Samsung Details “Wide Array Of Recognition Technologies” Inside The Galaxy S 4


There’s little question that the Samsung Galaxy S 4 is packing a lot of new features and functionalities under the hood. Samsung detailed a few of them on stage at their March 14th launch event, but is now expanding on the launch event with a new infographic highlighting the nine sensors tucked away inside the phone.

Posted to Samsung’s official Tomorrow page, the graphic highlights the “wide array of innovative technologies” that differentiate the Galaxy S 4 from the competition. The nine sensors allow the device to understand the behavior of the user and thereby deliver an “effortless user experience.” Samsung emphasizes that these features go beyond the basic functions like making phone calls or running applications, but work toward allowing the user to focus on themselves and allowing the device to “strip away the complications of life.”

Samsung developed each innovative feature of the Galaxy S 4 based on consumer feedback and is a testament to the company’s dedication to improving the end-user experience. It’s true that some of these sensors are available on just about every touchscreen device including an accelerometer, proximity sensor, gyro sensor , etc. However, other sensors like the Gesture, Barometer, Temperature and RGB sensor are far less common and help make the Galaxy S 4 proudly wear its flagship name.

You can hit the Samsung Tomorrow link below for a far more detailed breakdown of the sensors as well as how Samsung developed a device to better understand user behavior.

The GALAXY S4, Samsung Electronics’ latest flagship smartphone unveiled at Samsung Unpacked 2013, is designed to get users closer to what matters in life and bring their world together. Long before it was unveiled, in spectacular fashion at Radio City Music Hall in New York, interest was brewing around the globe. Now that the GALAXY S4 has been released, let’s take a closer look at some of the truly innovative features it has to offer.

True innovation involves giving more meaning and comfort to the lives of users through new technologies. This is the unyielding philosophy that enabled the creation of the GALAXY S4.  Initially, users may be fascinated with the GALAXY S4’s larger screen and battery capacity, all housed in a light and slim body, but as they learn more about the smartphone’s features it becomes clear that innovative elements were reflected not only in the hardware, but also the GALAXY S4 features some truly dazzling sensor and recognition technologies.

The GALAXY S4 has seamlessly combined nine sensors and a wide array of recognition technologies that understand user behavior, thus delivering an effortless user experience, making things convenient and hassle-free. This goes beyond simple functions like making phone calls and running applications; users can focus on themselves and loved ones, with the GALAXY S4 working with them to strip away the complications of life.

Samsung Tomorrow

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  • milanyc

    humidity sensor, geomagnetic sensor, hall sensor…. How the heck does any of that enrich my life? Is Samsung just trying to compete for the highest amount of useless features or what?!

    • its clear that high tech stuff is not for your lifestyle. I see great usability in geomagnetic sensor (aka a campass) and humidity sensor because i live in south florida. when gs4 will have built-in maps + humidity sensor? it will serve you well if you are stranded where you cant get any signal :)
      i see good to have usability because i ride bicycle on weekends..

      • milanyc

        “its clear that high tech stuff is not for your lifestyle.”

        …I stopped reading after that sentence.

        • you cant read after that. you are too dumb to use a campass (in short)
          thats what you said :)
          “why the fuk i need a campass for .. duh”
          @CeeGee its not for you lol … this comment is for milanyc

        • milanyc

          Campass? yup, that’s why I stopped reading.

        • you really dont use maps on your phone ?
          its a good feature. try it someday, or do you have a nokia 3310 ? just trying to comment on high end phones ?

        • milanyc

          No, but since you’re an experienced ultra high tech guy who likes biking, i’d expect you to know how to properly spell the word compass.

          Unless you have a camp-ass?

        • oh well you are right ;/
          I misspelled it … But i still dont know why you said you dont care about compass. anyway, its your lifestyle. peace :)

        • milanyc

          You misspelled it twice in a same sentence? Mad skills.

        • thepanttherlady

          What purpose does it serve to keep this going? Stop already.

        • krazytrixxxsta

          He’s trying to bait Shory De Vinci into having a heated argument with him.

        • ceegii63

          da fuk

          that was when i knew you were an idiot

        • LinkArt

          I swear, I did too

    • mdosu

      We reached a major roadblock in smartphone development cycle. There is not much more significant value added. Many of these features will be migrated to the Note 2 and a few other Galaxy devices as well in an update. As a Note 2 owner, I’m will not be buying a S4 b/c of my thoughts on these less than useful features. (in addition to my need for my gianormous screen).

    • mGV

      sometimes a little thinking outside the box in a bigger sense is whats needed-
      Humidity sensor –

      Do you enjoy getting accurate weather reports? data uploaded to a server from hundreds of thousands of galaxy s4’s may be a more accurate way of giving relative local weather readings for you instead of using a generalized app from a handfull of data stations used by larger weather companies
      Magnetic sensor – enhanced gps readings and increased accuracy. I imagine this will synch well when apps start pinpointing our location within our own homes. Enhanced gps readings can also increase the accuracy by which you are located in emergency situations.
      Hall sensor – thats a filler, but it helps micromanage battery life and we ALL want

  • Alex Zapata

    Does the eye-tracking at least work in dark conditons now?

    • milanyc

      not really. There is a huge list of these “inventions”, but to put it mildly, they don’t work that well…

    • i think the right answer awaits until the actual launch of this device.

      • Alex Zapata

        I believe it’s pronounced they’re probably already in the production phase. If not, very close to it.

    • Adam

      That’s going to be very difficult, unless the screen happens to provide enough light to illuminate your eyeballs. If the sensor can’t see your eyes, there is no way for the feature to work.

  • does the HTC One have S-Beam like tech or the NFC transfer whatever it is so that you can put it to the back of a Galaxy device and share videos/pics/files?

    • i think its a standard feature now, in high end devices..

      • cool i thought so too .. thanks Shoby. ..

        • 21stNow

          The HTC phones have Android Beam, but as far as I know, they don’t have anything more powerful. Android Beam can’t transfer videos or pictures because there isn’t enough memory available to do so. Android Beam allows transfers of contact information and websites and other small bits of information.

          As far as I know, S Beam is the only NFC transfer protocol with enough memory to transfer pictures and photos. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

        • Adam

          S Beam uses NFC only to establish the connection. The actual file transfer takes place over WiFi Direct. You can alternatively transfer files thru WiFi direct alone and not have to do the NFC tap.

        • hmmm well hell i’ll test it out at some point lol .. but that’s a feature i like.

        • 21stNow

          My understanding of Wi-fi Direct was that both users had to be connected to the same Wi-fi network in order to transfer files. I have used S Beam when I wasn’t connected to Wi-fi.

        • jej

          I believe wifi direct establishes a connection directly between the two devices, hence the name wifi direct.

        • 21stNow

          OK, maybe I was thinking of AllShare instead of Wi-fi direct.

        • David

          I have a nexus 4… What did I use? Android Beam. Transferred a picture btw. So yes, it can do photos.

        • 21stNow

          I just tried to send a 1.98MB picture to two different devices via NFC using a Nexus 4. The Z10 completed the transfer via Bluetooth while the original Note wouldn’t receive it.

          I have to say that I don’t know. I couldn’t transfer pictures with my HTC One X, but I can with my Galaxy S III.

        • superg05

          correct but it also uses wifi-direct nfc just to establish connection without the horrid pain or the pairing process

    • superg05

      no just spotty nfc HTC does not try to improve anything and they don’t give you software to go with your phones extra hardware

  • and even though these features are useless to me lol .. at least they’re their .. which makes me really close to just getting over my hate for Touchwiz and getting this over the One.

  • perry

    How about a sensor the average guy could really use; like a bitchy sensor. This would tell you when the wife/girlfriend is on the rag! LOL!

    • thepanttherlady

      Don’t even get me started on this very inappropriate comment. *evil eye*

  • Quan Bui

    meh. very underwhelming.


    Samsung is the real deal. iSheep is worthless junk for the brainless zombies. #wakeup

    • So I’m worthless, brainless and a zombie? My mom will be so proud!

      • thepanttherlady


        • sorandkairi

          Why when I read this I thought of a “Borderlands 1” mission?
          SMH… games have rotted my brain…

      • Alex Zapata

        Are we going to see you on the walking dead?

    • bleeew

      No its not. YOU are the Samsung sheep trying to spread the corrupt ways of Samsung. People will buy anything with the Samsung logo on it. You are too blind to notice.

      • Vlad2277

        Actually, people would buy anything with Apple logo on top

        To buy a phone running Android, it’s actually required to know what it is.

        That’s why apple produced 5 iPhones, with millions of people buying them, when they at most made 3 phones, other 2 were so similar to previous one, that it’s amazing that so many millions of people thought it was actually an upgrade of something.

  • Trevnerdio

    I like these features :) they should be standard in phones.

  • Uriah Romero

    There is so much in the Galaxy S4 that I never would have expected to see in a phone. Then again, I never thought that phones would have quad-core processors or 1080p displays, but they are becoming more popular. It would be useful for me though, because I like to watch my live and recorded shows on my phone while I’m on my way to and from work at DISH, considering that it takes a bit of time to get there. The DISH Anywhere app is my app I choose for streaming, and I think it’ll work well on the Galaxy S4.

  • psaux

    1) It looks like they switched the icons for the barometer and the temp/humidity sensors in the infographic – which I think is hilarious.

    2) Of the 9 sensors listed, 6 of them are already common on Android handsets – they’re just not hyped. Others may or may not be there without being claimed as well.

    3) These are hardware features. Unless Samsung is just trying to use BS as a model differentiator, that would mean the extra few (3-ish) sensors would not be suddenly available on older handsets (Note 2, for example) via a software update, since they’d have to pre-exist in the phone.

    4) To the people wanting pre-loaded maps to go with the compass functionality, the google maps app already allows you to pre-cache regions to your local storage so the mapping/GPS functionality will work fine without signal. Depending on Android version it’s a press-and-hold on a location to bring up a context menu including a caching option or a context menu button at the edge of the screen (3 dots). It may be called “make available offline”. Try it – you’ll like it.

  • Jasontx

    Wow, that’s a lot of sensors. Pretty soon our smartphones are going to know us better than we know ourselves.

  • nerdlust

    This is some great tech. This phone opens the door for some great stuff in the future. Fitness , hiking, camping and people who are into science and people who just want a good universal remote. This phone can replace a bunch of other gadgets.

    • thepanttherlady

      But can it make me a sandwich? =P

      • LinkArt

        no, you don’t get a sandwich, and no coffee for me either

        • thepanttherlady


  • Many of these features don’t seem very useful at all and probably will never be used. They fill up the feature list on box though. Good marketing.

  • Ashkid

    All useless features…what a disappointment…Nice try Samsung, but I’m not fooled..

  • Ralph Tobias

    I wonder how it can manage to measure the temperature of the surroundings if the phone it self emits heat? Does anyone else see the problem in that? And this can’t be simply done with a simple “subtraction of a baseline”….