National T-mobile 3G launch on October 1st?


Once and a while we will ask our users to take an article with a grain of salt. We’re going to up the ante here, and tell you to take this one with a whole damn bucket of salt. That said, we have some exciting T-mobile news to bring you don’t we? Well according to an anonymous tip TmoNews got, 3G is being lit up in T-mobile’s top markets on October 1st, 2013, 2008. We checked out much of the tip and have only found good things, although we’re still waiting for more trusted information. We’ve been telling those antsy and impatient users to wait for Q4 of 2008, and it looks like T-mobile is on track to pull through with some great phones and national 3G. Besides the four 3G phones already released, T-mobile will release the Sony Ericsson Bella as their flagship 3G device, as well as the 3G Android handset and another unknown high end 3G device. In addition to all this, T-mobile is working on a 5mp Samsung to be released in Q4. Could we have both a 5mp Samsung, and a 5mp H@H Motorola? Either way, T-mobile users rejoice! And loyal T-mobile users rejoice even more, because lucky you, you will have first dibs on some of these great devices! For now, we’re filing this one strictly in the rumors category, but trust us, if we hear anything more, you’ll know about it. Keep your browsers pointed to TmoNews for more information on Android, 3G, and everything you need to know about T-mobile. Enjoy

  • Armytank

    What about the cleveland area for 3g???????

  • taylor

    HTC Dream preorder date begins Sept. 17 and ends Oct. 3. The Dream release date is Oct. 13 and will be 50 dollars cheaper on preorder than just going and buying on the release date. I am not 100 percent on the price but I have seen 199 for release and 149 for preorder. 3g is definately coming to t-mobile Oct 1. I have an iPhone and use Suncom (just bought out by tmobile) and i plan on getting the new HTC dream. This new android phone will definately be the FIRST iphone killer unlike the instinct and all the other wanna be touchscreens. And as far as Apple having a deal with Tmo for 2009 I have heard nothing on that subject but we can only hope those rumors are true because apple is most definately one of the best product designers and tmo is in my opinion the best wireless carrier. my question is will the android have windows mobile? i sure hope so! if anyone has any information on this please send me an email at

  • Andres

    Dear taylor…why would the HTC dream have Windows mobile when it has Google’s own android technology. I am sure that you well know that Google is one of Microsoft’s rival companies, so of course the G1 does NOT have Windows Mobile.

    I do have a relevant question though, is there a website or a place that I could check if my area will be covered under T-Mobile’s 3g. I am well aware that only about 27 cities will fully have this capability once Oct 1 gets here, but I do not want to wait to pre-sale week only to find out that my area is not under 3g. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

  • Nesse

    I have a sidekick lx now. As soon as the G1 phone is released, i will get it. i have to have a new phone every year especially if i really like it.

  • Brian

    T-mobiles 3g network launch here already.. to bad that theres no new 3g smart phones

  • business stationary

    great, cant wait to see the phone