(Updated) T-Mobile’s “12 Days Of Value” Begins Today, Runs Through…December 12th

Update: Added the full list of handsets available with the $12 down promotion below. 

T-Mobile’s newest Holiday promotion kicks off today with the “12 Days of Value” offering two great offers running through today, December 1st and ending December 12th. Select a great 4G smartphone for just $12 down (Value Plan), or get $120 cash back on a select 4G smartphone when trading in a qualifying smartphone from the list below.

There’s no sign as to which smartphones qualify for the $12 select 4G smartphone promotion, however the video does show the Lumia 810. The offer looks to be good only at your local T-Mobile owned retail store so hit the link below to find the closest location near you and get started with saving.

Available handsets:

  • Nokia Lumia 810
  • LG Optimus L9
  • Huawei MyTouch
  • Huawei MyTouch Q
  • Samsung Gravity Smart
  • Huawei Prism


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  • Guest

    If i had just waited a week

  • If i had just waited a week

    • terryjohnson16

      14 day return poloicy?

      • ash

        It doesn’t work with rebates.

    • smylax

      Didn’t you get a Nexus 4? Not included…

  • Zach Mauch

    What are the chances we see the note 2?

  • qpinto

    If it covers the nexus 4…it would be worth it…

  • Whyrd

    Do people with upgrades qualify? And in what condition would they take the phone in? (My hd7 is pretty banged up)

  • According to Customer Service: Offer is only available to customers selected by T-Mobile. Must show offer in your account. If not already present, it may refresh in the next few days. Galaxy S 3 / Note II NOT eligible for $12 down but are eligible for the $120 Trade-In which is a Mail-In Rebate Visa Debit Card. Both offers are only available to those who have been pre-selected by T-Mobile. These people have been notified by email, text, etc.

    • Robyn G

      This sucks it’s only for certain customers. I just called and got the same answer too. Why bother advertising this? Very disappointing!

      • elkhunter

        then pay your bill

      • smylax

        They aren’t advertising. Only the pre-selected customers are being notified. TmoNews just posted the deal on here to let everyone know what is happening so they can check to see if they qualify.

  • Toxoplasma

    Shouldnt this be under the Holiday Sales link also?

  • Jasen Minus

    There has to be more details to this.

    Do you have to be eligible for a upgrade for this?

    T-Mobile makes me mad with these things.

    • elkhunter

      then don’t participate

  • Frank

    I just went to T-Mobile. The clerk did not know anything about the program. I had to show her the website, she went to the manager, came back, read an email and said, “I guess we do have that program.” Anyway, this only applies to value plans which sucks. I wanted to get the HTC 8X but it wasn’t part of the program, neither was the Nexus 4. Pretty weak.

    • MEWJ

      You are wrong…All phones are included, but the phones that require more than $50 down are only eligible for the trade in voucher….The only phone over $50 down that I could get for $12 down was the Lumia 810….Priced at $549.99…they included this phone and reduced the 150 down to 12$$ plus tax on 400$…super deal and great phone!!

  • AndroidProfit

    Wait a minute…. Is Tmobile SERIOUSLY asking customers to trade in their old phones AND WAIT for the $120 to arrive via mail in rebate? They have my phone but want customers to wait for a rebate?

    What drugs are the Tmobile marketing department ingesting?

    • Jose Hernandez

      The idea is that you get a new phone, so you would be leaving the store with a new device. You no like, You no do. Simple as that.

    • CRT24

      What, do expect that reps will just hand people $120 for used phone?? That would be pretty stupid…..you are getting the money back, so what if its a rebate

      • MuthaFuckinStephen

        Maybe he plans on bringing in a bunch of stolen phones.

  • SP

    These seem to be the qualifying phones:

    Blackberry Curve 8920

    Gravity Smart

    LG Optimus L9

    T-Mobile Prism

    MyTouch Q


    Nokia Lumina 810

    I went into T-Mobile to ask about the promotion. The CSR informed me that your account must qualify for this program – he said you would either get a pop-up when you log into T-Mobile, a text message, or an e-mail. He wasn’t too sure how customers were selected. I hope that this helps.

    • eanfoso

      No kidding man they told me the same thing too! I still think it’s bollocks though

  • Jesse James

    a few phones on that list you can easily get $200+ on craigslist/ebay

  • Meaza

    I’m a little confused, I got the text message, so if I want to buy a new phone and trade in my eligible phone do I need to be eligible for an upgrade or does it work either way?

  • Torrey Morgan

    Ok you guys need to stop posting this shit. It’s a matter of time before your site gets shut down and you guys are in court. You cannot post event, promotions and “tmobile sensitive material” taken from tmobile systems or any other internal program and put them online. That is illegal. Stop the crap.

    • 21stNow

      Since the promotion has started already, it’s not sensitive material. Besides, T-Mobile knows David; he even had a photo session with Carly. I doubt that they want to sue him.

    • Tyberious

      Torrey Morgan, internet attorney at lawl.

    • Nearmsp

      Since many of the reps at the T-mobile store are not up to date on reading memos from corporate, more than once I have used David’s information to “educate” the T-mobile reps at the corporate stores. So this site is great because I prefer to print some of the stuff and take with me because more often than not, the T-mobile reps have no clue and are busy chatting amongst themselves when there are no customers. And seeing that T-mobile lost a few million post-paid customers, there definitely is a problem.

      • Chum Lee

        I am a Tmobile retail rep, and I have to say a big part of the problem is that there is…..zero communication with us. WE learn stuff from tmonews. We’re in a catch 22….the information is there, if we look for it on the computers. But we aren’t allowed to be on the computers if we are not with a customer. We get random sales with random qualifiers and such all the time, and a good percentage of the time…..if one of us didn’t look on tmonews on our own time, we wouldn’t know about them. Also taking into account that most of the deals that pop up are online only, so when we DO learn about something…..we can’t do it anyway.

  • 21stNow

    I wouldn’t pay $12 for most of the phones on that list. Are they tying the $120 trade-in to a new contract? I’m sure that they are but thought that I would ask anyway. I might give up my Nexus S for $120.

    • MuthaFuckinStephen

      I’ll give you $120 for it. What’s the condition? :D

      • 21stNow

        The hardware is in great condition. I just don’t care for the software performance once it got updated to ICS and later. I don’t think that I can really part with it though.

      • thepanttherlady

        No buying or trading allowed here. Thank you.

        • MuthaFuckinStephen

          That was so lame

          From my HTC Amaze 4G on T-Mobile. The first nationwide 4G network

          —– Reply message —–

    • mewj

      The two offers can’t be combined and you can only choose one or the other. If you’re a qualifying Value Plan customer you can either choose a phone off of the $12 down list, or trade a qualifying phone in towards any phone that requires a down payment higher than $50. I chose to the $12 down on Lumia 810. That instantly saved me $137.99 at the register with no rebates. I paid 12 plus local tax on the financed portion of $400. My walk out the store price was $45.99 on a phone that is currently selling for $549.99. That was the deal I had been waiting for and I hope this sale can serve as a model to end all rebate promotions. I think we would all appreciate saving the most at the pos over waiting on a debit card.

  • Tyberious

    Do you think that they will accept totally destroyed handsets? I have a couple dead units..

    • smylax

      Nope. Have to be in working condition, no physical or liquid damage, etc.

  • mewj

    Ok, for all of you wandering if the Lumia 810 was a misprint, I can confirm its not! Here’s the facts… This promotion is targeted at EXISTING Value plan customers only!! Qualifications appear to be based on credit worthiness or account status. To some of you who don’t know what that means…

    It means you have a post paid account that has remained in good standing and you pay your bill.

    Anyone looking at this list with a real bargain in mind…should be interested in that $549.99, and I can happily report this was a very sweet deal for me!!!

    Basically…that $149.99 down goes all the way to $12 down, So on a Value Plan you will pay $12 plus the applicable tax where you live. The sweetness is you’re paying tax on only the financed portion of $400. For me that was only, $33.99, add the $12 and I got the Lumia 810 for only $45.99….and the phone is absolutely great!!

  • mewj

    Ok, I’ll attempt to make this as ABC as I can. This 12 days promotion is not for everybody However, it is a great buying incentive foe an existing POST PAID VALUE PLAN CUSTOMER.

    On the value plan all phones are priced at full retail value. What this promotion does is drastically reduce the price of the device. Example, I just got my Lumia 810 last night for a new retail of $412.00 instead of the current price of $549.99. I was charged a down payment of $12, and the tax amount on the remaining $400 that will be paid out over a 20 month period for $20 a month interest free. So this deal saved me 137.99 at the register with no rebates involved…and I chose the 810 because it is the best money saver on the $12 dollar down phones.

    The $120 trade in deal isn’t bad if you want something like a Gs 3, but this was the best phone next to the L9….I MUST ADD THIS PHONE IS AMAZING….LOVING THE NON ANDROID OPTIONS LIKE BEING ABLE TO DELETE UNWANTED APPS, MICRO SD, AND A VERY DECENT CAMERA…AND MUSIC LOVERS, THIS LUMIA HAS AN EQUALIZER UNLIKE THE 710, and don’t believe the crap you hear this phone can do 80 to 90% of what your android can…plus a whole lot better in some areas. Video playback is a big deal for me, and the YouTube app plays better and more consistent than most Androids…go and see for yourself!!

  • Joel_Axel

    i have an iphone 3gs

  • Bill Smith

    Went to my local T-Mobile store yesterday and they had no idea this deal was going on. I had to show them a link on my phone and then they had to look it up online. I am turning in 2 phones for $120 each and got rebates for a Note 2 and a S 3. I’m a happy camper!

  • bobby

    Just off the phone with i guess was a tmob rep. reason I say that is because she was american, spoke engilsh and KNEW ABOUT THIS SALE AND OTHER QUESTIONS. She just told me the note ii was included in the $12 dp and set my account up so all i had to do was take a valium and go to the store tomorrow and have a uneducated office temp with a bad attitude pull it up and give me sh*t.

    • ecma

      I posted at another thread yesterday but think this is a more appropriate thread to share.

      I think I got a pretty good deal on Galaxy Note 2 yesterday from T-Mobile. I read this post yesterday and called T-Mobile CS in the afternoon and asked if there is any deal on Note 2. The CS Rep offered me:

      Galaxy Note 2 Marble White x 2: $276.99 @ + tax with $50 MIR each
      $50 1 time credit x 2 to my bill.
      So, the net cost is $176.99 + $61.25 (tax) x 2.

      My current plan is Family 1K Minutes for $73 + tax and fee without data plan. With contract extension, I am able to get:
      $59.99 family 1K minute plan + $20 data plan x 2 = $100 + tax & fee
      T-Mobile will take $10 off monthly for being a loyal customer (4 yrs).

      I also entitle for extra $15% corporate discount on monthly billing.

      In fact when I called T-Mobile past Wednesday, the best they offered on Note 2
      was $300 + tax so I waited. I was glad I did that!

    • smylax

      Yeah, the Note 2 is NOT included in the $12 down payment offer. Looks like you were misinformed…

    • bobby

      Just as expected, turned down by t-mob again. Had 2 note 2s at the register after he read the cc notes. Just about to get it when he breaks out with, I need to see your invitation for this sale. I told him I didnt have one but cc told me could get it. After much arguing with clueless company people who dont care about customer service I left empty handed again. I commented about how t-mob is in last place for customer service. the manager sat there and argued with me and said they are indeed first place. LMFAO! what year is he in?

  • Chel

    You must be pre-selected for this sale. As far as I am aware they flag your account for this if you have 12-17 months since your last upgrade, have a Value plan, and are using one of the following phones on the line:

    Apple iPhone 3G /iPhone 3GS /iPhone 4 /iPhone 4S /iPhone 5
    BlackBerryCurve: 8520, 8900, 9360, 9380
    Bold: 9700, 9780, 9900
    Torch: 9810 & 9860
    Nexus One by HTC /Nexus S by Samsung /Galaxy Nexus by Samsung
    One S
    Motorola Defy
    Nokia Lumia 710
    Samsung Galaxy S III /Galaxy S II /Galaxy S
    Galaxy Exhibit 4G /Galaxy Exhibit II 4G
    Vibrant – T959
    T-MobileG2 – HTC
    G2x – LG
    myTouch 4G – HTC /myTouch 4G Slide – HTC
    Sidekick 4G – Samsung

    You can choose the $12 down payment for the following phones:
    BlackBerry Curve 9360
    Samsung Gravity Smart
    Nokia Lumia 810
    T-Mobile myTouch by Huawei
    T-Mobile myTouch Q by Huawei
    LG Optimus L9
    T-Mobile Prism

    Or choose the $120 trade in offer when you purchase one of the following phones:
    Blackberry 9900
    HTC 8X
    HTC Amaze
    HTC One S
    Nexus 4
    Samsung Galaxy S Relay
    Samsung GSIII (16GB and 32 GB)
    Samsung Note II
    T-Mobile myTouch 4G Slide

  • RSAZ

    TMo customer care confirmed to me that this promotion is only for current Value Plan customers who are already out of contract or otherwise invited to participate. Bummer! Please give us a Value Plan deal on the HTC 8X!

  • Alphonso T Wilson

    This is true-You must be pre-selected for this sale. I went to tmobile and was told that unless you were pre-selected you can not get this deal.

  • JR

    Went to T-Mo yesterday. Was planning on getting my wife a Note II for XMas, so any deal was a good deal. She currently has a MyTouch 4G Slide, so I figured I’d check and say “oh I lost the ‘invitation'”. I, however, found there was another deal that gives you a $100 rebate if you purchase a Note II on Value in-store, open for EVERYONE.

    I purchased my wife’s MyTouch 4G Slide off Craigslist about 10 months ago, therefore she was eligible for a new “upgrade”.

    I went in and the manager directly took care of me. She explained that first thing she did was to check if I was eligible for the 12 days of value promo, and she said the flag was not in my account. So then I asked why the heck the phone went from $650 (that I paid on day 1) to $700. To which only answer was “yep, it’s $700”. It’s $700 online, so oh well.

    Anyway, not like I got a great deal, but the $100 rebate, even if I have to wait 2-3 months to get the rebate back, will put the total cost to $600, which ends up being $50 better than the $650 overall price it cost me when the phone came out. Extended the contract 2 new years, but I also still have that MyTouch 4G Slide to sell back on Craigslist…

    The manager commented several things:

    1) She has yet to see a single person qualify for the 12 days of value promo.

    2) T-Mo will start selling unlocked T-Mobile “branded” iPhone 5 in-Store in the coming weeks, only available at full price, because “T-mo plan prices are too low to be able to subsidize the iPhone…”

    3) T-Mo plans to terminate classic plans altogether and simply offer phones on Value plan with smaller rebates (like they just started), this to happen by the second quarter of 2013.

    They did have the MicroSIM adapters in-store as well, $5 each.

    Oh, yeah, points 2) and 3), take, obviously, with a grain of salt. I don’t know this manager

    Of course this could be not really news for anybody, so…