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PhoneDog Tablet Giveaway Continues Tonight!

Tonight, tonight toniiiiiiiight! One more round of giveaways happening tonight in the PhoneDog Tablet Extravaganza! You’ve all likely seen the details, but if not they are posted below so I won’t waste any more of your time because if you haven’t registered, this is your chance to do! Read the details below and get ready to win! Here is how it works: Go to our Facebook app (authorize it) and complete the … [read full article]

One More Day Till The BIG PhoneDog Tablet Giveaway!

First of all, let me just say this: Bear Down Chicago Bears!!! Ok, now that I got that off my chest I have but one thing to say today. It’s just ONE day, that’s right, O-N-E more day till the big tablet giveaway! If you haven’t registered and liked the Facebook page, you are missing out for your chance to win! iPads, Galaxy Tabs and the Blackberry Playbook are all up for grabs … [read full article]

Phonedog Giveaway Love, Shameless Promoting Ahead

Warning: Shameless Promotion Ahead!! The boys over at Phonedog asked for a little more love for their Phonedog giveaway “Blitz” and they are definitely giving away some phones! All things considered, giving away 67 phones since the first of the year isn’t half bad when all you have to do is spin a slot machine, with up to 10 chances to win per day! Playing from Facebook or playing from Phonedog.com and win, … [read full article]