T-Mobile Scheduling Employee Blackout Dates For September 20th-22nd?

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I do love a good rumor and this one should make all you iPhone fans happy as I’m hearing whispers T-Mobile is planning blackout dates between September 20th and 22nd. Like all good rumors, we should take this with the standard “subject to change” warning but my sources suggest this could be iPhone related. Their confidence is supported by the rumor mill already highlighting September 20th as a potential launch day for the next-generation iPhone 5S/5C.

It could, with emphasis on could be related to a Note III launch widely expected to be announced on September 4th. However, I really don’t see T-Mobile beefing up their schedule for a Note III launch, but an iPhone launch makes sense. The writing is on the wall if this rumor pans out, T-Mobile is beginning its preparation for the next iPhone iteration.

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  • ttarafas

    It makes sense for an iPhone launch, as those are usually released a week and a half to two weeks after announcement.

  • thepanttherlady

    Maybe they’re getting the Sony Z1! *wishing* :)

  • New iPhone launch, yep.

  • Nael Abu Hala Zeidan

    I hope we can go in the Store and pick up the phone not go to T-Mobile website and order from there

    • Nael Abu Hala Zeidan

      Example t-Mobile only had the 16 gig iPhone5 not the 32 64 GB

      • taron19119

        not true at all T Mobile Had the 16, 32 and 64 gb iphone 5 u just had to get the 32; and 64 online and not in stores

        • Herb

          I think that’s what he’s getting at. He wants to be able to pick it up in the store. In the last few years, T-Mobile has only carried the lowest memory model of phones in store and sold the rest online, on the phone, or by direct ship.

        • taron19119

          that’s because it causes less confusion for the average customers see ing a phone for 1 price on TVs and going to the store and seeing the same phone for 3 pricess confuses the average customer

        • Nael Abu Hala Zeidan

          Yeah I know Read my first comment

    • MacRat

      All depends on how much inventory of the six iPhone models that T-Mobile is able to acquire for launch day.

      And then T-Mobile decides how many each store should get.

  • Susie

    Really wish they would re-farm my city…. I would love to switch.

    • how do you test for refarmedness?

      • Eric

        Every cell site that currently has LTE equipment or will have it in the future is refarmed. So basically every city that has LTE or will have it, is/will be refarmed.

        • how do you test for LTE-ness?

        • Eric

          You can check T-Mobile’s coverage. Just type in your address, click the pin that comes up and it will say if you have LTE or not. Or you could go into a local T-Mobile store and playing around with the phones to see for LTE.


          You can also check airportal.de, but that map isn’t complete.

  • Marc Klein

    iPhone 100%

  • weezy34

    Phase 3.5.1 of JUMP.

  • Richard Yarrell

    Note 3 is possible. Least that’s what I hope for

    • taron19119

      it’s not the note 3 it’s the iPhone Apple is the only one who announces a product and releases it within a week look at LG and Motorola still have not release their phones and it’s all most 1 month later after the announcement and still no phone launch

  • VG

    The blackout period is only 3 days? Sounds like T-Mobile is not expecting long iPhone lines after the first weekend. This does not bode well for Apple.

    • MacRat

      There won’t be any long lines over the weekend as T-Mobile’s inventory will be sold out by Friday night.

      • KingCobra

        Yep. The iPhone 5 didn’t last long on shelves after that first weekend. Sold out everywhere

    • 21stNow

      The lines for iPhones haven’t been as significant since it came to more carriers. I rode by stores the night before the iPhone 5 launch and around 10 the morning of the launch and only saw possibly one customer outside of an AT&T store the night before. There were no lines by 10 the next morning at any of the stores. When the iPhone 4 released in 2010, it was an entirely different story.

    • trife

      Year after year I see people claiming this.

      And year after year, iPhones fly off virtual and brick-and-mortar shelves and sell out when initially launched.

      Every run comes to an end, but I don’t think we’re quite there yet with Apple.

      • This is how long the blackout periods usually are for the carriers. The length of time in and of itself is by no means an indication of anything. They don’t black out two weeks, AT&T did that once and it was completely unnecessary since they were out of inventory after the first day.

    • steveb944

      If they’re releasing a 5S and 5C you can bet lines will be insane as for the first time EVER they’ll be offering two hardware options.

  • Impatient Waiter

    hm… I haven’t seen/heard anything about this and I work for TMO. I’ll ask around and let you know.

    • Random T-Mobile Employee

      You can lose your job for that. Really worth the risk?

    • Singleweird

      i’d take this down if i were you.

  • KingCobra

    iPhone all but confirmed. Can’t wait.

  • Guest


    • narg


      • Erik Knudsen


  • narg

    I just hope the iPhone 5S has better quality overall. Other phones have better call quality, better cameras, and easier to read screens than the iPhone now days. Apple better step it up and do it NOW.

  • stonegyrl

    Can’t wait til the new iPhone comes out. It will be my first iPhone. Sad to think that an iPhone costs as much as my new tires :(

  • Prod1702

    I don’t really think the Iphone is coming out on any of those days. T-mobile always puts phones out on wedesday.

    • Not when it comes to the iPhone, that’s something Apple will dictate. Also, they’ve release on Friday’s in the past, in some cases most of their more notable launches as of late have released on a Friday. Given that, it doesn’t seem unreasonable for T-Mobile to allow Apple to dictate the release date, and when you consider both AT&T and Verizon have knocked out similar dates…yeah, it’s the iPhone.

  • Elier Ruiz

    iPhone and iPads . I’m hoping.

  • out

    T-mobile has had sales events on that same weekend in previous years. Ex employee here, and had to change pto plans because of a blackout on similar dates. Dont thinknit has anything to do with the iphone