 week, and be for existing customers only. Employees are not included in the presale, sorry! Presale begins Wednesday, September 17th, and 3G will be a large aspect of this device. Use your imagination

  • JMTS

    OMG I can’t stop smiling! I have been using an unlocked silver LG Prada and a Shadow for a really long time hoping T-mo would give me something good to switch too with 3G and now it may finally be here! YAY! Sorry about your dog dude!



  • Trey

    For the record, it’s “interesting”, not “interasting”. Spell check is your friend.

  • edwin

    yea…would this be in store or online/call??

  • Lame

    About damn time for something halfway decent. I look forward to this.

  • LiveCrunch
  • DarkJedi

    @The credit is appreciated and most welcome.

    @Trey, what’s spell check?

    For the record, every linkback I have been reading today has given us due credit and that includes all the big players. Keep hyping it up guys!

  • Sunny

    Android with Video Calling please!

  • timmyjoe42

    No wifi is lame.
    I love the logo.
    The phone looks awesome.

  • edwin

    Yes, Video Calling would deffinetly kill that one fone aTT has…wat is it called?? iSmoke??

  • Brent

    I also spoke with a CS rep today and inquired about this android device. She said approx 2 months ago there was a HTC rep informing them of 3 exclusive T-Mobile devices set to come out this year. When I mentioned the Dream she said this is likely the device.

    Then I asked her if 3G was not in the market where I live could I still use it and she said yes. She said it will automatically switch to 3G when 3G came to my market in Louisiana.

    Then I told her about the video calling idea which is floating around this forum. She was in agreement and felt it would benefit all consumers especailly business people, deaf people, etc. I said if T-Mobile would offer this service it would like entice previous customers to return to T-Mobile and also attract new customers. I told her of the talk of the petition on this site and she was really excited about the idea. She said she was going to forward the idea to upper management.

    Then I asked her about other smartphones such as blackberry bold and how come AT&T always gets exclusive devices before T-Mobile. She said they were told recently that Apple will be ending its exclusive rights with AT&T and come to other markets in the US sooner than later. She said they were told there are far more iphones being sold to customers on other carriers rather than those on AT&T. I told her I thought Apple extended their exculisve rights with AT&T for another year and she said she doesn’t think so, but to check back soon.

    Sorry if I rambled on, but wanted to share with all of you.

  • Mitch

    very interesting phone. I also read in techcrunch last week a story about Israeli company – TuneWiki and there is a video of the media player. The media player they developed looks nothing but amazing, can do lyrics and many social network capabilities. I wonder if T-Mobile will include it in the phone, looks like a killer app.

  • A.R.E.

    But the Question Still Remains How do we go about getting in on this Pre-Order Sale. DO we go to a T-mobile Store? Got to a special Link? Info Plz!!!

  • ratchet

    I think you can order online. Im not so sure about t-mob stores

  • GreenEyedBandit

    Wow, why is everyone acting like little kids. Yeah it’s great news to hear about the android finally having a date for pre-sale, let alone any sale. Being a tmobile customer service employee, info Should appear soon. Stop asking the same questions: when,where,why,who… Patience Youngens. This could be false news it’s not 100% correct

  • Fbarkon

    This will be an out and out war! Thank goodness that T-mobile will do this presale. It’ll stop some of ther potential buyers from buying an iphone (hence affecting new revenue for existing product development) and bring new money to T-mobile as long as we as loyal Tmo customers hype the product up! Although I kinda want to keep quiet to make sure I don’t get turned away without. Hopefully mine will be in the mail and delivered that am. So I can “dream” in my bed, and you all can deal with store chaos !

  • rezar

    why GMAIL ? Android will be free and open source so why gmail !!!

  • Smoku

    why is it so hard to make a gmail account… wow.. everybody has one.. i had one since it was invite only the day it came out

  • Peter Griffin

    People will complain about any restrictions given on a cell phone no matter if it is even better than the evil ATT. Let them whine while you and I have the HTC Dream. I only use my Gmail account for personal stuff, Dont use anything else!!

  • Cody

    ok i can’t take it any longer I purchased my bb 8320 sunset on last thursday then read on this blog and am freaking out cause on one side I love my bb but I really want that G1(dream) not sure what to do should I return my phone be fore its to late and go with out a phone, and then have it not come out, should I wait for october? Does anyone tmonews wise have any better information(not that this isn’t great) that can say that yes this is going to happen on the 17th of september or is just going to be a maybe until september. And does anyone even know what all is required to get it early? anyinfo would be helpfull in making my choice
    much love tmonews you guys rock

  • zaire

    Im on t-mobile right now and i was going to get a new phone on the 20th but i think i want to wait for the great $150 price tag on this phone. Do we have to purchase the 3g data plan with the phone or can we just buy it without it and upgrade later?

  • DarkJedi

    While its open source its still going to be a google based operating system. Agree with it or not I can’t fault google for pushing its applications most of which are widely used as it is. I think gmail users will be among the first to want to try an android phone, just as Apple users love the integration into the Apple ecosystem I would love to integrate all of my google applications, docs, gmail, maps etc into one place. No complaints with that restriction.

  • Ricki

    $150 is a good price tag! I hope and pray it has google maps app built in.

  • zaire

    Right now we can get an edge enabled phone but We dont HAVE to buy the 3g do we have to buy it now. I ask because im on a family plan and i dont know if i will have to switch plans all together or just add the 3g data plan onto the bill.

  • zaire

    Is the 3g data plan required to have the phone?

  • Eric

    So is it safe to say there definitely won’t be wifi on this phone? i want the phone badly, but I HATE phones w/ no wifi…

  • John Kreuzer

    I’d like to wait and see what happens with this. No reason to get my hopes up!

  • Ashley

    I’m quite sure this device isn’t going to be in any customers hands even if they pre-order them until mid October. I know that T-Mobile has an employee summit for managers, directors, etc. in early October which means they will probably launch shortly after giving them time to prepare after the meeting.

  • OctoberRiot

    I talked to the manager of a tmo store today and he said he heard it would be out as soon as next week and only for the cities that are scheduled to get the 3g. hope that’s not true. reason 1, im broke right now, and 2 my city isn’t getting 3g when they start it oct 1st. he said he doesn’t see why I wouldnt still be able to order one from somewhere else, and that itll probably be on the site anyway. he didn’t know anything about a presale.

  • DarkJedi

    Its been my experience that store managers hardly if ever know what time of day it is much less the release dates of equipment. The information we got was pretty solid so I encourage all of you to focus on the September date and not get your hopes up for anything prior.

  • Raholco

    @OctoberRiot: It’s hard to believe that the phone will be out in the currently deployed 3G cities given that it hasn’t hit the FCC yet. Given that, and CNET’s reporting that it won’t be until 1Q09, I’m leaning more in the ‘next year’ camp, and I’ll be pleasantly suprised if it does hit by the end of September. However, what I’m seeing isn’t looking for it being on our grubby paws anytime soon.

  • enjoijams

    To quote a post from the release rumor hating blog from

    “TheInsiderWithInformation on August 13th, 2008 at 5:05 pm:

    T-Mobile will launch this phone as planned with presales starting on September 17th and releasing the first week in October.

    It will be the HTC Dream with every conceivable option you can think of and them some surprises you don’t but will know of.

    It will sell to people that have been T-Mobile customers for 2 or more years at a starting price of $99.

    The Insider”


  • enjoijams

    …Also in reguards to the screen. This person claims the actual screen will be 5×3

    TheInsiderWithInformation on August 13th, 2008 at 6:19 pm:

    Thats correct 5?x3? and it will match the Iphone in terms of color depth etc.

  • Spike B

    Numerous sites have reported the HTC dream as a 3×5? device with a somewhat smaller screen. This is consistent with the phone I saw at Google I/O (live), and the various youtube and related videos. I think someone just confused the size of the display with the size of the device. After all the iphone device is only 4.5×2.5 (5.1″ diagonal) and the iphone display is 3.5″ diagonal, anything with a display that was 5×3 would be rather large for a smart phone.

  • D

    So heres the deal..I just got a tip and the truth is..althought the Dream AKA G1 is not coming out next month,its still set up for late october.The good news is that if you want to be prepared for video calling and all the fun stuff that will eventually be out you can get a T-Mobile UK phone and unlock it.It will work and it may be the better thing to do.As of now the 3G will be free once you have the total internet plan.There is also going to be a new t-mobile system coming out in the next 4 months in which when you go to the t-mobile store you will be talking live to reps. over a machine and not face to face.It should be pretty cool.

  • DarkJedi


    I’m working on compiling more information about the new tech support service that coincides with the concept store environment. I’ve got some great camera shots of the new desk that customers can use so hopefully I’ll get something up about it before the end of the weekend. Any info you could shed on this would be great.

  • http://tmo tzuca

    tzi adari lea?

  • Chris

    Why is their flagship phone in 2008 (nearly into 09) only a 3MP???

    Is anyone else bothered by how little we know about this phone. Can it handle flash in its browser? Open docs, spreadsheets, etc.? And by the way, I discovered after a 3 hour discussion last night with a T-Mobile Rep T-Mobile blocks their devices from receving files larger than about 5 megabytes. This doesn’t apply if your handset is a tethered modem for another device, but to grab data directly on the device, yur hit with those limits, . That will be more of a pain with 3G. Any idea on the processor speed? GPS?

  • Fbarkon

    So if I get this right we can preorder on Sept 17th for a unknown delivery date. It makes sense so they can measure the product demand and enthusiam.The lowered rumored $99 two year completed contract presale price is sweet and a bargain versus an iphone though. I really can’t wait to see how this plays out.T mobile has the best service in a cell provider I have ever had, and I’ve been around a bit ( They did ME wrong I swear.) They are innovative and if by chance his phone sports wifi and can it not be used hot spot style? If not hot spot will you be able to use it for tmobile at home? That alone can take the edge off a data/edge plan. Regardless Iphones are going to be sold in Best buy as early as September. With no promised timeline for the release of this new phone Tmobile stands to lose existing consumers who don’t read blogs and are not motivated by internet rumors. Time is running out for them to give some of us dogs a bone!

  • Some Dude

    Sorry to say….
    September was all along the targeted release date, however it has been pushed back to November. Same source says the Kickstart and Javelin are in fact targeted for September though. That part isn’t guaranteed but there is a good chance. It will be tough to resist upgrading my Curve to the Javelin while waiting to check out the Android device. Well I guess I’ll just have to upgrade my unlocked iPhone line to the G1 IF it is indeed the hotness. I really hope it isn’t much bigger than the iPhone or the average WM device.

    As for the live in-store video chat, it’s called “Tech Chat” and its currently available in the 4 concept stores. I have seen it in action in the Issiquah store near Seattle/Bellevue and it is pretty cool. It is strictly for tech support and has a platform where you can set your device at different angles and the tech can view it in great detail. Not sure what the plans are for launching it in the legacy or “classic” stores.

  • Peter Griffin

    How are there so many different “reliable sources” all who work for Tmobile and all swear they are telling the truth?! I feel as though Tmobile would have started to create a little hype on their handsets if they are in fact coming in anytime soon. Otherwise, why even bother getting the newest and greatest?!

  • Tom

    Is anywhere we can find more spec and info about the device?

  • suhaib

    @Chris: No, I am using 5.99 T-zones on my nokia N82 and I download songs from skreemr that are 9mb.

    @the people who say we don’t have much information on the phone and software…. the sdk is available to download by anybody at
    the sdk had an emulator that you can use to try out android at it’s current (i think) state. It is very cool. Try out their web browser…

  • D

    @ DarkJedi: Thanks for the help but that is all the info i can release for now on the new live instore service.It’ll hit stores in the big cities by december as of now.

    @ everyone else: The G1 AKA Dream is not coming out on the 17th of september.It’s gonna be out late october-early novenber.The presale price when they have one will be $150 as of now and $399 when its out.Also if you guys are interested in the touch pro rumored for T-Mobile,dont get it cause the 3G compatible one will be re-released one year later.I think the Blackberry BOLD will do the same thing but not sure yet. Everyone else feel free the chime in with your info and opinions.

    @Chris: The fladship phone is definitely gonna be the ericcson bella and it only has 2MP.All the phones in UK avg 5MP so if you can fully unlock the T-Mobile UK phone like i mentioned yesterday then you should.Im working on unlocling the MDA lV compact which will have video calling compatability which should save me $$$ when they release video calling in NA.

  • D

    Okay sorry guys but im gonna make some new info clear.Im 100% sure now that if you bought any 3G phone(lets stick with T-Mobile UK for now) you can have it fully unlock for full use except for video calling cause its not out yet.Thats the best thing to do.Im gonna get the MDA compact lV and have it unlocked.So go to the UK site check out the phones or any phone you like from any company and get it because then you wont have to get a new one when they release video calling and you’ll save money that way.Also if your interested in the G network,your better of going to an international site an getting a 4G compatible phone cause its coming out for AT&T,Sprint this year i think.This way you’d really save money and its cheaper over seas i think.

  • Peter Griffin

    My source is completely 100% reliable too and HE says that the President of Tmobile USA said that the G1 – Dream is going to come with a fully mounted 35 millimeter fully automatic machine gun. I swear guys, it is coming out in Febturday so just wait!

  • Some Dude

    @ Peter Griffin

    That’s frickin’ sweeeet!

  • ShotWithAnSLR

    Is it possible that we will be getting a peak at the G1 on or shortly after August 31? Why else would they need the confidentiality grant? I think this might be the first view we get prior to the rumored pre-sale.

  • Some Dude

    ShotWithAnSLR- awesome job on your mad super-sleuth skills!

  • Orlando Reyes

    What is the link to the rest of the testing?