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T-Mobile Officially Announces Gingerbread For The G2x, Devil Buys Jacket To Stay Warm

In what can only be described as the single most amazing event in the history of the T-Mobile G2x on T-Mobile, Gingerbread is now officially officially available. It has of course been unofficially available for a few days for those willing to go at on their own. T-Mobile has indicated what changes one can expect from the G2x with Gingerbread: Improved battery life Improved front-facing camera operation when using Qik … [read full article]

Is The Nexus S Randomly Rebooting?

I can’t say I’ve heard much about this before the last 24 hours but according to the boys at Androidandme a real deal problem exists with the Nexus S. As it stands, it can happen on the phone, listening to streaming radio or playing a game and the Nexus S will just reboot. You’ll find yourself staring at the reboot screen and wonder, “why did my music stop?” First reported on the … [read full article]