$0 down on iPhone 5s/5c and top Samsung handsets from tomorrow

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We heard yesterday that T-Mobile was set to launch a new “Upgrade and Save” phase of its holiday deals from tomorrow, December 11. Turns out, there are some great $0 down offers coming to a host of top handsets for new and existing customers.

T-Mobile will be offering Apple and Samsung handsets and tablets on a $0 down promotion, ready in time for the final weeks of holiday shopping.

The 16GB iPhone 5s will be available for $0 down with 24 monthly payments of $27 (total of $648), with a no annual service contract Simple Choice Plan. Similar deals can be had on the 16GB iPhone 5c which is $0 down with 24 payments of $22.91 ($549.84). Samsung handsets are being lumped in too, with the Galaxy Note 3 at $0 down with monthly payments of $29.50 ($708) and Galaxy S4 with 24 payments of $25 ($600).

Tablet pricing is as follows:

·         iPad Air (16GB) – $0 down with 24 equal monthly payments of $26.25, with a no annual service contract Simple Choice Plan.
·         iPad mini (16GB) – $0 down with 24 equal monthly payments of $17.91, with a no annual service contract Simple Choice Plan.
·         iPad mini with Retina display (16GB) – $0 down with 24 equal monthly payments of $22.08, with a no annual service contract Simple Choice Plan.
·         Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 – $0 down with 24 equal monthly payments of $19, with a no annual service contract Simple Choice Plan.

This particular promotion will be available from T-Mobile.com and from T-Mobile retail stores. And, although it doesn’t save any money in the long term, it does offer the opportunity for people to grab the smartphones they want without needing to worry about finding enough cash for the usual up-front cost.

Hit T-Mobile’s newsroom for the full press release.

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  • jdubtrey

    “Upgrade and Save”

    I don’t get it. How do you save, exactly? You can buy a new phone before you’re finished paying off your current one?

    • Paul

      I guess you they save you from paying a down payment, but your monthly will be more than if you did the down payment.
      Meh, it helps for those that don’t have the cash right now.

      • Dakota

        That’s not called saving.. It’s called procrastinating. I guess when other carriers give u real savings, the UN thing to do is mind games. T mobiles official response is ‘our plans r cheaper’. I’ve seen Legere respond like that on twitter

        • Paul

          It depends on how often you change the phone up. If you don’t think there’s savings in the model then you are welcome to go to another carrier and pay a high price for service and a 2 yr contract. Oh, you can’t leave until that contract is done.
          Magenta will allow me to leave at the end of the month if I want, being that I don’t have a 2 yr contract. So there are benfits to the business model.

      • Stephanie Jay

        No, that’s called debt.

        • Paul

          Pay off phone > no debt > cheaper bill…WIN.
          Hey, if you want to buy your phone at full price that day you go right ahead. I’ve been able to pay off 2 phones in less than a year of purchasing each. This is a means to move product.
          I’m not disagreeing with you that it isn’t “saving” money, but it beats having to pay $600+ that day or even $200.

  • Brico16

    You save because if you put more of the phone on the bill then utilize the JUMP! feature in 6+ months you will have paid less in the total cost for the device. Below is an example if you get a galaxy S4 that is $600 total.

    Customer A puts $100 down and pays $20.83 a month then uses the jump after making 6 months of payments they spent a total of $224.99 on the device.

    Customer B gets the same device for $0 Down and makes $25 monthly payments. After 6 months of payments customer B uses jump and only paid in total $150 for the device.

    So the $0 down combined with JUMP! in this scenario saved the customer $75 on the total cost spent on the device.

    Now obviously the longer a customer waits to upgrade the more the savings diminish but for someone that wants new devices every 6 months this is a huge advantage. Especially if they can catch a $0 down promo in 6 months.

    • Sammaad Shams

      True but yoy also need to factor in the jump cost. If you add $10 per month or $60 you end up with $210. Still lower but margin of saving is substantially lower.

      • Perroloco

        Cost of jump is $2 a month. $8 of the 10 is insurance.

        • Dakota

          You’re assuming people buy insurance monthly anyway. I’ve never bought carrier insurance; manufacturer has replaced phones if a problem. IPhone users probably would buy Apple care for 99$ for 2 years..

    • Dakota

      That’s a lot of math for a new customer to figure out who may not even understand Jump or know it exists. IPhones don’t come out every 3 months so they’re not going to upgrade their 5S for another one every 6 months

  • JB

    Off topic (kind of) but do we know if T-Mobile will get any other Android Tablets outside of the Galaxy Tab 2 or Nexus 7? I’m in the market for a new one (mine busted recently) and right now it’s not in my tech budget.

    • Sherman Davis

      Get the iPad 2 then.

      • JB

        Nothing against Apple, but I’m not much of an iOS fan as I’m already deeply entrenched in the Android ecosystem.

        • Sherman Davis

          Android ecosystem?? That’s a first.

        • JB

          How is that a first? People use the term “Android ecosystem” regularly. If I’m using an Android family of devices (Tablet, TV and Ouya and cell phone) then I’m in an Android ecosystem. If I use the Play Store to download apps across all of my Android devices, then I’m in the Android ecosystem. Unless you’re splitting hairs and speaking of the Google services that are available on iOS as well? Even then, there is tighter integration (and generally more functions/features) with those services in Android than there will probably ever be in an Apple device.

          So that’s what I mean by “Android ecosystem”

        • Sherman Davis

          There is nothing better than an iPad tablet. Sorry to burst your bubble.

        • JB

          Bubble’s not bursted at all. That’s your opinion. What’s better is subjective to the individual. Like I said, I have nothing against Apple. They make wonderful and sexy products and they are highly functional devices. I actually use a Mac in my line of work and I have a 5th Gen iPod Touch, but at the end of the day, my preference still lies with Android.

          Listen, I didn’t ask my question to start some sort of Android vs. Apple dialogue. Since there are people here that are generally in the know, I just wanted to know if anymore Android tablet options were on the way. Besides, if I were to get an iPad, I’d just go ahead and purchase an iPad Air, which honestly I’ve considered, but I’d rather have the Note 10.1 (2014) instead.

    • Stone Cold

      Hoping the Note 10.1 pops up in the future.

      • JB

        That’s what I’m holding out for, but I might just splurge and purchase one straight up. I don’t thing they have a sim variant of the Note 10.1 (2014) yet.

  • jmfos

    what a joke. It still costs the same high price.

    • tmo robot

      Haha why would they discount it, there are no contracts. Do you expect that they would lower the price because of Christmas? It’s one of those precious Apple products and many people are willing to pay premium. They all cost the most because of the “i”. Why would tmo willing lose money by lowering the price?

      • Dakota

        To get customers. Walmart and others discount it from time to time. Or what they could say is give 1 month free, or if notdiscount the device by $50, say you’d get a $50 credit on your bill after 6 months. They have many options to entice potential customers. In the old days, they had promotions that took $10 off your contract rate; that was a lot more than 50. In 2 years it was $240 off, and more if u never changed plans. That’s the deal that got me to try them years ago

  • Dats

    Exactly..this new T-MOBILE pricing is a complete joke

  • Eric00

    I have a question. If the phones are $0 down, do they still charge tax? Because I remember when I got my GS4 I paid about $60 in just taxes. I live in California by the way.

    • gentleman559

      Yes there is no way to avoid tax no matter what state you live in.

      • Ted

        Except of course the states in which there is no sales tax…

        • Americans = taxes

          True but I would hope that those of us who pay sales tax know that we do especially in California where, you guessed it, we pay sales tax

    • Stephanie Jay

      I ordered my phone and had it shipped to my “billing address”, my father-in-law’s house in Oregon. No sales tax there!

  • Dakota

    So no real savings again. I thought on one of these days, they at least lowered the price by 50. something as little as that to make people feel they’re getting a real savings could push more people unfamiliar to give them a try. Might also be good to actually promote these specials to people who don’t read T-Mobile blogs

  • Wezra

    The problem here is that anyone who signed up for JUMP when it was first introduced has to wait until 1/15/14 for the first upgrade. Who knows if the current promotion will be in effect at that point. Right now CS is telling me that my upgrade on the 15th via JUMP will cost me $99 for the 5s and the credit all my 6 months worth of payments from my current 5 towards the 5s. I’m sure the current 0 down promotion will be taken off the table by the 15th due to the large amount if first time JUMP upgrades that will happen at that time.

  • Dakota

    As expected, AT&T CEO said today it’s time to follow T-Mobile and end phone subsidies. David has the story on 9to5Google if you don’t want to wait till its copied & pasted here. The other carriers said they’d copy T-Mobile strategy if it worked & seems that is now inevitable . Wish all US carriers used same network & people in a no contract world could switch at will & encourage real competition based on quality, price & service

  • Stone Cold

    This is the same promo basically they started a few weeks ago.

    • Dakota

      But no $50 iPhone savings

    • Cam Bunton

      Yep. Pretty much..

  • Fiend

    The least they can do is replicate the $96 off sale for the S4 from Cyber Monday.