T-Mobile Execs See Higher Store Traffic Post-UNcarrier Announcement, 250K Pre-Registrations For iPhone 5 Launch


T-Mobile execs took a moment to speak to CNET and discuss the initial reaction to their new Simple Choice/UNcarrier company. Andrew Sherrard, senior vice president of marketing and David Carey, executive vice president for corporate services stated that traffic in stores is up. “I have every reason to believe this momentum will continue and carry forward,” he said but Carey did admit its too early to gauge any real indicators right now.

T-Mobile declined to list the number of pre-registrations, though a leaked image to TmoNews shows that the company had more than 250K customers register early. The kicker is that more than 80% of those sign-ups were existing customers. Mind you that’s not pre-orders, but I’ve been told those numbers are already pretty impressive and close to the number of registered customers.

Screen Shot 2013-04-08 at 10.11.50 PM

With T-Mobile’s decision to move away from the contract model, companies like Virgin Mobile aren’t wasting any time singing “hey look at us, we had no contracts first.”┬áResponding to Virgin’s claim, Sherrard said that there wasn’t any need to respond to the attack or offer any similar promotions.

“We’re not worried about it,” he said. “Between the network, plans, and devices, we feel good about what we’ve got. There’s no need to respond.”

As for the conversation about how T-Mobile will tackle changing the mindset of the wireless industry customer long used to subsidized equipment, T-Mobile recognizes it’ll take time to slowly change that mindset.

“We realize this new construct would take a conversation,” Carey said. “We had to talk about how different it was, and where the benefits are. When something is new and different, it’ll take time for clarity to come by.”



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  • Bratty

    Not suprised at all. This is the first step on the road to recovery! Go Tmo.

  • Jeremy Gross

    they really need to expand coverage!!

    • Tmorep

      With the bleeding of customers stopping this will mean the company revenue should increase and hopefully more investment in the network can be made.

      • Alim

        Absolutely right.
        The new plans will actually increase magenta’s revenue if everything goes as planned. I would really love LTE on 20×20 channel and better coverage. I would really love to see a television ad of Sasquatch chatting on a Tmobile phone in the middle of a jungle.

        Lets see the big red beat that

    • Jason Crumbley

      This. Very much this. I live in Las Vegas. It’s flat. There is nothing blocking signal. Yet, coverage here is crap. The LTE network they just launched? I have yet to see over 1 bar of it. Their map says I have excellent 4G coverage at my house. I’m constantly dropping to edge.

      • bman

        one bar of coverage of LTE is normal. that is a data signal only. there is still the same voice coverage under it in HSPA+. speed tests show the same speeds no matter how many bars on LTE. the network is still new and only running on a 5×5 deployment.

        • Will

          That’s the point. The network is still new. As in experimental, untested new. So use it at your own risk and frustration. This kind of reminds me of when AT&T rolled out 3G coverage here in D.C. 3G was no faster than EDGE back then. Give it 10 years or so and T-Mobile will have the best LTE network in the nation. Of course there won’t be any LTE phones left. We will be using Super Duper LTE.

        • Baxter DeBerry

          not super duper late, but LTE-Advanced

      • Maybe the way your house is built is preventing a signal some how ever tried speed testing?

      • Alim

        You should file a ticket with the tech support. Tmobile is trying be the best at customer service again and they will send out techs to inspect the area.
        I filed a ticket as a dealer in Houston area about bad reception and 72 hrs later full bars with 3G on my iPhone and a shiner in my hand

      • It could be your house. Certain buildings do that. On my Verizon iPhone 5 I get 1 bar inside my house but it goes up to 2-3 bars when I go outside even though they claim coverage is excellent on the maps here.

        • TBN27

          It happens to all the networks. My friend has Verizon also and she has constant drop calls where she lives.

  • I love T-Mobile so much, I’ve got Magenta in my Veins – D

  • T-Mobile is taking over the world.

    • Will


      • They are and you will like it.

        • galaxymaniac

          You do know that around 70% of the world never had contracts ever right? 70% were not even postpaid but prepaid.

        • OZ

          Do you realize that it costs more to call a pre-paid cellphone on those countries? That’s right. Pre-paid works well because the caller subsidized the cost of the call.

        • galaxymaniac

          call termination rates are usually set by the national telecom regulatory body or by companies based on mutual agreements, they don’t look at whether its prepaid or postpaid. A few countries with lowest termination rates are India and Philippines, and they are predominantly prepaid.

        • E Tutto Bene

          Yep. Europe is like that. A much better way to go.

        • Will

          I will not go quietly into the night.

        • Jeff Martinez


    • E Tutto Bene

      Not really….they can’t even get pre-orders right. Anyone who ordered a 32 or 64gb will have to wait until Saturday to receives their device. People who go to the stores to get a 16gb will be the first to have their yet, the ones like me who pay more for their IPhones and pre-ordered gets their last. Go figure.

  • kev2684

    hope they don’t encounter any problems on their system on April 12. i remember the Valentines day sale last year. i was the second to the last one in my line to get the deal before they had to stop selling because of some system error. they had a line outside the tmo store that day. lots of potential customers lost.

  • Genecio

    I would like to know when are the iPhone Pre-orders being shipped out?

    • since it’s releasing on the 12th, I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t start shipping out tomorrow on the 10th.

      • Genecio

        I sure hope you’re correct. I would assume the purpose of pre-ordering is to be guaranteed a device. I’m hoping that also means I get the device delivered by launch day….i.e. April 12th.

        • John

          I preordered mine on 4/5. However, i received conflicting info from two different T-mobile Reps I spoke to. One T-Mobile rep said that they aren’t shipping until the 12 so I wouldn’t get mine until Monday the 15th because overnight shipping doesn’t include weekends. Then another T-Mobile rep told me that they’ll ship mine out on 4/11 and that I should receive it Friday 4/12. I don’t know who to believe. However, I will have the right answer in a few days. It’s frustrating not knowing for sure.

    • Orders start shipping on 4/12. Just call them and they will tell you.

  • Frank Alvarez

    I’ve been a T-Mobile customer since they launched on the west coast, but when they didn’t initially get the iPhone my 2nd line went to AT&T. Now my 2nd line is with Verizon and I’ve been waiting too long for the iphone. Over the years I have noticed TMO’s coverage, especially data has not kept up with big red. On the eve of their iPhone debut, I am hopeful, and buying the iPhone 5, but if their data isn’t significantly better then I was getting with my unlocked iPhone 4S, I will say goodbye to TMO once and for all when my contract ends in October. Good Luck TMO! I’m still rooting for you.

    • Alim

      Data will sure be better with the new iPhone 5 as it has aws bands. iPhone 4/4s have pcs bands and works on 3G/4G only in the reframed areas.

    • TBN27

      Gotta go with who has the better coverage. I don’t blame you. I am sticking with TMo because of very strong coverage where I am at and where I go often

  • QDOG8

    Nahh. I pre registered and have no interest in an iPhone. I just like T-Mobile news. And I think this is the same for a lot of other people, too.

    • John

      I pre-ordered the iPhone 5. However, I did NOT sign up for the pre-register. So I guess people like me cancel people like you out. Making 250k a good estimate for pre-orders so far Tuesday 8:41 pm pacific time.

    • Peter Smith

      Yeah I’m not interested at all for the Iphone (just to stale for my taste) but I did sign up for the news on it cause I love that others who want their iphone can now do cartwheels cause we got it now!!!!!

  • John

    I spoke to a T-Mobile Rep at the 1-800 number. He told me that the employees got an email stating that they had 200,000 pre-orders as of 4/8 Monday afternoon central time.

  • c

    T mobile and I aren’t on the best of terms right now. My visit to a Tmobile store just happened to coincide with the Uncarrier announcement. I went in to find out about my plan upgrade and the HTC One. I would be much more accepting of this new plan if they would ONLY comparing it to other carrier’s and just acknowledge somewhere that while it may be good for some, many, most people, there are customers that do not benefit. I’m held to my contract for another year, but they aren’t holding their end up by giving me a subsidized phone.

    Not to mention, that every other carrier can release news about the HTC One. Why can’t Tmobile.

    Oh well, I’m just generally grumpy right now and felt like venting. I’m glad for those who wanted an iPhone for Tmobile and are finally getting it.

    • thepanttherlady

      If you’re on a Classic plan you’ll still be able to get subsidized phones. You will need to purchase through 3rd party retailers like Walmart, Costco, Best Buy etc or a T-Mobile authorized retailer location.

      • c

        When I talked to a customer service rep, I was told that I couldn’t renew my contract at the current rate. I would be placed on a contract that was $30 more expensive if I wanted a subsidized phone.

    • bob90210

      You do have a subsidized phone. It’s the phone you got when you sign the contract.

      • c

        The contract is two years and then eligible for a new subsidized phone. That would be May. However, 7months ago I received a discount on my plan that restarted the contract but according to the rep would not affect when I could upgrade my phone but extended my contract out 1 year. My phone has been on death’s doorstep for the last 5 months but I’ve been holding out getting a new one because I was waiting until I could upgrade.

        • If you haven’t gotten a subsidized phone in that long then you should be able to switch over to the Uncarrier plans with no migration fees and upgrade immediately. If you want to keep your current plan and get a “subsidized” device then there are third party retailers like Best Buy who still do those. Being on contract or how long you’ve been in contract is irrelevant at T-Mobile stores now.

  • Deaf and dumb

    Just four thoughts about today’s news cycle.

    a. Any wonder why there is so much distrust of big business (particularly DT, T-Mobile & MetroPCS) when DT & MetroPCS gets to see the proxy votes as they come in but not the Shareholders.

    b. Anyone and that goes for T-Mobile Exec, can say they are reversing the cancellation trend without ever having to prove it. That could be from plan to plan and contract to non-contract. They could also subtract new customers from lost customers and get that total.

    c. With all that has gone on since the manipulation of this T-Mobile / MetroPCS merger, you think T-Mobile has defection problems now, just wait. This time it will also include MetroPCS customers too.

    d. Now DT, T-Mobile, & MetroPCS, you had better get right with the Lord = (T-Mobile & MetroPCS customers & shareholders) before this is done or you will find that you just merged two empty boxes and DT owns 74% of that.

    • Jh

      What? You really did pick a good name to go with this post.

      • deaf and dumb

        Yes it was a good name but I ain’t broke either. I trade this stuff every day.

  • TMoFan

    I was at my local T-Mobile store today playing with the note 2 and regretting my s3 purchase. I was surprised to see at least a dozen people in the store and 3 employees helping out. It was a long time since I seen the store busy like that. I was talking to a guy who was waiting and he said he was an att customer who walked in to learn more about the uncarrier plans. There is a lot of buzz and people are very receptive to it. I’ve been with tmo since the voicestream days. The company’s had good times and bad, but I feel that some good times are ahead for our magenta!

    • superg05

      thats good to hear

    • Peter Smith

      Actually TMoFan…as of late I have been regretting my Note 2 purchase. I just got the white s3 for my wife (even though she wanted a note2) but now she has it, she loves it. I play with her phone a lot and surprisingly I find myself wanting simple form factor instead of big giant phone with adjusting your hands. So, I actually have been thinking of trading to get a Nexus or maybe the One. Who knows…I’m just thinking.

      • Alim

        Nexus bro. You won’t regret it.

      • Khalints

        I was like you, the first couple of weeks with the note 2 had me wondering if maybe it was just a little bit too big… then after that time period I adjusted really well. Now I think this is the perfect size and other days I find myself thinking that now its looking “normal” and maybe wanting something bigger LOL

      • Tommysm

        I really enjoy my note 2 over the s3, but it’s not for everyone as you stated, you’ll enjoy the nexus, but wait for the nexus 5 if you can!

  • ant

    im honestly getting sick of android bull well htc bull samsung still sweet but anyways the reason im going to iphone simple facetime n emojis and its a iphone u know how many b i t c h e s i can get with a iphone lets just say a couple n i like a couple

    • JhJh

      What a sad post.

      • Peter Smith

        I second!!!! Go android!!!!

      • ant

        ah who cares

    • steveb944

      I hope this is sarcasm. To argue your points.
      GTalk and I have emoji on my Nexus 4. Google Babel is coming and that’s direct competition.

      Shoulda gotten a Nexus 4 man and have money left over to spill on them chicks.

      • ant

        it was but i dont like having to sell my phone for 50 when i paid 300+ for it with a iphone people will pay 200+ easy and it dont get old because apple only make one iphone so they can update it whenever they get a update and they have better games and things android dont

        • steveb944

          You get the same back for any phone as long as you get a high end device from the get go and you take care of it. I know of NO high end Android that will only get you $50 1-2 years down the road. Hell the Samsung Vibrant I bought YEARS ago still sells for at least $100 on Craigslist. Stop spilling blasphemy man.

          Bottom line, enjoy your iPhone and to each his own, but don’t hate on Android for no good reason.

        • ant

          I don’t hate on them I’m using one now I never owneD a iPhone but I was speaking on experience because I had a brand new sensation nobody want it for 200 the best offer was 120

    • Alim

      You can do all that with android. A jail broken iPhone will get you a lot of features that are already pre installed in An android.

  • Bklynman

    I am not Apple fan,but just went on TM site. Already people have TM IPhone. If you go TM
    site,about 16 people already has TM IPhone. How they got before 4/12,is anyone guess. Tmo workers any comments how these 16 got it before 4/12,David any comments how they did it.

    • superg05

      corporate children

      • Bklynman

        I see.Thanks.

    • Bearxor

      Are you talking about the number of reviews for the phone on Tmobile’s site?

      The iPhone 5 isn’t exactly an unknown. It’s been out for 6 months already and the TMobile version isn’t going to be drastically or significantly different than every other version currently out there.

      • Bklynman

        Yes I am. These are not unlock Iphones. These are Tm Iphones.

  • lovingmyGN2

    Lol I have two friends that work with the competitors, one Verizon and the other sprint. We where taking about the s4 and I mentioned how long I been with T. Then my sprint friend who’s a manager said “I can’t front this new move tmobile made got us shaking our heads thinking what the f$#&? We do” then my Verizon friend who’s also a manager said “Nah yeah man how the hell can we compete with those prices and now they officially got the iphone” lol. I hope at&t feel the same heat. Tmobile deserves this moment, it’s been underrated for so long. It deserves to be on top now. But one things true, they do have to improve on coverage.

    • Alim

      I hope DT spins off Tmobile. Then we don’t have to deal with their craps and actually build a kick ass network

  • guest

    T-Mobile needs to get rid of the pink and go all black or something to girly

    • Peter Smith

      I don’t know…I was thinking of a color change too but the Magenta stands out among all the other colors. Besides, would you want to go into a painted black store with black lights lol. Well you wanted black lol.

      • minioninnc

        As long as it had paint spatters all over the walls, it would be cool. :) 3D here we come!

  • deaf and dumb

    Wish I could stay but I got to go, has been interesting.
    This is not about the iPhone, its about a foreign Telecom with a large exposure in an American Wireless provider that has been trying to get out of the U.S. Market for almost three years.
    They would like to merge with an American company that can get them listed on the U.S. Stock Market so they will have an avenue to sell of their holdings to either decrease their exposure or get out of the U.S. Market all together.
    They would also like to pile a lot of their on debt on this new company, loan it more money, charge a higher interest rate by U.S. Standards and also own 74% of the total company.
    Now all you new iPhone owners think you will be getting a good deal by signing up with a company that will finance you a phone at full retail (that’s a contract) and not make you sign a service contract only.
    Now the new T-Mobile will have so much debt and obligations that they will not have the needed capital to expand as everyone wants nor have enough spare money to fend of fierce competition which is sure to come.
    Good luck, hope you enjoy your iPhone.

    • Jose Hernandez

      Good bye, We also wish you the best of luck.

    • 21stNow

      So are you going to AT&T? Sprint and Verizon Wireless are in somewhat similar ownership structures as T-Mobile USA.

  • Alim

    250k preorders
    80% existing customer= 200k
    20% new customer = 25k

    It’s just amazing what apple did in 7 days and android couldn’t do that in 4 years.

    • galaxymaniac

      25k new customers is a rather low number.

      • In a matter of 6 days for a company that has lost customers the last 11 straight quarters? I tend think otherwise.

      • Guest911

        20% is 50K new customers. That make you feel better?

        • Alim

          My bad.

        • Guest911

          No worries Alim. You show a positive growth and someone finds a reason to poopoo it without actually refuting it!

        • galaxymaniac

          for all the talk about the Jesus Phone, if it only leads to 50k additional customers for a network with around 30M customers, its a drop in the ocean. When it was launched at AT&T and VzW, millions were sold in a week or so. Well, a 0.15% increase might be reason for T-mo execs to get a hard-on, with 11 quarters of loss.

        • Alim

          Well If you can remember, when Verizon came out with iPhone 4. The response was null to dull at apple stores and their own retail. The launch month was January- February. Apple lovers are used to the grand unveiling and launch. So those millions of numbers come in when the product is new and hot. Don’t forget Tmobile already has millions of unlocked iPhones already and many of us would actually wait for the new 5s to launch which is few months away. So this is just the beginning my friend. We are doing a lot better than Verizon did when they came out with iPhone.
          The real battle would begin when the new iPhone launches simultaneously in all the networks and that’s when you will see the numbers in millions.

      • E Tutto Bene

        I agree!

    • E Tutto Bene

      But existing customers like me, who paid for their device in full, because we had to pre-order ours online, as a result of wanting a 64gb IPhone will get ours on Saturday. What a joke!

  • Customers are into these new plans as long as reps properly explain them to people. When I tell some of the existing customers how much cheaper Uncarrier is than their current rate plans they stand there astonished for a second like the prices are too good to be true. Then they sign up.

  • OZ

    Pre-Registrations Pre-Order. I pre-registered for the sake of doing so, but not buying. Looking forward to the real numbers.

    • I’ve heard the real numbers are very similar, if not slightly higher.

  • M42

    Just wait til these suckers get a load of the crappy network. I’ll bet this site won’t cover the mass stampede out the back door.

    • guest

      Troll strikes again. Geez, if you hate TMO so much, why are you even on here?

  • GwapoAko

    This bad news for AT$T, Verizon and Sprint (AKA Virgin Mobile).

    I still want my free hotspot back :0)

  • Will

    Please do not buy this phone (the new old iPhone 5). Make a statement to Apple that you will not be used to clearance out inventory before the reveal of the iPhone 5s. The iPhone 5 is a great device but you are just going to set yourself up to be upset when they release the newer version. If you must have a new phone now, buy the Nexus 4 (I know they will also release a new one) because it is a relative bargain. And then when the iPhone 5s comes out, sell or give the Nexus 4 to a friend or starving app developer.

    • Why? The next iPhone won’t be out for another 5-6 months most likely and the iPhone 5 is still one of the top phones on the market so why not buy it? If people who get the iPhone 5 right now want the 5S when it comes out then they can easily trade it back in to T-Mobile to pay off most of what they still owe on it and then just pay the down payment for the 5S.

    • RobotChupacabra

      Some of us needed a new phone *pronto* and HTC was dragging its feet on the One. I was planning on the One, but alas, no release, so I went with the Toyota Camry of smartphones.

  • TechHog

    So, at least 50k are new customers? Wow. Not bad at all.

  • TBN27

    I am so getting another iPhone 5

  • russ

    Thanks tmobile for helping me get a new phone because of a mix up with my insurance rrg667@gmail.com