Nokia Lumia 925 on Tmo gets Windows Phone Black update


While many BlackBerry fans a couple of weeks ago considered that T-mobile was actively pushing them to switch platforms, there’s another operating system that’s considered by many of its fans to have been ignored altogether: Windows Phone.

When the company announced which devices would be getting the Windows Black update, T-mobile’s own Lumia 810 wasn’t on the list. Thankfully, however, its big brother – the Lumia 925 – was, and has now begun receiving its update to the latest and greatest version of Windows Phone. If you have a 925, check for updates and you should find a brand-spanking new version of the operating system waiting for you to download and install. Among the changes are a new notification system, similar to that on Android and iOS. Lumia 925 users will also have the following:

-Screen orientation lock
-Ability to close apps in the app switcher
-Custom ringtones for messaging and mail
-Nokia camera app now combines Smart Camera and Nokia Pro Camera
-New apps: Nokia Storyteller (relive imaging experiences) and Nokia Beamer (mobile projector for sharing content from your screen).
-New Nokia Glance screen: See quick status notifications
-Enhanced battery monitoring

Give us a shout when you’ve installed it and let us know what you think. It’s about time the Windows Phone lovers among us got some good news.

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  • bisayan

    Thanks Cam! I will update my 925 soon..On a side note, do you ha ve any update for tmobile earning call?

    • Cam Bunton

      It’s coming! That Lumia Black update post was typed on train. Literally just got back home from MWC. It’s next up. ;-)

      • fentonr

        Glad to see WP getting some coverage! Thanks Cam!

  • Ordeith

    Too little, too late, T-Mobile. After nearly 10 years on T-Mobile I now have a Lumia 1020 on AIO wireless for one of my lines, more are sure to follow. AT&T seems to actually care about supporting their WP customers.

    • eanfoso

      You sire are clever, plus it’s still better coverage than t-mobile

      • Ryan

        I’ll have to check this out. How’s your experience been so far? I’ve been a customer for 10 years as well and the lack of support has been a “pain point” for me the entire time. Maybe that should be the next pain point phase, updates and phone support!

        • eanfoso

          Since I don’t pay for the service I’m still on t-mobile, but I know that for one line aio is a steal, for instance, unlimited talk text and data with 2 gigabytes of high speed data is 55$ plus you get at&t coverage, which indoors eclipses t-mobile’s

        • Ordeith

          I have only had a phone on aio for a week, but I was curious so I took a phone with T-Mobile and a phone with AIO around with me for a day to compare coverage and network speeds. Aside from an outlier or two AIO consistently outperformed T-Mobile in my area.

    • fentonr

      I’ve thought about it. The thing is even though AT&T gets all the good phones, they don’t have a great track record of supporting WP either.

  • Ryan

    Well us 810 owners got screwed out of this update But somehow the 521 is on deck to get it.. TMO better step up with the WP 8.1 update that will be out in the coming months. Microsoft states it be compatible with all WP models but of course it’s up to the #$%$ carriers….again. Not everyone is an Android or iPhone user, support ALL your damn phones!

    • eanfoso

      Couldn’t agree more, sadly though this isn’t going to change, I recently quit working for t-mobile, and this was a big factor, I’m a huge Nokia fan and even when people came in we were forced to sell Galaxy phones, because Samsung was running a contest and my manager wanted to look good and probably get a TV, but I don’t care for Samsung so naturally I got the stink eye if I sold a lumia or something else than a Samsung product, it sucks but there’s no helpless there.

    • Ordeith

      That is one of the big reasons I went and put a 1020 on AIO wireless after being a T-Mobile customer for nearly a decade. Of course once I had the 1020 set up I was no longer worried about breaking the 810 so much and went ahead and dev unlocked it through Microsoft’s developer preview program.
      Once the 810 was part of the preview program it was able to be updated to GDR3, and it updated flawlessly. I was then able to use SysAppPusher to get all the missing Nokia apps installed.
      So now I have a Lumia Black 1020 on AIO, and a Lumia Amber with GDR3 810 on T-Mobile. But I was able to install Nokia Camera and all of the Touch, Glance, storage, display, and drive+ updates separately – and they all work perfectly despite the Amber firmware. Aside from the 41 megapixels in the 1020 the phones are pretty much functionally the same now. (the 810 has drive mode, the new glance screen, the new backgrounds, the new touch functionality, no more “other” storage problems)
      I would recommend anyone not wanting to wait to see if T-Mobile will be kind enough to give the 810 WP 8.1 and isn’t too worried about voiding their warranty to update the 810 through the Dev preview program.

    • Torry

      They simply don’t care about WP. Their HTC Radar 4G never even got the 7.8 update. It’s stuck on 7.5. WP users should also get the $200 trade in for a new phone like BB users did.

    • riopato

      Don’t even get me started about the 710!!!

    • lordsunil

      Hi Ryan, and all other 810 owners.

      I totally agree with your comments and I’m pissed off – I’d like to create some momentum, though, and shake T-Mobile up a little. Can you guys take the following steps? I realize it may not result in anything, although it doesn’t take much to do either (if you have time for only one, do #1). Thanks!

      1) Submit a complaint to FCC:
      2) Sign this:
      3) Apply pressure on TMo reps: ask them to check with their managers,
      escalate, and inform them that as much as you love the new uncarrier
      philosophy/strategy, this is unacceptable.

      If you’d like to join the discussion on the TMo forums, go here:

      Lastly, if Cam or any1 else with Tmonews sees this, please give this issue some coverage. In short, we like Tmobile and don’t want to switch, but we gotta call out douchebaggery when we see it.

  • Alex Zapata

    Got the update yesterday, but it wouldn’t download over LTE, only WiFi :'(

  • I have the unlocked Verizon version of the Windows HTC 8X on Tmobile and I got both of the updates for GD2 and 3 with no problems but I don’t know why this is an issue for some people

    • Dougsh

      I have the 8X also but have not seen any updates for it. I have also gone in and run the check for updates option and it said I have the latest. Are they rolling this out a little at a time?

      • fentonr

        The carrier has to push out the update, my guess is that Verizon has pushed out the update but T-Mobile hasn’t.

        • conservative_motorcyclist

          When I talked to HTC (My 8X is going in for repair for the 5th time) they seemed surprised that my branded device hadn’t received GDR3 yet. (Read: It’s not looking good) I am guessing they “forgot” about us again.

          The good news is that you can become a Windows Phone developer for free, then install the “Preview for Developers” app. Launch the app, sign in with your newly-minted developer account, press the check box, and then tell the phone to check for updates. You will get the official GDR3 update from Microsoft. The only thing you won’t have are HTC’s firmware enhancements, like the ability to charge the phone when it is powered off.

      • I’m not sure if it was because my phone was unlocked but I never had Verizon and had to update the phone manually

    • DA0217

      Quick question. Are you able to send picture messages with the Verizon 8X on T-mobile? How are data speeds? Thanks in advance.

      • No, mms and internet sharing are disabled. They can be added by unbranding the device which I haven’t done yet

  • Luigi

    Just installed the Black update on both of our Lumia 925 handsets. Everything went smooth and the full update was successful. Love the new Glance screen with all the notifications we need. I haven’t tried the Driving mode just yet but I think this feature should be mandatory on all devices. It looks like it was worth the wait. C’mon Microsoft, spark some real competition in the phone ecosystem otherwise google and apple will drive the prices up and we do not like to be nickel and dimed

    • fentonr

      I’m excited for 8.1, it sounds like that will make some pretty big improvements.

    • Cam Bunton

      I really like Windows Phone, but even three years after launching, it still feels like it has potential, but isn’t quite realizing it yet.

  • tomarone

    T-Mobile,we need the Nokia Icon! (oops, we have the Lumia 1520. Does that have the fancy 20 mp camera and special 4 microphone audio?)
    oops, no 1520 either! oops.

    • sun_dog

      Well, there’s no word *yet* on Verizon having the Icon locked up ATT-style. I don’t know yet if the think is set to work with T-Mobile’s bands if you put a sim in there instead of Verizon’s LTE sim.

      A 5 inch phone would make sense though this year.

    • riopato

      T-Mobile has 100s of android phones. All the current iPhones. There are only 2 windows phones specific to T-Mobile.

      • Hoosier Daddy

        So then they actually sell a greater percent of all Windows phones they do of all Android phones ;)

        • riopato

          The question is how well the 925 & 521 is selling.

  • sun_dog

    Mine’s downloading now to my 925. I’m hoping T-Mobile doesn’t abandon the 925 before the 8.1 update rolls out like they did with the 810.

    Thankfully the 925 can be had for $260-$270 outright these days, almost making it worth the gamble. It sounds like 8.1 will finally put the platform on par with the others, which may not be so bad in a year that has already seen the GS5 come out with incremental improvements and might just see Apple’s huge thing be a larger phablet option.

    • riopato

      Amen to that!!! After what T-Mobile did with the 710 and 810, I have no expectations to what will happen to any specific T-Mobile branded windows phone. Makes the jump program and no subsidies such a scam since T-Mobile won’t support their own phones.

  • vanee

    Well, the phone is better off, but the developers only worried about camera and photo. They didn’t realize that it’s the little things that count: like making separate audio and ringtone volumes! The only good things I got out of this update was the app switcher closer and the messaging ringtones. Very disappointed.

  • DR-AZ

    Thanks for the article covering WP8 Cam! I installed Lumia Black/Update 3 on my Lumia 925 and love it! (Hopefully our 521’s will get the updates soon too!) The best parts IMO are the extra glance screen notifications and the closing windows. But I talk on the phone with one hand, eat a hamburger with the other, and drive with my knees, so driving mode is useless unless you’re in CA or NY (j/k!!!).
    A couple other new features to point out though that no one has covered anywhere that I can find… now if you set the Nokia Camera as the default one to be launched by pressing the camera button, and do so from sleep mode, it will NOT ask for you password! It will function like the default camera does where you can take photos but do nothing else until you enter your password. Great change! Also, T-Mobile finally fixed the text message over WiFi Calling bug that had plagued WP8 since the start! MMS still won’t go through, but at least messages of 7, 15, 23 characters–or multiples of 8 thereafter–that ALSO end in punctuations (or other special characters) will finally go through over WiFi Calling every time without a hitch. My guess is that bug is probably what took TMo so long to get us the updates in the first place. In any event, thanks T-Mobile!

  • spartanjet

    I’m going to wait till Windows 8.1 phones arrive, if they don’t appear on tmo I’m gone.

  • M Ramey

    Still some disappointments with T-Mobile and this phone: