Original T-Mobile Galaxy S3 gets Android 4.3 [Update: Just a bug fix]

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Happy Monday! And what better way to start the week than with news of an optional software upgrade for users with the original version of the Galaxy S3? Over the weekend, Android 4.3 finally arrived for the Galaxy SIII t999 (original), and if you haven’t already been notified on your device, you should be able to go to settings and check manually and download OTA. This update includes KNOX and support for Samsung Gear devices. It also, frustratingly comes over 3 months after the LTE version of the S3 got the same update:

  • Version:
    • Android version 4.3/Software version T999UVUENC2
    • Approved 03/15/2014
    • OTA manual pull down and Samsung Kies update available
  • New Features:
    • Software stability updates
  • Prerequisites
    • T999UVUEMJC
    • Device software is not rooted
    • 50% battery life
    • Latest version of Kies software downloaded on PC or MAC
    • Data connection
    • File size of update is 37 MB

Further information is available over at T-Mobile’s support pages, and you can – as always – choose to download it using Samsung Kies if over the air isn’t an option for you.

[Update: Apologies, it seems this was just a bug fix according to some owners out there. T-Mobile’s support pages were updated on March 15th stating that 4.3 was now available for the original S3.]

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  • I’m confuse wasn’t there a 4.3 update already

    • Slev

      This is the original non LTE S3

      • krym73

        Even that s3 had it since last year, Cam just doesnt care about t mobile since it’s located in the u.s but he lives in the uk, yupp seems to make as much sense as Sprints wifi calling that still requires cellular connection.

    • brian99

      Yes, you are correct. The original s3 had the update before the lte s3. This must be a minor update because I’m already at 4.3 on the ORIGINAL s3.

  • S. Ali

    4.4 should be rolling out, not 4.3. At least we have cyanogenmod. I wish TMO would open source their WiFi calling so developers can integrate it on their own.

    • 1984


      • keymaster

        Just FYI, your Caps Lock key is on

      • Nick Cannon

        Not everyone has cell reception indoors.

      • dtam

        minutes used on t-mobile wifi calling counts towards my unlimited minutes.

        the point of wifi calling, as many others have said, is so that you have another way of being connected to the tmobile network.

        how is it being cheap? some of us want vanilla android phones so that we don’t need to deal with resource sucking bloatware

    • brian99

      Sprint is getting Wifi calling. AT&T refuses to do wifi calling. Tmobile would give them the app but they don’t want it. Sprint will have it now though.

      • Alex Zapata

        While Sprint is getting WiFi calling it’s not nearly as awesome as TMO’s. First, you need a cell connection to initiate it which may be a problem for some people. Secondly, if I read correctly, you can only use it within Sprint’s coverage area, unlike TMO’s which you can use anywhere.

        • Durandal_1707

          It needs a cell connection? What’s the point of that?

        • Alex Zapata

          Their reason is because they need it for 911 purposes.

        • Durandal_1707

          They need *what* for 911 purposes? I really don’t understand this. To my mind, the purpose of Wi-Fi Calling is to use the phone somewhere where you have no signal. If you have a cell signal, why wouldn’t you just use that?

        • Alex Zapata

          It’s Sprint, what can I say?

  • LongtimeCustomer

    Don’t know what you are talking about. We got 4.3 ages ago. This was just some minor tweek! We are waiting for 4.4.

  • Miffed

    You should take this article down because it looks like you just don’t know what’s going on!

  • contriver87

    The T999 already has 4.3. There is no way that a major Android update would be only 37 MB. This is just a minor maintenance update.

  • thederf

    4.3 for the original S3 was out in November I believe.

  • 1984

    It will be a great day when android and requires that certain phones all get the current software. New phones are initially more about new hardware and design. This phone is my opinion should have received kit kat. The GS3 was the handset that finally put android closer to killing off apple! So, this phone an any other highend phone should be treated like todays new phones. We all know the s3 is old news and won’t compare to the s5, but constantly making a difference to keep focus on the newer model is bad customer service. Even apple will update down to a 4 or 4s. will the 4 or 4 or 4s get ios8….we will all know soon.

    • TechHog

      It’s a consequence of not being completely locked down. The only solution is to make the OS completely closed-sourced with no customization.

      Edited for the annoying person below me.

      • Ordeith

        LOL at calling “Google Android” open. No real advocate of open solutions would support the crap Google is doing.

        • TechHog

          It meets the literal definition of open source.

        • Ordeith

          Read the article titled:
          “Google’s iron grip on Android: Controlling open source by any means necessary”
          on Ars.

          Then tell me how the open source community can still support Google with a straight face.

        • TechHog

          *sigh* Fine, I edited my comment. Happy now? Leave me alone alone now because you know what i meant asswipe.

        • kalel33

          Yes, read the article. Android itself is very much open source. You can download it for free if you like anytime but not all Google services are open source. Big difference.

  • AllofUs

    WTF. Get it together man! We got 4.3 ages ago. This was a minor tweek!

  • mcri

    That “(finally)” on the headline should be removed. I have the non-LTE S3 and got the 4.3 update in October (or was it November). This looks like a minor update.

  • Juice

    Late!! Let us know when 4.4 arrive.

  • brian99

    Not sure what this is. I HAVE the original NON LTE version of the Samsung S3 and got this update months ago.

  • thargic

    Hopefully this minor update is just setting things up for 4.4

  • Chrisrj8084

    Yes just a minor maintenance release, thanks for posting though Cam

  • B_Eng

    Has anybody determined what the actual update does?

    • j

      My wife gets up at 530 am downloaded update around 630am. I checked her phone at like 730pm and she had 68% battery still. Which is a big improvement

  • Joanna

    I have the original S 3 and I’ve had the 4.3 update for months now. I can’t really tell what this minor update did though.

    • J Cav the Great

      it was only 35MB..so not much..except for stability performance…

  • Nick Cannon

    It’s clear this site has no idea what’s going on nor does it read the comments

    • longtimeCustomer

      I was thinking the same thing. I am becoming so disinterested in what is going on here and it used to be the first place I would go in the morning.

  • Nathan S.

    I am sure that Cam is still trying to get adjusted. Lets not be too hard on him. Side note, If TmoNews needs another person to work for them, I could make myself available for the right price. ;)

    • Cam The Sham

      Hes had months to adjust at this point hes working at his fullest potential which isn’t very good.

  • tmobile

    can someone at Phonedog find someone better than his guy? This site is meant for States not the U.K. Its been days since we heard anything.

    • philyew

      Two business days to be precise, and to prove the level of disinterest around here, the last post only spawned 540+ responses (and counting)

    • RStein177

      nobody cares about the UK sir

      • Robert

        Nobody cares about the opinions of someone who sets out from the start to offend people with an avatar.

  • magic

    My s3 after the october update couldn’t make a phone call in many times to the point where I had to reboot the phone 2-3 times a day. Very frustrating. Hopefully this will fix the problem. T-Mobile customer service didn’t know about ithe issue but I think they just didn’t want to admit that they just ruined my phone so did to the friend of mine.

  • Anonymous

    The update fixes the calling issue people had with the last update. Hence the “software stability.”

  • Mystery Man

    This site never has new stores.

  • brad

    4.3 has been on the s3 since November for T-Mobile, this is a mantenence update to improve OS stability.

  • Ordeith

    Lumia 521 got the Black/GDR3 update today as well (finally).
    Too little to late for me, I already switched carriers, but some of those left behind might care. :)

  • pete

    this cam guy is more interested in writing about iPhone than T-Mobile look at the other site hes on nobody is ever commenting on there

  • Guest

    If this is the best you can do Cam, you should just close the site. You’ll never be Dave.

  • TechHog

    If this is the best you can can do Cam, it’s time to close the site. David would have never made such a huge blunder.

    • philyew

      “Huge blunder?” Is there a new OS update available? Yes. Did he let people know about it? Yes. Did he mis-characterize it? Yes. What’s the consequence of that? Nothing…other than giving you the opportunity to demonstrate your disdain.

      I stand up for this guy because I don’t think any of his critics have given much thought to how difficult it would be for ANYONE to follow David in this role. Not because David was a giant, though he was very talented, but because he had worked this beat for so long, knew it inside out, and had established many contacts and sources in the process. Contacts and sources that are simply not available to his successor.

      Not to mention the fact that TM have become far more controlling about information and the way that news of changes is notified. This management team is all about optimizing their marketing and it’s quite clear that they have clamped down on the way that information used to be leaked to David in the past. It was probably changing before he left, but it didn’t show so much because of his depth of contacts.

      Cam doesn’t always get it right, but he hasn’t got it noticeably wrong until this post, and considering the number of screw-ups I read from other bloggers, that has to count for a lot.

      You make it sound like this site is dying on its feet. Yet in the last week or so, we’ve had two topics for discussion that have generated hundreds of posts. It just needs a little perspective.

      • eneka

        I honestly don’t understand all the hate on here, if they don’t like it they should just leave

      • kalel33

        To be fair, the article states that the 4.3 update finally comes to the S3. That’s not a mis-characterization but a complete fail. The 4.3 update has been out for quite some time. The article should have stated a minor update was put out for the S3, not the long awaited 4.3 update. He messed up? Yep. Are people going overboard? yep. Could a good part of the issue be that he doesn’t use T-mobile and doesn’t even live in the country that T-mobile covers? Most likely.

        • philyew

          How would being a TM customer have helped with this particular mistake, unless he happened to be still using a device that has been on the market for nearly two years? I had an S3 until October, and didn’t notice that this article was wrong.

          Maybe it was a mistake for Phonedog to assign one of their overseas employees to this beat, when they don’t have service from TM USA, but the way that people have made this so personal is downright nasty.

          The bottom line is that this was always going to be an uphill task for the new editor. It wasn’t his fault that things turned out the way they did with David.

        • longtimeCustomer

          It is obvious that Cam is not “into” it. His head is elsewhere. And being part or T-Mobile U.S. DOES make a difference. Makes you care about what is happening. People don’t “hate” Cam. It’s just kind of obvious he does not want to be here and therefore shouldn’t be in the position of doing the job.

          In my long work history it is my understanding that part of any job description is not falling asleep on the job.

  • dontsh00tmesanta

    Wait it got that update long before the LTE model did?

  • goma

    Wth..its been 4.3 few months ago..this is a minor update…only 37mb…cmon this Cam guy…do better…bet this guy is a FANBOY

  • TechHog

    I just checked, and Cam, YOU REPORTED ON THE 4.3 UPDATE COMING TO THE S3 LAST YEAR. Idiot. Please leave this industry.

  • lzc753

    Wow so many Haters in here!

  • AndTheWorldMayNeverKnow

    The original S3 got the 4.3 update a while back right around the same time the LTE version got its update. Like many have said before this is just a stability update. Tmo news should update this post ASAP

    • Galaxy S3 non-LTE Owner

      Yes, I agree the original 4.3 update went out back in November/December 2013. I’ve had issues with it on my Galaxy S3. First the repeated downloads which I eventually fixed and Second the issue with calls made just going to call ended immediately. Hopefully this fixes the call-ended issue.

      • AndTheWorldMayNeverKnow

        I was fortunate, I cleared the data on a few apps I heard had problems and I didn’t have any problems after the first update. The only real issue I had was the gallery would freeze for a second and load slow but other than that everything worked fine. Hopefully it fixed your issues this time because it was a really solid update, it’s held me over until I decide what phone to get next

  • Just Plain Sad

    This site will see the same fate as VZW News before the end of the year, unfortunately. Mark my words Phone Dog. P.S. I bet you’re regretting screwing over David.

  • Bulletproof2006

    We bought my wife’s S3 in December of 2012, mine in February 2013, and we never got the OTA update to 4.3, we had 4.1.2. Maybe there was a way to update it using Kies, I’m not sure. Last month I did a handset exchange on my S3 and the “new” S3 came with 4.3. I tried a software update on my wife’s phone to see if it was also available, but it read that the 4.1.2 software was up to date. I did a quick google search and apparently there are a couple different builds of the non-LTE S3 and not all of them received the 4.3 update late last year
    Then I read yesterday on Tmonews that the original S3 got an OTA update for 4.3. When I got home, I checked for updates on my wife’s S3 and sure enough there was a 500+ mb download available. It was 4.3…finally.

    Thanks Cam for the post letting us know it was available and for continuing to post relevant T-mobile information. It may not be the timeliest info, but at least its just T-mobile news (versus Engadget, etc.). And Cam, don’t forget haters hate. Keep up the good work.

    • godisafairytale



      , have you noticed any issues with it on either phone? I’m extremely hesitant to pull the trigger after hearing nothing but nightmare stories one after another from people who “upgraded” to 4.3 and wished they could undo the damage. Battery drainage, freezing, crashing, apps not working right, etc.

      • Bulletproof2006

        I installed the update late last night, and have yet to hear any complaints about the upgrade from my wife…and believe I would have already. If any comes up I will update this comment thread.
        As for my replacement S3 that came with 4.3 already installed, I notice slightly better battery life and speed. No app crashes or anything of the sort.

        • godisafairytale

          Hmmm… Erin above warns against it. I have an idea. Erin – do you have the LTE or the non-LTE version? Bulletproof2006 says his wife has a non-LTE (same as I do), and hasn’t seen any issues with 4.3 yet…

        • Bulletproof2006

          Fyi, its been almost a whole week and no issues whatsoever.

          Maybe we are just lucky.

        • godisafairytale

          Hm, very curious! Thanks for your feedback Bulletproof. I’d really like to get to the bottom of this.

      • Erin

        For the love of God, DO NOT upgrade to the 4.3!!!! I did and actually HATE my phone now! It changes A LOT of the UI and is AWEFUL when it comes to battery drainage!

    • kalel33

      This person is way too detailed in gushing over this site and Cam to have a two post history. Probably someone from phonedog. That 4.3 update was reported, by Cam, last year.

      • Bulletproof2006


  • godisafairytale

    Has anyone noticed any issues with this update? I’m on 4.1.2, which works fine.
    I’ve been very
    hesitant to “upgrade” to 4.3 after hearing nothing but problems – an ocean of them – from folks who did it and now wish they regret it.

    • Erin

      I really wish I were you right now, cuz that would mean that I didn’t “upgrade” to the 4.3! And trust me, I use the word upgrade with total sarcasm! I’m begging you, don’t update the software, You WILL regret it!

      • godisafairytale

        Haha thank you! I knew I was doing the right thing. Samsung really dropped the ball on this one. It’s a big black mark on their record. My friend has Verizon so he was FORCED into the update (I think them and Sprint don’t give you an option). He recently switched from iphone to a GS3 and since the update he’s been regretting. He says he can’t wait to go back to Apple when his contract is up. Really disappointing.

  • Bklynman

    What is wrong with all you people out here? Fine Cam make a mistake,I am sure each and every one of you who is complaining is Mr.Perfect,or Miss.Perfect,never did anything wrong,or make a mistake in life. If so go start your own TMO blog,see how much information you can get. And for those out there hoping David is coming back here or start another blog about TMobile,forget,in case you don’t know it,David now works for TMobile. Like others have said Can doesn’t have the contacts David did. If I recalled right,when David was here there would be
    times where there would be no news for days. If anyone would care to go back and read all the posts,news ,David put here during the time he ran this blog,because I know someone will,let’s us know how many mistakes he made.

    • Ordeith

      I wouldn’t be sitting on the news of the 521 update like Cam seems to be doing.

      • Bklynman

        Well Maybe you should email Cam,tell him,believe or not that’s how David findout lot about what sent on at TMobile,people would email.David,let him know what was going on,when they findout something about TMobile.
        Not sure what the news is about that phone is, lists us know,I don’t have that phone.

    • Disappointed

      It seems that phone dog has hired some people to talk up about cam?!!

      • Bklynman

        No,wrong on that,I don’t work for phone mutt,I just think people should give the guy a break,no matter who took over for David, the site will not ever be the same,there are things he miss,that David would said something about,one the sale of Moto,the so call aroid phones by Nokia,that they must launch few weeks ago,David would mention them,and the sale,Cam didn’t,if Cam gets replace by someone else,that’s here, is a customer,of TMobile,tell me are they going to have the same contacts as David? No,David is gone,he is not coming back,so get over it. If you can find a better blog for news about TMobile,let us all in on it.

    • Disappointed

      David was much better than cam hence the reason why he now works for T-mobile. Obviously someone saw something in him.

  • schweddyballs

    This update is just a small one for incoming call failure issues and other stability problems that came with 4.3 last year. Good thing to do if you have an s3 already on 4.3.

  • Big J

    Thats why i dislike android all phones don’t get updates at the same time you must keep buying phones to keep up with the latest updates foolish to me

    • kalel33

      Or you buy a Nexus phone. There’s your solution so you never have to worry about updates again.

      • Nurdface Gamerhandz

        until TI stops supporting the SOC and you only get one major and one minor update (see: CDMA Galaxy Nexus)

        • kalel33

          Huh? The Sprint Galaxy Nexus had 3 major updates(4.0>4.1>4.2.2>4.3).

        • Nurdface Gamerhandz

          Verizon only got to 4.2.2. Still not acceptable for the Nexus line.

        • kalel33

          You said “until TI stops supporting the SOC” and “CDMA Galaxy Nexus” and I had proven your statement incorrect. Sprint phone is a CDMA phone. Everyone knows the Galaxy Nexus was screwed by Verizon for bloat and updates.

        • Nurdface Gamerhandz

          Okay, so revising the statement to a whopping 3 incremental updates, only one of which was major enough to warrant a new dessert and changing the statement to include the entire line including the GSM version. Compare the iPhone 3GS, which went through 11 total major and minor updates (not including incremental (i.e. 6.1.3 to 6.1.5) from iOS 3.0 to 6.1.5. If you don’t want to worry about updates, buy an iPhone.

        • kalel33

          So we finally get to the reason of your post. Your an ifan that trolls Android articles. No more debating, you just gave the reason of why it’s stupid to even discuss phones with you.

        • Nurdface Gamerhandz

          I mean, sure, notwithstanding the fact that I’ve got a G Flex, an HD2, and a Lumia 1520 also within arms reach, I’m an iFan that trolls android articles. I never said anything was WRONG with Android devices, I happen to love mine. They’re just terrible for timely software updates, no matter who the OEM happens to be.

  • fsured

    The messages here are a big whining fit. I see 75 comments and think something of value is in the article and discussed by the community. Many are not pleased with the way the things are and the mistake in the title/article but instead of rants in the forums why not direct the vexation to PhoneDog. It is their site in the end and they will take notice with a flood of messages to the main company. Whatever result comes of that depends on them. If nothing changes then stop visiting the site. I’ve seen articles post on CNET that relate to T-Mobile which don’t get mentioned here or take longer to deliver the information. This site may no longer be the corner of the web for the inside track on T-Mobile US.

  • KlausWillSeeYouNow

    Enough with this hater B.S. People clearly feel neglected, and Cam should address this A.S.A.P.

    This site definitely feels neglected as of late.

  • guidomus_maximus

    I think its time to get a reporter that lives on the same continent as us. Maybe one that lives in the same country as us, has been as customer of T-Mobile, has seen or been inside a T-Mobile store. Sees our TV and news programs, etc., etc., etc.

  • Andrew Jack

    Im not sure if the “finally” was a typo.. or you just dont care.. but “4.3 UVUEMJC” which I think WAS “4.3” has a build date of 10/31/13. So it was released shortly after that. Probably in the dec13-Jan14 timeline.

    Dont be stubborn.. just fix it..

  • TechHog

    This update confirms that you’re either a troll or an idiot. Whichever it is (my money’s on the latter), I’m complaining to your bosses. You don’t belong here. You don’t know anything about T-Mobile, and you’re the worst kind of iPhone fantard.

  • I think its time to get a reporter that lives on the same continent as us. Maybe one that lives in the same country as us, has been as customer of T-Mobile, has seen or been inside a T-Mobile store. Sees our TV and news programs, etc., etc., etc.

  • godisafairytale

    Hey guys, for those of you who have updated your T-Mobile Galaxy S3 to 4.3, have you noticed any problems at all? Please state whether you have the LTE or non-LTE version, as that could make a big difference!

  • Difster

    Dang it! I thought I was getting KitKat and it was just a bug fix.

    When is my S3 going to get 4.4?

  • none complainer

    Little do ppl know, it might be old, but everybody didnt get this, my friend just got a update last week, thought it was kit kat, but it was this update and he been had his s3 lte since 2013, but it popped up on phone, so what might be old to u, is not to others, everybody loves talking sht on here, but nobody trying to do what cam or anybody else does, if u dont like it, then leave, go find another blog or open one up yourself, smh.

  • Jack Marchant

    I am looking for some advice/help. I got the 4.3 update two nights ago and after that my S3 started to reboot from time to time. Last night the phone turned off and now I cannot start it. I cannot do reset (VolUp+Home+Power) – the screen shows SAMSUNG, then Samsung GS3, and then it turns off. When I take the batter out and put it back in, the phone powers up right away without me pressing any buttons. Did anyone have the same issues? Any hints? What are my options as far as fixing the phone? The phone is out of warranty. It’s well taken care of, never dropped, and has worked beautifully until two nights ago.

    • Staci

      Same thing happened to me a few weeks ago (might have not been this exact update, but also on samsung galaxy s3). my phone just turned off and I was never able to turn it on afterwards, it would show the samsung logo for a second, and then shut down. i’ve argued with tmobile for several hours already, and all they say it that they are not responsible for the updates that come out, and it’s the customer’s responsibility to make sure that the update is compatible with the phone. They said that they don’t recommend downloading any updates at all because it’ll most likely make the phone crash. Makes no sense, right? They are just hoping for people with no warranty who will be forced to buy new phones. Very annoying!
      Good luck! Keep arguing with T-mobile, maybe you’ll be able to convince them to replace your phone

    • John

      I have the same exact problem. Upgraded the software today and my never turn back on. I thought my battery went bad, went out bought a new battery, still no luck. When I put the battery in the logo shows up for 2 seconds then disappears. Were you able to solve the problem?