• speeb

    $200 markup on a value plan? That’s shit.

  • Matt L

    Since it is a Nexus, think it will be unlocked just like buying it through Google Play but discounted by Tmobile? I am assuming so…

  • wcdude18

    Something doesn’t seem right. You can get the LG Nexus for $350 outright from the play store. But if you get the “discounted” version through T-Mobile on a Value plan, you end up paying ~$600? $200 down payment, plus 20 payments of $20?? Can’t be right.

    • Guest

      it might come with lte?? Id be willing to pay more for that

    • speeb

      I hope not. But I’ll start tucking a few extra dollars away anyway.


      Funny that I just saw this comment on the onevoice internal posting. You should at least edit your statement if you going to post it on an employee only site dude. :-)

    • the info is probably wrong, im pretty sure its gunna be 99 down and 10 montly payments or something like that

    • Dakota

      Tmo is stupid..they charged more for sg3 than every other carrier and seem to doing same with Note..You wanna be the value brand so act like it. Higher prices= many potential customers not even looking at your plans!

      • Matlock

        They are a value leader, but to offset their costs they have to charge more somewhere and they do so on the phones. I hate how short-sited people are. The plans on T-Mo are very cheap, but in order to be able to sustain these low plan prices, they have to charge more for the phones.

        Now as far as the Nexus is concerned, I really hope the price that is being quoted here for the Nexus on T-Mo is wrong, because there will be no point in purchasing it from T-Mo, for nearly double the price. Hopefully, it will be priced similarly to how Google is pricing it on the Play Store.

        • mrmiddl

          Same is done at cricket and operators like it. They all charge more for their phones to maintain their plan pricing. Best bet is to buy the phones from discount stores and online sites.

    • Noel

      I always buy my phones unlocked for roughly $600, so the N4 selling at $350 unlocked is even much better and a steal. Google will sell a boat load at such a price. Now i don’t think anyone in their right mind and aware of the play store offering will go with the Tmo offer. Tmo ought to do it for abt $150 down and $10 a month for 2years or $20 a month for a year. The only ppl who will go with Tmo’s present offering are those who don’t know about the play store.

      • Noel

        OR maybe the Tmo version will come with HSPA+42 hence the increased price…

  • HalfwayCrook

    YES YES YES! I’m sooo happy right now! Finally, a tmo nexus :)!! I hope there are dormant LTE radios

    • nonextstop

      There is no LTE whatsoever with the Nexus 4.

  • He’s Alright

    Just wondering….If you purchase the phone through TMO, do the updates come from TMO, or straight from Google if you buy unlocked from the Play Store?

  • aNYthing6

    Please T-Mobile, carry the 42 Mbps version.


      It is

      • HalfwayCrook

        lte version?

        • TMOTECH

          Do not know but I would guess yes since the NOTE 2 has it.

        • Noel

          If the Tmo version has HSPA+42, latent LTE and Wifi calling i will consider buying it if the price is reasonable. For now I am dead set on buying from the play store but will wait till 11/14 and see what comes with the Tmo N4.

      • aNYthing6

        Are you sure?

        • TMOTECH

          It is in the press release sooo…

    • TBN27

      It will

  • frontrowfred

    I’m just curious, but why would you buy the phone from TMO when you can purchase direct from Google? I’m just saying….buy the phone (16GB version) outright for $349 no contract. Am I missing something?

    • Dakota

      I don’t know cuz even if u needed unlimited data cuz you use 10mb and are OK with a contract, value would still save u.how are Google phones 349 when others like Samsung are 600+? Its a great deal for prepaid plans too. What’s happening to galaxy nexus; will it still be sold?

  • mingkee

    How come the grand total is $400 while it costs $300 from Google Play???

    • TBN27

      Because Google is directly selling a 8GB version for $300

  • pants mcgee

    Hope there is no difference between tmo and unlocked version of nexus 4. Planning on buying nexus 4 so I hope there will be wifi-calling support on that. If not I’m gonna need to shell out more for the tmo version

    • Matt L

      It’s Stock Google – More than likely (I’d guarantee) won’t have Wifi calling. That’s for specific T-Mobile set ups which Nexus devices aren’t set specifically for anyone.

  • mreveryphone

    Will have to get this as a backup backup to my note 2, and galaxy s3


      You sir have a problem. Do you need help? It sounds like you have quite an addiction or more money than you know what to do with.

      • mreveryphone

        I agree I do have a problem, but mobile tech is my thing, for some it’s shoes, others, clothes, I just can’t help myself, maybe I’ll sell my gs3, the note 2 and nexus 4 should be fine. Now the question is nexus 7 or 10?

  • Nathan S.

    I cannot imagine that the Tmo version will get updates on time.
    What would be the benefit of buying the Tmo version over the Google Play version? Just Wifi Calling and maybe Tmo LTE?

  • ant

    so the Google Play Store page for the Nexus 4 says its pentaband
    including 1700, but only HSPA 21. Maybe that’s why its $299/$349 vs

    • Dakota

      Gnex also is +21…

  • That has to be an error with the Value Plan Pricing. $149 down and $10 for 20 months sounds like what it should be. Unless T-Mobile is intentionally pricing it that high for some reason.

  • Maybe the T-mobile version will come with the wireless charging accessory hence the higher price?

  • Kyle

    Is T-Mo gonna have a different version than the Play Store? If so, fuck that noise. I’m getting the Note 2.

  • steveb944

    The only way I’ll pay more is if this has LTE

  • magnanimous

    So very excited about this phone! I owned a Nexus S that succumbed to a broken power button (extremely sad day) about two months ago and I’ve been without a smartphone since. I now feel like my patients has paid off :) For those of you who have owned a Nexus device, you know how there is something special about that particular brand. It exudes a type of quality in both hardware and lovely unadulterated software. It just feels good using one and it’s hard to purchase anything else once you have. To finally be an owner of a Nexus device again has me elated!.. If speculations of the tmo version being faster are actually true, as far as value goes. The best opting would seemingly be to sign a two year contract (if eligible of course). Possibly the most value for your buck… Regardless of the outcome, I will have one soon. Oh yes, I will have one soon. peace..

  • AndroidProfit

    This pricing doesn’t seem right. Value is usually less out of pocket than value

  • get off of me hoe

    ok the nexus 4 8gb is 299 and 16gb for 349 that’s off contract. man i can get the galaxy note 2 and the nexus 4 sweet.

  • 5odead

    so with classic plan its only 200?

  • mingkee

    I am sure it will be end up costing $50 out front and $15 per month for 20 months.

  • Get_at_Me

    if the googles price and tmos price ends up being accurate, this is where googles business model conflicts with carriers. how can a carrier charge more for a contracted device vs an oem unlocked version which doesnt require a contract? sure tmos classic plan has u paying less overall but the value plan would have u paying more overall. its funny to think that the note 2 on classic contract is more than the n4 unlocked contract free thru google!

  • bmbrad720

    If you looking on google play it shows HPSA+42. It will be the same as the Tmobile version except no bloat or wifi calling from tmobile

  • mrmiddl

    Anyone have an idea about quality? I’m not a fan of lg at all, especially from that g2x fiasco