Android may be here sooner then we think


We’re hearing rumor after rumor that Android has been delayed, and pushed back to 2009. Well TmoNews is jumping into the pool or rumors, calling BS on those other rumors, and putting in our vote of confidence on a presale of the Android phone on September 16th, 2008. This information, coming from a trusted source, prices the Android phone, also known as the G1 (Codename or real name, we’re not sure) at $399.

Full invoice that is.

Scare you? Good, well during the presale of the G1, T-mobile customers can pick up the phone for $150. This is where it gets interesting, we’re not seeing any prices for new activations during the presale, so this could mean that only current T-mobile customers can pick up the G1 during the presale. Other customers interested in the G1 may have to wait until beginning/mid October before a national public launch. Many users have seen the recent video circulating the next claiming to be the HTC Dream (AKA G1), and have been complaining about the ugly white color. Well we have good news for you too, as the G1 will be released in black, white, and brown. Being 3G enabled, the HTC manufactured G1 will unfortunately require its own data plan from T-mobile, which we expect to be more expensive then current data plans. Interestingly enough (maybe not so much knowing Google) users will be required to have a Google Gmail account for the phone to work. So far expected specs include 3G, a 5″ long by 3″ wide touch screen, and a slide out Qwerty keypad, and no mention of UMA or Wifi. We’re really excited for this all-too-secret device to hit T-mobile’s lineup. Stay tuned to TmoNews for more information coming soon!

Update: The HTC Dream (G1) will have a 3.0 megapixel camera. The presale will last 1 week, and be for existing customers only. Employees are not included in the presale, sorry! Presale begins Wednesday, September 17th, and 3G will be a large aspect of this device. Use your imagination

  • Some Dude

    By the way…
    If ever there was an imaginary line between “cell phone enthusiast” and “uber mega wireless device tech geek”, that line would be reading FCC docs. Oh and geek isn’t necessarily an insult.

  • Raholco

    @ShotWithAnSLR: A quick review shows that the AWS antenna isn’t there. I suspect that the device in question is probably the Shadow II, based on

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  • SiliconAddict

    Not happy. I’ve been sitting on the fence with signing with a carrier because I wanted to hang on until an Android handset shipped.
    While its cool that T Mobile is rewarding their customers like this. Its a fracking kick in the teeth for those of us who have been waiting.

  • orangesamurai

    I just talked to a rep named Tiffany at T-Mobile and she said the G1 phone “which is going to be SOOO much better than the iPhone” is coming out on October 1st. We’ll see.

  • stretch

    I’m really looking forward to this phone to see what it can do. However, without a fully operating 3G network, most of the use of the phone will be limited to just that… phone only. Most of the location centric apps so far won’t work as well until there is an upgraded network, kinda like an iphone 3g on the edge network, real disappointing. I am excited about all the future operating capabilities, but T-Mobile needs a nationwide 3G network first.

    My current contract expires in december, so that gives me a couple months to see the rollout and watch the reviews.

    just my 2 cents

  • Robert

    I’ve seen it. A programmer had it on the bus in Seattle. It’s cool, but thank God they’ll have other colors besides white. It looks ugly in white. There’s a small band of lights on the top part by the T-Mobile writing and they flash (orange) like the lights on Knight Rider. T-Mobile better come out with some good plans for this.

  • Ashley

    I think that it is hilarious that everyone in concerned about the way the phone” looks”, Apparently no one is aware of what the Linux software is going to allow us to do!!!! True, you can’t change the looks of the phone, but by having an open platform, ANYONE, can write programs for the phone, to do ANYTHING!!!! True, t-mobile is still working on making their 3G network nationwide, but the fact that the phone is open platform allows for endless possibilities!

  • andrea

    No truth to this rumor?
    It’s September 17th…

  • Yowis


  • D

    T mobile is by FAR the WORST Company that I have ever had to deal with. I left Sprint to go to t mobile, bought 2 phones one of those phones being $350+ I had horrible problems with the phone service as far as people calling on numerous occasions and getting a busy signal. This happend on both lines. After I had to go out of my way to prove it to t mobile (because when they did test call it worked fine) WEll duh it didn’t do it every minute of every day. Anyway I called customer service when it was screwing up and told them to do a test call. Finally someone believes me. After 2 hours of dealing with a lady (that did not speak good english) who I had gav the option of 2 new phones at ($400 each) or letting me out of my contract. If I would have known that’s all I had to do I would have saved myself an hour and a half. She told me I would get a credit for the bill I just paid ($143) back in my checking account. I was flex pay so it was paid a month ahead. Oh yeah and by the way the cycle didn’t start until the 14th and they took money out of my personal account on the 8th of each month. Ok so I am very happy that I can go back to a phone company that has working phones. Never got that refund in my account so I called and was told they will be mailing me a paper check. 3 weeks after that I got a bill for $389.86…called tmobile, transfered 3 times (explaining the story all 3 times)1 hour 45 minutes later they admitted they screwed up by reactivating the phone to port the number and forgot to cancel out the early termination fee again. So they fixed that and assured me I would get my refund in 7 to 10 business days. One month later still no refund. I just got off the phone with t mobile after a very long exhausting hold time, transferring and then disconncted so calling back. Once again they assure me I will get a refund of $139.06 in 7 to 10 business day. It would be nice if I could charge T mobile a late fee because we know I would have to pay one. Would not recommend!

  • sLevin1Fo

    I just logged into my TMO Account online and it says im eligible for an upgrade and the G1 is only 179.99. Ships out Oct. 22. Sweet. Im getting one!

  • I.Adam

    very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

  • rock cycle

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  • B. Rojas

    Just to let people know…I have been paying insurance to replace my cell phone if lost or damaged for long time. I did replace 2 phones in my 2 yr contract. TMobile said nothing about any limitations when I replaced my 2nd phone.When I had to replace for a 3rd time, T Mobile said you could only replace 2 times but yet continued charging me for insurance knowing I was paying for nothing! TMobile told me they would cancel the insurance but would not refund the months that I have been paying since my second phone was replaced. Their response was basically, too bad for you!

  • Sitel

    Let me tell yall something about T-mobile they anit nothing. They are firing people from the site that has tech suport for know reason just cause they can. They are in Starkvile, ms firing people just cause they can if you have colr weave in your hair they will fire you and you don;t see anyone . They say that they are putting you on suspenion and never call you back they just doing everything over there I would not buy or get a phone with these stupid people these are losing ther homes and cars because of nothing. Even if you never was late or never missed a day they don;t care. I hate t-mobile.

  • Magic marker

    Will the My Touch 3g be faster then the G1

  • Christine

    This past weekend, my fiance and I took a trip up the coast of Washington. On our way back down the coast, we saw a car drive over an embankment…the car was going about 60. It literally flew off the road, flipped over, and landed in some brush.

    Immediately, we stopped the car and jumped out to help. While my fiance was running down the hill to help the family in the car, I was trying to call 911 for help. To my utter amazement-I had NO cell phone service. We were not in a major city when this happened, but, we were not in the middle of the country, either. We were in an area that, according to T-Mobile’s website, should’ve had cell service. (Both my fiance and I have T-Mobile service).

    The driver of the car that flew off the road was able to get out of the car and move/walk around. He got out and tried using his cell phone as well; unfortunately, his cell service was through T-Mobile as well. We were terrified because there was at least 1 serious injury as a result of this accident and no way for us to get help. All the while, the young woman in the car with the worst injuries was going in and out of consciousness, asking “when can I get out…when is help coming?”

    Luckily, 2 more cars saw us outside car, and stopped to help. A woman and her husband from California stopped, and tried their cell phone. They were able to get through to 911 to get police and an ambulance on the way. Their service was through AT&T. All I can say is THANK GOD for AT&T, or we would’ve been stranded, with no way to care for the injured. Had my fiance and I not stopped on the side of the road, no one would’ve known there was a car accident. The car that flew off the road was far enough down the embankment that you couldn’t see it just driving past. There was no visible sign of a car accident from the road.

    I’m sharing this story because I hope it makes you think twice about what carrier you want to go with. Don’t just go with the cheapest, because they may not be there when you need them the most. I would’ve paid $1000 dollars a minute to get through to 911 on my cell phone when this happened, heck..I would’ve paid more than that…there is really no price I can put on it. T-Mobile was not there when I needed them…when that family needed them.

    AT&T and Verizon, even Sprint, all have better service than T-Mobile, I can attest to this (not only from what happened over the weekend, but after having their service for a year). My fiance and I are switching carrier’s immediately, because we do not want to end up in a situation like this ever again.

    Had the other people not stopped, and been able to get through to the police, minutes…hours could’ve gone by before help arrived.

    Please pass this story along to anyone who may have T-Mobile service, or who may be considering switching to T-Mobile. What’s good cell service worth to you…what’s it worth to be able to make a phone call when you need to the most…

    • Ricknexus

      You are an absolute moron!! Why do you waste your time by writing such an obvious lie? 911 will work anywhere no matter what. I can be in the basement of my office (downtown Chicago) getting no service whatsoever, and still call 911. Moron

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