Apple Announces September 10th iPhone Event, Will “Brighten Everyone’s Day”


In a move that won’t surprise anyone who tracks the tech industry, Apple has sent out media invitations for a September 10th event. The event is widely expected to see both the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C announcement, as well the official launch of iOS 7. The invite itself doesn’t hint at anything specific save for the bright colors which almost definitively points to the bright colors in iOS 7 as well as the long-rumored iPhone 5C which looks set to release in multiple colors.

The iPhone 5S is expected to introduce an improved camera, faster processor, new colors and a possible fingerprint sensor. There’s no telling what else Apple might bring to the table but you can bet the next 10 days with be filled with plenty of rumors and analysts trying to guess.

The real question for us as T-Mobile customers is whether T-Mobile will be among the first carriers to have the new iPhone(s) on shelves right at launch. The blackout dates for employees certainly has us thinking “signs point to yes.”

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  • D_Wall__

    Well, Judging by the colors, They will now order different colored iphones..

    • ChristianMcC

      I didn’t even consider that…..

  • thirty5thrifters

    I’m assuming we will be able to pre-order it day one from T-Mobile right?

    • ChristianMcC

      Probably, but nothing’s ever sure until the official announcement.

  • David Lebron

    I definitely think with the blackout dates in place, we’ll be getting it on the 20th

  • Ronnie Miller

    Let’s hope that T-Mobile does the “special” pricing again like they did with the iPhone 5. I am in need of a new phone after I “accidentally” dropped my awesome G2x phone. $99 down and $20/month wouldn’t hurt. LOL.

    • ChristianMcC

      I’d say nexus it up with the N4. Went that route from my G2x to my galaxy nexus 9 months, and have no regrets, except that the wife doesn’t want me to get the N4, even though the price is ridiculously right.

  • taron19119

    David are you going to this event

    • No invite from Apple for me…I doubt they know I exist.

      • 21stNow

        Apple needs to wake up then, because David Beren is the greatest blogger of all time (a la Kanye).

      • Who are you again?

  • taron19119

    iPhone 5s for T Mobile iPhone 5 C for MetroPCS that’s what only make sense to me

    • Eric

      Until a lot of T-Mobile customers complain about not having a 5C (like me.)

    • and by “makes sense to me” you mean “makes no sense whatsoever”.

  • D Velasquez

    fingerprint sensors are way old, now Apple will place one on the iPhone and it will be like “hurr durr we invented this” and you will have million of people saying “wow what a revolutionary thing” when in fact those have been used on mobile devices for years, that we don’t get those devices here is a different.story.

    • Opps

      You really need to work on your grammar and sentence structure skills… #lol

      • D Velasquez

        i am well aware of my grammar, thanks for pointing that out :-)

    • Brian T.

      MP3 players, smartphones, tablets, personal media players, USB, the mouse, WiFi, a GUI desktop OS, selling digital music, selling downloadable apps, text messaging, and mobile video chatting are way old, and now Apple will do it and it will be like “hurr durr we invented this” and you will have millions of people saying “wow what a revolutionary thing” when in fact they’ve been around for years…

      No snark intended — just pointing out how Apple doesn’t necessarily invent (and doesn’t claim to), but rather takes existing technology and makes it much better and more useful and user-friendly. A fingerprint sensor doesn’t sound like much, and you’re right that it has been (very poorly) implemented in other phones, but I’d never bet against them in finding really useful applications for it.

      • D Velasquez

        yes, i agree with you they take existing technology but we all know how this works, they placed a front facing camera on the iPhone and iPod Touch and it was like “we invented video call” when in fact they didn’t. As for the fingerprint sensor my phone allowed me to do many things with it one of them was to unlock the device and lock it, it was literally impossible for someone to even use it if i didn’t authenticate. this is a phone almost as old as the 2G iPhone. other use for the sensor was a a touchpad..

  • the2000guy

    So it’s true then about the event on september 10th… Well after all that rumors I am pretty sure that all that information about the 5C and the Iphone 5s is true. Ok so let’s wait until someone get bored with it’s new iphone 5S and then buy it half the price, LOL

    • RedGeminiPA

      You’re confusing the iPhone for the average phone. Used iPhones don’t drop to about half price until it’s at least a year old or broken. I typically get almost half of MSRP when my iPhones are around 2 years old.

      • the2000guy

        Sorry but I’m not saying that the Iphone is an average phone. I just said that I always find someone who does that. That’s how I bought 2 Iphone 5’s in the last 3 months :D Very CHEAP and no Contract at all ;)

  • x Platinum

    well lets see what apple brings to the table …its either the new iphone or note 3 for me

  • Nurse101

    @ David Screen Size? SPECs? Please

    • Nurse101


  • KingCobra

    It’s going to be interesting how many iPhones T-Mobile sells compared to Sprint. I think T-Mobile can move more of them.

    • dtam

      you would be inclined to think that considering people are locked into the their contracts

  • st420

    i doubt the people manufacturing them are stoked

  • Asael Delgado

    Bigger screen, more colors…maybe an update to make ios7 a little more.. Attractive… *crosses fingers*

  • Taylor White

    I’m looking forward to see what apple brings to the table, while I won’t be buying anything this year, I’m still looking forward to iOS 7 on my iPhone 5 :)

  • LanceMiller

    Every year I take a week off from using any technology – I know what week that will be now.

  • tmorep

    Two weeks ago there was a bulletin sent out for T-Mobile stores to make sure that their Apple displays were up to date and that the security equipment and displays were in proper working order so that we are prepared for future Apple products. And with the black out dates something is definitely coming

  • Daryl

    I believe there are two models of the GSM iPhone 5, one for AT&T’s network and one for T-Mobile’s, correct? (This is in addition to the Sprint/Verizon CDMA model.) Will the iPhone 5S finally bring an end to split hardware and have a single GSM phone and a single CDMS phone?

    • Daryl

      CDMS = CDMA, sorry…

    • FuturePS4Gamer

      I think that their is only 1 iPhone 5 with all the radios in that model.