New Report Says New Nexus Device Announcement Coming End Of October?

These are the kind of stories I know we all love as a new report says we can expect a new Nexus device announcement at the end of the month. Rumors have been heating up in the past few days that the above pictured device, the LG Optimus G will serve as the inspiration for the upcoming Nexus announcement. As it stands now, the reports says Google and LG have not yet finalized a name for the new device.

If there is a device that could really give LG’s reputation a much-needed jolt, it’s a Nexus device. With the latest of Android on display, in this case Android 4.2, Nexus devices are at the forefront of the modding community which is among the most vocal and influential of Android supporters.

The phone itself is expected to sport Qualcomm’s Snapdragon quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM, 1280 x 768 True-High Definition IPS display, 8 megapixel camera and a nonremoveable battery. Further reports show the device will not have a MicroSD slot and will only have between 8 and 16GB of internal storage, according to Modaco. 

Still, there is still talk of multiple manufacturers joining in on the Nexus fun with multiple announcements expected this year, so LG might not get all the glory. It’s clear that other companies would love to get in on the Nexus fun, as Samsung seems to be the only Android manufacturer seeing continued success with its product lineup.

Google itself has shown more willingness to work with partners on the Nexus program as it believes it can rally the troops to show off the very best of the Android platform:

“We challenge all our partners that want to work with us on a Nexus product to push the envelope,” Patrick Brady, director of Android Partner Engineering for Google, said in a Q&A with CNET.

Who is ready for a new Nexus announcement?

CNET, Modaco

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  • rfgenerator

    Non-removable battery? No thank you. Thanks for playing have a nice day.

  • Android

    Non-removeable battery and no microsd nope will look at it

    • Android

      *Will NOT

  • Brad

    Non-removable battery is a HORRIBLE idea. I LOVE never having to have my Galaxy Nexus plugged in because I have two batteries.

    Am I missing something? What ARE the upsides to non-removables??

    • CDavisUnlimited

      The ability to have a bigger battery and be slightly thinner I think? But I’m kind of with you on the removable battery being a good thing.

  • Chris

    This better not be true. LG has to be one of the worst if not THE worst android manufacturers. Although there was a time when we all hated Samsung and swore to never buy their products again (remember whatever their first T-Mobile phone failure was? Don’t remember the name) and now everyone is “Ahh GN2 best phone ever Samsung does no wrong!!” So who knows, this could be LG’s turn around point.

    • Gary Jenkins

      The turning point was the LG 4x HD, one of the best and smoothest phones out in the world

  • Jaime Laigo

    Non-removable battery and no sd? No wonder Samung is pulling away from the others.

    • Noel

      AMEN TO THAT…WHEN WILL OTHER OEMs LIKE HTC MAKE SURE THEY DON’T CEDE AN INCH TO SAMMY WHEN IT COMES TO SPECS. A little improvement on the One X+ on int storage but they have to do more (2GB RAM, removable battery, SD card slot)…so ppl won’t have an excuse to pass on gr8 looking and well built devices like the One X. Please Google let there be an HTC Nexus ( Nexus X) or others from Samsung (GT-i9260 /GNex 2) or Sony (Xperia Nexus) or even Moto ( Nexus RAZR). My first choice for a Nexus is HTC followed by Samsung.

  • ceegii63

    and Tmo aint getting it!!!

    in the long running series: SUCK A$$ Phones for Tmobile

    • Right. Like the Samsung GS3 is a bad phone.

      • 5hifty

        Um, the GS3 is a hella good phone. Whats your issue with it you yolo? It’ll definitly hold a 2year lifespan

        • no he wasn’t bashing the GS3, he was responding to that dude above saying T-Mobile has no good phones.

    • Guest

      I hope T-Mo DOESN’T get the phone and its sold full retail as a quadband. I’m tired of carrier customizations on phones.

      • ChristianMcC

        A nexus device as a rule never has carrier customization. That, I’d say is why they are the Android “holy grail” phones.

      • elarella

        T-Mobile has never carried the phone, per se. The last time T-Mobile “subsidized” the Nexus was with the Nexus One and even then, you had to get it through Google. Besides, I wouldn’t get a Nexus through either Verizon or Sprint. They have too much of a controlling interest in what apps they want on the phone and the updates still needs to be verified through those carriers, not Google. Besides, Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus isn’t even considered a developer phone and is therefore a crippled Nexus.

      • ogopogo

        Ummm……You do realize that the Nexus line is devoid of carrier customization, right? That’s the whole point of the GOOGLE Nexus experience.

    • peharri

      You generally buy Nexus phones directly from Google (there’s a Google Play Store page to do so), unless they’re variants actually designed for a non-standard network like Sprint or Verizon (both are non-GSM)

      Neither AT&T nor T-Mobile “carry” the Galaxy Nexus, but at a guess I’d say those are the most popular carriers for it. I wouldn’t even be surprised if there are more Galaxy Nexus users on T-Mobile than any other US carrier.

  • Garrett

    I don’t have much faith in a LG Nexus device. I’ll definitely give it a fair chance once we know more about it though. What I’m really hoping for is a nice HTC Nexus that doesn’t have a 5″ screen. If HTC released a One X+ with 2gb RAM, virtual navigation buttons, and pure AOSP Android 4.2, I would be all over that.

  • Deadeye37

    Is there a press conference scheduled by Google for October? I don’t recall hearing one. Seems like it would be a really short span between Jelly Bean and Key Lime Pie, unless this is just more of a bug fix release with a few enhancements.

    Still, usually if a major release is coming out soon, the hype & hoopla machine is usually cranking at full blast. It seems really subdued right now, IMO.

    • Josue

      rumors say by the end of the month…

  • olographics

    No removable battery? no Micro sdcard slot for expansion? only 8 or 16 gb memory? …is this a joke, right?

  • John

    I’m betting that this new phone will arrive on every major carrier except T-mobile.

  • Dee

    This sucks. And T-Mo is starting to suck due to all the good phones it is NOT getting. The Nexus died when HTC stopped making it… FAIL.

  • My guess was the next Nexus would be a Motorla.

    • Kenny O

      Google has said several times that Moto would not have an inside track to the Nexus just because they now own the company. That being said, Android Police uncovered a device know as the “Occam” running Android 4.2 on their server logs. There is speculation that this could be a Nexus Razor due to the code name tie in with's_razor. Pure speculation at this point, but interesting none the less.

      • peharri

        I think I’m going to have to fire up an Android emulator with a custom web browser that “identifies” itself using lots of interesting ways that’ll spread more rumors…

        • Kenny O

          Exactly……That’s why any and all “information” leaked out prior to the official announcements is purely rumors and speculation (even more so now with the recent hoax about the feature set in 4.2). The AP article that mentions the server log information clearly states how easy it can be to fake the logs, but claims to have seen a pattern that leads then to lean more towards them being real. I always enjoy looking back on old rumors to see how accurate or inaccurate they end up being.

  • Jimmy C.

    You couldn’t pay me to use another LG device after the G2x.

  • mikkej2k

    No removable battery and no MicroSD according to reports.

  • jacks

    Hopefully It will not be tied to the carrier

  • 21stNow

    I hope that there is a new Nexus announcement, one that doesn’t include LG. I hope that the rumors are true about multiple OEMs making a Nexus this year. If LG is the only Nexus choice that we have, I will pass on a new Nexus.

    • David

      I hear you. But I have been lucky with my G2x. It’s been an okay phone.

      • Guest

        Very lucky… I opened went through 5 defective G2x’s before I finally gave up on LG for good.

  • MinionInNC

    If LG makes it, it will suck.

  • annon

    T-Mobile has not released ANY phones from LG that have stood out in qualify. I’ve purchased all 3 previews Nexus devices, but I will skip this one and get the iPhone 5. After the G2x, Mytouch, Optimus T, and DoublePlay, I’m not touching anything from LG!

    • annon

      I meant quality. lol.

    • UMA_Fan

      At the time, the G2x was one of the most high end phones on the market.

      • zifnab

        Which spent 6 months with a buggy OS before LG ever updated it, 24 out of 24 G2x boxes I opened had insane amounts of light bleeding along the edges… If high end means shoddy built and a buggy OS, then yea, it was super high end!

  • Jimmy

    Rumors also say the other nexus phones will be by Samsung, a one-x variant, and a Motorola with a slide out keyboard codenamed “Rnexus”

  • venomshot

    Rumored to have 8mp camera when in the picture, the back says 13MP?

    • g2a5b0e

      You’re looking at a picture of the LG Optimus G. No pics have been released of this new Nexus yet.

  • 0neTw0

    I would have to agree that I thought Motorola would be the net device. Especially after the Cluster F@#k that was the G2x . Oh well being a pure Google device at least we’ll get proper updates.

  • $21107870

    Not sure I’d be interested in an LG. Also, no expandable memory? They did that on the Nexus 7 too right? Epic fail…

    • jaZzyjeff

      They haven’t had expandable memory since the Nexus One..

    • Ulysses Geist

      Exactly. I don’t know about anyone else but you don’t always have access to the cloud and not everyone has unlimited data. 16 gig gets real small real fast. Even my ancient Nokia C7 running symbian belle can handle 32 gig sd cards well, what is google thinking?

    • zp

      Agreed. Utter fail. I would love to buy a nexus device but this ethic of not enough internal storage plus no SD is madness. From now on, I will only buy devices with SD expansion, so it appears Nexus phones will not be in my future.

  • bobblehead

    New Nexus device coming soon? YEAH!
    With the iPhone5 out and MS WP8 out this month, Google needs to step it up.
    What are their Motorola minions doing besides waiting for pink slips?

  • Bud

    Lg, no thanks.

  • SocalTeknique

    “non removable battery” no thank you.

    • peharri

      Quite. If my GN’s battery wasn’t removable, I would have returned the entire phone as “unfit for purpose”. 12 hour battery life? Utterly ridiculous. If Google thinks that’s acceptable, then I don’t want a device where I’m reliant upon them to pick the right battery.

  • Guest

    The only cool feature is the 13MP camera made by Sony on this LG… otherwise… LG has a bad rep with their phones. I’ll pass and pick up my Galaxy Note II end of this month with Tmo. Sammy Quad core, 5.56 screen, light weight, and amazing battery score form GSMArena of 73 hours…. I’m set for the next two years ; )

  • johnyboyluzig

    The only cool feature is the 13MP camera made by Sony on this LG… otherwise… LG has a bad rep with their phones. I’ll pass and pick up my Galaxy Note II end of this month with Tmo. Sammy Quad core, 5.56 screen, light weight, and amazing battery score from GSMArena of 73 hours…. I’m set for the next two years ; )

  • bob

    lg phones are junk

  • Hesster

    LG makes excellent dumbphones, but I’ve heard bad things about their Android support. Then again, most of their smartphones seem to be low/mid tier, and the specs on this one point to a higher end device. I’d get it if it were a QWERTY.

    I’m really hoping Moto makes a high end QWERTY Nexus with a keyboard similar to the Droid 3. I would love it and hug it and squeeze it into itty bitty pieces.

    • jaZzyjeff

      Here’s to praying for a QWERTY as well. If it were similar to Motorola’s Photon Q I’d be happy.

  • atari37

    All I have to say is this. If google can make the Jelly Bean run this smooth on the TI OMAP 4460 chip, I can’t wait to see what they do with the quad-core S4.

  • ransack

    I left sprint because of the amount of lg crap they sold. Lg=crap. I hate it that tmobile sell lg now. Maybe google will do some extra testing.

  • guest

    Nothing u put in LG phones is gonna make it better. They are junk!

  • Get_at_Me

    I don’t always buy LG devices….But when i do, it has to be a Nexus.


    And watch it be EXCLUSIVE with AT&T…

  • Josue

    LG should stay in the kitchen where it belongs!!!

  • briankh

    I bought the LG G2X. It was a Google Experience phone which is the next best thing to a Nexus phone. It was a total piece of SHIT! LG would have to impress the hell out of me before I bought another LG phone.

    The best phone I ever owned was honestly the Nexus One. I still love that phone. It was built very well and felt good in the hand. I wish HTC would build an updated version of the N1 with a Tegra 3, 2 GB RAM, 4.6″ IPS HD display, and 64GB RAM.

    I gave my beloved N1 to my niece who took it to the beach and dropped it just as a wave rolled in. The saddest day of my life.

    I don’t mind the non-removable battery and no SD card if they boost the memory to at least 32GB but I prefer 64. Also, I need HDMI out. As a pilot I spend a lot of time in airports and hotels. I’d like to be able to have several movies for my two week road trips.

  • Lgisntthatbad

    Anyone know of its going to be released from the google play store from the get go or will we have to wait? How long did it take for the galaxy nexus to appear on the google play store from the time it was released? Hope it’ll be c parable with tmo’s 4G bands…

    • 21stNow

      It was around six months later that the Galaxy Nexus hit the Play Store. But I wouldn’t let that be my guide, because that was the first time Google used the Play Store to sell a phone. Now that Google has established this as a way to sell phones, I don’t expect that kind of delay, barring any carrier deals like the one with VZW for the Galaxy Nexus.

  • gsxrguy412

    I have a g2x and its one of the original releases and “LUCKILY” its been flawless!! When next to my sons htc mytouch and my wifes sprint HTC evo my lg blows them both away in speed performance and visual quality! If this nexus was to have the removable battery and expandable memory I would most definitely buy that phone right away! I have an LG tv that is superb compared to all the Samsung tvs ive seen and so has the screen quality of my phone! I hope that lg heard everyones complaints loud and clear and fixes the issues and makes a killer nexus phone!!!

  • Ulysses Geist

    What is it with not having an SD card slot? Not everyone has either unlimited internet and cloud access everywhere. I am happy someone other than samsung is making a Nexus, but if this is to be the new google nexus vision — limited internal memory and no sd expansion I will pass.

  • Dakota

    Explains why they’re ignoring the nexus volume as gonna have to sell the month old phone I won

  • cozzy

    With the rumored project roadrunner that 4.2 has in it which increases battery time, the s4 pro processor which is 40 percent more energy efficient than other smartphones, LG’s true hd ips display which is highly energy efficient compared to other competing screen tech, I think google is really trying to make the next nexus innovative in the power department.

    As long as they include some way to do a hard reboot without popping out a battery I have some hope that this will be a winner.

    I think LGs bad rep is based on their crappy software not on the hardware they provide. This issue shouldn’t be relevant since this is going to be google’s pure android software.

    • Trevnerdio

      You hold the power button for 10 seconds on the Droid Razr and Samsung Galaxy S II/III to name a few to reset.

  • farfromovin

    I’m ready for a new Nexus announcement before I seal the deal on a Galaxy Note II. This year, non expandable storage is a deal breaker for me. I’m sick of seeing only 5GB left of memory on my mobile, without hardly having anything there to begin with (GN, I’m talking about you). I do dig the back cover of the Optimus G and all the specs are monstrous, unlike the storage space!

  • Anonymous

    if 4.2 will make a big difference.. then i may wait for a phone that has that. otherwise, you’ll need to deal with poor battery life for years

  • JART

    NO! NOT LG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Vu

    8gb and no microsd slot…thanks but i’ll pass.

  • Trevnerdio

    Do NOT let LG be a Nexus device manufacturer! That would be horrendous, especially sense Nexus devices are supposed to be pure devices and just…work.

  • get off of me hoe

    I said I wouldn’t touch another LG device but sense its a nexus I might get this even if its LG but atleast its not LG software like the g2x where there’s tons of problems. Good specs. But front facing camera with only 1.3 MP and not 1.9 is kinda a draw back but its like the iPhone front facing camera where its clear I wouldn’t mind it

  • CPPCrispy

    Hopefully one of the Nexus phones from another OEM will have a microSD and removable battery. I will not consider buying a phone that does not at leased have a microSD slot.

  • czaplin

    I do not care about manufacturer of next Nexus phone, but non-removable battery kills any phone I would ever consider to buy. As long as they will not make a phone with a battery (built-in) that lasts at least a week on a single charge this idea is just simply stupid and for me it is a step backwards to the middle ages.
    Right now I am still using old fashioned Sensation. It is powerful enough for my needs with CM10 on board. Having two extra Anker batteries let me use my phone intensively for 3 days away from a charger.
    How many people will pass upcoming phone with a built-in battery (not to mention a lack of sd card) despite its specs? I for sure.

  • Joseph Tongret

    LG creates some of Androids most beautiful devices, and with “cutting edge” hardware under the hood! So many of LG’s greatest Android models never seem to make it state side, & the lack of marketing them in the manner of manufacturers the likes of Samsung have led to LG becoming a sleeping giant in the world of Android Fans. I predict LG will soon be Samsungs biggest threat, which will bring on a healthy competition of flagship phones that we consumers will benefit from! I personally am committed to the Note 2, but if finances line up properly, the Optimus G will be in my hands by January! The Optimus Nexus & the possibility of a Sony branded Nexus are honestly much more intriguing to me then another Samsung Nexus. I’m admittedly a Samsung Fanboy, but when thinking of a Nexus device I’m wanting the superior build quality of other manufacturers like LG & Sony!

  • zp

    God damn it. No SD slot? No sale. Google, get a clue. You are blowing it so badly.