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T-Mobile employees being targeted by new phishing attack

A few days ago, there were reports of Verizon’s database being held hostage by a hacker. Now, it looks like T-Mobile is being targeted by an aggressive phishing scam.  To be more specific, the attack is targeting T-Mo employees. As reported by The T-Mo Report, employees shared that they are receiving texts with fake messages and login pages. The fake message reads: “UNDesktop login is being deactivated.”  They … [read full article]

T-Mobile customers in Louisiana being targeted by a ‘phishing’ scam


T-Mobile revealed that they have sent out a warning to customers in Louisiana regarding a new cell phone “phishing” scam that’s been going around since Wednesday morning.  According to a report, customers in the New Orleans and Baton Rouge metro area are being targeted by this scam with a text message offering them a $200 rebate “as appreciation for your business.” Representatives from T-Mobile have advised … [read full article]