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Experian facing several class action lawsuits as a result of T-Mobile data breach

We haven’t heard much about Experian since the days following the data breach that saw the records of 15 million people that applied for T-Mobile service get compromised. That’s changing today, though, because Experian has revealed that it’s become the target of “a number” of class action lawsuits related to the data breach. Experian went on to say that it’s still working … [read full article]

US senators send letter to Experian and T-Mobile CEOs to inquire about data breach

The saga of Experian’s data breach involving sensitive information from consumers that had their credit checked by T-Mobile continues today, with multiple US senators getting involved. US Senators Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.), Bill Nelson (D-Fla.), and Brian Schatz (D-Hawaii) have sent a letter to Experian CEO Brian Cassin and T-Mobile CEO John Legere regarding Experian’s data breach. The senators are concerned because valuable data like Social … [read full article]

Fraud prevention group claims stolen Experian data put up for sale

When we first learned of the Experian data breach a couple of days ago, Experian said that “there is no evidence that the data has been used inappropriately.” However, that might change soon. Irish fraud prevention company Trustev claims that information obtained from the Experian breach — which includes data of consumers that had their credit checked by T-Mobile — may be up for sale … [read full article]