RootMetrics: T-Mobile network best in Kansas City, fastest in Boston

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There was once a time in T-Mobile’s recent history when John Legere would lambast results from RootMetrics’ network survey reports. But I have a feeling that might change soon. The company’s most recent results from some of the major metro areas are painting T-Mo in a very good light. Two separate, recently published reports suggest that T-Mobile has one of the best networks around.

In Kansas City, T-Mobile’s network tied with Verizon for top spot. The area was tested between May 16th and 23rd and our favorite carrier ended up with a RootScore of 97.2. For those of you unaware, the RootScore is calculated by taking in to account the reliability index and speed index scores. In KC, T-Mo’s was the fastest with a score of 93.1 ahead of Verizon’s 91.9, AT&T’s 82.5 and Sprint’s paltry 66.1. Sadly, even in its own home town, Sprint isn’t performing so well, even with its new Spark network live in the area.

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In Boston T-Mobile finished second overall with a RootScore of 95.6, some 1.2 points behind AT&T. Verizon was 3rd with 94.7, while Sprint – again – trailed in 4th spot with a score of 91.4. It’s no surprise to see AT&T finish top in Boston. It’s the 4th consecutive time Big Blue has been named the best network in that city.

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As for network speed, T-Mobile yet again finished top with a speed index score of 90.2.

While T-Mobile’s network isn’t necessarily scoring badly in the reliability index, it does show that what we already know. If Magenta’s service is going to be classed by RootMetrics as the best, it does need to improve its reliability. The sooner the 700MHz network is activated, and compatible phones are available, the better.

Source: RootMetrics (1), (2)

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  • Willie D

    Meanwhile in SF TMobile has started to slip to the ranks of Sprint.

    • ceegii63

      until the merger though >.<

      • Willie D

        Then it will be even worse.

        • Quit crying Willie D

          Do you ever say anything nice in here? Everything I ever read is designed to incite people. If you have nothing nice to say, go yell it on the streets. It is old now.

    • monkeybutts

      Lol sprint is so damn spotty in the bay area it’s ridiculous, even worse than T-mobile. Was going to take their 30 day test drive to play with a phone, but nah 90 day for refund is too long for me.

    • DirkDigg1er

      I’ve been experiencing the issues in the East Bay Dublin area smh.

  • Kevin

    hahaha sprint is now the laughingstock in the wireless industry

    • besweeet

      Now? As if they weren’t that for at least the past year.

  • archerian

    Google Fiber is the best network in Kansas City :)

  • bdbman

    I have to agree, I live in KC and always have LTE. Can’t wait till the 2G to 4G conversion so the outer cities can have the speed too. And even better VoLTE would be sweet.

    • bdbman

      That was bad grammer. Make that “Even better, VoLTE would be sweet.”

      • Guest

        >That was bad grammer

        Thank you for that.

        • guessst

          *GRAMMAR.. You both are bad.

    • mreveryphone

      Volte is live here in KC. I tried it the other night.

  • Pokemon

    This just shows that sprint sucks and will fall to number 4 and maybe fall down to number 5 lol.

    • Jeremiah McCurry

      They’ll stay at #3 once they gobble up TMO ;)

      • TechHog

        Let’s just pray that Sprint is the brand that dies when that happens…

        • maximus1901

          It won’t matter which brand dies. What will matter is that newco will have no more competitive pressure to keep data prices low

      • pokemon

        We will see about that when the govern bodies decide. No true benefit to the consumers when they cover the same area.

  • Jeremiah McCurry

    AT&T is going to slip. They have frozen all network improvements other than sites where work is already in progress.

    As bad as Sprint is, it has ticked up in several markets.

    • maximus1901

      Att truly is spectrum constrained. They lost a bunch of AWS to tmus and are now reframing pcs to lte. Furthermore, they don’t even have 10×10 700 MHz everywhere like VZW. That’s why att is deploying thousands of small cells.
      Vzw has at least 10×10 everywhere AWS.

      • EndlessIke

        They’ll buy more. They have the money to do that.

      • vinnyjr

        SAd truth is AT&T has spectrum they don’t use and just don’t give a shit. They are not upgrading simply because of profit. They have their customers and don’t care about quality network. Granted they have LTE in more areas but I’ll tell you in most they are all bottled necked and patheticly slow. T-Mobile is currently doing more Network upgrades than all 3 other Carriers combined, Fact. Amazing coming from the smalles of the big 4 Carriers in the USA. No reason for AT&T, Verizon or Sprint to be selling shit service to their high paying customers. Thank You T-Mobile.

        • analyzethis

          Exactly what usable spectrum does AT&T have that they are not using?

          T-Mobile is not ‘doing more network upgrades than all 3 other carriers combined’. Where exactly are you getting that misinformation from?

          Sources other than anecdotal?

        • DirkDigg1er

          ATT has done a great job with lte deployment, volte, and small cell strategy. ATT has went from terrible to reliable service in 1 year.

          I’m not a ATT fan but they have improved over the years.

    • besweeet

      I honestly felt a little bad for AT&T in San Antonio. Their speeds used to fly, hitting 50Mbps in lots of areas. Now? 1/4 that. A few less-congested spots are still pretty fast, but still.

  • YABD

    Did they tested tmobile outside metro areas? Because tmobile doesn’t even have data once you step outside downtown.

    • vinnyjr

      Live and work in two different suburbs of Boston where T-Mobile is the most reliable and fastest of all Carriers. I also have a Verizon account which I have put into a voulantary suspension due to the most pathetic speeds and dropped calls. Also gave AT&T a try, better than Verizon but not nearly as fast as T-Mobile. I am not with T-Mobile for cheap prices, I can afford to buy cell service, I want fast and reliable service, T-Mobile in the Boston area is superb.

    • JB

      Not true for this Kansas City Metro resident right here. I get great coverage just about everywhere in KC and it’s surrounding areas, surprisingly even inside Walmarts now where that was usually a sore spot for me in my experience.

    • Jay J. Blanco

      2G is data. Those 2G markets are on schedule to get upgraded. So all the complaining can stop. Unlimited data might be 40 dollars by January to speed that process up lol. Jk

      • maximus1901

        That’s going too far. Id call it purgatory lol

        • Jay J. Blanco

          Omg lol

    • Jay Holm

      “Outside of downtown”? Exaggerating just a bit? There is more to a town and city than just “downtown”, well populated areas here in Ct are well covered, strong signal, and yes, that includes outside of just “downtown”.

      • YABD

        Sorry I think I exaggerated a little bit. I am a tmobile customer. Since my job is sending me to rural areas I am having trouble to make a call or using data in those farms areas.

  • maximus1901

    Those who have volte, please let us know what happens in following situations:
    1) you’re on volte call, you walk into building which drops down to Hspa, then you walk back outside.

    2) you’re on volte call, you go into your settings and disable lte, then you re enable lte.

    Does your phone kick back up to volte?

    • besweeet

      1. LTE can fall back to something lower when on a call, but won’t go back to something higher (HSPA+ to LTE, for example).

      2. Doing that might drop the call completely, since phones typically reset the radio when disabling something like that.

  • mreveryphone

    I tested out my tmo service against my friends spark service and I easily beat the fizzle service sprint has put out, it’s a shame. And they want to merge with us…

  • HangmanSwingset

    I got a speedtest of 95.5 Mbps down yesterday. At the cafe area at Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle.

    • D_Wall__

      Holy shit, I hope you took a screen shot of that. What device? My best is 62down and 15up. In Orlando.

      • HangmanSwingset

        Yeah, hopefully the mods allow me to post it…

        • Trevnerdio

          Holy crap!! And you got it more than once, too! D;

      • HangmanSwingset

        Whoops sorry I forgot to mention but I’m on an iPhone 5S.

    • yaby1979

      Sure you did

      • HangmanSwingset

        Can’t tell if serious.

  • cubanito151

    And the sooner they finish the 2G upgrade will be even better. I’m still on stupid slow 3G.

  • yaby1979

    More like 95.5kbps!!!

    • HangmanSwingset

      I’ve already posted a screenshot, so I don’t know what you’re going on about.

  • Nearmsp

    Anyone still yearning for a Sprint buyout of T-mobile?

  • DirkDigg1er

    It looks like there is a huge drawback in Vz/T hoarding all that low band spectrum. Their networks are permanently congested lol. It may be time to swap some more of those low band licenses.

    What’s point of Vz/T buying 600mhz spectrum for capacity besides the obvious, stockpiling?

  • Mike Elder

    Tmo may be the best in Boston and KC but in suburban Phila 18380, it’s simply the worst. Can experience no service, E, 4G and LTE all siting in the same spot holding the phone in the same spot. Calls to TMO result in “wow that’s awful” to “we are ging to dispatch the engineers”. We won’t be able to get back to you when the problem is corrected. “You’ll notice better service and that’s how you know the problem is fixed”. I can hold an Att phone next to my tmo iPhone. Att has 4 bars at 4g. Mine has 1 bar on the e network. Come on TMO you can do better. Here are my test results which are said to be on the fastest TMO 4g network.

    Test Date: Jun 28, 2014 5:31 PM
    Download: 6.60 Mbps
    Upload: 0.24 Mbps
    Ping: 319 ms
    Connection Type: Cellular

    Something to be proud of TMO?

    • lordfarquaad

      Most of PA is awful for T-Mobile

  • Guest

    I always get at least 30mbps here.

  • HeWhoGameZ

    In Kansas City the coverage is stellar. But the suburbs around KC are bout 20% Edge and half 4G, half LTE. Highest speeds i hit are 30Mbps. Haven’t broken the 40Mbps barrier yet. 700Mhz cannot come fast enough.