HTC Says Widgets Aren’t A Necessary Part Of The Android Experience


With the introduction of the HTC One and Sense 5, HTC is taking a dramatically new approach the home screen experience, marking their “most radical shift in user experience since introducing Sense in 2009.” After Sense 4 released in 2012, HTC decided to take a step back and look at the overall experience of their customers with fresh eyes. Thanks to customer interviews and personal feedback, HTC became far more observant about how their customer base was using their smartphone. So what did they learn?

  • Most people don’t differentiate between apps and widgets.
  • Widgets aren’t widely used – weather, clock and music are the most used and after that, fewer than 10% of customers use any other widgets.
  • Most of you don’t modify your home screens much. In fact, after the first month of use, approximately 80% of you don’t change your home screens any more.

So what did HTC have to do? They had to reinvent Sense with a new whole approach to the home screen. This led to BlinkFeed and the notion that every time you open your home screen, you’ll see fresh content from friends, social networks or one of HTC’s “premier content partners” that is relevant specifically to you as the customer. The removal of home screen widgets marks a dramatic shift in Sense as a platform, and for HTC as a smartphone manufacturer. The good news is that One has already received plenty of early applause from first hands-on for its BlinkFeed approach, but the true test will be once its in the hands of customers the world over.

HTC’s blog post is already a few days old and the idea that widgets aren’t nearly as popular as some might think has already been met with plenty of skepticism. As a smartphone owner that flips back and forth between Android, Windows Phone and iOS, I’ve grown accustomed to not using widgets at all and in that regard, I agree with HTC. Personally, I don’t care for numerous home screens with plenty of widgets and I think the concept of BlinkFeed is awesome. However, concept is one thing, execution is something else so I will withhold judgement until I can spend some time with BlinkFeed, but I know I’m excited to try something new. Are you?

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  • I agree with you and HTC as well. I. just changed a widget after about 8 months or so of owning my HTC One S, and I also barely modify my homescreen. I just recently changed my Home launcher because I found that I was pretty bored with it.

  • jerry

    Htc is on crack, widgets are the reason why I love the android experience. Im always changing my home screens.

    • Joseph Tongret

      Most of us here can laugh at any manufacturer that doesn’t believe we customize our home screens in an obsessive manner until it looks like our own, but the truth is that the average consumer doesn’t seem to do much in the way of personalization. Friends & coworkers are always bringing their phones to me with all sorts of ridiculous questions like I’m some sort of “phone mechanic” because I own a lot of them, lol. Most of the phones I see are scattered with various apps placed in no particular order with no signs of organization that I can see, and if there’s a widget placed anywhere on those screens it’s usually a carrier provided one that looks to be placed by default, or its reading the words “touch to setup” as if it where dropped there accidentally while swiping through the drawer & they just didn’t know how to remove it, haha! I don’t know why, but it drives crazy when I see things so disorganized! I always start asking “do you use this”, “why is this here”, and then I try to clean them up some before I hand it back, lol. So I’d have to agree with HTC on their view of widget use by the “average user”.

      • Dion Mac

        I just laughed so hard b/c I definitely fit in the obsessive category. But I guess I do see how the average androider doesn’t care much about effectively using their phone, but yet and still, widgets are Android to me! just saying.

      • Dakota

        bingo…the ‘average’ user probably doesnt even know what a widget is

    • Garrett

      How is HTC on crack? They conducted a study and found that most people don’t use widgets. We’re in the 20% of consumers who change their homescreens after the first month. I’d bet the percentage of people who are always changing their homescreens is far less than that though.

      • JBrowne1012

        Im really wondering where htc got their stats from.. If its just htc owners themselves then of course they don’t change often usually when you set your screens you shouldn’t need to change it because it works.

        • darkjuan

          Agreed. I keep my screens the way I like them. If I install a new ROM I always try to make it look the way the old one did.

      • ratnok

        They are on crack because the conducted a study and found that most people don’t use widgets ON THEIR DEVICES. The vast majority of Android users don’t use their devices. Even when I owned a HTC Sensation 4G I never used their widgets because I immediately replaced Sense’s homescreens with NOVA launcher. If you use a 3rd party launcher (like nearly 100 million Android users do) you immediately lose the ability to use HTC’s widgets. So even though I customize my homescreen (transitions, live wallpaper, etc) I would be in the same group HTC is talking about because I rarely change my widgets, and on my old Sensation, I flat out couldn’t. What’s funny to me is that Blinkfeed is nothing more than a giant widget. So they are talking about eliminating widgets – with a widget.

    • guest911

      Ok, so you are in the 20% of users. You did finish 7th grade where they teach basic percentages….right?

  • Taylor White

    I love my widgets and multiple home screens. I dont think power users will enjoy sense 5

    • Garrett

      BlinkFeed is just a homescreen. You can add more regular screens and set them up any way you like. You can even set on of those screens as the default so you never have to see BlinkFeed.

      • ratnok

        BlinkFeed is a giant widget. Don’t be fooled.

        • Garrett

          Yea, I know. It’s just a full-homescreen widget… Doesn’t make any difference. :P

        • Perry

          A giant widget that rips off windows live tiles concept. I mean when I first saw it I thought, as most people did, thats a windows phone feature.

          Hey maybe MS is on to something…….

    • Joseph Tongret

      I still consider myself a power user, but I don’t flash Roms or Modify my phones like I used to, so I’m kind of interested to see how Sense 5 could bring some usefulness to me. It looks like a whole new version of Android in my opinion because the UI is so different then what we typically see from manufacturer overlays. I saw an XDA video the other day that was pointing out how these really aren’t “skins” as we’ve always referred to them, but actually the manufacturer’s own unique Os. It’s the Linux kernel that powers them, but every almost every aspect completely changes stock Android and brings it’s own set of features, a lot of which may only be found in that particular OS(ie: Sense, TouchWiz, Emotion UI, etc). I uusually run a new phone in its stock state for a week or two in order to get a feel for my likes & dislikes, and then I spend a few hours flashing through a few Roms I’ve been following until I settle on one that fits most of wants. So long as that Rom continues to perform well, then I usually won’t change it. I’ve been looking at Sense 5 the same way I look at a highly unique Rom such as MiUi or PA, it’s extremely different from what you’d usually get out of the box. If Sense 5 were a Rom, then I’d probably flash it on one of my phones & give it a go. Though I do see your point that it’s so far from Googles stock Android that so many ppl love, that some of the purists just won’t want any part of it.

  • James

    Are you kidding me!!! Isn’t android all about customization and making your phone unique. If it wasn’t for widget your home screen would look like iOS home screen!!!

    • Garrett

      Not quite. Android is all about having the option of customizing your phone if you want to.

    • Sammie Bell

      THANK YOU!!!!! For a second I thought these folks owned an Iphone!! I change my screen just about every couple of weeks. I love the fact that we as Android users can customize and show your PERSONALITY through your phone. Having a designer case isn’t enough to show your true colors!!! I think HTC blew it this time!! This phone looks a WINDOWS phone!

      • Garrett

        BlinkFeed is basically just a widget as a homescreen. You don’t need it set as the default. It’s easy to never see it at all.

        People… Before declaring that “HTC blew it!”, please get your info straight.

      • QBeastly

        oh geez, it’s still ANDROID! you can do whatever you want lol

      • Dakota

        Thats great for you and glad you enjoy it but t hats not what the typical Android user does. People use their phones to make calls, check email, and do a few other things with apps….They dont make their phone a part time job or hobby. Id like to see a poll of people with Android phones and what they do/do not know about its features and what they even use.

  • Oaden

    People love Android because they can choose! I can use my phone like it came out of the box for a year, get bored, then change it.

  • rfgenerator

    Uh oh, sounds like HTC wants to move towards putting and locking links to their “business partners” apps on the homescreen, this even before the carriers get their paws on it. Just retired my HTC Sensation this past week in favor of a brandy new Nexus 4. Don’t see myself going back to a HTC phone anytime soon.

  • QBeastly

    Actually, HTC has a point. Of my circle of friends, there’s only about 1 or 2 of us that change their homescreen on a daily basis. Most of em change it every now and then because of a new widget or launcher that someone else recommends. I’ve been an Android user since my Samsung Vibrant and I root/flash my phones all the time. It’s fun for a while, but it really becomes pointless. I find myself using Beautiful Widgets and/or SiMiClock… and that’s about it. If HTC can replace my weather/clock widget with something more appealing, then that would be enough for me. Heck, if you label yourself as a homescreen changing enthusiast, then you’ll want to switch to MiUi ROMS. It’s the best looking ROM out there and also the best to customize. I’m saving my upgrade for the HTC One and I can not wait until it’s released =)

    • Dakota

      Different strokes for different folks…Many dont even want a widget cuz its consuming extra battery if its live updating…or they want something simple and not cluttered. Im curious as to what widgets everyone is using that its so crucial. The time is already on the status bar of your phone…I have an app t hat also adds my battery status and temperature to the status bar so those items are available easily from any screen. But like people said, Android does allow you to make it work for you…Im always for choice – there are many options and readers of this blog take advantage of them…but thats not to say that your typical smartphone owner is paying that much attention and worrying about every tiny detail. Even to me, it sounds like a lot of work

  • DJ Lawless Oneâ„¢

    Which is why I will stick with sense 4+ on my Droid DNA

  • poisonoussting

    Not sure if I like the tiles because I don’t think HTC will have news sources I’m interested in .will this site be one of the sources I can subscribe to on blinkfeed?I like that they didn’t remove widgets all together that you can swipe to the left from blinkfeed and you have space for your thought,I have a One s and they say we’re gonna get an update,if I don’t like the new sense will I be able to revert back to the old sense?

  • Joseph Tongret

    I’ve pretty much always been a fan of the “vanilla” or “stock” look on my Android phones, always slapping Nova Launcher on top of the manufacturer designed home screens & adding the same widgets in the same places that I always do. I rarely ever deviate from this comfortable setup that I’ve settled on which includes the HD Widget’s Weather Clock on my home screen, and a Favorite Contacts, Calendar, and Bookmarks widget all from APW. I think this is why Sense 5 has caught my interest so much as it seems like a fresh new view of my favorite content. I’m not a fan of social networking such as Facebook, Twitter, etc., so I’d like to have a little hands on time with the One to sort through how much content the user has control over in the “Blink Feed”. If it’s all social networking feeds then it won’t be of much use to me but I think it will be a huge hit with most smart phone users as even my 63yr old Mother is glued to her Facebook page to see what her friends are up to & Tweeting all about her weekend adventures, lol. If I can freely add in news feeds from all of my favorite websites then it’s definitely going to have my attention. I’m getting a little tired of the plastic Samsung phones I’ve been using for quite a while now, and I’d love to have such a beautiful and we’ll built device. But, I don’t think the “Zoe” feature is anything I’d use for more then the first few days, and if I ran Nova Launcher over top of the Sense 5 UI then I’d really feel like I’m not taking advantage of the phones biggest features. I can’t wait for Tmo to get some display models in so that I can run down & test drive one of these!

  • Aaron Peromsik

    Widgets should be allowed… but personally I don’t use them. The ones I have tried seemed to slow down the launcher and/or drain extra battery. When I want the info that would have been in a widget, I run the app.

  • Garrett

    Eh, I gotta agree with HTC. I don’t think it’s because widgets aren’t “popular” though; I think it’s because widgets just aren’t as important as they were in pre-ICS/JB. Google Now, expandable notifications, and multi-purpose widgets (like DashClock) do a much better job at giving your information only when you actually need it.

  • Frettfreak

    Totally agree with most the comments here. While I do think the majority of android users don’t necessarily change their home screens maybe it’s because they didn’t know how. My mom and sister have had a one s for 6 months and they just figured out that you could add new ones even for new apps you download. Lol.

    I However change mine like I change my underwater…. Usually daily… Lol. This new home screen crap from htc reminds me of windows phone really and I don’t like it. I have already decided I am don’t with htc for their in ability to push updates in a timely manner but this just confirms I made the right choice

  • Julius

    blink feed looks and sounds a lot like live tiles on wp8.

    • Dj64

      Exactly my thought. Smh…

    • galaxydude

      Yea basically it’s the same thing. Just has a
      Fancy name

    • Dion Mac

      Exactly what my first thought was. Second thought was widgets are my best friend! Lockscreen widget: Clock, flashlight, battery, camera. HomeScreen 1: Clock and lock apps widgets. HS2: Facebook, battery. HS3 Playstore, Notes. HS4: Twitter, music, flashlight again, workout app. HS5: Foursquare, NFC Launcher, and What’s that song(although I kinda wish this was just an app).

      Im not interested in anything Windows 8ish. In fact, this move just may make HTC’s Marketshare just as great as windows -__-

      • Dion Mac

        Just to add to that, I was obsessive about my homescreens when I first got my nexus 4. Similar to my sensation 4g but yet different. Point is after I completely organized and beatufied my homescreen, I haven’t changed much since… and that was back in november.

        But just because I don’t change it much anymore doesn’t mean I don’t use my homescreens and widgets. Just means I’ve perfected it and it works for me.

        • ratnok

          Exactly. Why keep customizing when you’ve got it exactly the way you like it?

        • Dakota

          The average person doesnt even have the time – or the knowledge for that matter- to be switching up their phone. The average person just wants a simple phone that works and meets there needs, makes clear phone calls, can access the web and email, and use a few apps to make their daily lives easier – be it maps, search, financial etc. People here tend to forget they are not the typical smartphone user. Ive asked people with an Android phone what OS they have and they dont even know what Im talking about. Theyre not up to date on every little development; they dont read blogs to find out about the latest feature or update. And androids fragmentation is truly confusing to the average person, especially when they hear android, but every single phone looks and works differently. A nother reason why people choose iPhones…Its simple , it works, and honestly they dont have to then try to decide between dozens of phones …They have one phone – if they like it – they stick with it

        • ratnok

          So… you speak for the “average person?” I didn’t know that “the average person” had elected a representative.

        • Perry

          JD is spot on. Right or wrong the folks here at tmo news are not the “average” phone user. Most people are totally clueless about the small details we argue about here.

        • nogoodnamesleft90210

          Exactly. Once your home screen is set, it eventually becomes committed to muscle memory and any tweaks to the layout will cause you to have to “re-learn” the screen, which obviously people do not want to do. I recently moved the lock screen widget on my home screen and was amazed at how my thumb would instinctively seek the old location.

    • ratnok

      Live tiles are a lot like Widgets on Android since 2008. Blinkfeed is nothing more than a giant Android widget that mimics Flipboard.

    • Dakota

      Thats exactly what I thought when I looked at the photo – even though Ive never used one. I think people on blogs like this often forget that they are not the typical consumer. Ive spoken to people who Ive seen whip out an Android and they dont even know what a widget it. I think all these overlays from manufacturers confuses customers as to what Android is. I have to admit I dont know…I have a Galaxy Nexus and when I first got it I was so confused because features I was used to from my old phone – even something simple like choosing a different photo for my wallpaper and lock screen ; or having 7 screens instead of 5 or certain widgets and toggles I had used- werent there. Also just as an aside, I cant for the life of me understand why people want these large clock widgets on their phone. Your phone has the time in the upper right hand corner on every screen 24 hours a day…What more do you need

  • kosthb

    Says a dying company, the only reason I am here reading about this is because of a widget, no wonder HTC is fading, 75 percent of my home screen is cover by widgets and yes I use them all daily, Goole+, calendar, twitter feed, whether-news, Facebook.

  • vicryixiv

    “We found that most customers don’t use widgets so we changed our entire home screen to be a big widget” Is how i read this. Blink feed is essentially one big widget that we can’t replace and what is going to keep us from getting timely updates to new versions of Android isn’t it? Am i missing something here?

    • nope you pretty much nailed it.

  • WW

    To me, that screenshot (I’m assuming it’s representation HTC’s new homescreen concept) is reminiscent of Windows Phone.

  • 30014

    And this is coming from the same company that said people prefer thin phones over phones with a little more thickness to allow for bigger batteries. HTC has lost it’s way. I hope this phone well be the one to bring them back but i doubt it.

    • ant

      no it nots they fucking up not bringing they best n add bs like they thinking about geeks n teenagers basically because why do we need zoe how is that making my phone experience better or blinkfeed what about a bigger screen multitask sd slot instead of front facing speakers HOW ABOUT FRONT FACING FLASH FOR THE CAMERA

      • 30014

        English man, English.

  • whiteiphoneproblems

    BlinkFeed sounds like what Moto pushed (and finally abandoned) as MotoBlur, with news content added into the mix. The problem with this idea is that people may not want to see random fragments of their FB and Twitter feeds — they may want to scroll through those feeds normally, seeing everything in order.

    Also, when you turn on your phone to do something specific, you may not want to be distracted by news headlines. (Although I guess Sense does give you the option of launching key apps directly from the lock screen, if you’re in a hurry.)

    All told, for me, BlinkFeed seems like it may be nice to have as a secondary home screen, but not my main one.

  • galaxydude

    When Will the htc one be available for purchase

  • TBN27

    So far Sense 5 looks like jolla’s Sailfish UI on top of Meego.

  • Mike Oxbig

    I don’t use Facebook, I do use Twitter for news updates, butnot to post. I use 3 homescreens: Clock/weather widget and favorite apps, 2nd screen is calendar agenda widget, 3rd screen is favorite contacts widget. I Hope I can set up the ONE to be the same. I don’t want Flipboard or Windows phone as my homescreen. Blink looks nice for the social generation though.

  • therealmikebrown

    Yeah right.
    Their research also told them a nonremovable battery and no sd storage was the way to go.
    Safe to assume their research team is useless.

  • tonkotsu

    maybe htc should just make their own OS then?

  • Impatient Waiter

    I didn’t know HTC was owned by Samsung, because all they’re doing is making the Galaxy series even better. I was between the HTC One and the GS4, but this just made up my mind. Soon-to-be proud Galaxy S4 owner.

  • Whiskers

    The only thing that i really like about the HTC One is the Front Facing Speakers !

  • LesSavvy

    Meh. If I wanted a WP8 phone I would have one. I’ve been happy with G1, G2, and Sensation , but if HTC want to lose a customer in their chase to mimic WP8 I can start shopping elsewhere. Do you suppose HTC think WP8 is real competition?

  • hottwingscoldbeer

    I love HTC, but this kinda reminds me of MotoBlur, which I hated and like anyone posting here I know my phones. However most of my friends rarely change stuff up on their phones. I see a value in having a mass market device since HTC has basically said they’re only having one major product launch this year.

  • ianken

    lol. itt: people who don’t grok that they are the fringe minority of users.

    HTC has undoubtedly backed their decision with actual user data rather that the opinion of some rooted neck beard from xda.

    We’ll find out if they are on the right track.

    I find it ironic that sense, which had it start as an effort to make wp6 devices suck less is now mimicking wp8 in an effort to stay relevant.

    • Garrett

      Yep. It’s amazing to see people getting all defensive and saying HTC is wrong because “Hey, I use lots of widgets!!”. I’m not sure how these people aren’t understanding the article… Maybe they just read the title and rushed to comment?

      • ratnok

        What is amazing to see is people who blindly take the advice of a faceless corporation who has been losing customers and market share each quarter for the last 2 years.

  • NYCTheBronx

    No one uses widgets? HTC, you guys make me left. I downloaded Launcher 8 a windows theme for my Galaxy Note II Galaxy Note & MYtouch 4G Slide because it gets boring sometimes looking at the same home screen everyday. As for widgets, I have tons. I may possible be the only person to make my LG Google Nexus 4 lag due to me having tons of widgets lol. I have close to 200 apps installed on my HTC One X and it’s lagging right now as O type this lol. I use widgets HTC. What do you have to say about that? :)

  • ratnok

    @David Beren

    “As a smartphone owner that flips back and forth between Android, Windows Phone and iOS, I’ve grown accustomed to not using widgets at all”

    #1 Very few people bounce between phone OS’s and as a result, personalize their ONE phone. You’re like someone who regularly flies between homes in LA, Chicago, and New York. The chances are pretty good that each one is going to have the bare minimums of personalization, while leaning more towards being as equal and familiar as possible to avoid the cognitive dissonance when “flipping back and forth.” In other words, you don’t spend enough time or commitment in one, to make it “you.” Your phone is like a rental car.

    #2 iOS doesn’t have widgets (and don’t even try to bring up the stock and weather data feeds in their rip-off notification shade). This is a massive functional and personalization advantage of Android, and one of the many reasons why Android is more popular around the globe.

    #3 The entire homescreen experience of WP8 is a collection of widgets. Live tiles are nothing but uniform one-way widgets. You get information from them, but can’t manipulate them (calendar widget vs. calendar live tile as an example).

    #4 Most casual users have no clue what widgets are or how to use them. Google/Samsung/HTC/LG have been VERY poor at advertising them or educating users on how and why they should use them. As a result, they end up being used by the 10% power users of the platform- who will defend them to the ends of the earth. Casual users don’t play N.O.V.A. 3, NFS Most Wanted, TDKR, or Minecraft, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t awesome.

  • Nick

    He’s got it wrong. Widgets may not be necessary for everyone but they are a key and differentiating part of the Android experience.

  • Lol the nerds here! Y’all just read the title and jump to comment/whine without reading the article. Clowns!

    • ratnok

      Pot meet kettle.

  • ant

    soooo they think we care about blinkfeed and some bs zoe not widgets n shortcuts on the homescreen yup i want to bi+(h slap who ever thought that

  • ant

    and this why htc not making a comeback trying to make a phone for a percentage not all like the beats audio everyone dont like beats zoe everyone not into making picture videos and whatever blinkfeed supposed to be like i have a life i dont need to know what people doing across the world or whatever n not putting a f in sd slot in the phone i dont want to have to pay 400 for a extra 32gb when a 32gb card can be bought for 20 on justdeals

  • mreveryphone

    Download vire launcher. I was getting board with customizing until someone actually pushed the envelope. HTC has done nothing new but but take a wp8 approach.

  • Chris

    HTC be screwing up!

  • Bill Smith

    Had an HTC MyTouch. Battery life was extremely short. Will never consider owning another of their products.

    • NYCTheBronx

      I know what you mean. I own a MyTouch 4G Slide. When I first bought it, the battery life didn’t really bother me. After a year, the battery deteriorated fast and my phone would die fast and I had to buy an extended battery on Amazon.

      • Josh Robert Nay

        I’m actually still using my myTouch 4G. On my third battery however, so what you said is accurate.

  • JBrowne1012

    This is actually crap Sense 5 is removing widgets? Forcing ads and social Networking? This isn’t going to do because the ONLY reason I took to Sense was their widgets and beats audio…. Their themes as well works… So HTC must want to lose some more customers…. an Additional 20% to be more precise.

  • wazmo

    Bah. I haven’t found the Live Tiles on WP8 all that useful when compared to widgets-hell, my ancient Nokia N900 does widgets better than WP8 lives tiles. Sheesh. And to think that HTC’s gonna chew up screen real estate with their latest version of Sense? No, thank you….

  • davedsone

    I loved the HTC One S, but wished it had a removable battery and a microSD slot. Didn’t really care how thin it is. Now they are also throwing away the other thing I like about their phones, the widgets. It’s like they WANT me to buy a Samsung phone.

    • NYCTheBronx

      That’s how I feel. I own many Samsung phones but I like Sense much better than Touch wiz. If HTC would just update their firmwares on older phones and listen to their customers and continued to keep making battery removable phones and SD card slot phones. Then maybe I didn’t have to leave them. I like to comeback to HTC but not anytime soon. Maybe not ever if they continue this.

  • Josue

    Flip Board > Blink Feed

  • tomarone

    I tried but I can’t keep screwing around with HTC even if they are nice. I hear the Note-2 is nice and I kind of need an educational note-taking device. Not another entertainment device. Entertainment is getting old-fashioned but hey I enjoyed my MotoBlur after awhile.

  • MatthewMurawski

    I must be in the minority then… I use data, text, and minute usage widgets, the Facebook widget, YouTube widget, power toggles, and the email widget along with my clock and weather widgets. I also change my home screen every once in a while. Get real, HTC.

  • Brew

    Why don’t they just be the first company to to use use vanilla android other than Google or just be able to turn sense off. That would shake things up.

    • Dakota

      I think all manufacturers should at least include that as a choice or option

      • NYCTheBronx

        I hear the Motorola X or X phone will have that feature to change UI’s.

  • Mad_mae

    HTC has discerned users are idiots – void taste & intelligence. How TERRIBLE. Thanks for reaffirming my decision to move to Samsung, HTC!

  • Htc need to get it together, widgets are a huge factor in the android ecosystem. This statement reminds me when htc said the form factor was MORE important than battery life.

  • BuddyLuv

    This depends on the user. Just because some folks don’t use widgets, doesn’t mean you should do away with it. I use widgets; that is the reason why am an android user. I use the calender, email, favorites, and news the most. Being a note II owner, i love the news ticker. Beside; almost half of android users don’t even know how to use widgets, set them up, or know they can rearrange/change the home screen.

  • qpinto

    htc is drunk. have they learned anything from motorola and how people hate motoblur?

    • tomarone

      It was OK if you could just throw it in the trash or ignore it in other ways. I had it and it was not intrusive.

  • M42

    I use a Calengoo widget to show my agenda and a text thread widget among others such as weather. I like the W8 ripoff homescreen they’ve come up with (in fact it looks a lot better than the Windows version), but they should have left an option to use widgets.

    Some widgets I have on my lockscreen. I suppose you can’t put anything on the HTC lockscreen.

  • gomez

    blink screen = live tiles on wp8

  • tomarone

    Hey why don’t they just make a vanilla Android phone like Google can? Is there some legal reason?

  • monchis

    You guys are comparing it to tiles because that’s the only thing you can link it to. What are they suppose to make it, circles? Octagons? So you guys don’t think it’s a mock of tiles?

    Like the article says, less than 10% users use more than the basic widgets. You’re part of the minority.

    I’m excited and looking forward to trying this out. Hopefully it’s not a battery killer.