New Rumor Says Samsung Galaxy Note III Will Feature 6.3? Display

If a new Korea Times report is to be believed, Samsung is planning to produce a 6.3? display for their next generation Galaxy Note for a 2013 arrival. That’s a pretty big bump in display size considering the jump between the current Galaxy Note II and its predecessor was only 0.2?. According to the Korea Times rumor mill, Samsung will work to maximize display real-estate with a new OLED model.

Exact specs for the Galaxy Note III are unknown, but if the size of the display does in fact turn out to be 6.3?, we really need to have a discussion about where the line between smartphone and small-tablet begins and ends.

There’s no question Samsung has enjoyed success with the Galaxy Note line and will continue to do so, but at some point Samsung might want to consider focusing on the internals and leaving the display size alone. I might be alone in this thought, but the current idea of the Galaxy Note works as a smartphone/tablet combination, any larger than this, especially a full 0.8? larger could make our usage different enough that we begin to consider just buying a Galaxy S III size device and a smaller tablet. There’s definitely a lot to be said about convergence for a device like this, but when is big too big?

Slashgear via Korea Times

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  • Nick Cannon

    GN1= 5.3in
    GN2= 5.5in
    Where does .5 come from?

    • bleeew


  • Woodstock

    If Samsung produces a Note III that big, I’ll be first in line to buy it.

    • nycplayboy78

      No…I will be the first to buy it :)

      Especially if they put their new display technology and new cpu tech in it as well as well as some other tech :)

    • Chris

      I’ll be right behind you

  • Trevnerdio

    Please no…

  • This is getting ridiculous, anyone remember walking around with a boom box on their shoulder in the 80s? This is getting there…

    • Boom boxes were and still are cool

      • Whiskers

        Next it will be tablet phones with fuzzy covers,lol.

      • nycplayboy78

        Exactly :)

    • Spanky

      The way the current smartphone trends are going, I can already imagine this: “Buy the Samsung Galaxy S VIII with a 17″ SuperDuper Ultra SAMOLED HD+++ display, get a free backpack to lug it around. Buy the Samsung Galaxy S VIII+ with a 32″ SuperDuper Ultra SAMOLED HD+++ display, get a free luggage cart to transport your new phone”.

  • Phillip B

    I got a note II literally the first minute it was available. I’ve loved it ever since but I wear XL gloves and if it gets any bigger it really will become unwieldly. It’s great as a media machine and good as a phone. 5.8 or 6.0 is really where I would have to draw the line. Otheriwse it would be like holding a nook to my face without the bezel. Just silly. :S

  • bryck

    two words. Doubt it.

  • jwest

    how the hell am I gonna fit this in my skinny jeans?

    • LovemyGN2

      Wear a purse.

      • fixxmyhead


      • jwest

        eh prefer a fanny pack.

      • hahaha!!

        • Timothy Donald Crook

          How am I supposed to use one hand to use this phone. And it definitely won’t fit in my super tight girly jeans that I wear with the Apple logo on the back. I am emailing Timmy Cook as we speak, I think 4″ on the iPhone 5 is way to large for a man. I prefer a 1″ screen like many of my Sheepish friends. My hands are very feminine as am I. I love Apple ftw!

        • Secret Shopper #42

          You have the best name ever, and therefore, I support anything and everything you say.

    • Josue

      get a man purse

      • od312

        Estas FEO!!

    • Skinny jeans makes a ball go in each pocket thats why he asked

  • Andrew Baxendale

    I doubt it. But it better not happen. That’s too large for a phone’s screen.

  • minioninnc

    How about a Galaxy Tab 10.1 as a phone?

    • The Architect

      XDA devs converted an android tablet to a phone not long ago, idk the details of that tho.

  • zifnab

    That’s ridiculous. That’s leaving Phablet territory and jumping into tablet size.


    The only way I could see this happening and them still try to call it a phone is if the entire front of the device is all screen. if anyone can accomplish this feat, I would say it would be Samsung.

    • Nick Cannon

      Speakers and mic on the back only. Guess you couldn’t use it as a phone then…

      • Mint

        The mic is already off the face and on the bottom, and the speaker + front camera + sensors + LEDs are already just a sliver on the top that isn’t worth removing. Samsung would basically be eliminating remaining wasted space, which is already incredibly low. If anyone can do it, though, it’s Samsung…

    • InfoS3c

      The existing physical footprint (handprint?) of the GN2 is big enough to accommodate a 6.3″ screen. Sammy could already increase the size of the screen to at least 5.8″ by removing their logo on the front and eliminating the side bezels – expanding the display itself from 2.7″ x 4.8″ to an edge-to-edge 3″ x 5″.
      6.3″ can be done by eliminating the home button and extending the screen vertically to the edges (just like the sides) leaving just enough room on the top for the speaker, cam, led and prox (3″ x 5.55″). The mics are already on the top and bottom facing edges. The GN3 would then be physically no larger than the existing GN2. They might have to un-round the corners a bit to fit the display, but that might also have the side benefit of making Apple less likely to sue over Samsung’s use of their “rectangle with rounded corners” designmark. Oh, who am I kidding?

      • Mint

        That would be a seriously impressive feat of engineering. I think the rumored flexible OLED technology would be needed to make the bezel any smaller, so that the display substrate is folded at the edge and all the connections are made without increasing the width of the panel. If they do make ultra small bezels, I hope they figure out a way to detect accidental touches from finger flesh peering in from the edge (which on occasion happens to me already).

        I really enjoy the form factor of the Note 2 (the reduced width makes it feel perfect in my hand), and unlike the Note 1, I feel the hardware (display, pen, CPU) is just about perfect. So even you’re wrong and the footprint becomes less than ideal for me, I won’t be bothered if they address a new size market with the Note 3. I’m already in smartphone Nirvana :)

    • unfaix

      The nokia n9 doesnt have any button on the front of the screen, to turn on the screen, one simply double tap on it and it turns on.

      This could be scaled up to this giant screened phone if someone wanted to make it bad enough, and then they would have to figure out a way to make it function without buttons.

      You know, since nokia killed mego.

  • Spanky

    Oh boy….imagine walking around with a Nexus 7 to your ear! If there’s any truth to this, it’s ridiculous.

    • fixxmyhead

      ive made calls with my Nexus 7 and i dont care

    • InfoS3c

      The original circa 2008 Galaxy Tab (7″) was a phone in Europe and Asia – the first

  • Get_at_Me

    Yeah 6.3″ seems a bit over board. 5.7/8″ seems like the next logical step if the screen size does increase….i agree with others in that oems need to find other ways to make newer gen devices better than previous models. Processing power, camera, battery efficiency, OS version/updates… The latest and greatest doesn’t always need to be bigger

    • fixxmyhead

      yes they do

  • DannyTheGynecologist

    i want one now!!!

  • Tyberious

    That’s a big shark tank Fonzie, I’m not sure you can make it…

  • g2a5b0e

    As with anything else, if you don’t like it, don’t buy it. I, for one, would dump my Note 2, which I’m absolutely in love with, for a 6.3″ 1080 screen Note 3 in a heartbeat.

  • sapphiraa

    What I’d like to know is why they don’t focus on getting better cameras (Apples camera on their iPhone blows my GSII camera away for quality), and smoother UI’s? I know I’m using an aftermarket keyboard, but Swiftkey 3 shouldn’t lag like mad every time I go to type, and I have this dreaded feeling that it’s not the phones processor, but the touchwiz UI lagging things up.

  • thepanttherlady

    I’d buy it.

    • nycplayboy78

      Exactly PantherLady :)

    • Chris


  • Hyuri

    Okay Samsung, this? This will not fit in my pocket. Therefore it fails as a modern phone.Back to the drawing board, folks.

  • Richard Yarrell

    Huawei, Sony, and Lg started this war thinking they can compete with the Galaxy Note 2 in the first place. Now Samsung is out too simply BLOW THE DOORS off of anyone faking to challenge in this space. Software alone as well as features Samsung Galaxy Note 2 shits on anything ever made. The Galaxy Note 2 is the best productivity/all purpose device ever and clearly the Galaxy Note 3 will be the best in 2013. 4100 battery, 6.3 inch screen, 1080p, 16meg camera, 3gb of ram, 2.2ghz Exynos 5 processor, 128gb of storage. Case closed here folks. I will be purchasing the Galaxy Note 3 straight up cash in 2013 you can count on that.

    • Richard Yarrell

      And yes Samsung twitter page as well as Sam mobile and the Korean news with IT times all have these direct specs. Trust me nobody will touch the Note 3 just like the current Note 2 will remain best for the next 6months

      • LovemyGNW

        Yarrellray you should know better than to believe any rumor specs this early, remember that we didn’t know anything about the note 2 until the actual ifa reveal. So out of experience don’t believe anything this early. Spec wise, everything you’ve said sounds great except for the screen size. come on man you know that anything over the current 5.5 is just exaggerated. All they need for the screen is a 1080p led with as many hrtz that small screen could take, hell 3D would be neat too but the size is fine

        • Richard Yarrell

          You might just be right. Samsung won’t allow other manufacturers to outshine them. This space belongs to Samsung

        • Chris

          Eh I dunno. 4.3″ was crazy. 4.7″ was crazy. 5.3″ was crazy. 5.5″ was crazy. 6.3″ does seem crazy, but once you’re holding it, who knows?

        • Spanky

          4.3″ was perfect. 4.65″ on the Galaxy Nexus was good, but already beginning to edge into the “too large to be comfortably used as a phone” category. 4.8″ on my GS3 is the absolute limit for me. I’m just not interested in carrying a tablet in my pocket.

        • Chris

          “…for me.” is the key here. I love the Note 2 and definitely have a little room to grow.

        • LovemyGN2


    • Count on tmo to jack that price up to 800$

      • Richard Yarrell

        Yeah your right they will take advantage of that big time. But i confess I will still buy it on day one. After the Note 2 it’s only fair to purchase the Note 3.

        • I want to say me too but I don’t even spend that much for a laptop not even a TV I “may” not buy it if it is priced that high. I was going to get a Note 2 but too expensive on contract and out of contract for $750 after tax is considered is ridiculous I mean sure ok rather that than an iPhone at the same price but thats not right that device should be $650 at the most.

    • squiddy20

      “The Galaxy Note 2 is the best productivity/all purpose device ever” Says the idiot who droned on and on about his “legendary” Evo 3D that would be “Sprint’s flagship device well into 2012”, and how “boss” it was. Yeah, like you know exactly what you’re talking about… -.-

      • Richard Yarrell

        Poor squiddy20…Left behind as usual in the tech game. You make me laugh you should spend less time commenting and more time buying. Can’t help but laugh at you my friend. Your the biggest JOKE on the Internet.

        • Richard Yarrell

          Guess it must be extremely boring over there on Sprint for you to be here on our tmo news page. Guess that 3g Galaxy Nexus isn’t to much fun on that inferior network. Your pretty comical.

        • squiddy20

          “Your the biggest JOKE on the Internet.” Says the dope who can’t even spell the correct form of “you’re”. Says the dope who was kicked off Phandroid 4 (yes, four) separate times because his comments were complete and utter BS. Says the idiot who is constantly downvoted and called out on Android and Me for his ridiculous, fanboy comments, and who insults everyone who isn’t “behind Samsung”. Says the utter fool who thinks “Samsung is Android” when that’s not even remotely true. Samsung is just one of many companies taking the *free OS that Google is giving them* and changing it to their own visions. Who’s the joke again?
          I also find it hilarious that you post a reply to yourself instead of just hitting the “edit” button. Or do they not have that on the mobile version?

        • Lmao CHEQUE mate!!! You get him together I love it :-)!!

      • Lol yes say it again he is weird

    • g2a5b0e

      I always love your enthusiasm, man. A 4,100 mAh battery would be on par with 7″ tablets, so I think they’d probably go a little smaller, closer to 3,500 mAh if I had to guess. Also, 3GB of RAM would probably be unnecessary unless Android 5.0 is a serious hog, which I doubt it will be. But, no ever said, “wow, this computer has TOO MUCH RAM!” And, that’s what the Note series is, a computer. So, I say why the hell not? It can’t hurt.

      • Richard Yarrell

        Samsung delivers what it’s customers need. Keep in mind all Samsung is doing is providing and innovating while Hauwei, Sony, Lg, and Pantech is trying to offer copy cat devices. All manufacturerscan is sseparate themselves through software and features. Samsung is KING of software and features nobody beats them in that category. Trust me my friend remember this post i stated we will all see very soon. Meanwhile my Galaxy Note 2 is banging real hard.

        • g2a5b0e

          No doubt. Best phone I’ve ever had. I’m now only looking forward to two phones next year. The S4 & the Note 3. And the only reason I’m interested in the S4 is because it’ll give me an idea of what to expect in the next beast.

    • nycplayboy78


    • Noel

      Probably should be sold as a very large Phablet or may even pass as a tablet considering only .5″ separates it from a 7″ Tablet. In my view 3 to 5″ screens is considered a Phone, 5″ to less than 6.5″ to be Phablets and above 6.5″ and up are Tablet territory. But an edge to edge 6″ screen with on screen buttons and bezel-less front could fit on the same form factor as the Note II…to make for a reasonably hand held phablet.

    • Lol his post are always “loud” like a board meeting that’s about to let out and there’s always that one in the group over excited lol it’s just a cell phone…..

  • steveb944

    I think they already plateaued on size already. Focus on everything Except the screen Sammy

  • DannyTheGynecologist

    relax guys (you too David Beren), remember when the first Galaxy Note came out the trolls were rampant! the outcome was a huge success and everyone that owned one loved it. same with the GN2. if you dont like it why do u feel compelled to spread your hatred? i couldnt be more excited and will be pre ordering this asap!

  • tomnewtn

    I can’t imagine trying to use something that big as a smartphone. A tablet, yes indeed. I’ve been using the Note II….well hardly ever because I use my iPhone and Nexus 4 all the time. Because they’re amazing and easy to handle. I am loving that Nexus 4 and I wasn’t so sure I would. The screen is like looking at my iphone screen only larger. Love it. Back to the topic here. The Note is impressive but large and ungainly if you’re trying to use it as a smartphone. It’s so impressive that I want to keep it even though I really know I won’t hardly use it, but alas, I am 95% certain it’s going back to TMO because I’m facing up to reality. But it’s great to have choices and this new Note will give some folks that option they were looking for.

    • Chris

      You’re exactly right. Choices. I love the Note 2 and find 4″ phones uncomfortable now. Just depends on the person.

  • LovemyGN2

    They should keep everything as it is, screen size wise. I think they should just update the internals like the processor (2.0 quad maybe?) Camera 13mp, 1080p led screen, and I really don’t know what else cause for me everything is great. 32/64gb standard + expandable sd slot. I just can’t really think of much, plus the phone just came out why can’t they let the phone have at least a two year life span like crapple does? This way too soon. Just my opinion.

    • the boogeyman

      They should put two slots for expandable memory. I listen to a lot of music thru my Bluetooth stereo headset.

  • The Architect

    Note 2 size fits my size 11 hands just fine, if note 3 grows any larger I’ll have to pass!

  • sushimane

    gezz this will be interesting a 5.5inch screen is good enough but a 6.3 inch that kinda crazy the only reason i want a note 2 or even a note 3 is that fact u can doodle and do a lot more stuff then the average cellphone. i gotta watch this next year when i can upgrade to the next best thing.

  • geez it wouldn’t even be a phone at that point.

  • bleeew

    i see it happening. Smaller bezels..

    • InfoS3c

      The original circa 2008 Galaxy Tab (7″) was a phone in Europe and Asia – the first
      phablet. Greedy US carriers forced Samsung to remove the functionality
      from their builds as they wanted users to be forced to use 2 separate
      devices. T-mobile even blocked them at the sim level. I tried a
      European version for 2 weeks, but the side bezels (.75″ each) were just
      too big to make it comfortable. The current GN2 is the nearest size to perfect I have experienced – but its bezels can still be reduced.

  • Josue

    “Is that a Samsung Galaxy Note III on your pocket, or your just happy to see me?”

  • Bill Smith

    I look retarded enough holding a Note 2 up to my head to talk. I’ll pass on anything larger.

    • Who #!!! Cares what people think…jeez….You Don’t look retarded you look like a consumer who spent their money on a device…..if you want to talk on a 32in tv that’s your business ! We gotta stop labeling things it’s so uneducated

  • No more of this! The next phone I will get, which is most likely in two years, is a Nexus Note. Now that gives Google sometime to develop it for me. *crossing fingers*

    I thought I would love the third party skins from the likes of Samsung Touchwiz or HTC’s Sense. But basing from my experience, it is good if they update it regularly to fix bugs and what not. But I have been plagued on my Galaxy Note with widgets I cannot resize, Google Voice out going call logs that are different numbers and even weather and clock widgets that freezes.

    I am not even talking about Jelly Bean! I am going back to a Nexus device… in two years. :-(

  • JBLmobileG1

    While I am all for a larger screen on my phone, this sounds like it might be too big, unless the screen is the entire phone. I just can’t see myself talking on such a large device and if it doesn’t fit in my pocket or look decent with a case or holster, no thanks. I hear enough about how big my Galaxy S3 looks on my belt using the defender case. Personally I don’t see what the big deal is but I always get comments of how big my phone is already. If I wanted a tablet to replace my phone I would go with the Nexus 7.

  • JBLmobileG1

    My girlfriend told me about an old British comedy show where a guy was in the theater and his cell phone rings so he pulls it out and it’s huge! Now I think at this rate we might actually get to that point and what once was comedy will actually be reality. It’s like they started to make cell phones small but as they get more advanced they start to get larger again.

  • Anthony 44

    Duh this is sooo simple .people saying it wont fit in my pocket well they will just make bigger pockets .That settles bring that big phone here Sammy I dear ya….

    • Marco

      Also a carry case with belt attachment would work.

  • Neil

    6.3 sounds like a sweet spot!

  • P

    I am guessing that the people who are complaining of it being too big to hold against ears, have never of bluetooth?

  • jt

    5.5 is already enuff

  • 5.8 is a great size, 6.3 is a tablet already how this thing is gonna fit in our jeans, we will need to keep it in our underwear or something that crazy or when we get sit fuck that will be horrible. we will need to wear nurse pants lol
    5.5 galaxy note lll 3D display, with a beautiful disign ill buy it, and no ugly home bottom.

  • Craig Lawrence

    weren’t they planning on making a 5.8 inch device

  • I always said I wouldn’t buy a tablet cause you can’t make calls from one. Well they are making a phone into a tablet.

  • Mr. Tight Pants

    Is that a tablet in your pocket or are you happy to see me?

  • 7 inch tablets will soon be obsolete.

  • Chris

    I dunno if I believe this. I do kind of hope it’s true though…I love my Note 2 and the screen is no where near too big. Don’t get me wrong, when I first took it out of the box and put it next to my GS2 I was a little worried, but after a few hours I was more than comfortable with it.

    I most likely own’t get the Note 3 but I am excited to see how big they will make it! The nexus 7 fits in my pocket (I’m 5’9″ 175lbs) so I know ~6″ would too

  • Dell can suck it

    I have a galx note 2. I love it. I could go bigger.

  • Dell can suck it

    If it had a handle I could use it to play ping pong. I could go bigger the first galaxy tab in Europe made calls. I could fit a nexus 7 in my pocket. Still wouldn’t be as big as the briefcase my dad dialed out of in the late 80’s early 90’s. I would make calls on my iPad 2 if I old.

  • ant

    right when i was going to get the GNII they want to bring this up smh make a super phone n dont make another one until 2015 or something im sick of a new phone then few months later a better phone then year later your phone suck n old

  • Secret Shopper #42

    Phablet? no. Now it’s a Tablone.

  • tomnewtn

    So is Sammy using lil kids to build big notes? Hmmmm….

  • If they were able to keep it close to the size of the Galaxy Note 2, I would do it. Using the Note 2 right now, and it’s perfect in size right now. Anything above, is pushing it. If they could also focus on a new design, that would be cool too instead of making it bigger. Maybe keep the same size frame, and shrink the bezel a it. You would get more screen, fitting a 5.8 or 5.9 in there if possible. All in all, the SGNote line is a winner! If you don’t have one yet, you don’t know what you are missing.

  • The Architect

    Note 3 might be too big for Batman’s utility belt, he might have to choose to do away with his grappling hook or the bat beacon to make more room for this phablet!!! BAHAHAHA!!! XD…..

  • I personally see physics..if they increase the screen size, while keeping the same dimensions currently. Perhaps reduce the side and bottom by removing the home button, no samsung logo etc then sure make screen bigger..But not a$$ bigger device

  • RSP323

    The original European Galaxy Tab was a 7 inch tablet but also functioned as a phone, so this is nothing new for Samsung